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"Fight" - Struggle - Exert

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Am tired today (and too much of the time). Don't have much to say. Need to type up some of the notes I've taken.

Havent Watch, looks good:

No Protocol • 6.2K views

Notes (thoughts): From the book - Post Neoliberal Economics -

-Realizing a lot of the cultural issues of the times - the right is using those topics against the liberal left - and we are all "victims" or prisoners in a way of our minds (the times(the world in which we exist and live). We need to bring and arrange things in importance - the problems, and crises of the world (climate change for example) are greater than the current cultural issues (although of course those are important as well but they can be used as tools to divide people and divert attention) that plaque us (especially in the modern nation-states). I am not innocent - obviously and it is easy to get caught up in. We should be aware though of the effects that come upon people living and working in the real world. The person and people who identify as LGBTQ+ for example. -> The effects push people to more extremes and manifest in society. "Focus goes where energy flows". The real world isn't a University or Washington D.C. or a corporate boardroom. In the real world for real people, - the average person will need to work their whole lives to make a living and survive - Where is this pushing people to? Political identities (and material and artistic identity) While...climate change economics, wars, the future of tech and its advancement creating an unstoppable force now and its consequences on the ways it will shape societies, human thinking and ways of understanding (ourselves, others, the world, the future, the present, the past).

Notes from notebook:

Need to or would like - do like - to break the chains of the old "economic rule and order" & the realities of neoliberalism; multi-national, globalist , take-over "profit and marks above all", unsustainable growth materialism, consumption, "rugged individulist", us us us paradigm/set-up - dualistic kind of thinking...(al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen)

It's like a trap - "dualistic kind" "dualistic model" is a better way to think about it. A spiders web. Sticky. While the world hurls on (and in reality, we need to move as well).

---------- Go (move) Forward -------------

"Balance" - stick towards the center - "what do you mean?" "I am". "The world is all vanity and play and sport (competition). As Jesus (A.S.) said, "I know not what is in my mind but Allah knows" --> Human (mind and heart) "being".


I met the Queen a couple of times, I have no idea about her political views. The point that I don't know what her political views are IS the point, because Queen Elizabeth was the very soul...

We look at how the Ukraine war is contributing to an energy crisis across Europe with Greek politician and economist Yanis Varoufakis. Last week Russia announced it would not resume sending...

“How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States.” That’s the title of a new book examining a part of the U.S. that is often overlooked: the nation’s overseas territories...

Good Video:

GREAT : (Is very similiar, not as in-depth as the Mind Valley Masterclass - I need to start implementing and trying to implement a lot of these kind of things - pretty amazing!)

Take notes (yall)!

Great talk - Very interesting and mind opening if your a Muslim about some things, not just LGBTQ+.

Some good notes I think I took and want to share:

Now this is very important - I can hate what I like and I can love what I like. No one can dictate to me what I hate and what I like. What is hate anyway (Negative emotion, thoughts, feelings) - My emotions that I hate this or that, such as someone insulting my parents or bullying me or others at school. No one can dictate to another what they hate (dislike) and love (like); but as Muslims, the only one who tells us really what we should hate and like is Allah Azzawazajel. People can hate or dislike meaters or vegans, it's okay, but dont extend your arm to anyone (and fear Allah - your words and emotions in a way (getting out of control for example) and stand up for yourself - don't be helpless). This is the kind of emotion the believer is suppose to have for this sin (whether it be just for the fear of Allah or one already just naturally has the disposition in alignment already - which is an interesting subject to think about (Ibn Tammiya type stuff, hugely deep topics to think about)).


Reading "Man and the Universe" by Mostafa Al-Badawi - pg. 115. paraphrasing

"There is widespread confusion concerning the meaning of "Jihad". Three terms (is more than simply combat). Jihad which means struggle or exertion. Qital which means warfare or combat and Irhab which means terrorism. -The first two are used frequently in the Quran, whereas the third was coined recently to describe acts against civilians. The confusion arises from using the term Jihad to mean all three."


Scary (reminder): THE SCARIEST HADITH EVER HEARD iLovUAllah™ 250K views

Must watch:

Pretty funny Jimmy Dore videos recently, yes, they have cursing, but exposing the blasphemous state of American political and media/"news reporting" (state of) affairs.


Allah-u Akbar - Fear Allah. Allah knows all - how nasty is the state of affairs of the world when most people struggle to survive and work etc. and just trying to live while big corporate news etc. can't even do decent work and telling the truth and trying to make a better world (for the world):

MercifulServant 892K views


Today (Monday 9/19/2022):


Mainsteam (mostly) junk news - some examples and is good to look at every now and then - I do need to listen to Alexander's latest to get unbiased real reporting on the situation in Ukraine as it does seem to be moving again now...(more of the same though from the West, MORE allegations of war crimes similiar to Bucha; more cheerleading Ukraine and injecting "hopium", but I imagine there are some truths in the stories as well of course and so it's a bit interesting (their spin),


I got this today: - Looks cool. Considering the warnings going on lately, I thought, why not, is good to have stuff like this.....I'm trying to start fermenting (bought a kit). I actually have done a good amount of stuff before in my permaculture class but if you don't use it, you lose it.

Ordered some knives - A large to medium sized fixed blade survival knife and two nicer but not super nice or expensive kitchen knives. Sweet. - Knife steels are cool and something I like to look at and knives as well. The survival knife is pretty cheap but looks really good - a good tough steel that shouldn't chip or anything if abused (softer = more malleable, harder = better edge retention but more brittle). Dangerous - - yes guns as well. Self control. Don't be dumb. Weapons are tools.



Really good one - much respect! Give this man a raise. Allah Akbar, Allah knows. :)

Nice - Agree(d):


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