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Enemy of Man

Updated: Apr 15

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

- "Surely, Iblees is a clear enemy to man" -


Am sorry about the spelling mistakes - I tend to make a few of them but especially with my phone and its keyboard and autocorrect but anyway...:

The video cited in the below comments with which I'm making my notes from (inspired by): ONE MILLION RUSSIAN TROOPS marching to the Polish border

Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls • 289K views

is if I'm making sloppy metaphors but so the point is though that why can't they

32:49 remember that it only ever was to be a unipolar moment that this is just the

32:55 middle part of North America that we can not now never mind may not we can not be

33:02 the dominant power in Eurasia forever it just can't work it doesn't work

33:07 well I I don't disagree with you obviously I think you're right but the problem is the neocons in particular

33:13 believe in this notion I think of Perpetual Revolution and that America should be its

33:19 instrument and this is reminiscent of the trotsky-eyed Bolsheviks ultimately

33:25 Stalin dislodged them and expelled as many of them and killed as many of them as

33:30 possible because they kept arguing for this internationalist position it would drag the Soviet Union into war with its

33:37 neighbors and his argument was well the first thing we need to do here in the Soviet Union is consolidate and build we

33:45 don't need war with the west or war with anyone uh right now what we need to do is

33:52 consolidate you know our Industries we need to re-examine what we're doing we need to develop New Economic policies we

33:59 need real security for the United States and the Western Hemisphere

34:05 no one wants to go there because this is not part of the larger money machine well that money money machine needs to

34:13 stop and the only way to stop it I'm afraid is probably with some measure of bankruptcy and I think our economic uh

34:20 or financial system is about to tip over that's going to have an impact we're we're certainly back where we were in

34:27 2008 only much worse these proverbial chickens will come home to ruse and there will probably be

34:34 an opportunity then to do some things differently and take care of a business here at home but I I don't see any other

34:41 Force arresting it right now other than the economic reality that we confront do

34:47 you no sir I mean that's always been the contest for 20 years is can

34:53 the economic catastrophe the impending collapse of our phony economic system

34:58 and monetary system save us from nuclear war

35:05 ultimately that's going to be the contest because as Ron Paul said no one will listen it's just we're going to run

35:11 out of money at some point the question is whether we run out of money before the h-bombs start flying because the

35:16 Americans just can't stand the fact that Russia and China exist and without yeltsin's to just do exactly as they're

35:24 told but it's a pretty big planet you know I don't know I don't know how they think they could

35:30 run China out of Washington DC if they had a guy in there you know what I mean he'd probably just left them alone it's

35:37 not a question of running them out it's a question of doing business in a way that is profitable and mutually

35:42 beneficial and we haven't done that we we've we have too many greedy people with too

35:49 many short-term interests there's no long-term consideration and there's an acute lack of Devotion to the country

35:56 it's a huge problem and it's not going to fix itself quickly but I think the

36:01 economic Dimension is going to facilitate some change in the right direction how we react to it is another

36:07 matter right but there are a lot of people in this country now more much more so than I remember at any time in

36:13 the last 20 years who seem to be angry and seem to be acutely sensitive to all

36:20 of these things we'll just have to see how it plays out politically but right now I think a lot of people have also

36:26 discovered that these two parties don't really amount to much that there has to be a third Force some

36:34 new force in American politics because the two parties are basically rooted in the same swamp are they not yeah they

36:41 certainly are well we're trying over at the libertarian party we're It's a grand reopening over there and

36:48 we're doing everything we can but let me ask you this Colonel because um you know you have uh this legendary

36:55 experience in the US Army and all of that and even though it's like Eisenhower himself who coined the phrase

37:02 military industrial complex that's not the way they tell the story on TV and in fact that's a conspiracy

37:08 theory even if it's not the Freemasons it's still too corrupt for America to be

37:14 run that way and so whatever Eisenhower said he must not have known what he was talking about something like that

but I

37:20 was just wondering if you could tell us about your experience actually in the Army and just what you know about what

37:27 effect money has on things like whether you guys are driving the kinds of tanks

37:32 that you would be driving if it was up to you or whether you're driving the kind of tank that a lobbyist sold to a

37:37 congressman for reasons that have very little to do with uh you know you guys and your performance out in the field or

37:44 whatever things like that to let people know uh the degree to which you believe

