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Updated: Feb 21

Why COVER-UP the Ohio Chemical disaster? Mass distraction and terrorism

numuves • 1.2K views For a few weeks I was completely PERPLEXED at why the world's media was obsessed over a Chinese balloon. Then the internet helped me think of these questions. Was it just a distraction from...

before I begin I'd first

0:22 like to say that I hope that all the

0:24 people living in Ohio or other affected

0:26 areas are taking precautions to avoid

0:28 toxic exposure and seeking legal action

0:31 to force the responsible parties to

0:33 clean up their water soil and air now

0:35 the Ohio trained derailment which caused

0:37 one of the worst environmental disasters

0:38 in recent years barely made any national

0:41 media coverage nor did it make much in

0:43 international news which raises some

0:45 important questions why the mass

0:47 cover-up immediate blackout and is this

0:50 an extraordinary example of censorship

0:52 in the Chinese language the character

0:54 for crisis has two words and one of

0:56 those words can mean many things like

0:57 crucial point and organic but it also

0:59 means opportunity

crises do present

1:02 opportunities in most cases and it can't

1:04 be more true in this instance because

1:05 although the Ohio Chemical leak was a

1:08 terrible and preventable tragedy it at

1:10 least allows us to clearly see how the

1:12 world's media marches in lockstep with

1:14 the US government desires this U.S

1:16 controlled Global media complex this

1:18 informs us daily creates fear and hatred

1:20 amongst people and between nations

1:22 spreads unrepairable rumors and smears

1:25 and now we know it also coordinates in

1:27 covering up huge disasters that demand

1:29 Justice now many commentators including

1:32 NSA U.S Mass surveillance whistleblower

1:35 Edward Snowden are saying that this

1:36 media blackout is being orchestrated in

1:39 combination with a massive distraction

1:41 campaign the most obvious case is the

1:43 so-called Chinese spy balloon story that

1:46 has remained in the news cycle for

1:48 nearly a whole damn month in order to

1:50 keep us occupied

1:52 but let's take a moment to test this

1:54 theory that the Chinese balloon is

1:56 distraction propaganda by looking at the

1:58 actual dates of when the stories

1:59 occurred the day of the actual chemical

2:01 leak in East Palestine Ohio occurred on

2:03 February 3rd 2023. this is shocking

2:06 because almost no media was talking

2:07 about this in around February 3rd anyway

2:10 on this day a million pounds of boiling

2:13 carcinogenic chemicals spewed out of a

2:15 derailed train that is still using U.S

2:17 Civil War era technology this was the

2:19 same day that global news coverage

2:20 focused on the Chinese spy balloon but

2:23 was it also the same time as the Russian

2:25 victories near Bachman or when Seymour

2:27 Hersh published his Revelation that it

2:29 was the U.S that was behind the bombing

2:31 of the nordstream 2 pipelines well in

2:33 fact that conspiracy theory turns out to

2:35 be semi-false as the balloon was

2:37 detected as early as February 1st

2:39 Seymour hersh's article wasn't published

2:41 until February 8th but the Russian

2:43 capture or Liberation however you see it

2:46 salidar which is near bakmut did happen

2:49 on February 1st so it is very possible

2:51 that the balloon story was distract us

2:53 when the Western proxy War's continuing

2:55 failure despite the entire West rallying

2:57 behind Ukraine spending more than 100

2:59 billion dollars interestingly the US

3:01 government's decision to shoot down the

3:03 Chinese balloon using fighter aircraft

3:05 did occur on February 4th exactly one

3:07 day after the Ohio League occurred so

3:09 while it's impossible that the balloon

3:11 story was hatched for their specific

3:12 purpose of distracting people from the

3:14 chemical leak it's very possible that

3:16 the balloon has been used as a way to

3:18 force billions of people to focus on a

3:21 questionable China threat rather than

3:23 very real domestic threats which are

3:25 killing or will cause cancer in

3:26 thousands of people the domestic threat

3:28 to make it Crystal Clear is the

3:30 terrorist behavior of the US government

3:32 on its citizens to the Earth's

3:34 environment and to non-us peoples now

3:36 I'm not saying that the US government

3:37 purposefully spilled toxic chemicals and

3:40 onto the American Heartland but because

3:42 of its capitalist system that's exactly

3:44 what ended up happening anyway and let's

3:46 be honest it is what we should expect

3:47 from capitalism which is a

3:49 neocolonialist system that depends on

3:51 theft exploitation environmental

3:53 destruction and dehumanization I.E

