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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Is a new day. Subhanna Allah. Give praise and thanks. Strive to do good for yourself, others and the world.

Become who you want to be. Thinking, saying, doing. Peace be unto the prophets of Allah and the righteous servants of Allah (swt).


Movement eases the mind. Going outside. Feeling the world on your feet (even if wearing socks:) ) Tile, wood, grass, whaever it is, helps us feel grounded and puts us at ease. All things belong unto Him (swt), the Greatest, no question (praise and worship).

Music is great to ease the mind and get the body moving (increasing blood flow which helps with many different things, helping the cells in our way get oxygen, muscles, etc.).


Loving the "circular economy" course I'm taking. On a section now talking about the biological cycle. Many parallels are in the Quran. The cycle (circle) of life, procreation and death. So many patterns in nature but certain ones and rules are greater than others (ranks, order - duality is chaos, disorder). All designed but imperfect (like the photosynthetic process). My opinion and understanding of things now anyway.

The course talks about the re-use of wood (even if it's treated) and how we can increase its reuse (cycles), as many times as possible (still a downcycling process, unlike plants which upcycle elements, that is, turning sunlight into matter for example/photosynthesis) and then at the end of the bigger cycle, can compost it, returning it to the biological cycle. Great course. Simple is often brilliant.

Quote from the course:

"The cradle-to-cradle vision calls for a revolution in the way everything is made. What if everything that we see around us were made differently, and as if the economy and nature shared the same goals?"

- Calling for a prosperous vibrant economy with safe materials with the least amount of damage to people and the planet (intelligent design also "biomimicry").

- Waste equals food. In an intelligently designed system - failure or trash is due to the failure of human intelligence - or other things possibly, forgiveness and doing good (using our brains), can overcome, at least some things and make things better (more perfect).

The circular economy is the broad principle but C2C (cradle to cradle) is a component of it. Can learn more about the circular economy here:

I would, given power, support giving grocery stores more power to the people and allowing stores to govern themselves a bit more and definitely in regards towards moving shopping towards letting/making people bring their own containers for things such as coffee, etc. Would reduce even the containers and waste used by the grocery store itself by using larger and smartly designed containers.

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