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Continuing on the intellectual stimulation from a past night, looking at Capitalism vs. Socialism vs Communism...(and who am I, what do I believe really? Obviously it takes learning to think of what would be the best systems in reality and some understanding of the current system(s)...)

Looks pretty good: The Rise of US Totalitarianism | Panel | Jordan B Peterson Podcast S4 (2022): E93

Jordan B Peterson 1.1M views

Free Speech & Safe Spaces In part 1 out of 4 of this compilation series, we look at excerpts from the Maps of Meaning lecture series as well as how issues around free speech have affected...

Looks good (haven't watched any of the below videos until I post one with a video in the blog): Ben Shapiro Is CLUELESS About Democratic Socialism Leslie Fluette • 40K views

Ben Shapiro really is clueless and doesn't understand democratic socialism. In this video, I break down his "7 Myths of Democratic Socialism" talk and explain why he's wrong. Make sure to...

Socialism DOES Work | Jeremy Corbyn | Oxford Union OxfordUnion 1.2M views

Is Sweden Really Socialist? - Economic Update with Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work • 6K views Eleanor Goldfield joins Richard Wolff to explain why Sweden is not socialist, what socialism means and the ways Sweden has turned towards a privatization model like the United States. "Sweden...

Capitalist Work Place Vs Socialist Work Place Xexizy • 32K views

Why Would Anyone Work Under Socialism? Second Thought 419K views

Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism Compared Mr. Beat 1.4M views

Mr. Beat explains the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism. Karl Marx was the one who first articulated it, but boy is he misunderstood by many today. #socialism #capitalism...


Democracy vs. videos

Why Democracy Doesn't Work Nas Daily 392K views

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds

Is Democracy Good Or Bad? - Nas Debates #3 Nas Daily 254K views Democracy as a form of governance has been here for a long long time! Is it broken? Can we improve it? Or do we need a whole new system? Let’s see what Nuseir and Alex have to say!...

What did you choose at the end? (I'll let you know my answer later)


Didn't watch:

Germany says it knows who sabotaged Nord Stream, but... The Duran • 384K views

Germany says it knows who sabotaged Nord Stream, but... The Duran: Episode 1409 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo South China Morning Post 1.3M views

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Australian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger has dedicated his life to the pursuit of...

Great one:

The Chris Hedges Report: Ukraine and the 'worthy' and 'unworthy' victims of war The Real News Network 94K views

Rulers divide the world into 'worthy' and 'unworthy' victims; those we are allowed to pity, such as Ukrainians enduring the hell of modern warfare, and those whose suffering is minimized, dismissed...

Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone

Democracy Now! 265K views - Edward Snowden's decision to leak a trove of secret documents outlining the NSA's surveillance program has elicited a range of reactions. Among his detractors,...

18+ VIDEO FOR MUSLIM COUPLES IN 2022 One Islam Productions 141K views Produced By One Islam Productions By Yasir Qadhi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ONE ISLAM TV APP is now available on Apple devices,...

Ewh: CDC Votes To Add Covid Vaccines To Childhood Immunization Schedule Kim Iversen 73K views

***The CDC states that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of severe illness. Hundreds of millions of people have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and serious adverse reactions...

Need to watch: The Fundamentals Muslims Believe In [Part 1] Olive Branch • 11 views

This Part 1 video covers the most basic fundamentals that Muslims believe. If you are interested in learning about Islam this is a way to start your understandings. This is especially made...

MSM Confirms Ukraine Crisis in Bakhmut; Ukraine Kherson Defeat; Putin Makes Hint of End of Ukraine Alexander Mercouris • 183K views

West MSM Confirms Ukraine Crisis in Bakhmut; Heavy Ukraine Kherson Defeat; Putin Makes First Hint of End of Ukraine News Topic 644 *****LOCALS...


Dr. Jordan Peterson asked Surprising Question Mohammed Hijab 93K views

DONATE NOW: ⬅ The Prophet ﷺ said: “𝙒𝙝𝙤𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙗𝙪𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙨 𝙖 𝙈𝙤𝙨𝙦𝙪𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝘼𝙡...

I imagine it's good:

Talking to Muslims About Christ | Mohammed Hijab & Jonathan Pageau | #297 Jordan B Peterson 1.3M views

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Jonathan Pageau, and Mohammed Hijab discuss comparative religion, what is said about Islam versus what Islam has to say, and how the uncomfortable conversation - whether...

