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Ecosocialism - Capitalism Isn't the Answer and We Know It

Great video here:

Like these comments:


Brandon Wheeler 5 days ago Degrowth also means less toiling away at jobs we hate in order to create things people don't need to appease the endless growth of capitalism. Humans could live more enjoyable lives AND live sustainably. Sounds like a major win to me. Ant Ham 4 days ago These are topics we need to talk about. People need to see that this is possible and we can do it. So many today see the alternative to capitalism as a life not worth living.


They have a lot of good looking vids I'll probably watch.

Another Beckwith vid:


Big topic on the news right now is immigration. I like this video and Kyle's position quite a bit. It seems insane to me to advocate for open borders, and to end the drug war and provide all kinds of socialist benefits such as free college education, free healthcare, etc. I don't see that working out too well. It is a mean position towards other human beings on the planet, but the human systems and all these things are mean and not fair and just. It's just reality. Love the message of but don't know how that is going to come about in reality.

Another good (?) piece I read a couple days ago: I feel like this is one area where I was wrong about before and Trump didn't do too bad on actually. The costs relating to the border wall comparably aren't THAT bad compared to...the billions and billions we spend on things every year and the trillions for relief packages etc. I feel like on this issue the Government needs to take a hard stand to discourage illegal crossings and people sending teenagers and kids etc. out on their own to try to cross the border and get in the U.S. illegally (which isn't good to be in that situation once here either). Which is what Trump did and I like his policies on that issue. STOP IT you know? like, people die at the border. STOP trying to take some middle ground stance. Pass immigration reform and accept more immigration? Sure, that's a related but different issue. Some of this stuff is a lot of "crap" in my opinion that is a campaign tool designed to get votes but is like dumbing us down effectively (divide and conquer)(I would see no reason why almost every very poor person in the world (like nearly all of Bangladesh for example) wouldn't want to save up for a plane ticket to America if we had those things). The Republican Party doesn't even want to pass the below.

In other news...

This is awesome and hasn't been getting much attention in the mainstream media.

The "For the People" Act can't even get passed. These things which use to be like, basic rights to organize and form unions and to vote, and do away with stupid gerrymandering type of stuff and whatnot...

From the above Business Standard article:

"Why the change

Several critics have argued over the years that the global taxation system allowed big companies to save billions of dollars in tax bills by shifting jurisdictions, reported Bloomberg. Major digital companies are making money in multiple countries and pay taxes only at home.

A 'New York Times' report said the agreement would impose an additional tax on some of the largest multinational companies, potentially forcing technology giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google as well as other big global businesses to pay taxes to countries based on where their goods or services are sold, regardless of whether they have a physical presence in that nation.

It however, said garnering wider support will not be easy.

Under the new agreement, countries where big firms operate would get the right to tax at least 20% of profits exceeding a 10% margin which would apply to the largest and most profitable multinational enterprises.

The deal is aimed at modernizing the century-old international tax code and cools transatlantic tensions that threatened to spill into a trade war under Donald Trump, the report added."

Haven't even watched this but I was watching on Fox News yesterday about how it's not "tax avoidance or evasion", it's legal, it's just playing the system so these people can avoid paying any taxes, and how to go about taxing unrealized profits fairly (most are in stocks)?


Some stuff I liked recently:

I want to build a sustainable cob type house and live in a community set up like that out in the forest, but still not alone.

And there's all kinds of awesome science news I have open in tabs on my phone from my Google News feed. All kinds of amazing technology that in the works that will improve our lives and our potentially sustainability, quite a bit relating to carbon nanotubes...Pretty cool. I probably wouldn't have ever known about all this stuff if I didn't give up videogames earlier this year. Is good.

This is interesting...

Puerto Rico is awesome. Say no to unsustainably grown GMOs!

Watching some fishing vids and stuff, started to read "The Serpent King", really good so far. That new Ford Maverick truck looks and sounds pretty sweet. Wish it would have come 10 years ago. We need battery technology that can power bigger vehicles. I feel the gov. should have been supporting R&D on that issue for years and in a big way. Fossil fuels do have really great energy density there's no denying that!

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