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Firm Strong Soft

Balance........- break free - think for yourself - the only fear is fear itself - rise up -

Give up all the bad characteristics, habits, projections, anxieties, anger, anxiety, control.

Go inward.

Stand up for justice. Connect with the inner heart. Peace. Don't be an extremist. Respect. Kindness.

Hide your hardships and difficulties. Ego -- "it's all in the brain". Filters. We are literally very small (from dust whence we come, to dust is our destination"). All life, flourishing life, is weak, becomes strong, and becomes weak again. Such is life. Such is beauty.



Who am I? :)

I dislike this very much:

Have you ever saw "Seed: The Untold Story" (documentary) - that's a good one (whoever is reading this,... Hi!)

Good articles on climate change:


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