Nice, good one, often ruminated in my own mind similar things when I was an athiest-agnostic, but this is truly good (I myself often found my thought and thoughts just going in circles...):

But are Religions relevant today? [SEGMENT- 8] a walk... a rumination by ashok ahuja Questions-to-Self • 3.8K views


Amazing - Brilliant (the above are pretty amazing as well):

Michael Hudson | American Empire Repeating History Chris Hedges Fan Club • 20K views

Michael Hudson (born March 14, 1939) is an American economist, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri–Kansas City and a researcher at the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College,...

Top U.S. & World Headlines — October 20, 2022 Democracy Now! 154K views

🚽How REAGAN REPUBLICANS Flushed America Down The Toilet... 🚽

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 52K views

Short: Riba & The Collapse Of Monetary System

Sheikh Imran Hosein 12K views

When people attack traditional religious people's views on things nowadays (technology etc.)...

Boston Lab Creates EVEN MORE DEADLY Strain Of COVID The Jimmy Dore Show 89K views

The UK’s Daily Mail recently broke the story that a biolab affiliated with Boston University had been engaging in gain of function research, generating a strain of COVID that proved deadly...

Iran & Hijab: A Critical Situation Shiekh Omar Baloch • 3.8K views

Iran & Hijab: A Critical Situation Assalam Alaikum, Please make sure to subscribe. Also, join our telegram group Also, consider donating to our cause https://p...


Sunday (morning) 10/23/2022

Good day! -

Despite Kherson Defeat US Presses for More Offensives, Considers $50Bn Aid; US/EU to Silence Critics

Alexander Mercouris • 174K views


Great - beautiful -

Hidden Secrets in the Story of Prophet Joseph (as) | What Does Rabb Mean? | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 4.5K views

Talk Chapters : 00:00 Realities of of Dhul Hajj - the 12 and final month of our pilgrimage 01:11 In regular understanding – Surah Yusuf is the 12th surah dressing 01:31 Awliya moving by...

The problems of Muslim nation are never ending since fall of Khilafat


One Muslim Leader may Turn the Table - Sheikh Imran Hosein

Dynamic Islam • 1.2K views

Love it:

The Agents of Dajjal - Sheikh Imran Hosein Dynamic Islam • 1.9K views

Dajjal Already Took Over the World - Sheikh Imran Hosein Recommended Playlists: Dynamic Islam: End Time Series:...


What's up (today, with news etc.)? Headlines Today:

Yemen/Saudi Arabia:

Yemeni Houthi Drones Target Oil Ship in Government-Run Port

Saudi-Led Coalition Seizes New Emergency Fuel Ship Headed for Yemen

Saudis Plot Energy Cooperation With China Amid Tensions With Biden


More Than 100 Settler Attacks on Palestinians Documented in Last 10 Days

US Refuses to Compare Israeli and Russian Occupations

Israel Kills Two Youth, Including an 11th Grader, as Break the Wave Continues

Violence by Extremist Israeli Settlers Spikes in the Occupied West Bank

White House Dismisses Scathing UN Report Against 'Unfairly Targeted' Israel

Israel's Occupation of West Bank Unlawful Under International Law, UN Report Finds

Palestinian Teenager Fatally Shot by Israeli Forces in Jenin

An Olive Harvest Lynching on the West Bank

Israel, Ukraine Discuss Air Defense Systems After Drone Strikes Blog:

  • GOP Leader: Ukraine Gravy Train To End If Republicans Re-Take House

  • Conflicts of Interest: White House Abandons Peace, Prepares for Years of War

  • Ukraine Partisans Smear Anyone Worried About Nuclear War

  • Let's Defuse Nuclear War, Together

Scott Horton Show: Censored For Naming Israel Apartheid Katie Halper on the now part Israeli-owned Hill

Breaking News:

Putin Open to Talks on Ukraine Pentagon chief spoke with Russian Minister of Defense US: Give Ukraine Needs to Defeat Russia SecDef says will give Ukraine all it needs Lawmakers Prep $50 Billion Ukraine Bill Dems afraid of a more cautious House if GOP wins vote

Correct - The Dems are not correct ($50 billion Ukraine Bill)

