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Face the Facts. No...Yes...Keep Going.

Updated: May 26, 2021

Keep learning. Keep trying. The future is uncertain. We'll need to be strong and hard work pays off - that I do know. I've messed up so much in recent years - letting negativity get me down, like the weight of the world and all its imperfection and ills weighing on my mind and soul too much. Can only keep moving forward and trying. This time, with much-improved effort and timeless knowledge and support. Knowing - Things Do Matter.

Words matter.

Negativity - frustration, anger, sadness, madness, hate, evil, etc. breeds negativity. Can lead to a seeming abyss. "I don't care", "it doesn't matter".


Maybe a UBI would be a good answer - I think so anyway. Is not so much different than the social singularity guy's (Max Brooks) proposal. The idea where society just breaks off in little tribes and sects doesn't sound all that great. Diversity is a great plus to life. Teaches us a lot about ourselves and builds character. I guess that would be optimized over time as well though.

I still do think crypto is obviously bad for the planet as well - there's no changing basic physics. Resources are finite. There is still much inequality in the world and suffering. Could it be changed though as well? Sure. Do away with continual hashing though in my opinion - therefore, yes, the idea of "cryptocurrency". Banks and "middlemen" don't have to be "bad" if government is fair and just and truly democratic.

The future will be hard because we will have to deal with the consequences of climate emissions. No doubt about that but the more distant future could still be brighter for humanity in a lot of ways if we work to build a great and green planet while dealing with all of the problems that are coming our way.


What are some perspectives of what life will be like in 19 years time...

Here's an optimistic capitalist viewpoint focused more on tech:

I think it's a bit far fetched, but do believe A.I. is super powerful and will do a lot to change the world. I don't know if there will be the investment into all the infrastructure etc. that it details in such a short time. I think computational power and Moore's Law will fail as the later articles predict - that a computing revolution is necessary for us to keep advancing in that area. We can't just keep incrementally improving chips by using smaller and smaller transistors and making little efficiency gains via design and programming.

A more sobering perspective:

I think there should be a global carbon tax and oil should cost $160/barrel today and that money should be going towards climate change mitigation. Charge it at the source - the buyer. Keep it simple. Put regulations and watch over OPEC and the suppliers so that don't unfairly manipulate prices (supply).

Some more stuff:


I actually believed and am not sure still - that climate change will be absolutely horrendous for all life on the planet and billions might die. I don't believe that will happen by 2040 but by 2080? 2100? or longer?

Positive feedback loops triggering more and more warming. Starvation and breakdown of society. Scary stuff. Hunger, poverty, Ocean tides rising, swallowing land, walls being built by the rich, etc. Breakdown in a techno-advanced world where people have become soft (we've already come so soft now in 1st world countries - where "masculinity" is becoming more "toxic" some would say, like being strong means also having no compassion), and have no coping skills, disconnected from reality and losing all kinds of knowledge, know-how and skills because everything is so easy (maybe not though, we'll probably also be really smart in ways I'm sure as well). Sounds bad...Maybe it won't be like that. Actually A.I. weapon systems would probably keep everyone in check...sounds bad any which way. We must fight for the planet and all of life and against authoritarianism, and income inequality, that's for sure...

Link to the full Gov. report (large .pdg):

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