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Fraud Corruption Coverups Lies

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem Allah Akbar Al Hamdu Lillah

This is just a shorter blog post as it turns out (not a bad thing). Just sharing a lot of good information mostly not saying too much myself.

You can't hide from God - Allah S.W.T. (Glorious and Exalted He Is). This is really embarrassing and disgraceful. The YT comments are very interesting, interesting discussion, topic to discuss...

---------Later...but posting now...:

---- Want to post this here, though I watched it today (Oct. 29 2023) ------------------------------

Redacted 184K views Last week, Health Canada admitted that the Pfizer Covid vaccine contained DNA sequence of SV-40. That is the Simian Virus that was the fortieth monkey virus that had been identified in the...

--- Also I want to expose this: Exposing UN Greenwashing | Jacob Goldberg Planet: Critical • 1K views The UN claims they're "climate neutral"—it couldn't be farther from the truth. A recent investigation done by Mongabay and the New Humanitarian revealed many carbon credit projects the...

This from two years ago: Debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre Empire Files • 272K views Abby Martin gives 5 points that evaporate Israel's assertion that the civilians it kills in Gaza were "human shields." Get EXCLUSIVE Empire Files content by supporting our work at https://www.patr...

Not A Swamp, A SWARM That Controls The World Kim Iversen 27K views Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an anti establishment candidate running for president. Dr. Shiva is the Inventor of Email, holds 4 degrees from MIT and is a Fulbright Scholar. He is a world-renowned...

Didn't watch yet: The Secret Meeting That Broke Our Food System More Perfect Union 140K views Did you know you can patent a living thing? Decades of lobbying made that possible. Now just four companies control the intellectual property behind nearly ALL of the food we eat. We call them...

YES – They Actually Created & Funded Their Enemy! The Jimmy Dore Show 104K views Considering the level of hostility between Israel and Hamas, it may come as a surprise to many to learn that the Israeli government was instrumental in creating and funding Hamas — a plan...

---This, from later on:

-- Also want to bring light on this regarding China and the Uygher Muslims which I previously tried to argue that the Western MSM was only trying to provoke bad sentiments towards China and that China was not so much in the wrong, -> was trying to combat extremism and terrorism only etc. but actually...I now think they did do a lot of bad and are trying to cover it all up through recent years...:

-----------------------------Carrying on - - -


This kid can kick high...may Allah protect him from evil eyes and such, seems like good drills and whatnot to do: How to Kick Higher| Front Kick Stretches & Drills Donavan Barrett

Tons of info on hip flexibility right? Short: Top 3 Hip Mobility Openers Squat University

This is good, from Taekwondo background schooling:

Woah, great video. I don't think I fully watched this video at this moment actually but regardless: The Corruption is FAR WORSE Than You Thought — Economic Hitman, John Perkins


I didn't watch and still haven't watched this one but anyway: Ukraine EuroMaidan 2014: Revolution or Coup? George Galloway

No I didn't watch (if you've watched some Allatra TV you know they sometimes have some "weird" and strange things different is good, mind-opening...kind, tolerant...): Anunnaki: Who Are They? Does the Planet Nibiru Exist? ALLATRA TV International

I started to watch some of this and quickly was like nope, this is not correct...they are not on (correct) guidance from the Lord...this is not right, not correct, too far off course...I kind of stopped watching those Instructor Benjamin Bilaal videos as well because, I believe, they are too much, people you could call them, too much "Quranists" - that is, people who reject the Sunnah and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, too much anyway; but on the contrary, I also do recognize the Muhammadan Way (sufi realities) ways (actions, beliefs, sometimes words) go too far sometimes in "worshipping" the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, I believe, but I still follow them and listen to Shiekh Nurjans talks because at the same time, a lot of what he says is like, the truth, and it is as though he knows, he has gone through and goes through at the same time, trials and things that we go through in the current moment, and he has a great understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah, actually...quite a very high level...very saintly, very nice..but um, this is just me and my understanding and my advice to you, dear reader. I do think it is quite good to be partly, like a percentage sufi, or maybe even one could can go full sufi if they choose to of course, of course, but a pretty common um individual theology of many, many in the not-too-distant past muslims, was that most people would label themselves as or incorporate into themselves "sufism" to a degree or percent, one could was common. It was normal. Like: This is my creed - Muslim (foremost) - then Shafi'i and/or Ash'Sharii (or whatever one's madhab and school of thought) - then Sufi (because I practice the "purification of the soul" and believe in, am amazed by the "unity of oneness" but this doesn't have to be in contrary in my opinion to "salafi"...I don't think anyway- I believe we suppose to follow a middle good...we are not to divide into sects if we can help it, I believe and suppose to hide others (our brothers and sisters) sins etc. and not cause disruption and division (sectarianism)...but do correct others as well and do it in a good manner) .: Lut of the Quran: they lied for 1200 yrs! His real story—scene by scene. Lut NOT the Bible's Lot!

/\ I feel like am revealing too much above...

Good thing it didn't pass and it is mostly Republicans who still stand a little bit by our Bill of Rights interestingly now (though I don't like, definitely not in the past especially (with) the Republican Party - the party of corporate giveaways and taking away um rights as well as with the Patriot Act and whatnot)("interestingly now" : I mean, it seems to me like, that it has been intelligent liberals, people like Glenn Greenwald or academics etc.(people more aligned with the Democratic Party), who often have to fight dis/or "mal" information and stand up for the people's rights etc.... people like Kim Iverson and Russell Brand...yeah, anyway...: "You can't say that on social media" Congress tries to control the internet | Redacted News Redacted

All the wrist um physical therapy videos (and info) one should need :

Just looking...

Is okay, I don't know really...I wonder if reciting the Quran everyday can actually help, (is definitely good): HOW DAJJAL CHANGED TIME! - SHOCKING Sheikh Imran Hosein

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