Isreal attacking Syria again - should be sanctioned and their leadership and government questioned (if you support sanctions against countries that is - matters about the intent - sanctions to hurt a country and their whole or just sanctions to say, we are not your friends and to encourage the movement away from them economically; I would say - don't be an oppressor and go too far and extreme - of course, uh, within this economic riba system, debt-based neoliberal "rules-based" "order" sanctions are um...a way to keep power within the West and it's neoliberal (neo-colonial) form of capitalism, it is a tool of oppression of course, it's not based on actual UN laws and humanitarianism (towards peace)):

US rehearses dropping nuclear bombs in Europe

Andre Damon@Andre__Damon 16 October 2022


On Monday, the NATO military alliance will hold a training exercise, known as Steadfast Noon, in which US B-52 bombers and F-16 fighters will simulate dropping atomic bombs over Europe amid a deepening nuclear standoff with Russia.

The training exercise comes just ten days after US President Joe Biden warned of a nuclear “apocalypse,” saying the risk of nuclear war is the greatest since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

“This is the exercise that practices NATO’s nuclear strike mission with dual-capable aircraft and the B61 tactical nuclear bombs the US deploys in Europe,” wrote Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists.

The aircraft will rehearse dropping B61 “tactical” thermonuclear bombs, each of which is up to 20 times more powerful than the weapon that destroyed Hiroshima in World War II, killing as many as 126,000 civilians.

A B-52 bomber releases a bomb during a training operation.

While nuclear training exercises are usually presented as routine, nonthreatening, and not targeting any specific country, this year NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg made clear that the exercise is intended as a threat to Russia.

In a speech that mentioned Russia five times, Stoltenberg announced, “Next week, NATO will hold its long-planned deterrence exercise, Steadfast Noon.” He added, “Russia knows that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.”

As of 2019, the United States had 150 “tactical” nuclear warheads stationed throughout Europe as part of the NATO nuclear arsenal, including in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.




I chose democracy by the way (at the end of the 2nd Nas Daily video). Reasoning (pretty basic): In today's modern world, modern militaries. Trump. Biden. (imagine a dictatorship of either one) - it would suck; to have to revolt against a government like the U.S...I choose democracy up but also down as well (socialism, actually, or, at least closer to).

What is our congress up to? Really? (what the hell are they up to? L.O.L. - Doesn't seem like much...oh yeah, midterms...campaigning (again))

I support:

Our Congress give up its constitutional right to the Federal Reserve regarding their duties to control the printing and creation of money - swayed by and given to JP Morgan back in the early 1900s...:

I also support:

Read the text - - Is good. - Hear a lot of the bad things about it but you don't hear much about the good. Will help Americans and regular people. You have to know how (to get the savings and rebates). Nice that their even providing rebates on used electric vehicles if you qualify (don't make more than $75k/yr.). Say what you want about everything. Lot of propaganda. Hear a lot of fear-mongering about California and electric vehicles as well and that's a law that comes into effect in 2035 and allows for hybrids as well. Don't see what all the panic or fear is about. Is progress, technology and science, dealing with the times, we have to progress, you have to evolve, life is as such, have to keep on keeping on - keep up doing good work. Don't stop.

Is budgeted right (paid for, overpaid for):

(The voting) Is all along party lines and there are no independents (doesn't seem very democratic!):


Continuing and reading more of the articles on


15 Seconds Until Nuclear Armageddon

As war wreaks hell in Ukraine – and the threat of a nuclear confrontation between superpowers continues to intensify – NATO is in the process of prepping for the end of the world.

by Robert KoehlerPosted on October 22, 2022

“When militarism is addressed as a psychosocial disease, the absurd irrationality of its symptoms is clearly exposed.”

These words are from a 1992 essay by N. Arther Coulter published in a journal called Medicine and War. Who would have guessed? They’re as relevant now as they were three decades ago.

God bless Armageddon.

As war wreaks hell in Ukraine – and the threat of a nuclear confrontation between superpowers continues to intensify – NATO is in the process of prepping for the end of the world. It’s an annual two-week training event called Steadfast Noon – a nuclear practice run that gives European flight crews a chance to practice loading and dropping “non-strategic” nuclear bombs. Russia is expected to conduct its own annual nuclear drill, known as Grom (that is, Thunder), soon as well.