3:56 rewarding people who could maximize and

3:58 benefit corporate profits rather than

4:00 human and environmental health

4:02 the specific capitalist policies that

4:04 led to this environmental terrorist

4:06 outcome was the u.s's extremely corrupt

4:09 lobbying system which allowed trained

4:11 corporations to stop government laws

4:13 that would have forced rail companies to

4:15 install modern breaks to its decrepit

4:17 system especially when shipping toxic

4:19 material government was considering

4:20 making it a mandate the railroad

4:22 Industries changed its tune it cited

4:25 cost concerns to pressure against that

4:27 rule we want to see Federal Regulations

4:30 when they're necessary not just in

4:33 reaction to a headline in the in the

4:36 Washington Post so instead of spending a

4:38 few million dollars to upgrade its

4:39 trains the company as many capitalist

4:42 organizations do just thought no it's

4:45 okay we'll just pay for lawsuits after

4:47 people develop cancer from our

4:48 preventable disasters that would be

4:50 cheaper and most people can't even

4:52 afford lawyers anyways well now we can

4:54 see that the elites don't even need to

4:55 do that anymore they can just black out

4:57 the entire disaster in the media as if

5:00 it never happened furthermore American

5:01 Railway worker workers had been striking

5:03 for weeks before this and other deadly

5:06 rail derailments happened and the

5:08 railway workers should have been

5:09 listened to

5:10 so why the massive cover-up then if the

5:12 chemical leak happened after the Chinese

5:14 balloon was discovered and before the

5:16 Seymour Hersh Revelation there are many

5:18 reasons for cover-ups but the truth is

5:20 this cover-up or media blackout is not

5:22 special at all the only special thing

5:24 about it is that you noticed it because

5:25 so many people have made the catastrophe

5:27 viral online in fact I can say with 100

5:30 certainty that these types of cover-ups

5:32 are happening in the west almost every

5:33 single day a horrible situation has

5:36 gotten a particularly high amount of

5:38 attention there are roughly 1 000 cases

5:41 a year of a train derailing the U.S uses

5:45 propaganda by Omission AKA media

5:48 blackouts as one of its main tools to

5:50 control Humanity's Global Collective

5:53 Consciousness if you don't believe me

5:54 here's a simple proof think about the

5:56 fact that almost every child on Earth

5:58 knows who Spider-Man is and recognizes

6:02 the US flag as something good because

6:04 the U.S flag and Spider-Man are always

6:06 appearing together but most people don't

6:08 know that the US has by IO labs in

6:11 Ukraine that is an impressive amount of

6:13 mind control and that is exactly why

6:15 people who study geopolitics say that

6:18 America is still the sole superpower on

6:20 Earth which I think is totally true this

6:22 is because only the US can order the

6:24 world's media to all behave the exact

6:26 same way at a moment's notice only the

6:29 US can mobilize millions of soldiers and

6:31 thousands of weapons across dozens of

6:33 countries and strike At Any Nation on

6:36 Earth only the US can control the flow

6:38 of information on the world's internet

6:40 because it has deep connections to the

6:42 social media gateways namely Google

6:44 YouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter

6:47 and all of those companies are based in

6:49 the US if the US didn't censor Global

6:52 stories every day that involve U.S

6:54 criminality and the whole world would

6:55 know that Western Elites are a bunch of

6:57 murderous raping criminals and we as

7:00 peasants which is how they refer to us

7:02 literally knowing that fact might think

7:04 Hmm I don't think I want to support

7:06 psycho murderous rapists and then you

7:09 might do something crazy like decide to

7:11 stop supporting their Crimes by leaving

7:13 the west or stop paying taxes that allow

7:15 all that criminality to occur

7:18 at the end of the day all of us living

7:20 in the west are directly or indirectly

7:22 supporting massive crimes being

7:23 perpetrated around the world for the

7:26 purpose of keeping U.S firms in their

7:28 Monopoly or dominant positions

7:30 but let's get back to the particular

7:32 reasons why this catastrophe was covered

7:34 up I will list a few of the most likely

7:36 reasons if the U.S regime had not

7:38 ordered its Global media Network

7:40 virtually all mainstream media to block

7:42 out this report then they would be

7:44 responsible for all of its damages

7:45 legally they would have to pay for all

7:47 of the environmental cleanup in the air

7:49 water and soil and possibly more

7:51 expensive is all the health costs of

7:53 treating people who may get cancer as a