37:50 that you have this kind of perverse incentive of just built in from these

37:56 various contractors in arms manufacturers and the role that they play in setting the policy in the

38:03 Pentagon and and in the rest of these see well keep in mind that most of the

38:09 soldiers sergeants lieutenants captains Warren officers uh Majors Lieutenant

38:14 Colonels Colonels have very little exposure to what you're discussing

38:20 uh they they simply follow orders and do the best they can with whatever they're

38:25 provided and occasionally they will raise questions about the the quality of

38:32 something but just the same is true in the Navy when I was doing some work years ago for

--- My experience and what I saw and felt as well. - Mine and and everyone I know who has served in the military, from my experience as well. - Tremendous waste (inefficiency) and uncaring about effectiveness (and cost-efficiency) in how money could better be spent and outfitting our own with actual good equipment and gear - but the U.S. empire is overextended I would make the argument and case andthat takes a toll - that cost is huge. Year over year. Russia doesn't have that problem. China doesn't have that problem. That's a problem of an empire - a falling empire (reminds me of Ray Dalio - "Principles of changing world orders" or whatever it's called, Youtube video - but that is only dimension/aspect of the reality of the current world and recent modern history).

- So it's no wonder and no surprise that NATO is running out of ammo and crappy old equipment/weapon systems to send to Ukraine etc. (is not all old equipment - I know, I know, and it gives good reason for the military industrial complex via the Pentagon (money) to produce some more and new equipment for the military - technology advancing - the problem of over-extension and empire, takes a lot of $$$, have to have some decently valid excuses for all that $$$) and the world is watching all of us this play out and of course, the logistical advantage Russia has in this war would require NATO to engage firsthand (troops on the ground - all out war) for Ukraine to have any chance of beating a country as huge as Russia - - and of course, the media is lying (and has been - and lies to us on so many issues but I did not know how HUGE the lie network was and IS) about the narrative regarding Putin and this war, this "special military operation" (SMO) in Russia's view; otherwise, if it was like how the media trys to portray Putin and this SMO, as in a war and Russian conquest/imperial ambitions (renewing the U.S.S.R.), than why hasn't and doesn't Russia go full out? - trying to take out the government and military command in Kyiv and use its full in-direct fire capabilities (missiles, artillery, rockets) and air force in this so-called "war"? - Because Russia is not lying - It is an "SMO" and Russia is on the right side of history. Truth folding out. - "Truth prevails falsehood perishes". -- America, an empire of lies and going about sowing chaos and destruction everywhere in its wake. - America - trying to hold onto global hegemonic power.

38:39 the office of Secretary of Navy one of the things that we found out when we talked to people from the fleet was that

38:44 the fleet would ask for Effective shotguns as an analogy and

38:51 several years later they were given laser Pistols that didn't work in other words whatever the whatever you

38:58 ask for isn't necessarily what you get because decisions are made at a very high level to invest in something that

39:04 may not be proven that may be problematic but it's a it's a money maker in other

39:10 words it's a money pit and The Money Pit is what you get with shipbuilding it's

39:15 what you get with tank building all these kinds of things have supporters on

39:20 the hill as well as an industry and then in the districts and states where they're manufactured

39:26 not all the right decisions are not always made you know when we came out of Desert Storm virtually all of us that

39:32 served on M1A1 tanks pointed to the enormous problems associated with the

39:38 Tank's turbine engine it burns at a furious rate

39:43 it's it's basically the seven and a half to eight hour tank whether you're sitting still or moving after seven or

39:49 eight hours of operation the tank runs out of fuel it's jet fuel and it burns at a very

39:57 very high temperature which means that you emit a thermal signal that can be viewed from space

40:04 uh certainly from low earth orbit so that's those are problems and then of

40:09 course being a turbine engine it sucks in a lot of air in order to work effectively because it was designed to

40:15 be used in the air and that creates enormous problems for maintenance and fires and so forth so we all said get

40:22 rid of it and replace it with a solid high performance diesel engine much like

40:28 the one that went into the leopard tank which is an excellent engine uh very very efficient 1500 plus horsepower the

40:36 Israelis use a version of it in their Merc of the tanks well nothing ever happened we didn't

40:42 change it it's still theirs why well someone has an interest in Washington DC and keeping it that way but it's not in

40:49 the interests of War fighting it's certainly not going to help us in the United States Army or whomever uses it