I can’t read about this without summoning what I call “the big why?” from deep within. Endless resources are devoted annually to nuclear deterrence, a.k.a., the big bluff: “If you mess with me, you’re gonna get it.” The point, allegedly, is to prevent war, which is absolutely paradoxical in a global political system based on the psychosocial disease of militarism, i.e., the pursuit of national interest and the maintenance of safety primarily via force and violence. No matter that this is the nuclear age, that force and violence could – oh so easily – go too far and wreak horror on everyone. The preparation for nuclear war continues unabated, while the voices of opposition remain merely cries from the political margins. There’s no actual “debate” here, just a lot of powerless anguish, or so it seems.

For instance, two years ago an open letter, signed by 56 former political leaders (including former prime ministers) of 20 NATO countries, as well as Japan and South Korea, was released to the world, pleading to current NATO countries – to all the nuclear-armed nations – to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which the U.N. passed in 2017 by a vote of 122-1. The nations represented by the letter’s signatories have, of course, totally ignored the treaty, which was ratified last year, making nuclear weapons technically “illegal,” which seems to mean nothing at all.


The letter concludes thus: “With close to 14,000 nuclear weapons located at dozens of sites across the globe and on submarines patrolling the oceans at all times, the capacity for destruction is beyond our imagination. All responsible leaders must act now to ensure that the horrors of 1945 are never repeated. Sooner or later, our luck will run out – unless we act. The nuclear weapon ban treaty provides the foundation for a more secure world, free from this ultimate menace. We must embrace it now and work to bring others on board. There is no cure for a nuclear war. Prevention is our only option.”

Stunning words! They were signed by former leaders of the following countries: Albania, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain and Turkey.

They also wrote: “. . .we appeal to current leaders to advance disarmament before it is too late.”

“We appeal . . .?” And suddenly the whole letter crawled back into the political margins. These were former prime ministers, former defense ministers, speaking the deepest possible political truth, but seemingly they had no more power to bring about the change – global nuclear disarmament – than I do.

Behind the formal language was a simple plea:” Come on, guys. Nuclear militarism doesn’t work. You know it as well as we do.” But nothing has changed. Perhaps only when you’re no longer in power do you become free of the psychosocial disease of militarism. And thus “nuclear deterrence,” along with enormous, bloated military budgets, remains the way of the developed world.

Militarism – including nuclear militarism – remains the way of the world, accompanied by an enormous shrug. This being the case, it strikes me as appropriate to revisit fifteen seconds in the life of Stanislav Petrov, a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Air Defense Forces, who, on Sept. 26, 1983, essentially saved the world from nuclear war.

He was on duty at the command center outside Moscow where nuclear threat was monitored. Several hours into his shift that morning, the alarm went off. Oh my God! Computers immediately warned that the U.S. had just launched five ICBMs at the Soviet Union.

“For fifteen seconds, we were in a state of shock,” he later said. These were fifteen seconds in which the fate of humanity – your fate, my fate – were up for grabs. As the New York Times noted, this was a deeply tense period of the Cold War. Three weeks earlier, the Soviet Union had shot down a Korean Air Lines commercial flight flying over Soviet territory, killing all 269 people on board. And President Reagan had recently declared that the Soviet Union was an “evil empire” and refused to freeze the arms race. Uh oh.

According to protocol, Petrov should have reported the alert up the military chain of command, with nuclear retaliation the likely result. But the computer warning seemed odd. It indicated that only five missiles had been launched, which made no sense. Why so few? In those fifteen seconds, as he recovered from his shock and pulled himself together, he studied the flashing maps. His gut instinct was: no, this isn’t real. It’s a false alarm. The Times wrote:

“As the tension in the command center rose – as many as 200 pairs of eyes were trained on Colonel Petrov – he made the decision to report the alert as a system malfunction.”

And yes, his gut instinct proved accurate. Some clarity and sanity well down the military chain of command kept the world out of nuclear war. That time.



West cannot solve global energy crisis by bullying and sanctioning nations: Turkey

Ankara called on western nations to stop antagonizing Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia at a time when a large part of the world has been blocked from purchasing Russian oil and gas

By News Desk- October 21 2022

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on 21 October called on western nations to lift unilateral economic sanctions imposed on countries like Iran and Venezuela, and said the US needs to “stop bullying” Saudi Arabia over rising oil prices.

