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"Economics as Destiny" - Pt. 2

From my journal 1.6.2023:

- I need to update and put in family values (stuff) on my main site.

- Against child sexualization and all of that in our schools.

- Support healthy environments. -Have the best and humane (environment, try to anyway)(account for, help to develop special people and brains like Einstein) (there is more to people than just brains, rote-memorization, etc. there is character as well and understanding of people and environment that is conductive to them/that - not forced like uh, servitude - how many incredibly smart people are stifled or killed etc. that would have been, but never were, that we don't even know about? - Of course God is in control of all things at the same time but...yeah.).

-Support of women's parental leave - Women's, all people's, equal pay as well.

- Should redact all U.S. sanctions (illegal sanctions according to/under United Nations International Law) (Of course I believe the Divine Law, that is God's Laws are the real law and what one should use to judge, each according to their abilities and understanding...and belief(s)).


Other notes:

We have a reality in the World with Western Neo-Liberal Capitalism based on greed and...competition. For money and resources. The Nation-state itself is not a non actor or seperate nor benevolent.

Pyramids...this is not so crazy or conspiritorial:

People planet and all living things < Government < Corporations < Big Banks < National Central Banks < International Banks < Central Bank of Central Banks < Financial Elite

Then also learning (Michael Hudson gets a lot of the credit from his book "Super Imperialism" - second tertiary pyramid one could make and say, with:

The U.S. > Europe and U.S. Satellites > Third World or Lesser-developed countries

When it should be reversed - and people, using the government for people and for their own good (protection and shared interests).

Tools: The U.N. (can argue, is compromised)

The I.M.F., The World Bank

The Global Western Media (- ideology(ies))

--> Woke is a Joke and Your Truth is a Lie! Jonathan England • 245 views

Tired of the "Woke" culture? If so, you're going to love this video. It will also let you find out if you have been infected by the woke culture and have it hiding in and influencing you...

- Remembering who we really are. Spiritual beings. Say yes to love.

Little old lady..."Always remember who you are. You're not here for you, you're here for the world. This is the moment. (..."a day or two or part of a day..."). Remember who you are. "Who Am I?". - I don't know.

- Be the king of your thing. Creators - Adam and Eve. - Don't undervalue your difference.

"Be you is horrible advice for anybody"

"What you are calling your personality is just your externally..."


Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem:

----> (lots of really good advice and notes I took from here) The Realities of Sufism (3). Imam Amin Muhammad. Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc. • 378 views

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Arabic & the Qur'an – Jubril Alao Cambridge Central Mosque • 29K views

“We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an so that you may understand.” [Qur’an 12:2] Why is the Qur’an in Arabic? Do we have to read it in its original language? How can one begin to...

- Nice cool saying I heard - "The Prophet's (Sallahu Alaihi Wa-Salaam) courage was likened that to /of a Lion".

- "moral courage" - is not the same as something that can be misconstrued as courage like a suicide bomber or something (or nihilism) -> "don't get it twisted"...- also, and it can be quite hard, quite hard, to see through lies etc. and fake actors (politicians, etc.)


- Return all illegally stolen assets/goods (money) to various countries including Afghanistan Russia, Venezuela...

- Remove all illegal sanctions (again, yes) that do hurt and kill people and make extremists and terrorists (terrorist threats).

-Abide by all international laws.

- Establish truth and justice (would be nice) internationally at the U.N. level including corporate crime and crimes against humanity and the environment - (more of a wish list thing).

- De-monopolizing industries - or nationalizing them - such as energy companies.

Nationalizing the Defense Depts. production capacities to minimize cost - the country could still have some private contractors? Hm. (I) Think it's better to nationalize it all and can buy I.P.s etc. for use - in technologies - and work with universities - buy from designs etc. (fund) (as well) for use. (- Note that am a Muslim and so only believe in defensive war OR to help a people who are being oppressed - and this is (basically) "abide by all international laws" anyway as well).

"Who are you?" Some might say, or oppressors, that is, rulers, might say and ask. I say - Say: I am just a human (a Muslim) - "How do you judge"? You are just a human as well. Assalaam (meaning "peace"). - You think and judge at a low-level maybe - I don't know. May Allah guide you, may Allah guide us and forgive us. - Subhannah Wallah Tallahu - . Ameen.

Actions > Words > Thought


Later - Is not so much against Capitalism (especially global trade) - trade and innovation and competition, etc. Is about taking back power to the people and preventing it from pervading and infiltrating our democracy and having power over people (the masses).