7:55 result of dumping a million pounds of

7:57 carcinogenic chemicals into the air

7:59 which was blowing all over the Northeast

8:01 Coast of the US even reaching my

8:03 hometown of Toronto if the media had

8:05 actually done its job while the US

8:06 government would probably be on the hook

8:08 for potentially tens or hundreds of

8:10 millions of dollars

8:12 the blackout also helps to pacify the

8:14 Democrats left-leaning base

8:16 the U.S Democratic party is supposedly

8:18 representing left-wing or accentuous

8:20 values but many of their policies or

8:22 failures have run counter to those

8:24 values the most glaring and recent

8:26 example was allowing Roe v Wade to be

8:28 overturned in the U.S Supreme Court

8:29 denying the right for many Americans to

8:31 get legal abortions another crime which

8:34 isn't being reported at all are the many

8:36 cases of voter fraud where voter

8:38 tabulation machines were malfunctioning

8:40 forcing many voters especially in

8:42 Republic and dominated areas to go to

8:44 other voting locations or having to put

8:47 their votes in a special box which would

8:49 be carried to some counting Center just

8:51 a lot of sketchy events that would make

8:52 any freedom loving person grimace it's

8:55 possible that the effects of the spill

8:56 will have traumatic ecological and

8:59 health impacts for the coming decades

9:00 and the failure by the US government

9:02 would have been on par with Nixon's

9:04 Watergate or Trump's coveted response

9:06 failure but since the U.S and Global

9:08 media decided to virtually censor or

9:10 black out this catastrophe there's no

9:12 one on a loudspeaker talking about East

9:15 Palestine Ohio we live in an age where

9:18 only the loudest or the most algorithm

9:20 boosted people get to create popular

9:22 narratives and those narratives in turn

9:25 shape reality which psychologically

9:27 means for most people Ohio didn't even

9:30 happen it is kind of like the old saying

9:33 if a tree falls in a forest but no one

9:35 is around to hear it does it make a

9:37 sound in our case the tree doesn't even

9:39 exist with a 24-hour Global News cycle

9:43 continuously blaring out things like the

9:46 Chinese spy balloon or any other

9:49 socialism is bad stories we as a people

9:52 are kept in the dark about more

9:53 immediate and dangerous threats that are

9:55 literally blowing up all around us if

9:58 the citizenry is uninformed about what's

10:00 really happening in their state then it

10:02 would be impossible for them to keep

10:04 their state in check which effectively

10:06 means they are not living in a western

10:08 democracy to make it clear this is

10:10 because Western democracies only

10:12 function when the people are informed so

10:15 that they can take action through voting

10:17 or other means to fix problems or change

10:19 unwanted policy when only the richest

10:21 one percent of people have access to

10:24 real information and the means to change

10:26 their societies that is actually called

10:29 an oligarchy

10:30 to give this issue more perspective as

10:32 someone who lives in China I can tell

10:34 you without a doubt that if this kind of

10:36 disaster had happened in the Middle

10:37 Kingdom heads would have rolled across

10:39 the country

10:40 as we saw with the Wuhan covet outbreak

10:43 in 2019 2020 and in many other Chinese

10:46 cities that unfortunately had outbreaks

10:48 many CCP officials including

10:50 high-ranking ones like Mayors were fired

10:52 sacked

10:55 if this chemical disaster had happened

10:56 in China I'm sure that even industry

10:58 bosses would have been charged with

10:59 crimes and likely even sent to jail

11:02 we almost never see this kind of Justice

11:04 in the west because it is Industries who

11:06 control the governments in the west

11:08 whereas in China and other socialist

11:11 states it is the government that has

11:13 control over industry

this is democracy now

0:03 I'm Amy Goodman with nermeen Sheikh as

0:05 debates continue in Washington over

0:07 raising the debt ceiling and combating

0:09 inflation we take a global look at the

0:11 growing International economic crisis as

0:14 soaring inflation into valued currencies

0:16 leave Nations across the globe

0:18 confronting a catastrophic debt crisis

0:20 lebanon's facing what the World Bank has

0:23 described as quote among the most severe

0:25 crises globally since the mid 19th

0:28 century earlier today Lebanese

0:30 protesters attacked at least six Banks

0:32 setting some on fire as the Lebanese

0:34 pound hit a new record low since 2019

0:37 the pounds lost 98 percent of its value

0:40 protesters accused the Lebanese

0:42 government and banks of failing to help

0:45 the people

0:48 [Music]