“The entire world needs Venezuela’s oil and natural gas … On the other side, there is an embargo on the Iranian oil,” Cavusoglu said at a news conference on Friday.

“Remove these sanctions … if you want the prices to drop, remove the embargoes on the countries that will offer their products to the market,” he went on to say.

“You cannot solve the problem by threatening a country,” Turkey’s top diplomat pointed out. “Remove these sanctions … if you want [fuel] prices to drop, remove the embargoes on the countries that will offer their products to the market,” Cavusoglu added.

The foreign minister also took aim at the threats issued by the US against Saudi Arabia over the OPEC+ decision to significantly cut oil production levels.

“The bullying against Saudi Arabia is inappropriate,” Cavusoglu said. “We are going through similar challenges in energy prices but we don’t threaten anyone.”

The White House has repeated on several occasions that officials are working on a ‘response‘ towards its historic Gulf partner, accusing Riyadh of everything from “aligning with Russia” to “coercing” OPEC+ members into approving a cut of two million oil barrels per day (bpd).

Friday’s comments by the Turkish foreign minister come at a time when Ankara is trying to continue a balancing act between its NATO obligations and its good ties with the Kremlin. Turkey has so far shied away from enforcing Western sanctions on Moscow and has instead bolstered trade ties with its Black Sea neighbor.

Western sanctions on Russia’s energy sector – on top of terror attacks on its infrastructure – have triggered a ‘generational energy crisis‘ across Europe and the US, with consumers and businesses facing huge price hikes as winter approaches.

Nations like France, Germany, and the UK have also witnessed growing unrest on the streets. But despite the looming catastrophe, western leaders have instead chosen to continue alienating oil giants like Iran and Venezuela.

Back in September, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji warned of a global energy crisis this winter and said Tehran stands ready to increase its oil exports by a significant amount if sanctions are removed from the country.

Venezuela, on the other hand, has over the past year boosted its oil output thanks to the support of the Islamic Republic. The White House, meanwhile, has floated the idea of lifting sanctions on Caracas in order to allow Chevron and other US oil-service companies to resume exports of Venezuelan oil to the global market.

However, the “relief” offered by Washington so far would only benefit US corporations, and comes with the demand that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro resume talks with the US-backed opposition, which has on numerous occasions tried to oust and even assassinate the leader.

During a visit to Ankara by Maduro earlier this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that trade between the two nations is expected to reach one billion dollars in 2022.


Macron Lashes Out At United States Over Double Standard Energy Policies

By Julianne Geiger - Oct 21, 2022, 2:00 PM CDT

U.S. trade and energy policies have created a “double standard”, with Europe left paying higher prices for its natural gas, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.

France, the latest—and largest--country to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, has switched from being a net exporter of energy last year, to being a net importer of energy this year, after problems with its nuclear fleet surfaced.

To compensate for its declining nuclear fleet and Russia’s complete halt of natural gas shipments into the country, France has turned to the United States for LNG—only Macron is unhappy with the price it’s paying.

U.S. natural gas exports to France increased 421% during the first eight months of 2022—but the value of that LNG increased by 1094% in August alone due to the higher prices of LNG.

“The North American economy is making choices for the sake of attractiveness, which I respect, but they create a double standard,” Macron explained at a Brussels news conference on Friday, with the United States enjoying low energy prices at home, while exporting at record prices.

“In addition, they allow state aid going to up to 80% on some sectors while it’s banned here -- you get a double standard. It comes down to the sincerity of transatlantic trade,” Macron added, after earlier in the week referring to both the United States and Norway as those who are reaping “the real superprofits,” in what Macron calls benefiting from “geopolitcal war unearned income.”

With ties already strained over the previously botched nuclear deal between France and the United States, Macron is scheduled to visit the United States in early December, and the subject of energy is likely to be a prime focus.


OPEC+ Insists Its Production Cut Was Not Political

By Michael Kern - Oct 17, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT

  • In the span of a few hours, multiple OPEC+ members made statements to defend their decision to cut production in November.

  • The United States has made it clear that Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members will face consequences for cutting production.

  • The message from OPEC+ was clear, the decision was unanimous, based on economic considerations, and absolutely not political.

Multiple OPEC+ producers defended the group’s decision to reduce production in November in a wave of statements on Sunday and Monday, in what looked like a coordinated response to U.S. criticism of the cut.

