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Fight. Gently, Gracefully, the Winds Blow

Updated: Apr 27, 2021 much power and influence. Facebook has some good things they can do for individual people as well but what is its overall effect on society (economy, free thought, politics or one's political theory and even world outlook, morals, etc. etc.) ?

Is private industry and globalization the way to really help developing countries? No doubt development and trying to help can be good, but how to go about doing that is what is important. Do private industry and publically owned corporations help or hurt?

If they really wanted to help they would be donating money with no requirements or stipulations unto a country for their own development - schools and infrastructure, etc.

Very interesting, is it true? Everyone has their own beliefs and side to the story of course but so tired of hearing about the U.S. even potentially being involved with such messy affairs and seemingly making things worse!:

Donating to Yemen relief today for Ramadan. Heartbreaking to hear of children going hungry :(. How weak (can hardly complete sun fasting well at all on these long beautiful April days) and privileged I am to live in a first-world and free country.

Make no mistake - about having such a free and dreamy, civilized humanity, etc., etc. for all. That is great and all but still such a long way off in reality for so many people in the world today. With climate change effects being felt today and impacts will only be getting worse in the future. There is still so much work to be done to clean up our act(s).

The World Economic Forum doesn't appear to be "purely good and pure" sure but neither is it "purely bad" from my understanding. Did you know, the world economic forum along with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the McKinsey & Co. took initiative back in 2016 - launching a report titled "The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics?" I didn't. I myself am like a rich person as is pondering such big questions and things and just living at home, mostly unemployed but still doing fine, etc...

A thing to complain about: 2021 and still not having any carbon taxes at all - oil at just $46/barrel - cheap, I think the world could afford a carbon tax and it would spur real spending towards lowering dependence on fossil fuels.

->I do believe in organization and order of course and even Max Brookes (Social Evolution website) knows his proposal is authoritarian somewhat as well (also very futuristic). Our government needs to start taking more accountability and we must hold them more accountable (and the truly powerful influencers of government) but not to get too mad at each other, or let ourselves be too overtaken with emotion, etc. that we go so far towards the left and authoritarian policy (effectually) that it ends up being worse off for our country's future and the world when trying to do good things for people (and ourselves/country). For example, I don't believe our country could allow free college, a basic income, free healthcare, free and unrestricted immigration, etc. (like what "the People's Party" proposes) and still maintain a healthy society (and one where our currency is still valued). Is a UBI at $16,800/yr for example, even too much and too good in actuality (and too federally oversteppingly powerful)? interesting to ponder. I don't think so but maybe having free healthcare would be better instead? I'm not sure. It's okay though, I'm just one person. It would be awesome to live in such a world with all of that opportunity and benefits, yes, but is that going to happen in reality any time soon and how could it be possible in the current economic paradigm? Maybe it is and I don't know about some things but as far as I know, world economics is not at all set up in such a way and until people of every country would be on board...Would be awesome though. I don't really like this post but it is what it is. It's a hard topic.

This seems good. Am a fan of Will Smith, easier on resources to just listen to it though:

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