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Updated: May 28

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

From Capitalism to full-out or nearly-full Socialism? - Imagine how that could look like and what it would take in this United States of America. - Watch the videos and think for yourself.

Resisting Ignorance: Standing Firm And Never Giving Up The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 7.9K views

The Muhammadan Way is home to world-renowned Sufi Muslim teacher Shaykh Nurjan, exploring traditional Islamic realities and sciences of the soul. Gift To Shaykh:

Dr Israr Ahmed & Imran Khan

Sheikh Imran Hosein 82K views Dr Israr Ahmed & Imran Khan

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SOCIALISM: An In-Depth Explanation Ryan Chapman • 1.1M views Socialism, explained through time. This video, like the rest of the channel, isn’t sponsored. If you want to support me, here are the best ways to do it: 1) Watch the full video 2) Subscribe...

-----This made me think more, after watching some previous videos days before and having all kinds of quite good, quite rational thoughts about Islam, economics (I've been reading some books and obviously learning a good deal) and a rational defense of my economic, quite left socialist and a bit "communist" could call it, leanings along with clean Islamic economics and fair and good trade around the world along with a bit of what is needed community wise, community building here in this country (the U.S.)...the issue of de-growth because of population and the spread of beneficial knowledge that people could practice that may seem to some like it would be, of course, worrying and hard, those things actually turning out for the better as people would lead more healthy and full lives...the saying, less is more" and that, we could do with less and than people would of course, get off their houses more often or engage in more fulfilling words are not that great right now but...:(.

Started to watch some of this, seems great: A Rational Defense of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Epistemology: with Jamie Turner

Blogging Theology 14K views Jamie Turner’s work can be accessed here Key Epistemological Concepts: 00:00-33:10 Ibn Taymiyyah’s Epistemology: 33:11-1:31:41 Addressing Five...

This is PROBLEMATIC | Imam Tom Facchine

UTICA MASJID 3.9K views You can support our work on Patreon: For Masjid Contributions ↓ PayPal: Cashapp: $uticamasjid ** If you would like to support...


Heartwrenching at times. Beautiful. I was actually working on a plot of cropland at the time while listening to this. - It is hard to think how we would transition from monoculture farming. It's quite a huge task. - Ag drones I think are the future but really, we need to switch to sustainable practices... - kill Monsanto/DuPont and their stranglehold, I.P. rights on GMO's - well, the whole practice needs to be transitioned to a better different system, one that doesn't put farmers into reliance upon a (single monopolized) corporate system and result in top soil loss and environmental destruction basically...It will be forced at some point, at some point, something has got to give. Then mass human labor will be forced back to the fields because biological EROI (energy return on investment) is the most efficient. God's (Allah's - S.W.T.) design is always going to be greater than anything humans can come up with. All the humans can do is try to edit and manipulate what is already created. There are definite limits on earth and truly, even beyond that -> "everything takes energy". Life and time don't just stop (for anyone) - that is the way it is - there is no time travel (for us anyway - it doesn't seem to be that way) or else we would already have and have had people from the future going back - Well, unless that creates a parallel ("parallel" or just "another") universe, and in that case, it doesn't matter to us in this universe if there is such a thing anyway. - Anyways, just some thoughts.

"Trade is permitted, usury is forbidden"

"Weigh with a just balance"

"Pay the worker his due and on time"

"Treat even one's slave well"

"Treat your brother how one would like to be treated"

"Honor your contracts and debts"

If giving a loan (a believer, and a halal loan), there is no interest, even with time (Allah S.W.T. is beyond time and space - time means nothing to Allah S.W.T.). - All different kinds of inflation and Riba are not allowed (speculative trading, etc.). - "Don't eat up each other's property unjustly".

How Economics Overpowers Culture | Lisi Krall

Planet: Critical • 1.5K views How can we change an economic system that has a life of its own? 10,000 years ago, homo sapiens began farming a grain surplus. This surplus led to the creation of societal and cultural hierarchies...

10,000 years ago, homo sapiens began farming a grain surplus. This surplus led to the creation of societal and cultural hierarchies which divorced our species from our long relationship with the natural world. This week’s guest, Lisi Krall, argues that our current economic system of fossil-fuelled capitalism is an interpretation of that same system—and we must repair our relationship to the more-than-human world if we are to change the system. But it is a momentous challenge. One, she argues, we must not think culture alone can overcome.

Lisi Krall is a Professor of Economics at the State University of New York Cortland where she researches political economy, human ecology, and the evolution of economic systems. She's also the author of Bitter Harvest: An Inquiry Into The War Between Economy And Earth. She explains how systems self-propagate, evolve and dominate culture, arguing acts of local resistance are key to building a sustainable world, and warns against projects like the Green New Deal, which she claims is the status quo masquerading as the solution.

00:00 Intro 03:07 The Economic Superorganism 06:45 How agriculture affected us 08:55 Surplus and Hierarchy 15:13 How the economy self propagates 25:51 Systems change & culture 39:34 Renewable Energy is not the solution 44:22 Reduction & Redistribution 54:30 Creating Ecological Economics 58:40 Conservation 01:05:36 Duality of earth and human world

We have to create an ecological economics - yes, that is true. - - Just thoughts: Wouldn't classical (or "primitive") notions of capitalism and global capitalist competition in this day and age, (if the world had a truly free trade system) encourage nations to be conservative and efficient with their resources? - Thus ensuring their strength and viability into the future? Thus notions (if that is the correct word) of "socialistic" forms of governance - in that, the government is being self-conserving (self-concerned) in trying to achieve goodness for its population, which is good for it economically in the world capitalist free market (look at China as an example), and altruistic in nature, manner and deeds towards the outer-wider world as so, it has trade partners, it doesn't have to expend its resources and capacities on unnecessary defense, etc.... of course, history and many nation-states do operate this way or are forced to operate this way to survive and to ensure one's (an individuals) political re-election...that is "classical" nationalism and also, social democracy in the 20th C...anyway...but it's tainted by capitalism's "teeth" if you will; bad qualities - greed, monopolism, the continuation of "slavery" via institutions and extracting of wealth from the poor - printing money to fund military/militaries - "empire" -> "imperialism" - "neo-colonialism" - now then, yes, it is time for, at the least, a shifting to more left and socialist economics and social democracy lest we have "neo-feudalism" and corporate-state masters which are the same people leading us and the planet to ruin.

Hmm...I need to watch this: The Economy That Could Last Forever | Brian Czech

Planet: Critical 1.2K views 4 months ago

professor of Economics at the State University of New York Cortland where she researches political economy human

1:09 ecology and the evolution of economic systems she's also the author of bitter

1:14 Harvest an inquiry into the war between economy and Earth Lucy joined me today to talk about all of the topics in that

1:21 she covers in bitter Harvest essentially this tension between our economic system and our Earth system what she calls the

1:29 more than human world and the human world she explains how our economic system capitalism is so much more than

1:35 culture it is actually the result of 10 000 years of a system that was

1:40 predicated upon the Agricultural Revolution where human beings began to

1:45 collect Surplus and that Surplus allowed them to develop hierarchy and it completely changed their relationship

1:51 with the world whereby they weren't necessarily interacting with the Earth as the Earth is in its biophysical

1:57 reality but we're adapting that biophysical reality to suit their own needs

- "Man was created weak" - then also in college - Environmental "systems" class, had a section about "humans, space and place". Loved that.

Lisi says that our fossil fueled

2:04 capitalism is an interpretation of that very same system one that has embedded a

2:09 duality between human and Earth and that navigating through the climate crisis towards a sustainable future will demand

2:17 not just the cultural changes that people talk about but undoing this economic system this economic super

2:24 organism that we must come to understand if we are going to change this is an

2:29 absolutely fascinating episode I hope you all enjoy it if you do please share it far and wide

and so uh that's what I mean by the economic super organism but I also

5:31 um acknowledge that humans were not the only uh species to engage agriculture

5:39 agriculture was also engaged by numerous species of ants and termites and the

5:46 interesting thing about that comparison is that the structure and dynamic of their economic life

5:53 is very similar to that of humans when humans began the cultivation of annual

5:59 grains ants and termites cultivate fungi

6:04 so it's a different co-evolutionary uh relationship but the structure and

6:10 dynamic of their life their economic life and their Collective organization

6:17 uh becomes very similar is very similar to that of humans or I should say humans

6:24 have a very similar organization to answer termites because they did it

6:29 before us so agriculture is a universal system

6:36 and the agricultural system is what I refer to as the economic super

6:43 organism okay so let's break this down a little bit

How agriculture affected us

6:48 um so from what I understand you're talking about 10 000 years ago

6:53 the Agricultural Revolution as it's referred to when human beings went from

6:59 being differently organized all around the world to producing a food surplus

7:06 and in the production of that food surplus the capacity for that food surplus that was when humans became we

7:13 became configured by our own system so rather than being configured by the

7:18 Earth system and that relationship it flipped and we started being configured by a system of our own creation is that

7:26 correct um partially correct except for the following I would make the following uh

7:32 uh I don't know if it's correction or uh elaboration

7:38 I don't believe that I think at the creation of Agriculture

7:43 is part of uh an evolutionary Dynamic and a process of

7:50 system creation that is universal okay so it's often thought that humans

7:59 create agriculture through their Ingenuity etc etc and that's not my

8:05 story my story is that a it's a agriculture is

8:10 a particular play on human sociality um

8:16 and humans evolve a capacity to be

8:22 social and that sociality is comes to be

8:28 uh configured in a certain way with the cultivation and co-evolution with annual

8:35 grains to form a system uh that puts humans in a different

8:43 position vis-a-vis each other and Vis-a-vis the Earth the rest of the

8:49 Earth so I don't know if that further elaborates yeah yeah yeah so we're talking then


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Can find it here: or other podcast outlets.