The United States said last week there would be some consequences for Saudi Arabia for its decision together with Russia to steer OPEC+ into a large oil production cut after OPEC+ endorsed earlier this month a decision to reduce the headline production target by 2 million barrels per day (bpd) as of November.

A day after U.S. President Joe Biden threatened “there will be consequences” for OPEC+’s decision, Saudi Arabia came out with a statement that expressed “its total rejection” of Biden’s and other statements from Washington with regard to the decision.

“This decision was taken unanimously by all member states of the OPEC+ group,” a statement from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry said last week.

Other OPEC+ producers, including the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Algeria also issued statements on Sunday and Monday, in which officials defended the cut as necessary for the market and reiterated the decision taken by the group was unanimous.

On Sunday, Iraq’s state oil marketing company, SOMO, said in a statement carried by Reuters, “There is complete consensus among OPEC+ countries that the best approach in dealing with the oil market conditions during the current period of uncertainty and lack of clarity is a pre-emptive approach that supports market stability and provides the future the guidance it needs.”

The UAE’s Energy Minister Suhail al-Mazrouei wrote on Twitter on Sunday, “I would like to clarify that the latest OPEC+ decision, which was unanimously approved was a pure technical decision, with NO political intentions whatsoever.”

Algeria’s Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab told Reuters in a statement the decision was “a purely technical response based on purely economic considerations.”

Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait also defended the OPEC+ production cut.


More on this: (learning learning)

SANAA, Yemen -- Yemen's Iran-backed rebels said they targeted a cargo ship Friday off an oil terminal in the war-wrecked Arab country's south to prevent pro-government forces from using it for oil exports. A Greek company owning the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker said it sustained no damage in the attack by explosive-laden drones.

The attack apparently targeting the Nissos Kea marks the first announced military action since a truce between the country's warring sides expired earlier this month. It also again signals potential danger for commercial ships that pass by or stop in Yemen.

The attack happened in Ash Shihr, Yemen, near the city of Mukalla, some 585 kilometers (360 miles) east of the rebel-held capital of Sanaa in territory held by pro-government forces for years.

...War has raged since 2014 in Yemen between the Houthi rebels and pro-government forces, backed by a coalition of Sunni Gulf Arab states.

The Iran-backed Houthis swept down from the mountains in 2014, occupied northern Yemen and the country’s capital and forced the internationally recognized government to flee into exile to Saudi Arabia.


Mainstream :

Yemen is an Islamic society. Nearly all Yemenis are Muslims, with approximately 65% belonging to the Sunni Islam and approximately 35% belonging to the Zaydi ...

One of the final acts of the Trump regime was to designate Yemen s Ansarullah or Houthi movement as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity (SDGT). Experts have warned that this designation puts Yemen on the brink of famine a country already plagued by war, cholera outbreaks and medical shortages

Bombing a wedding party killing 130 people - terrorism to the highest degree. Cluster bombs banned by 119 countries decimating Yemeni people leaving many orphans - terrorism. Coalition forces warships attacking fishing boats - killing 47 and detaining dozens. Obama and Trump carrying out drone strikes - even killing an American 8 year old girl.

The Arab springs of 2011 - it seems almost impossible and definitely implausible that this wasn't set up/staged by Western forces. How can it be that so many countries simultaneously started uprisings (within countries) that's caused fracturing and political chaos I would just say, near simultaneously; while a lot of the friendly to the West and the U.S., countries within the middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Qater, the UAE, etc. are doing okay and well. Building skyscrapers. Having part ownership of Twitter...Etc...Hmm.