0:49 what are you Lebanese people waiting for

0:52 to go down and take your rights from

0:53 this Mafia of Thieves and criminals that

0:55 is ruling where are the human rights

0:57 there is no electricity no water nothing

0:59 at all in this country don't they feel

1:01 us while sitting in their palaces they

1:03 don't feel the people they see us as

1:06 sheep we won't stay silent about our

1:08 life's worth in addition to Lebanon

1:11 numerous other countries are facing

1:13 similar crises and Iraq protests

1:16 recently broke out in Baghdad over the

1:17 plummeting value of Iraq's currency the

1:19 dinar in Egypt the value of the Egyptian

1:22 pound is shrunk in half over the past

1:24 year while prices have soared in Sri

1:25 Lanka authorities have just raised the

1:27 price of electricity by 66 percent in an

1:30 effort to get a bailout from the

1:32 international monetary fund last year

1:34 Sri Lanka defaulted on its debt for the

1:36 first time in its history Pakistan is

1:38 also facing its worst economic crisis

1:40 leading to gas shortages power outages

1:42 ramp and price increases meanwhile in

1:45 Argentina inflations hit nearly 100

1:47 percent

- We need a new economic order -

I wrote this yesterday, I was thinking the below text and points made by Radhika in the below video were perfect:

(Norway Goodfellas. Nuland, overthrow Putin. 97% Russia military in Ukraine. EU toilet sanctions. U/1Alex Christoforou • 20K views Norway Goodfellas. Nuland, overthrow Putin. 97% Russia military in Ukraine. EU toilet sanctions. U/1 Topic 872 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:...)

"Nuland is a terrorist.

- I don't get why people still believe our government and big media big corporate lies.

- The U.S. has been the dominant superpower on the earth since WWII and there's: All this negative stuff - too many to list -> even within our own country - it sucks sucks for a lot of people - there's all kinds of traps and things that can happen - death can come at any moment (that's true)) - economic boom busts. - people being killed in political protests around the world (Haiti, Sri Lanka) - people still going hungry and being poor and without any hope really, any opportunities in many countries (dollar system - the economic system/order - capitalism instead of just capitalism/"socialism" and free societies wherein people organize and build up their society - (people aren't stupid(!)) - that is natural if people had freedom, people would organize - build stuff (stuff that's needed - agriculture, schools, hospitals)) -instability throughout much of the world, especially the Muslim world and people still believe we're some force for good? Cuba's been sanctioned for 60 years or whatever and they survive and protect their environment and provide their people with healthcare - they may not have all kinds of wealth and new cars and all this and that but yeah...anyway...seems like they try to make it a decent place for their people. - That's what I believe in....--> Brittney Webb video"

-------------> - The 'globalization' myth, US hegemony, and crisis of capitalism, with Radhika Desai Geopolitical Economy Report • 5.5K views


and if you look at it in another way what is this combined development it is simply

23:52 the um it is simply the uh a resistance to imperialism so the

24:01 effort on the part of the dominant capitalist countries to maintain the unevenness of capitalism is imperialism

24:08 and efforts on the part of countries to resist it and to develop their own

24:13 productive structures rather than permit under development is Central to

24:19 anti-imperialism and so so this is uh so so in this also what uh geopolitical

24:25 economy does is it unites what I see to be a correct and accurate interpretation

24:30 of Marx and angus's work and that of many later marxists with the developmental State tradition uh which

24:37 has particularly over the last many decades particularly over the neoliberal decades has insisted that there is no

24:44 development without massive State intervention and that's why China is important because especially after the

24:50 dissolution of the Soviet Union China has represented the strongest challenge to

24:57 um to uh to imperialism uh and therefore also has executed the greatest

25:03 Industrial Revolution in the history of humankind Britain may have been the first it may have been followed by an

25:09 even bigger one in the United States or Germany but China has has experienced the greatest in terms of the actual

25:17 magnitude and so geopolitical economy was also very clear that combined development can take both capitalist

25:23 forms and socialist forms and indeed what's and it also said that you know in

25:29 our time particularly in the second post-second world war period the Socialist forms have been the strongest

25:34 and this has of course been further underlying by the continuing development of China over the past decade so that's

25:41 the materiality of Nations argument which is deeply bound up with the uneven

25:47 and combined development argument and in this if you think about the the following way uh in this world becomes

25:54 clear is that the Cosmopolitan ideology is a free trade globalization U.S hegemony and Empire these discourses are

26:02 nothing more or less than the discourses emanating from the dominant parts of the

26:08 world system and their function is also the same as that of dominant ideologies

26:13 within capitalist countries you know Mark says somewhere that the ideas of in in every society are the idea the ruling

26:21 ideas of every society are the ideas of the dominant classes now at thanks to capitalism at a world scale there can

26:27 never be a single state a single World state but nevertheless there are dominant States and you can see that the