"When the enemy becomes fear itself, only boldness, imagination and Eros can save us from it. Eros or love is the antidote to fear and the way in which people can find a deeper sense of imagination, and a greater vision of what is needed both for survival and for feeling connected to each other again.

What we love as well as who we love connects us to the life-enhancing energy of Eros and to the original force of creation that wishes to continue. An old proverb states: What we love is the cure. That we love is our connection to ongoing creation. We are being called to imagine the world anew and to open to how our own souls can grow and blossom in greater ways that might contribute to the re-imagination of community and the healing and renewal of the earth."



Ukr Attack Fails; Milley Calls Zaluznhy, Kirby Bizarre Russia Losses; Sullivan Industry Hollowed Out

Alexander Mercouris

155,772 views May 2, 2023

There were some other important bits before this as well but this is quite useful information. I tend to agree much with Alexander on these issues. - -

now a number a short number of other things

49:00 the first is that another U.S Bank has failed a big a big bank it's had to

49:08 be taken over this time by JP Morgan it's clear that the banking crisis that

49:15 began a few weeks ago still continues and for the record this

49:21 particular bank that has failed First Republic seems to be more of a what my one might call

49:28 conventional mainstream Bank than some of the other banks that

49:36 um failed recently and which attracted so much attention so we'll see what happens and whether

49:44 this banking crisis really is rumbling away between the Surface I've

49:51 said previously that the problem with financial crises is that

49:58 they might be underway for quite a long time

50:03 without them being obvious or visible to Outsiders

50:08 I remember that back in the period of the 2008 crisis

50:15 the first indications that something was wrong in the Western banking system came in

50:23 2007 the summer of 2007 and it started with a bank in France

50:30 and over the next few months there was problems in One bank and another

50:38 but overall things seem to remain largely under control

50:43 there's no sense that things were about to fall apart

50:49 we had lots of talk about a credit crunch then by the way we're having something of the same talk about a

50:55 credit crunch now but anyway we were having lots of reports like that over

51:01 the course of the second half of 2007 the first half of 2008 but everything as

51:08 I said seemed to be under control the economy was expanding Congress came

51:16 together and delivered what looked like a package to support the economy as I

51:22 remember in the second half of 2007 um and then suddenly

51:29 everything went wrong and in the late summer autumn of 2008

51:36 the financial system basically collapsed so

51:43 we could be in seeing something similar I doubt that anybody knows for sure

51:50 however all the indications again

51:56 or all the sort of statistics and figures that we're seeing

52:02 point now to a recession beginning in a few months

52:09 that the High interest rates have been draining liquidity from the

52:16 Western economies money supply is becoming tight

52:22 credit conditions are becoming tight weaker banks are starting to buckle

52:29 then perhaps at some point we're going to see a downward Plunge

52:36 it's interesting just notice also what's happening to

52:41 um to um oil prices despite attempts by

52:48 OPEC class to support the Euro price by production cuts

52:54 the oil price continues to fall overall

52:59 which looks like oil buyers are predicting

53:07 a fallen demand perhaps even a collapse in demand which is consistent with the recession

53:14 coming so that may be what's now looming Over

53:20 the Horizon I know there is a view among

53:25 some people some of the economics community in the west that um the central banks have been keeping

53:33 raising interest rates for too long that they're underestimating the risk of a

53:38 recession I don't think anybody knows for certain and I think you just say that because always one sees somebody

53:46 who comes forward when the crash happens and says that that they predicted it in

53:52 the way that it happened and you know quite a lot of

53:57 these people have predicted a crash on a particular day but I would say that I

54:02 doubt that anybody absolutely knows for sure and I know I get lots of people who

54:09 send me emails saying that they do know and have known and that they've been right but

54:15 the fact is I'm always skeptical about this because I've seen this happen so many times I

54:22 don't think anybody can ever say at any particular point in time that there will

54:27 be a crash or a recession at any specific point in the future that

54:35 is not to deny something quite different which is that overall

54:42 the Western Financial system has become increasingly fragile and overburdened

54:50 and brittle and prone to break down and perhaps ultimate collapse

54:56 that I think is true in fact I'm sure it's true

55:03 that has been true and getting more true for a very long time now

55:09 but as I said again I think that to extrapolate from that and to say

55:16 definitely let's say in September or October or December we're going to see

55:23 a breakdown and a crisis I think that

55:28 foreign we can't know but what I will say about

55:34 that is this if a recession does happen if there is

55:40 going to be a serious recession in the West in Europe

55:45 and in the United States then that is going to have a number of

55:52 effects firstly in a period of recession people's interests

55:58 in news foreign news slackens off support for a war in a place like

56:05 Ukraine become increasingly difficult to sustain

56:11 impossible most likely secondly

56:17 incumbent governments whatever they are American British will find themselves

56:23 under growing pressure it might be very very much more difficult if there is a

56:29 serious recession for President Biden who is anyway shall we say

56:34 rather unpopular to get himself reelected

56:40 it becomes much more likely assuming that Donald Trump is the nominee for the

56:46 Republican party that he might be re-elected and become president Trump

56:52 again and as I said a lot of these

56:57 grandiose plans that we have now um

57:03 for immediate energy Transitions and such things they could melt away and

57:10 also many of the other plans for giant strategic

57:16 recalibrations near-con chess games people will not

57:22 only become uninterested in them they're very likely to become impatient with

57:28 them as by the way it happened at the time of the 2008 crisis so that's one

57:35 thing I wanted to say the other is that there's been an absolutely astonishing speech I bewildering speech

57:44 by Jake Sullivan who is talking who basically is announcing what some people

57:51 have called a new Washington consensus this is a return in effect to

57:58 protectionism to Industrial policy in the United States to a fostering of high technology

58:07 Industries to check production internally based chip production all of

58:13 that it was the most extraordinary speech other than reversing the entire

58:19 trend of U.S policy since well at least the Reagan

58:25 years and when I say the Reagan years perhaps the period when these policies

58:31 were fully embedded as part of the the sort of

58:39 globalization policies became fully embedded as part of the economic policies of the

58:47 US well that happened during the Clinton period now it is a

58:55 two things about this the first is that what Sullivan is talking about is clearly a retreat it is clearly

59:02 if you take it seriously and admission that

59:07 the globalist economic system is breaking down that the attempt by the

59:14 United States to globalize the world economy around itself or perhaps more

59:23 more succinctly around certain financial institutions and political

59:31 socioeconomic oligarchs in the United States oligarchic groups in the United

59:37 States has now run its course that the United States cannot do that

59:42 any longer the idea of it running the world importing cheap goods from

59:47 overseas exporting the dollar with its Reserve currency status via

59:54 endless emission of debt and in the form of Treasury bonds

1:00:00 that is unsustainable and that is in effect

1:00:05 an admission that in economic terms the ulipolar

1:00:12 moment has passed if the United States is really serious about

1:00:18 protectionism rebuilding domestic Supply chains

1:00:24 relocating Manufacturing within itself

1:00:29 then as I said it is in effect in admission that in economic terms uni

1:00:36 polarity has gone the second thing to say about this

1:00:42 is that as with everything that comes from people like Jake Sullivan

1:00:47 what this is really about ultimately is about China when the administration came

1:00:53 to office back in 2021 there was a major attempt to boost the economy by Massive

1:01:00 surge of spending and if you drilled through some of the statements that U.S

1:01:07 officials were making at that time it was quite clear that the intention was to raise

1:01:13 the U.S growth rate GDP growth rate to

1:01:18 match and some were even talking about surpassing that of China

1:01:25 well it didn't work out like that as and Alex christofaro and I said at the

1:01:33 time on the Duran what this extra spending would achieve

1:01:38 instead was not a sustained increase in growth rates in

1:01:44 the United States it would lead instead to higher inflation

1:01:50 and so it has turned out so this is if you like Plan B

1:01:57 now we're not going to try and overtake or compete with the Chinese

1:02:04 by spending in that kind of way as we did before we're not going to try a

1:02:09 massive stimulus demand pull we're going to take a much more

1:02:16 active role investing in the U.S economy forcing the

1:02:22 Taiwanese and the South Koreans strong arming them in effect to reinvest high

1:02:27 technology in the United States we're going to build up our domestic Supply

1:02:32 chains we're going to use this act which we've passed to persist in developing

1:02:39 green technologies we're going to use that to attract the industry from Europe

1:02:45 we're going to do all of these things and we're going to rebuild our industrial technological base and at the

1:02:52 same time as we're going to do that we're going to try to deprive the Chinese

1:02:58 of high-end chips and high-end technology so that they can't compete

1:03:04 with us that that seems to be the major plan it's less about in my opinion

1:03:09 raising U.S living standards it's not even really about changing the

1:03:16 US economic system it's more about finding another way to compete with

1:03:22 China now I don't think this is going to work and that's my third point because