mark lovcock the united nations

8:20 emergency relief coordinator

8:22 gave his comments on the situation in

8:23 yemen earlier this month and made very

8:25 clear

8:26 how sanctions would impact civilians

8:28 making it harder for them to buy food

8:30 and further worsening the humanitarian

8:32 situation which is already in tatters

8:36 the yemen imports 90 of its food

8:40 and that nearly all that food is brought

8:42 in

8:43 through commercial channels

8:46 aid agencies give people vouchers or

8:48 cash to

8:49 buy commercially imported food in the

8:51 market

8:53 aid agencies cannot they simply cannot

8:57 replace the commercial import system

9:00 already yemenis are crowding into

9:03 markets and shops to stockpile whatever

9:05 they can afford

9:07 families are terrified that no more food

9:09 or other supplies will make it into the

9:11 country

9:12 some suppliers banks insurers and

9:15 shippers

9:16 are ringing up their yemeni partners and

9:19 saying they now plan to walk away from

9:22 yemen altogether

9:24 what is the likely humanitarian impact

9:29 the answer is a large-scale famine

9:33 on a scale that we have not seen for

9:37 nearly 40 years

9:40 although the united states pretends that

9:42 these sanctions will only affect a few

9:43 individuals

9:44 this is simply not true the reality is

9:46 that sanctions dissuade third parties

9:48 from engaging in trade and commerce with

9:51 the entire country

9:53 people working in trade and finance and

9:55 commerce will be more reluctant to do

9:57 business with yemen for fear

9:59 of being fined or placed on a list by

10:01 the us

10:02 sanctions also make it much harder for

10:03 yemen to obtain foreign currency

10:05 most notably u.s dollars and since

10:07 roughly half of

10:08 transactions in the world take place in

10:10 dollars this means being cut off

10:12 from a very significant portion of the

10:14 market

10:15 as janti sorepto the president and ceo

10:17 of save the children says

10:19 with this new policy the trump

10:20 administration has effectively

10:22 prohibited

10:24 certain interactions with the de facto

10:26 authorities in the north

10:27 many fear that businesses such as banks

10:30 and shippers

10:31 will avoid working in yemen for fear of

10:33 violating u.s law

10:34 resulting in widespread shortages of

10:36 food fuel and other essential medicines

10:40 yemen is a country that already imports

10:42 most of its food

10:43 hence why it is vital for them to have

10:45 access to foreign currencies

10:46 and be able to do trade especially when

10:48 the majority of food doesn't come

10:50 through aid or relief agencies

10:52 although the united states claims its

10:53 sanctions don't target humanitarian

10:55 endeavors

10:56 and outlines exemptions for relief we

10:58 know this simply doesn't translate into

11:00 reality

11:01 in the case of syria for example the

11:03 united states said the same thing

11:05 in its caesar act sanctions and one can

11:07 see how that's going

11:08 the currency is in free fall the economy

11:10 is plummeted and people are forming

11:11 bread lines queuing up for hours every

11:13 day

11:14 in a country that was once

11:15 self-sufficient and a net exporter of

11:17 wheat

11:18 and even then syria despite everything

11:21 was still in a somewhat

11:22 slightly better position yemen is

11:24 unfortunately not so lucky and has been

11:25 neglected

11:26 and forgotten by the world

Caleb Maupin: How can we explain the war in Yemen? George Galloway

Speaking at the 'Solidarity with Yemen' event organized by the Workers Party of Britain, @Caleb Maupin – writer, journalist, and commentator for RT – answers the question: how do we explain the war in Yemen to our friends, colleagues, and neighbors?

He delves into the typical explanations given by the ruling class, both liberal and neoconservative, and incisively exposes how baseless they really are. US imperialism and its allies have no interest in people understanding the war, and no interest in peace.

Calling the war in Yemen the "Vietnam of our time", he goes on to explain how this war is the Yemeni people's struggle to lift themselves out of poverty and achieve real independence and economic development. It is a true national liberation struggle.

May we not be evil and may we be upright people who help others - upright being the key word.


I've heard about this - in real life, here in Kansas - It's crazy that foreigners could own land here on American soil. National property. I support legislation that would block this craziness:


"Backstabbed" -- but really, who cares about morals etc. (when our country geopolitically is like the worst and can't be trusted)- this is big - because of the oil deals - the "petro-dollar" cut with Saudi Arabia in the early 70's - -

Gravitas: Saudi Arabia wants to join BRICS WION

I bet they'll (Washington) want to start propaganda and crap now with Saudi Arabia to try to overthrow MBS. - Fine with me - that Gov. is truly not so good, exporting Islamic extremism for years yet were fine with that, total friends, of course, they got the goods (gold (=oil)). - Repubs wanting to stay on oil forever and be dependent - Nah. Move to clean energy in a smart way, be independent, be a producer of clean energy, not reliant on China to make everything, been my belief for years since reading Thomas Friedmanns ...The Earth is Flat 2.0 I believe it was...


Looks like a good vid:

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