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Friday July 15 - Tuesday July 19

Little reaction video, kind of enjoyed watching:



Didn't watch but hey...


Though I liked Petersons speech, there were some parts that irked me a bit and were a bit wrong I thought as well:

This was more well done and better overall:





----------------------------------------------------------- - --------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------- --- ----------------------------------------------------------

Pretty good!: "It is a sin to think Allah SWT will not forgive us". Follow the Prophet S.A.W. It can be very hard sometimes, mistakes can be made, slips, trips, falls. May we be wise and guard our hearts and have good humility, and in that humility is wisdom and goodness. Love. Love isn't rational.

This is Shia (below) Sufi-ism and that is more traditional Sunni above... is no problem. Allah SWT is the most exalted, the most gracious, the merciful. People are amazing, the individual, the creation of Allah. Theres room for everyone in Jinnah. Look at the vastness of the universe and that is just this reality and universe, the lowest, the world. Is not in any level of heaven, is the time and reality of testing. "Life is not a joke and all for sport and jest". Sad some of the people and what people do for themselves against others in this world, playing on fear etc. and geopolitical stuff etc. while holding no real moral values and in being responsible and fearing Allah. They want to divide and conquer and to reform the religion into things that wont challenge the power authority of the west with something that is so powerful and empowering but the realities are heavy, people dont want to follow the rules and do prayers and to just be upright and working and learning things that might be unpleasant to their worldview because of their identity theyve built up, and and... anyway...we humans tend to not remember all the good we've done, but to focus on negatives, atleast I do anyway, possibly because its biological and you're just being cautious of what might hurt you.

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