1:03:29 the way it's all laid out it's not

1:03:35 a real economic or industrial or planning policy at all

1:03:42 that would require something completely different it would require

1:03:48 much more discussion within the United States planning meetings meetings together

1:03:54 bringing together people like in Industry Specialists experts high tech

1:03:59 high technology people Finance people bring them all together working out a

1:04:06 long-term program about how to rebuild

1:04:13 the industrial base setting a

1:04:19 realistic planning Horizon it might take 10 years or 20 years or something like

1:04:25 that once upon a time the United States did do this sort of thing

1:04:30 I don't really think that people in the United States

1:04:36 quite understand how to do it today and I'm confident that Jake Sullivan doesn't

1:04:42 so it's really another case if you like of

1:04:52 fantasizing about what you would like to see happen rather than providing a practical plan

1:05:00 about how you would actually achieve it now

1:05:07 I have to say that it seems to me that a more likely

1:05:13 outcome of this plan if it is a plan is not therefore a real

1:05:21 rebuilding of U.S Industrial Supply chains

1:05:28 but High domestic spending within the United States which if it takes place

1:05:35 against in the context of higher tariff barriers

1:05:41 can only lead to good shortages and higher inflation

1:05:47 much higher inflation and perhaps

1:05:52 an aggravation a further aggravation in the economic imbalances within the

1:05:59 country I'm going to finish this by saying that if you really do want to carry out this

1:06:04 kind of and it kind of investment-led industrial

1:06:11 policy and I know by the way that there are many people in the United States who are

1:06:17 very strongly opposed to this thing many of my libertarian friends I'm not myself a Libertarian but many of my libertarian

1:06:25 friends are very hostile to these ideas all together they think that this isn't

1:06:30 the what the government ought to be doing the government should have a much more limited role that this is big

1:06:36 government it's not going to produce anything good that's not my own

1:06:41 philosophy that's not my own opinion but you know that current is thinking does exist in

1:06:47 the United States and sometimes I have to say I am attracted by its rigor even

1:06:53 if as I said my own views differ in many respects but anyway if you are going to

1:07:00 carry out that kind of policy what you need to do is to develop a political

1:07:05 consensus within the United States behind it and that political consensus

1:07:11 needs to reach out and include all the major stakeholders within the U.S

1:07:18 economy and U.S society a government

1:07:24 that on the contrary is constantly finding

1:07:29 enemies to itself within U.S society

1:07:35 as to an alarming extent the Biden Administration in my opinion does

1:07:42 is the least equipped to carry out a program like that

1:07:49 and moreover in order to carry out such a program

1:07:54 it needs a strong decisive commanding

1:08:00 leader an FDR for example

1:08:05 which to speak generalists generously

1:08:10 President Biden in my opinion is not so there we go it's a fascinating

1:08:18 comment from Sullivan I don't think it's been remotely thought through I know

1:08:23 that he understands very much about chip technology by the way um I don't think he understands very

1:08:30 much about Supply chains and things of that kind after all he's not got that kind of background at all

1:08:37 I think that this is all very abstract

1:08:43 and um shall we say optimistic

1:08:48 and I think if I have to be Frank this is another one of those clever speeches

1:08:54 that people make from time to time which especially if a recession is

1:09:02 indeed going to be soon upon us will vanish forgotten

1:09:08 beneath the waves the waves of events anyway that's me for today

170,534 views May 3, 2023

Russia Pounds Ukraine, Ukr Hit Oil Tanker, Few Buildings Russia to Take Bakhmut; West Furious India, Russia Rescues Cuba Topic 834

it seems that

2:22 after the failed Ukrainian counter-attack of two days ago and by

2:29 the way reports now all confirmed that this Ukrainian counter-attack actually

2:34 did take place and that it has failed that the ukrainians were pushed back in

2:40 every place where they sought to advance anyway the effect of that Ukrainian

2:46 counter-attack and quite possibly that

2:51 complaint by pregosian that I discussed yesterday was a massive escalation of Russian

3:01 shelling of the remaining area of Bachmann still on the Ukrainian control

3:06 and further shelling of the roads that lead into

3:12 um reading leading to Bachman uh the threat the road that passes through chromable which is as I said now

3:19 fiercely contested at least for a period of time the Wagner forces appear to have

3:25 actually reached and captured stretches of the road I'm not sure whether they

3:31 still do the ukrainians say they don't quite passively on this issue the ukrainians are right but anyway

3:38 all of that um still seems to be contested but Russian

3:45 shelling seems to have intensified

and on the question of casualties in backward there's been many many pictures

8:43 now many harrowing pictures extending back weeks but a whole big cluster of

8:52 them coming out yesterday of Ukrainian Vehicles machines armored

9:01 vehicles sometimes lots of lorries and such things destroyed on the so-called Road of Life

9:09 the road that passes through chromable into Bachman and also I'm sorry to say

9:16 lots of pictures of dead soldiers and of course I'm not in a position to identify

9:22 whether these are Russian soldiers or Ukrainian soldiers but most of the

9:28 captions that go with those photos suggest that they're ukrainians and there have been lots of pictures of

9:35 these dead soldiers some of them I have to say looking frankly

9:42 they're not just dead but terribly dead I'm not going to say more anyway so that seems to me the position

9:50 in Batman now as I said today's the third of May perhaps the offensive the Ukrainian

9:57 counter-attack will take place on the 4th of May I don't know I have to say I

10:04 think it's unlikely that the ukrainians will be able to cling on to all of these buildings up to and including

10:11 the 9th of May when the Russians celebrate Victory Day

10:17 but who's to say it will depend I suppose on how

10:23 aggressively the Russians push forward in Bachman and how fiercely the

10:30 ukrainians continue to defend themselves by the way the Russian news agency Tas

10:37 has a rather sad at least I found it sad report about

10:45 the fighting in Bachmann it says that supplies presumably have become so short

10:51 for the Ukrainian troops there that they have been obliged

10:58 to turn increasingly to using old equipment

11:05 um vintage machine guns I'll report this I'm not sure how meaningful

11:11 um meaningful this is but anyway this is a report

11:18 supposedly from this is from Tas that it's based on

11:24 claims for me somebody called stanislav who's said to be a former Ukrainian

11:30 Soldier and he says obsolete machine Max in

11:36 machine guns dating back to the early last century the maxim actually was

11:42 developed in the 19th century but the Russians continue to use it well into

11:47 the 20th century and it played a big role in the Russian Civil War that took

11:52 place after the Russian Revolution obsolete Max in machine guns dating back

11:57 to early night to the early last century were retrieved from Webster and Depots

12:03 weapons Depots inside a coal mine in brachmud to be supplied to Ukrainian

12:09 troops Stannis love of former Ukrainian military officer who guarded the Dapper

12:16 told the media I'm not sure which media um

12:22 my impression is the Russian media because we're subsequently told that

12:27 stanislav deserted and was hiding embarkment for almost a year waiting for the Russians to take

12:34 over anyway he goes on to say and this is a report I served in the Ukrainian Army at the volodowski coal mine there

12:41 were warehouses with weapons millions of pieces according to rumors not everything was taken out in 2014 Small

12:48 Arms grenade launchers and kalashnikov's Maxim machine guns

12:53 remained when it all started for two and a half months all this Hardware was taken out truckloads of it including

13:01 machine maxing machine guns were sent to me to military units we were going to

13:07 lay down weapons as soon as the Russian forces came to go down in the cellar I personally wasn't going to fight this

13:13 war anyway that's what this particular person says I I cover this

13:19 because there's also a report that the Wagner organization troops have

13:27 now discovered a similar and massive weapons

13:35 Depot or Supply or whatever it is hidden deep in the salt mines in Soledad that

13:43 they've only recently come across it that there were apparently hundreds of thousands of

13:50 um pieces of small arms ammunition and weapons in buried deep inside the salt

13:58 mine and presumably there for use by these Ukrainian soldiers

14:05 um these are clearly old Soviet weapons dumps but if we're to believe style is love my

14:14 dad said why not the ukrainians were still intending to use some of these weapons in order to defend themselves in

14:22 this fighting and presumably they did anyway that's all I wanted to say about

14:27 that that's a curious story uh one that's been much talked about by people

14:34 I'm not sure how important it is uh Maxim guns can certainly be effective I

14:41 would have thought in Modern Warfare if used properly but anyway it does seem as if the ukrainians were indeed using some

14:48 of these old weapons and perhaps they still are so that's the situation in Ahmed now

14:55 across the rest of the conflict area the front lines wearing less at the

15:02 moment about fighting that's going on though I get the impression that there is in fact

15:08 a great deal of fighting going on what is happening and this is clearly

15:15 connected to all the talks and rumors and preparations

15:22 for the Ukrainian offensive is that this massive missile and drone strikes going

15:29 on backwards and forwards across the front lines I say massive the Russian

15:37 strikes are massive over the last night large quantities of geranium true drones

15:45 appear to have attacked various Ukrainian positions up and down the

15:51 front lines um there's been more attacks on Ukrainian

15:56 positions in places like Herson region zaporogia region what I will continue to

16:02 refer to as um neopropriate drafts region I don't

16:08 know what the Ukrainian name for it is um um and apparently there's been a tax and