- Against degradation of human society (civilization) and our humanity (natural and nature - organic and beautiful). - We can create. We have Will Power.

- What is better? Late stage socialism (I'm more center left actually - it's complicated and BIG), vs late stage capitalism? Not saying change isn't hard though (one individual of course couldn't do it know) (looking more and more like 1984, Brave New World with possibility of Mad Max...)

- Later yet still - Or maybe the Gov. (the public) - make legal that it always holds the right to buy out I.P, and systems from a company or person(s). ->

Microsoft story (in previous blog post) - Could Nationalize Big Tech companies and use them for hugely impactful good and it would help our National Economy - being assets of the U.S. - No worries about off-shoring profits etc. - And already, they are already involved so much in our Federal Government and Departments of Defense, etc. - We definitely need to dismantle Big Pharma and "uncorrupt" our Food and Health and Agricultural services (at the top level).


The MISSING 10 minutes from JRE Decoy Voice 167K views Bret Weinstein appeared on Joe Rogan's JRE Podcast last night, but the episode mysteriously disappeared from Spotify. Rogan and Weinstein's discussion returned today, but is now missing 10...


but it turns out it was Joe

0:25 Rogan himself stating that they were

0:27 reacting to a fake tweet and wanted to

0:29 protect the person from false claims now

0:31 obviously we don't want to repost what

0:32 he wanted to take down but it is

0:34 important to show the context of Rogan's

0:36 reaction to see how far out the Tweet

0:37 was and how easy it is for people to

0:39 fall for misinformation this woman

0:41 tweeted I will never regret the vaccine

0:43 even if it turns out I injected actual

0:45 poison and have only days to live my

0:48 heart end is was in the right place I

0:51 got vaccinated out of love while

0:53 anti-vaxxers did everything out of hate

0:56 if I have to die because of my love for

0:58 the world then so be it never regret or

1:00 apologize for it it's a fascinating

1:03 perspective

1:04 and it's also a fascinating perspective

1:06 that this person claims to be about love

1:08 but has the most uncharitable view of

1:11 people who didn't get vaccinated now of

1:13 course Twitter replies are all jumping

1:15 at the moment they can call Joe out

1:16 several replies asking for fact Checkers

1:19 claiming he gets tricked a lot by a lot

1:21 of accounts that really don't seem to be

1:22 the type of people to listen to his

1:24 podcast at all which is so bizarre to me

1:26 people somehow expect the Jiu Jitsu

1:28 comedian elkano to be some Bastion of

1:31 Truth meanwhile they're being tricked

1:32 all the time you're not gonna get

1:34 coveted if you have these vaccinations

1:36 yeah that vaccinated people do not carry

1:39 the virus don't get sick that the virus

1:41 stops with every vaccinated person

1:45 and that's how you know it's not about

1:47 truth MSNBC can get it wrong all day

1:49 every day with their magical fact

1:51 Checkers and people just accept it

1:53 because it's not about wanting Joe Rogan

1:55 to be more factual it's about silencing

1:57 him getting him to stop talking about

1:59 perspectives that make them

2:00 uncomfortable with their own life

2:01 choices and it's truly sad that

2:03 listening to The Experts has become less

2:05 about learning and more about validating

2:07 themselves because yeah Joe got it wrong

2:09 but look how easy it is to go on tweet

2:11 gen and pump out authentic looking but

2:13 100 fake tweets it happened to me last

2:16 year when everyone was reporting on a

2:17 woke Army soldier telling U.S citizens

2:19 that they are the enemy I covered it

2:21 officer Tatum covered it but then I had

2:23 to go back and cover it again because I

2:25 got it wrong what she wasn't saying she

2:27 wanted martial law in the US she was

2:29 simply telling people why no one should

2:31 want martial law and how easy was it for

2:33 someone to clip her video repost it on

2:35 Twitter out of context and suddenly the

2:37 internet thinks that she's the bad

2:38 person now when I get stuff wrong I

2:40 usually just leave it up and just pin a

2:41 comment saying hey I'm wrong here but

2:43 I'll leave it up to show how easy

2:45 regular people can be misled but when it

2:47 comes to a regular person I took that

2:49 video down because you want to be fair

2:50 to them and I imagine that's why Joe

2:52 clipped out that segment on a show so I

2:54 appreciate him admitting to his 10

2:55 million followers that he got tricked

2:57 and edited out the fake tweet so if you

2:59 enjoy my concise no BS commentary on

3:01 what's really going on in the world "

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(Only 10 minutes - great video - is much like I have on my "New Paris Climate Deal" page (webpage).

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Thursday ---------------

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