26:34 uh that the Cosmopolitan ideas are the ideas of the dominant State because they serve the interests of the dominant

26:41 state by preaching the gospel of openness free market Etc what they are telling telling the rest of the world

26:48 what they are telling third world countries everybody that is not part of the Imperial core is that you should not

26:54 try to develop in by through protectionism State Direction Etc leave it to the free market which means

27:00 subordinate yourself to our capital and its requirements that's what is being

27:07 told and so the implication of this is two further points which is that if this

27:12 is the case uh if the if the if the driving motor of international relations

27:18 is uneven and the uneven and combined development that is to say the effort to create and maintain imperialism and the

27:25 effort to resist it if this is the case then it follows that what you are what

27:31 you are going to see is ever greater a number of countries undertaking combined development because capitalism has

27:38 nothing to offer them and the more combined development spreads the more it

27:43 will create opportunities for other countries weaker countries to undertake it because there are there are more

27:48 centers of productive power around the world so the story of the world economy

27:54 is not the ever greatest spread in penetration of markets it is not that of successive hegemonys but rather

28:01 spreading multipolarity so British dominance was already ended by the

28:09 contender industrialization and combined development of the first baby of powers

28:15 that contested British industrial dominance and we'll come back to that later but then what you what what you

28:22 began to see is the further spread of and and yeah so so British and and British industrial British dominance was

28:29 already undermined by them and by the time the United States came along wanting to emulate Britain's dominance

28:38 in some fashion in a lighter fashion because it would never acquire an Empire the size that Britain had so the

28:45 American policy maker said well we'll settle for making the dollar the world's money this was always going to be impossible

28:51 for reasons and a large part of geopolitical economy talks about that but basically geopolitical economy also

28:58 argues that because the world was already multipolar while American

29:03 hegemony could never be realized American Ambitions for hegemony could never be realized while a certain period

29:11 of British dominance was inevitable by the time the Americans came to attempt it American hegemony was impossible and

29:19 therefore globalization U.S hegemony Empire these are all discourses of U.S attempts to

29:26 try to impose their uh dominance over the world attempts that have never been successful

29:34 so that's what I argue in geopolitical economy and a large part of the of the

29:40 narrative is really about how the dollar system which was really the main

29:45 mechanism which the Americans chose with which they were going to try to dominate the world economically of course

29:50 supplemented by the Army but nevertheless the dollar system was the key that it has never worked in any of

29:57 the ways despite the and so so the reason why everybody thinks that the dollar dollar has been safely and stably

30:03 the world's money and look at how powerful it is and so on this impression has been created by a veritable cottage

30:10 industry of largely American academics whose work is to talk up the uh talk up

30:16 the dollar system and try to erase evade and muddy the waters when people try to

30:23 investigate the contradictions of the dollar system so anyway so this is where where we were already at and so then uh

30:30 and I have I had written geopolitical economy and over the next decade I continued developing the ideas of uh

30:37 geopolitical economy in various ways and then we were uh oh and I I should say

30:43 one other thing so and I was beginning to really see a lot of new things that were going on that that deepened my

30:50 understanding of how to develop geopolitical economy and then the pandemic came along and ironically just

30:57 a little before the pandemic what had happened is that a small community group had asked me to give a lecture on you

31:04 know ask me to invite me to give a lecture and then we went back and forth about you know how I would I would what I

31:11 would talk about and in the end they said from what you're saying we want you to uh give us a lecture on the title

31:17 does capitalism have a future and so I said well sure and I began my lecture by

31:24 saying this is the title and the short answer is no and then I spent the next

31:29 45 minutes explaining why and this had been in February of 2020. and then the

31:34 following months of course the World Health Organization declared a pandemic at the time I had been watching all the

31:40 shenanigans in Washington particularly the Federal Reserve pumping trillions of dollars worth of liquidity into the

31:47 markets trying to shore up asset markets that were crashing they were they were falling like stones everywhere and so I

31:54 was watching all this uh and this completely fit my understanding and so that weekend the weekend after the who

32:03 declared a pandemic I ordered a local uh I owed the Canadian mentioned magazine

32:08 which is a major left magazine in Canada I had agreed with them the previous uh earlier in the year to give them an

32:15 article a month and so the editor saigonic is writing to me saying where's my article so I said all right I'm going

32:22 to write an article about what's really going on with the pandemic not in terms you know I'm not a biologist I'm not an

32:28 epidemiologist I was interested in what it was doing to the to the U.S economy to the world

32:35 economy Etc but particularly to the economies of what I call in capitalism coronavirus and more the neoliberal

32:42 financialized economies so this uh this is what so so so t