16:14 explosions in the capital of this particular region niepro itself there's

16:21 also reports of explosions in Kiev and interestingly also some reports of

16:30 explosions in chernigov region in places like Sumi and chernigov

16:38 in the north of Ukraine not far from the Russian border

16:44 possibly bomb attacks here who's to say but anyway extensive Russian missile

16:51 drone and perhaps bomb attacks right across the front line

16:58 um by contrast that have also been

17:05 Ukrainian attacks on Russian positions but they are far more limited in scale

17:12 for the second day in a row a explosive device inside Russia managed

17:19 to derail train again doesn't seem to be much damage

17:25 to the train which was derailed I mean there weren't fires or explosions and nobody seems to be killed but

17:31 potentially they might have been but anyway a second Trail

17:38 derailment in as many days and more drone attacks

17:44 um focused Ukrainian drone attacks focused on crime near and the area around and in

17:53 particular a drone attack on

17:58 a massive Russian fuel

18:04 um Center in the Taman peninsula which is by the way in located in

18:13 pre-2014 Russia it's not located in Crimea itself

18:19 but anyway this is a place where um as I said there's very very major

18:25 storage the Russians store large amounts of fuel and other things now if this drone

18:32 attack had destroyed this entire facility which appears to be very big and that would

18:38 have been a significant blow but in fact only one drone seems to have got through and it did manage to hit one tank and

18:48 that did cause a fire and the fire was visible in church which is in Crimea

18:54 itself these fires can be spectacular and very high but it only affected one

19:00 tank out of scores perhaps hundreds supposedly so again

19:06 this seems to have been a pin prick as opposed to a successful

19:13 attack other drones apparently were launched against this facility but they

19:19 don't seem to have gone through and the suggestion increasingly is that they're not just being shot down but that they

19:26 are being jammed by Russian electronic warfare devices I have to say that what

19:32 we're seeing is a pattern it's big Russian drone and missile attacks

19:40 attacking Ukrainian ammunition positions ammunition dumps fuel dumps causing very

19:49 extensive damage causing all kinds of damage that is perhaps difficult to keep a full

19:54 track on hitting targets simultaneously right across Ukraine doing a huge amount

20:00 of damage that way and as I said these much smaller pin

20:06 prick attacks that Ukraine can manage with its drones only a few of which get through and

20:13 sabotage attacks like the ones on the train now of the question of sabotage

20:19 attacks a a Ukrainian cell Saboteur group sabotage group has

20:28 apparently just been rounded up in arrested in Crimea there's clearly another one operating in

20:35 Milito Paul they've tried various assassination attempts

20:40 against Russian officials some of which have been successful I suspect the

20:46 Russian security forces are busy trying to track down these people maybe they will eventually find them again I have

20:54 to say these kind of attacks don't seem to me to have much

21:00 significance in military terms but perhaps

21:05 from a Ukrainian point of view they do in some way give the impression that

21:12 ukrainians hitting back against the Russians in some form

21:18 well the route ukrainians have been doing is that even as they have only very limited

21:26 ability to strike deep into targets within Russia itself and the days of these

21:35 drones flying deep inside Russia reaching the angles Air Base hundreds of

21:42 kilometers on the border for the moment at least those days seem to have passed anyway whilst the ukrainians do as I

21:50 said carry out these minor attacks little military significance I suppose

21:57 they do have the effect of keeping Ukrainian morale High and the other thing that the ukrainians are doing is

22:04 that they carry out more shelling of Donette city which is the one City

22:11 well of course they would dispute that it is within Russia but the Russians claim it as being within Russia the one

22:18 city that they can reach on a regular basis significant City that they can

22:25 reach on a regular basis with their artillery and this has been an ongoing

22:30 story for years and years again it is no military significance it has a I think

22:38 frankly appalling moral quality

22:43 um striking against as far as I can see indiscriminately against a civilian

22:49 Target but there we are it is what the ukrainians have been doing and I suspect

22:56 that they're doing it as much for psychological reasons to

23:02 keep the people in donet City anxious and worried and fearful

23:09 but also to keep up sustain morale up to a certain point amongst their own

23:15 military and their own people now whilst I am mentioning this event

23:23 there is yesterday yesterday was a commemoration across Russia though

23:30 not Ukraine of another event which happened back in

23:36 2014 which is the fire at the trade Union building in Odessa

23:42 where protesters who were opposed

23:48 to the events the change of power that took place in Ukraine in February 2014

23:56 and who unquestionably did want to see at least Odessa returned to Russia

24:02 anyway they were burnt out in a horrible fire in the Trade union building in

24:09 Odessa and as well as I'm concerned and I follow those events carefully

24:16 there was never any doubt that the fire was set on purpose I accept that there

24:23 has been no proper investigation of the courses of this fire and that there have

24:30 been many explanations for it alternative explanations for it but as I

24:36 said I followed the events very carefully and it seemed to me clear

24:42 that that was what happened and ever since

24:48 this event has had a powerful hold on the Russian

24:53 imagination which is completely understandable given

24:58 how horrifying it was and which in my opinion

25:03 was perhaps the single most important event even more so than the change of power

25:09 that took place in Kiev in February in triggering the conflict that goes on

25:16 to this day it was the moment when opinion in Russia

25:22 turned public opinion in Russia turned decisively against Ukraine

25:28 and by the way it was also the moment when the West

25:35 lost in my opinion moral responsibility

25:41 for what was taking place in Ukraine

25:47 the fact that these people were burned to death in that fashion

25:52 that the West largely ignored this event there were some mumbled words of concern but nothing

26:00 more that there was no real pressure for a proper investigation and an accounting

26:06 of those responsible that the event has passed the

26:11 anniversary of the event has passed entirely ignored as far as I can see in

26:17 the western media well that explains a great deal about the collapse in relations

26:23 between Russia and Ukraine obviously but between Russia and the West also

26:30 and about why people in Russia have lost faith in the west anyway I'm

26:39 not going to discuss this event further um anybody who wants

26:46 to take a different view to it it's welcome to express it in the threads to this video

26:52 and of course I'm no doubt that some will but I've made my own opinion about it clear and I

27:01 think the facts support what I have said anyway

it seems to me it seemed to me quite clear that um

29:22 there were powerful arguments going on within the US government about the direction of the

29:29 war that there's the hardliners the um Sullivan

29:36 Lincoln Newland axis that want to continue the war until some kind of

29:42 Victories achieved and then there's a more realist Group which clearly includes General milley

29:50 we'll come to him in a moment but also obviously General cavoli the supreme

29:56 commander of Allied Forces NATO forces in Europe

30:03 who gave that report to the house armed services committee that I discussed a

30:09 day or so ago in which he said that the Russian army is now bigger than it was

30:14 before the War Began that the Russian Air Force and Russian Navy and Russian

30:19 missile forces are as vigorous as ever and have been almost entirely unaffected

30:24 by the war and by the way he also said that um after the war has ended Russia will

30:33 actually have more capable Ground Forces Having learned the lessons and absorbed

30:38 the lessons of the war than the forces that it has today so that was General Cavalli taking a very different view

30:45 about what actually happened over the course of the war than much of the

I agree with General milley that it is most unlikely that the ukrainians who've

32:39 win this war this year but I'm going to say something further

32:45 which is that if Ukraine doesn't win its War this year then I don't think it is

32:52 going to win this war at all and I wanted to just make a particular point

32:57 about Western commentaries Western media commentary at the moment

33:03 there is a lot of talk about the war being in stalemate and that if Ukraine's

33:10 offensive doesn't succeed the stalemate will supposedly continue

33:18 stalemate the word stalemate as used in the western media and by

33:25 Western politicians and pundits is actually a euphemism and I think

33:32 people should understand this it is code for the fact that Ukraine will face

33:39 defeat we are not in a stalemate situation we

33:46 are in a war of attrition and it is a war of attrition which

33:51 Ukraine is losing even Western commentators can see this

33:58 given that this is so the longer the war of attrition

34:03 continues in the way that it is being conducted at the moment

34:10 the more certain and complete the Ukrainian defeat is going to be notice

34:18 going back to what general Cavalli said the Russian army is now bigger than it

34:24 was and at the end of this war the Russians are going to have a more

34:29 capable Army than the one they started the war with in other words if this is

34:35 not a stalemate in which each side is bogged down and unable to make progress rather it is

34:45 a stalemate in which one side Russia every week every month perhaps every day

34:54 is getting stronger and the other side Ukraine

35:00 running out of men and there's now reports that the Ukrainian government

35:05 has had to um bring back wounded officers to take

35:12 over positions um because their own fit officers left things like that running out of men

35:19 desperately short of ammunition lacking in their defense system and by the way

35:24 there was a report also yesterday that a British senior British com commentator

35:33 actually urged Ukraine to stop using it's a limited stock of

35:40 air defense missiles to shoot down Russian cruise missiles to let some of

35:45 these Russian cruise missiles and drones through rather than

35:51 frittle away what little air defense assets it still has which

36:00 highlights how bad the situation has become anyway in that situation where Ukraine is short

36:07 of men short of machines lacks an Air Force lacks air defense capabilities

36:14 one cannot talk about a stalemate and all of those commentators in the west