40:55 so I can't I can't go I can't say much more other than to point out that the

41:00 people that are on this runaway train tend to be politicians on the one hand and three and four star generals and

41:07 Admirals on the other yeah they they exert enormous influence and then you have the the build the industries that

41:14 build these things that step in and say well if you can't figure out what to build we have to build something or we

41:20 can't keep everybody employed so we'll build whatever we think is appropriate I had people from various corporations

41:26 tell me that over and over and over again if the Navy can't figure out what it wants well we're going to build ships

41:31 anyway the hell with the Navy the Navy will have to use whatever we build and it's it's a problem so I I think

41:37 Eisenhower was right of course he was in a different era and he was worried about it but I don't think he even in his

41:45 wildest imagination envisioned what we confront today yeah and we're back to

41:50 the original question will the economic downturn that we all agree is coming uh

41:57 help us solve this problem yeah I don't know it depends an awful lot and who ultimately ends up in power in the midst

42:03 of the chaos we have no way of knowing who or what that will be yeah well and you know what too like Ron Paul says

42:10 that ultimately even in the Soviet Union the people get the government that they

42:15 deserve and demand if people won't go along with it anymore then it won't work and it really is up to us and even if we

42:22 don't control exactly the levers of power if we had a real consensus in this country among the hundreds of millions

42:30 of us that we don't want to do this anymore then they would have to stop so

42:35 well that's true and I I think just to Circle back a little bit to what's happening in Ukraine today the Russian

42:43 population is overwhelmingly behind Vladimir Putin and his government

42:48 they are incensed at what we've tried to do to them in Ukraine and they want

42:54 blood and we should be very grateful ultimately that Putin has

43:02 exercised tremendous influence and restraint over these people because if the Russian populace was to

43:09 have its way Ukraine would probably go out of existence they'd Steamroller the place

43:14 that's how angry they are and so you're right uh popular sentiment

43:20 makes a difference and it has made a huge difference in Russia and we need to be more sensitive to it

43:28 than we are but again this is back to the original proposition when you get chaos as a result of this coming

43:35 economic downfall we will find out uh who is going to step in and who is going

43:42 to lead and the population will have a chance to either support or reject what

43:47 they don't want because they'll be interested they'll be interested because they want to eat they'll be interested

43:54 because they want to heat their homes they'll be interested because they want to drive their cars yeah if you get my

43:59 drift yeah I I think it is going to be like that and look it's clear absolutely that

44:05 a huge part of our problem right now is that the Biden government is the Obama government the people who did the coup

44:11 of 2014 who started the war and who can never take responsibility for any of it

44:17 so never even mind if it was Donald Trump up there or anyone like that but just if it was some random Democrat

44:24 Governor from out west somewhere I don't mean that horrible guy from California but

44:29 some guy you never heard of but just some democrat politicians sitting in that chair that would be one thing but

44:35 this is Biden and Sullivan and blinken and Newland the ones what got us into

44:40 this mess in the first place so it makes it really you know difficult so you're definitely right that you know

44:47 it it takes both sides right it takes the American people understanding what the problem is and being determined to

44:53 do something about it and then that thing being removing people like this

44:58 from the decision making


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My notes: ☹ ☹ Why don’t we just implement a global carbon tax? Easiest free market way to transition. -> We already deal with inflation and changing gas prices by the week, by the daynow. It’s never stable (stupidly, I think anyway). -> Power controllers. Capitalism. Look at our transportation sector. Car companies are interested in making and selling cars. The level of resources – the throw away culture (society) – capitalism will end. Some day. Is just a matter of what (where) and how.

- Also thought: We need to slow down. The whole world. Sloooowww dowwwwnn… turn off our lights at night. Conserve. Big changes – vast changes are needed in myriad areas and ways. – We definitely need to do good. We need a whole lot of people doing good. Islam is the way (IMO). “Verily, man was created weak”. We need Allah and guidance and purpose – Allah doesn’t need us. – “Can’t you feel and think (- experience – life)” – “Life is a test” even negative emotions etc. as well as positive – thank Allah we have hearts (that turn) – and eyes and ears – Allah (S.W.T.) is rich – we are the poor and needy. Thank Allah. Al hamdu lillah rabbillallameen. – “We were made for this moment, for this time.” “Acquisce humbly to the decrees of destiny”.

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