36:21 who use that word if you read their articles carefully

36:27 know it they know that time is not on

36:32 Ukraine's side in this war they cannot

36:38 openly talk about a defeat for Ukraine

36:45 we're not yet in the situation where admitting that is acceptable

36:52 so instead we talk about stalemate but as I said it is a euphemism for

36:59 eventual Ukrainian defeat so I just wanted to clarify that point

37:05 because clearly that is the concern and that now brings me to

37:11 the other side of this debate we just heard what Millie had to say

37:17 about the fact that he isn't confident that Ukraine is going to achieve a

37:24 breakthrough this year a victory this year

37:29 in which case he is basically setting the scene

37:35 for a Ukrainian defeat because Russia is

37:40 getting stronger and I'm going to suggest that this is exactly why the other side in this

37:47 debate this argument in Washington the Lincoln Sullivan Newland camp

37:55 oppressing so hard for an offensive because

38:01 and offensive and gains achieved through it is from

38:09 their point of view the only thing they have left now I received a very

38:14 interesting email from a viewer

38:19 who I believe well who is in fact a former State Department official again it's a private email so I'm not going to

38:27 say who it is but this person Drew my attention to the fact that the chairman

38:34 of the house armed services committee Michael McCall spoke about the offensive

38:41 Ukraine's offensive and that its purpose was to push Russian forces back so that

38:47 so as to put Ukraine in a position where it call

38:53 could call for a ceasefire after which and I'm now quoting McCall we can then

38:59 maybe have negotiations to finally resolve this

39:04 in other words the plan

39:10 is to hold carry out an offensive capture some territory

39:15 and then seek negotiations try to extricate the United States and

39:23 the West from this debacle put Ukraine in a strong position

39:31 from which basically it can sue her peace

39:36 and this I should say extremely astute and

39:42 insightful person who has sent me this message has also

39:49 questioned why Russia would agree because the Russians have of course

39:55 shown that they're prepared sometimes to give ground in the event of a Ukrainian

40:00 attack so it's not to defend positions that are undefendable and throw away

40:05 lives trying to do so but

40:13 he does wonder whether if Ukraine did make an offer in those terms there might

40:18 be some people in Moscow as you put it who might be foolish enough to agree

40:24 I can reassure him lavrov the Russian foreign minister basically has already

40:30 shot down that particular balloon in he's

40:36 comments of the United Nations he already has said that any idea that the

40:44 Russians would agree to a ceasefire after Ukraine made some gains as a

40:51 result of a limited offensive of of their

40:57 offensive is absurd he called that kind of thinking

41:02 schizophrenic he said that what the West is proposing is to put

41:11 Ukraine in a position where it would be more threatening to Russia rather than

41:16 less and given that the entire point of the Special Operation is to make

41:24 Ukraine less dangerous to Russia than it had previously been agreeing to a

41:30 ceasefire and peace on those sort of terms would make no sense for Russia at

41:37 all so I think that if that is the Lincoln Sullivan Newland plan which for all I

41:44 know it is then I think already one can say that the

41:50 Russians threw lavrov have rejected it so that's what I wanted to say about

41:57 that now I will finish this rundown of the military side of things

42:03 by saying that there's been a meeting apparently in

42:08 Moscow in the Russian defense Ministry chaired by uh shoigu General shoyu the defense

42:16 minister in which he's discussed the situation on the battlefronts he says

42:21 that the Russian forces in Ukraine are now fully supplied with the ammunition

42:28 they need he talked about major increases in arms production in

42:35 Russia he gave a figure for an overall increase in arms production of 170

42:41 percent he said that sometimes the weapon systems have seen production

42:46 increases Sevenfold production increases

42:52 he also put total Ukrainian casualties in April at

42:59 fifteen thousand now notice that unlike Kirby's fantastic figures twenty

43:05 thousand dead sure you is not saying that fifteen thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Ukraine in the fighting

43:14 in April he says that Ukraine suffered fifteen thousand casualties so that

43:21 includes dead and wounded but it is still a very high

43:27 casualty rate for the record

43:33 I think it might be correct sure you also pointed out that Ukrainian

43:39 casualties in April were significantly higher than they had been in March and


now let me now move on to another very

44:43 interesting piece that I saw in the western media

44:49 I say interesting because it gives us a very interesting

44:54 perspective on Western thinking

45:00 or at least anglo-american thinking and it is about India and about the

45:06 relationship between India and Russia

45:12 and this article starts with this extraordinary very ominous

45:18 headline India is sliding into Putin's hands

45:25 New Delhi we're told is keeping Russia solvent

45:30 for no better reason than somewhat cheaper oil

45:36 notice the comment no better reason and then

45:43 it goes on to say that the West has traditionally seen India as a friend but

45:49 when it comes to actions rather than words the world's fifth biggest economy pays more attention to what Vladimir

45:55 Putin wants than it does to the desires of Washington or London

46:03 that is already I find an interesting choice of words could it be that what really concerns

46:12 the government of India is not what Vladimir Putin wants

46:17 or what Washington or London want but India's interests India's national

46:25 interests and specifically what the Indian people might want

46:34 and might need anyway um we then go on to read that

46:41 um Imports of oil that India has saved around three

46:47 billion dollars in the past year compared to its total annual import bill of nearly 120 billion dollars

46:55 and point is made this isn't perhaps a huge amount but

47:02 um we then go on to read that India has been having inflation worries

47:08 and an economy that big as India's is needs huge amounts of energy and India

47:17 is heavily dependent on Imports and there is a comment from somebody

47:23 called Susanna Streeter who is head of money in markets at Hargreaves Lansdowne

47:30 and this person she she goes on to say inflation worries inflation worries

47:36 rather than geopolitical concerns have taken Center Stage leading New Delhi to

47:43 brush away Western reprobation about increasing economic ties with Moscow

47:49 the approach appears to be working with India's headline inflation rate going in

47:56 the right direction helped by lower food prices but the price spiral is still not

48:04 unwinding fast enough to meet the central bank's Target

48:09 and another commentator Osama rizvi energy Analyst at Primary Vision says

48:16 they are interdependent about Russia and India India which Imports more than 85

48:22 percent of its oil and Russia which depends on the proceeds from oil and gas for almost 50 percent of its Revenue the

48:29 last by the way is completely wrong not 50 percent of its Revenue perhaps 50

48:35 percent of its export Revenue though even that by the way I think is perhaps

48:42 an overstatement as I have discussed many times if you're

48:48 talking about Russian domestic Revenue oil and gas receipts

48:55 probably account now for around 20 to 25 percent if that these are historic

49:02 figures that I've just given they might not be true any longer but anyway

49:08 refinitive oil research analysis forecasts that India will import

49:13 1.94 million barrels per day from Russia that was almost 2 million barrels a day

49:19 more than doubling since last July and exceeding total imports from the Middle

49:26 East and the article goes on to say Russia has been able to escape the worst

49:32 effects of the penalties imposed by the west non-sanctioning countries like India have propped up the crude X crude

49:39 oil export sales which are one of the main factors preventing Russia from going bankrupt by the way that isn't

49:46 entirely true either but let's press on then the article talks about the long

49:53 history of relations between India and Russia going all the way to back the Tsar Paul at the beginning of the 18th

50:00 century how Russian relations with India were very strong during the Soviet era

50:07 and how Russia continues to be India's primary supplier of advanced weapons and

50:17 um then we're told that President Prime Minister Modi has never condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine nor in many

50:25 countries by the way meanwhile relations between Russia are only set to strengthen with the two countries

50:31 Advanced negotiations on establishing a free trade agreement a move that will

50:37 further Stoke tensions with the West and then we go back to Susana Streeter

50:43 pushing down Energy prices will be the priority of the Modi Administration

50:49 so maintaining good trade relations with Moscow will continue to be seen in the

50:55 National interest despite sharp disapproval behind diplomatic doors

51:01 and then the article by Angela Barnes finishes with these words a lot of

51:10 westerners think of India as a the nine neutral democracy which should naturally

51:19 align with liberal values against the bloody handed tyranny of Russia

51:25 but the in Indians don't see it that way and the blunt truth is they're keeping

51:31 Vladimir Putin in business for no better reason than slightly cheaper oil

51:39 now I want to take a step back and I want to just think about what this article says

51:47 India is a democracy the article accepts that there's been some criticism

51:53 in the west of Prime Minister Modi you're starting to read all sort of Flesh creeping articles suddenly

52:01 appearing about how Prime Minister Modi and his government are gradually leading

52:06 India away from democracy but anyway that that is a relatively new phenomenon

52:15 until fairly recently Prime Minister Modi has been the toast of the cocktail

52:22 circuits in Washington and London because of India's membership of

52:28 organizations like quad and the assumption that India is going to be some sort of

52:34 help in securing the Western position against

52:41 China but anyway let's take it as read as

52:46 Angela Barnes In fairness largely does that India remains a democracy

52:52 apparently it is not a benign democracy anymore it's not aligning with liberal

52:59 values it's pursuing his own interests it is working

53:06 instead to reduce inflation in India itself

53:13 by buying cheaper oil from Russia and that supposedly

53:21 somehow trumps in some kind of cynical way

53:27 the defense of liberal values in Alliance with West

53:33 and somehow means instead that India is aligned

53:40 with the bloody handed tyranny of modern Russia

53:45 notice how in that last paragraph Angela Barnes speaks of westerners thinking of

53:53 India as a benign neutral democracy

53:58 but neutrality there's obviously something that is very qualified here because

54:04 it presupposes some kind of alliance against the bloody

54:09 handed tyranny of modern Russia with the West

54:15 now I have immediate problems with this

54:20 entire way of thinking what this article basically says is that India

54:27 is a democracy or as a democracy should nonetheless not prioritize the

54:36 welfare of its own people it should not seek

54:41 inflation reduction within India itself

54:47 now bear in mind that though India has made enormous economic progress over the last

54:55 30 or so years it Remains by Western standards on a per

55:02 capita basis a very poor country there are many millions tens of millions of

55:07 people in India who by any definition could be called very poor who face acute

55:15 material hardship now for the people in that situation

55:24 inflation a rise in prices

55:30 an increase in the cost of living all these nice words that we use in the West

55:38 is potentially a disaster if you are living on the edge

55:45 then a rise in prices particularly a rise in

55:51 food prices which is heavily connected with the price of energy

55:58 can tip you over into total catastrophe

56:06 nonetheless India Prime Minister Modi his government

56:13 supposedly should not be working to try to reduce this burden of high

56:22 prices or higher prices on the Indian people

56:27 it should not be seeking to lower their costs

56:32 it should not try to safeguard their food and energy security

56:41 it should instead align with the West

56:46 except those higher prices and all that pressure on the

56:54 Indian people in defense of something called liberal

57:00 values and doing that

57:05 would translate into India being

57:10 benign and neutral democracy and

57:16 apparently a friend of the West now this kind of thinking at one level

57:23 takes the concept of democracy and takes it away from that definition

57:30 that Abraham Lincoln all those years ago gave it government of the People by the

57:38 people for the people it wouldn't any longer be for the people certainly it would not be for the Indian people as I

57:46 said some of them if this kind of thinking were adopted would be put under

57:52 what for them would be unbearable breaking pressure If inflation were

57:58 allowed to take hold in India um it is not about that any longer it is

58:06 about some kind of abstract conception of democracy connected to something

58:13 called liberal values liberal values

58:19 which presumably include certain social attitudes which

58:24 in a conservative deeply religious Society traditional Society like much of

58:30 India still is might not perhaps be fully shared

58:35 certainly not in the way that some of these liberal values are interpreted in

58:41 parts of the West anyway put all that aside as I said support instead this

58:47 abstract conception of democracy which when you unpack it when you

58:54 analyze it closely What It ultimately means is that you support the

59:00 geopolitical policies of the anglo-american powers the Anglo American

59:06 the English speaking British America Western Powers the britons the

59:13 British and the Americans so to my mind

59:19 that isn't democracy at all that is not how democracy is supposed to work I

59:26 prefer the older definition that the democratic government rules governments

59:32 in the interests the material interests as I said the pressing in India pressing

59:38 material interests of its people that an Indian government

59:45 should above all prioritize the welfare of its own people try to keep inflation

59:51 in India low try to keep prices low try to improve living standards of people

59:59 in India but not sacrifice them but if you do that if India does that

1:00:07 and does that in a way that contradicts Western policy well we're told that

1:00:14 doing so will invite sharp disapproval behind diplomatic doors

1:00:23 this is what Susanna Streeter is quoted as saying in this article and no guesses

1:00:30 where that sharp disapproval behind diplomatic doors is coming from

1:00:36 and India will at that point be accused

1:00:41 of somehow betraying this nebulous concept

1:00:47 of democracy identified with these

1:00:52 undefined but Indians might think rather ominous

1:00:58 concept of liberal values and it would be seen as obviously

1:01:04 betraying the Western Powers the anglo-americans

1:01:09 and their geopolitical policies now as I said I find this

1:01:15 appalling thinking I think this is completely wrong thinking

1:01:20 it it asks India in population terms the biggest country

1:01:28 in the world perhaps it's one of it's certainly one of its

1:01:33 biggest economies the world's fastest growing economy a rising great power it

1:01:40 says You must subordinate yourself completely to the geopolitical designs

1:01:46 and obsessions of the western Powers if you fail to do so

1:01:54 if you are not prepared to sacrifice the

1:01:59 material conditions of Life of your own people then you are to go back to the title of

1:02:10 this article sliding into Vladimir Putin's hands

1:02:18 this this precisely the kind of thinking

1:02:23 that is losing the West friends now I don't know anything about Angela

1:02:29 Barnes I don't know what her Outlook is I don't know whether for example she's a

1:02:35 person with self-conscious neocon views perhaps not

1:02:41 but I do think that this article mirrors the kind of attitudes that the West has

1:02:49 for most of the world so the people who live in India's great cities and

1:02:56 villages Ukraine is not the most important event

1:03:02 in the world that is happening in the world today for them as I said the

1:03:08 question of lower prices for food and lower prices for energy is not a matter

1:03:15 of luxury it's not a matter of indifference it's not something that they can get

1:03:21 easily buy with as some people can do middle-class people perhaps can do to

1:03:28 some extent at least in the West for them it is an actual issue of existence


this article this Outlook doesn't recognize or acknowledge that at all

1:03:46 and a government like the government a Prime Minister Modi

1:03:52 is inevitably going to find an attitude like this an unacceptable

1:03:59 one is obviously the sort of approach

1:04:05 that is going to annoy people in Delhi and it is also going to annoy people

1:04:13 right around the world as well now on the topic of food prices

1:04:21 the food the grain deal that was done back in the

1:04:28 summer whereby the Russians agreed that Ukrainian ships would be allowed to

1:04:35 leave Ukrainian ports Laden with grain and in return the Western Powers would

1:04:44 lift all restrictions on exports of Russian grain and Russian fertilizer

1:04:50 well the Russians have complained that that has never happened Ukrainian grain ships

1:04:57 have indeed been able to leave Ukrainian ports unhindered

1:05:03 but as the Turkish mediators have admitted as apparently the U.N Secretary

1:05:09 General Mr Gutierrez in private is also admitting the Europeans failed

1:05:15 apparently under American pressure followed through on their promises and

1:05:20 it has proved impossible to move Russian grain and Russian fertilizer through

1:05:27 European ports restrictions on Russian grain and fertilizer

1:05:32 have instead continued and it seems that it is also the case

1:05:39 that most of the Ukrainian grain ended up in Europe

1:05:46 lowering food prices there sometimes to the great anger of European

1:05:53 farmers and so you know Western governments are not

1:05:59 perhaps quite as indifference to inflation

1:06:05 as they expect apparently the Indian government to be but never mind we won't get sidetracked on that discussion but

1:06:12 anyway this grain deal is now on the brink of collapse because the Russians feel cheated not for the first time by

1:06:20 the way and they're angry and they're saying that the grain deal from their point of

1:06:25 view has failed and they're preparing to pull out and Ukrainian grain exports are

1:06:31 now under threat again and of course Europe the European Union itself has now

1:06:38 accepted that in Eastern Europe uh restrictions on Ukrainian grain and

1:06:44 agricultural exports has insisted upon by local governments and local farmers

1:06:50 must now be reimposed must imp these Imports must be banned now that is very

1:06:56 bad news economically for Ukraine given the extent to which food exports by

1:07:04 Ukraine are a critical Lifeline for Ukraine

1:07:10 itself but again governments around the world are going

1:07:16 to say to themselves governments in the global South whereas I said for the question of food prices

1:07:24 is of central importance I also get to feel very angry they're

1:07:29 going to say once again the West has insisted on conducting its sanctions

1:07:38 wall its economic war against the Russians restricting Russian food and

1:07:45 fertilizer exports which by the way dwarf those of Ukraine

1:07:51 despite promises that it would not do so causing

1:07:58 even Ukraine Ukrainian exports of grain to come to a stop

1:08:05 and again this fixation

1:08:10 with imposing these kind of sanctions

1:08:15 sending teams of people around the world now to try to bully countries into

1:08:22 enforcing Western sanctions against Russia which as I said these countries

1:08:27 have not sanctions Russia but they're told that if they don't enforce the Western sanctions against

1:08:34 Russia then they risk be sanctioned themselves well this is all over peace with what

1:08:41 this article is saying about India as well of course it is losing the West friends

1:08:47 now India is a big country it's a powerful country it's becoming increasingly powerful the Indians have

1:08:55 unsurprisingly told the westerners to take a running jump they're not interested they're now in deep

1:09:03 negotiations with the Russians apparently about establishing

1:09:09 connections between the inter-bank messaging systems Russia and India's

1:09:15 this is outside Swift there's also discussions in India about

1:09:20 Indian Banks accepting the mere card and about Russian Banks accepting the

1:09:26 Indian runet card brunette being full rupee net card

1:09:33 so all of that is apparently going to happen and I think that if

1:09:42 the Americans and the Europeans and British Rock up and tell the Indians

1:09:48 don't do this don't dare to do this you could end up being

1:09:54 sanctioned if you do that is going to make people in India

1:09:59 government of India even more Angry than it already is nonetheless

1:10:05 that is our thinking in the West Everybody Must jump to attention and

1:10:13 agree with us even if that means sacrificing the

1:10:18 material living standards of their own people if they don't

1:10:24 they're not upholding liberal values they're no longer benign even neutral

1:10:30 democracies and that word neutral has apparently entirely changed its meaning

1:10:37 it no longer means that which we all once thought it did

1:10:44 anyway that is where we have come

I will finish this by saying that another country is now finding itself again under a

1:10:57 great deal of economic pressure and that is Cuba Cuba uh there's for those who don't know it's going through a major

1:11:04 shortages of oil apparently Venezuela has not been able to keep up supplies of

1:11:10 oil to Cuba maybe it's pulling back on supplies to Cuba as it seeks some kind

1:11:16 of approachment with the US who's to say but anyway there are major shortages in

1:11:22 Cuba of oil of energy that apparently um major problems and this is also

1:11:28 causing pressure on fruit prices there as well and surprise surprise who's stepping in

1:11:36 the old friend from the Cold War years apparently the Russians have told the

1:11:42 Cubans look we're prepared to help you we're prepared to provide you both with grain

1:11:48 of which we are the world's major supplier and of course with oil of which

1:11:54 we have vast amends and in return Cuban Banks of course will

1:12:00 also be using accepting the meerkat the Russian Meer card fairly soon now I

1:12:08 don't know how long this process will take perhaps it will take a few weeks a few months may take a while for these

1:12:14 Russian tankers perhaps Iranian tankers do to end up in Cuba to solve the oil

1:12:20 supply problems there but it'll be an interesting development

1:12:25 if it happens we will be back where Cuba is concerned

1:12:32 with a restoration of that old relationship that existed during the Cold War when the Russians provided Cuba

1:12:40 with oil and food and many other things too by the way the

1:12:46 Cubans in return provided the Russians with some sort of a base facilities I

1:12:52 suspect that this time the relationship will be will take a more commercial

1:13:00 um aspect the Russians will probably want to establish their own businesses in Cuba

1:13:07 they've talked in the past of using Cuba as a gateway

1:13:14 for exports of Russian Goods into Latin America who's to say but anyway if this

1:13:21 happens which I suspect it will it'll be another case of what goes

1:13:27 around comes round and perhaps that's unsurprising given the

1:13:35 choices that we're making in the west well that's me for today thank you for

1:13:40 joining me today for this further video more from me soon and in and meantime

1:13:46 please remember you can find all our videos on our various platforms locals Rumble shoot Odyssey rockfin and


nd even as the process of publication was underway the extraordinary use came through that

1:52 in the hours previous to the making of that video and

1:58 obviously it's publication there had been a drone attack on the Kremlin and in fact we've had pictures

2:06 of this drone of certainly one of those drones

2:11 um hitting the Dome of the Senate building in the Kremlin this is the

2:18 building in which Vladimir Putin has his office and for the record by the way and

2:24 as Putin has himself confirmed it is the same it is the same room he has his office in

2:31 the same big room in the Senate building that once was used by Joseph Stalin as

2:39 his office Long Ago by the way Boris yelson also used it as well and

2:47 Putin also has an apartment in the Kremlin and I suspect it is in

2:52 the Senate building as well the Senate Palace as well so this is a building which is associated with Putin obviously

3:03 but he's also a building of enormous significance for Russians it's the building where as

3:12 I said former Soviet leaders Stalin Lenin by the way also they occupied it

3:18 they worked from there the Soviet government for many years worked from

3:23 the Senate building and anyway one way or the other it is a building

3:30 associated in Russian mines more than perhaps any other single building

3:35 in the Kremlin with their government and

3:41 um to get some understanding of its significance perhaps it's the building

3:46 which most approach most closely approximates for Russians not obviously

3:52 exactly approximates to the White House in Washington DC I would add that like

3:58 the White House this building also um has a flagpole and the Russian flag

4:06 flies over it and it is where the Russian flag appears over the Kremlin and before that

4:13 the Soviet flag as well so it's an absolutely

4:20 seminal seminally important building now

4:25 first of all who carried out this drone attack and secondly what was its purpose

4:32 now let's deal with the second question first the Russian authorities are saying

4:37 that it was an attempted assassination of Vladimir Putin and it might have been as I said he

4:44 works in the Senate building and he perhaps from time to time sleeps

4:52 there also he was not as it happens in the Senate building when the

4:59 drones struck the building and it's possible that the people who

5:08 launched those drones will come to who they were shortly the people who launched those drones didn't realize

5:14 that Putin actually um conducts his work from various

5:20 buildings in and around Moscow much of his work he carries out from his residence which is more than just a

5:27 residence actually it's a big governmental plus residence complex in a

5:33 place called Novo ogariovo on the outskirts of moscow's sort of Countryside that's by the way also very

5:41 characteristic of Russian leaders they often work away from the Kremlin but

5:48 anyway Putin much of the time is there but as it

5:53 happens when this particular attack on the Kremlin took place he was away I

6:00 believe and I understand that he was actually in Saint Petersburg now the people who carried out that the

Putins itinerary

6:07 attack might not have known this as far as I'm aware Putin's itinerary is not always easy to get in advance

6:15 and sometimes one has clues about where he might be but it's difficult

6:22 to locate him at any particular point in time and Novo ogariovo as I said is

6:30 probably a difficult Target because it's a large sprawling complex and one that's

6:36 easily secured and guarded whereas the Kremlin itself

6:42 precisely because it is located in the center of Moscow is not actually as easy

6:49 to guard at least from the air as novel or gariova might be you can't install

6:56 surface-to-air missiles and um anti-aircraft guns and things like that

7:03 too obviously around the Kremlin it might not be something that people in

7:10 Moscow would welcome if they saw it and it might convey the wrong impression and

7:15 anyway you wouldn't want to do that so it seems to me at the very center of

7:21 Russia's capital and by the way for those who don't know the crownlin is located dead center in Moscow so

7:32 they might not know that they might not know Putin's itinerary if these drones were launched from afar

7:41 and they were relatively small drones probably of originally Chinese

7:48 manufacture bought commercially and adapted and apparently they do have

7:54 very quiet economical engines and can operate over very long distances though

8:01 it would take them several days conceivably to reach Moscow if they were

8:07 launched from their furthest range anyway the people who might have launched these drones against Moscow

8:15 might have um launched them without actually maintaining constant contact with them

8:22 they might have been sent on a pre-programmed course to make detection

8:28 and jamming of these drones more difficult and they might

8:34 have gambled or assumed that Putin would actually be

8:40 in the building when these drones were launched

so anyway that's the situation on the battlefields um as I said it seems as if the

58:12 ukrainians have taken a hammering from all these Russian strikes the Russians

58:18 still seem to be recording advances in Bachman and other places

58:23 but a confusing picture overall now let's now go to those two articles that

58:32 I wanted to discuss the first is by Ray McGovern

58:39 and it's in my opinion an extremely important article

58:45 and it addresses an issue

58:52 which hasn't been much talked about and it's about the positioning of

59:01 anti-ballistic missile systems in Eastern Europe by the United

59:06 States in Poland and Romania and by the way there's a report now on Zero Hedge

59:14 that the United States is also in early discussions about establishing some kind of Base basis in Finland too we don't

59:23 yet know what they will amount to but of course if they are anti-ballistic missile systems

59:30 that are going to be located in Finland that will be in concerning matter

59:35 and Rhema government makes this point the anti-ballistic missile systems themselves

59:42 would be concerning enough for the Russians but the point is

59:50 the installations from which these missiles

59:56 would be launched can also be adapted to Launch

1:00:03 ground attack missiles and McGovern points out that this is not

1:00:10 that different from what the United States did in the early night I complained about in the 1960s when the

1:00:17 Soviets installed medium range missiles in Cuba the United States is aging ever

1:00:27 closer to the position where we can launch medium range missiles against

1:00:33 Russia from these bases in Poland and Romania and who knows maybe one day in

1:00:39 Finland as well and of course for the Russians this is a matter of very great concern and

1:00:46 McGovern quotes extensively

1:00:51 from some interviews some comments that Putin made in which Putin pointed out that way back

1:01:00 in 2002 when the United States pulled out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty

1:01:06 the Americans underestimated Russia's ability to respond to

1:01:14 that decision that they didn't expect the Russians to be able to develop their own counters to U.S systems

1:01:25 anti-ballistic missile systems but he also pointed out that for the

1:01:31 Russians this these advances these this forward positioning

1:01:37 of these missiles by the United States this is what Putin

1:01:43 said it's every bit as concerning as NATO's Eastward expansion in fact the

1:01:51 two go together if you expand NATO that gives you more

1:01:58 territory in which you can establish these kind of bases

1:02:04 and for the Russians that is a matter of enormous concern

1:02:10 and by the way it ought to be a matter of concern for the people of Poland and Romania and potentially Finland too

1:02:19 because obviously now they are prime targets because in the event that there

1:02:24 was a potential conflict

1:02:29 a period of very high International tension one in which the Russians

1:02:35 felt that there was a real possibility of a preemptive strike against them

1:02:43 they might easily respond by launching a preemptive strike against these bases

1:02:50 before missiles were launched from those bases towards them

1:02:58 and this raises increases the dangers

1:03:04 to an extreme degree and it is disastrous

1:03:09 potentially catastrophic that this issue isn't being given the attention that it is and I would invite

1:03:17 people to read write McGovern's article because as I said he quotes very

1:03:23 extensively from all the things that Putin has said about this and it is very alarming

1:03:29 indeed that Putin's comments on this issue have not been bought widely

1:03:35 circulated in the West in fact one of the most

1:03:41 concerning things about these comments that Putin is making

1:03:46 is that Putin himself actually told the Western journalists that he was speaking

1:03:51 to that while he's trying to convey Russian concerns about these systems to these

1:03:59 journalists he does so in the knowledge that the

1:04:05 journalists will not pass them on to the Western public

1:04:10 and about that of course he is absolutely right

Your Power to Manifest | Dangers of Saying I am Sick | Sufi Meditation Center

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 7.5K views Also are music concerts portals to Hell, in contrast to circles of zikr being a portal to Heaven? Did a 911 survivor escape via a portal? Talk Chapters : 00:00 Opening of Rabi’ul Awwal...

1:30 and but for the grace of Allah (AJ) that we are still in existence.

And the third lunar month and the immensity of the reality of 27 and the door to the heavenly

2:15 kingdom. And this surah (chapter) 27 - Surat An-Naml is about the kingdom that was by example of

2:25 Sayyidina Sulaiman (as) in which Allah (AJ) had subjected everything to the heavenly king

2:34 and that was a symbolic symbol and understanding of the kingdom of the heavens. › religion › religions › islam › holydays › miladunnabi.shtml BBC - Religions - Islam: Milad un Nabi

The most important part of Eid Milad-Un-Nabi is focusing upon the character of the Prophet; on his teachings, sufferings, and how he forgave even his most bitter enemies. Muslims think about the ...

That, ‘Ya Rabbi I want to know Your realities and let that light to be born within my heart

4:33 by the celebration of Milad un Nabi ﷺ (celebration of the birthday of Prophet ﷺ), the giving of food and water wells and every good deed and action,’ and the immensity of the actual

4:44 Milad and having the Milad all the time. MashAllah we have three days a week all the time so this is an immense opportunity and

4:54 its tajalli is uniquely different than any other tajalli because of the celebration throughout

5:00 the entire kingdom of the Divine. Can imagine if the way we talk about this reality what type of dress and what type of

5:10 lights upon the kingdom and all the malaika (angels) and every, every holy soul and every

5:15 holy prophet (as) how much Allah (AJ) is bringing the celebration for the Milad un Nabi ﷺ

5:23 and everything is an expression of love and celebration for the reality of Prophet ﷺ.

5:29 Allah (AJ) made the Earth to be beautiful because His holy Prophet ﷺ would be walking

5:35 upon this Earth, made the flowers to give a fragrance and a expression of love when

5:42 they hit the warmth of the sun, as a reality of the fragrance of love.

5:49 That when you love the Divine and love the prophetic reality how much the fragrant of

5:55 the Divine opens within the heart and the soul of people. And it’s so important that to understand our power and our ability that all of these

Our power of negative and positive manifestation

6:05 talks of energies and realities and the talks of manifestation.

6:11 If we go about our life continuously thinking negative, thinking: ‘I’m sick, I’m this,

6:18 I’m that,’ you're a very powerful creation and as a result of that you begin to make

6:25 an intention and a dangerous intention within the self that begins to manifest these energies

6:33 and those energies actually make the person sick, make their destiny to be bad, make all

6:39 the actions, all the negativity to begin to manifest.

6:45 And if we're understanding anything from the tariqah (spiritual path) it’s about the immense love.

6:50 That you have to be in control of this energy, in control of the intention and all of the

6:57 power that Allah (AJ) is describing to the tariqahs of what Allah (AJ) gave to us of

7:02 an ability. That we make an intention towards goodness, we make an intention towards Divinely light

7:09 and Divinely love, we make an intention that we want to be... because every action its

7:16 intention is most powerful. The intention is what sets all of the energy of that creation now to produce and to manifest

7:25 that reality. So the best of intentions, the cleanest of intentions - I want to be with the prophets

7:32 (as) because God love the prophets (as) and the Prophet ﷺ that I want to be with is the Prophet ﷺ that I’ve learned from and understand, I want to be in the presence of

7:40 Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and as he taught me about the lives of all the prophets (as).

7:47 That becomes our intention in this way of love. As a result, the power that God has given to us with the power of faith, we begin to

7:58 manifest our path. And that’s what, “Tawasaw bil haqqi wa tawasaw bis Sabr”.

8:05 Make your path and your way based on truth and have patience and dedication so that the

8:14 path can begin to open for the servant and begin to understand what their path is.

8:21 But if you make your path all negativity, all darkness, all badness, everything, ‘I’m sick, oh this is like this, this...’ you're making that path and you're making and allowing

8:33 that to manifest and that's the danger. So that's why then the guidance is always so clear about Divine love - Divine ishq,

8:44 about the prophetic reality, the best of examples because we have to have an example in life.

That, ‘My Lord I’m asking with intention not just to be good. I don't know who's the standard of good but I want to be good like Sayyidina Muhammad

9:00 ﷺ. Beatific character, beatific love, beatific grace. The love that You have for Your prophetic reality that make that to be a dress and a

9:11 blessing upon myself.’ As we live a life with that manifestation, your path begins to open and the beauty and

9:19 the magnificent power of that path. And that's what we're trying to convey with these teachings and the portals and manifestation

9:29 is that you make an intention, educate and learn from these realities and God gives you

9:36 the power for that to manifest. As a result, it becomes a doorway for yourself.

9:43 Step in and move into that reality. And the greatest of doorways and the greatest of mountains of realities is the love of the

9:52 prophetic reality, the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. So Allah (AJ) gives us this opportunity in Rabi’ul Awwal that as Allah (AJ) is celebrating

Reality of the Prophets and the submission of the Holy Face

10:04 in… and the whole the atmosphere of celebration and lights and love and Divine love and Divine

10:10 grace because God wanted to be known by his prophetic reality. The Face of God are the realities of the prophets (as), because we said that everything is based

10:21 on the Face. If our whole life is just to emulate the reality of the prophets (as) and the prophets’ (as)

10:29 realities have to do with the submission of the Holy face and they represent the Face

10:36 of the Divine and that was their Grace and their beauty and their nearness to Allah (AJ).

10:43 And those who love them, they loved the Divine Face and as a result they draw near to the

10:50 Divinely Presence because they represent God's hearing. Remember in Hadith al Qudsi (Holy Hadith) that, ‘When you come to Me with all your

10:58 mandatory prayers, you've done everything God has asked of you and then you begin to come towards Me through your voluntary worship.’

11:07 Going and doing extraordinary acts of worship, feeding, giving, doing, serving, being kind

11:13 to people and creatures - that's a divine grace and what God's promise when you do good

11:20 and act good, ‘I’ll become the hearing in which you hear, I'll become the seeing

11:28 in which you see, I’ll become the breath in which you breathe, I'll become the hands

11:33 in which you touch, I’ll become the feet in which you move.’ Means God takes over our senses, Allah (AJ) is taking over our senses and the most powerful

11:44 of them is then the Holy Face. That's what makes the prophets (as) the prophets (as) is that their ears submit for God, their

11:52 eyes submit for God, their breath and their talk and their speech and their guidance is

11:57 for Allah (AJ) and every breath they take is a breath of power.

12:03 So that's the inheritance that the prophets (as) have left for us is that make your face

12:09 like a prophetic reality. Submit the ears, submit the eyes, submit the breath and the energy so that one can perfect

12:18 themself and lead a life of goodness and kindness, insha'Allah.

Understanding China's economic system: Socialism with Chinese characteristics

Geopolitical Economy Report • 19K views

m well let's start with doing shopping on this one you know when they were debating these issues he was asked a

22:45 question I think by an international reporter about whether China was taking the capitalist Road or not and he said

22:52 look if China took the capitalist Road about 10 of the population would become wealthy

22:57 ninety percent of the population would not and would remain in poverty that was simply not an option

23:03 as far as China is concerned um it also goes back to one of the the

23:09 the fundamental aspects that Arisen from countries that have um uh in the past

23:14 and presently uh work to construct Socialism or be on the Socialist Road

23:20 uh and that is the right to economic well-being for everyone it's a fundamental right

23:27 um that is there and that that means everyone now initially you know it was

23:33 um in a sense the easier uh Parts if I can put it that way in the

23:40 areas typically the Cradle of China's uh civilization uh the Southeastern Parts

23:45 where 95 of the population lives um but there were intractable problems

23:52 especially in the more remote areas uh in the Northwestern part apart some half

23:58 really of the country um where most of the minority nationalities live and sort of chronic

24:04 poverty remained a significant issue there and was the if I use that term the toughest nut to crack

24:11 and it needed new approaches to be able to deal with that and it was very comprehensive uh focusing on what was

24:19 needed in each particular area and getting each Community each Mountain

24:24 Village each Regional City each sub-district and so on to discuss and

24:30 debate and adopt the best policies for poverty reduction in their area but sort

24:38 of now there's a couple of things here so abolishing absolute poverty is one thing

24:44 um it's another thing entirely to ensure that people don't step back into poverty and that's a big Focus but the other one

24:52 to keep moving forward not to sort of rest on your laurels and it's one of the things that's that's pretty typical here

24:58 very typical even no matter how good something might be it always can be

25:04 improved and so you know that's uh and a big focus on

25:11 the rural areas also young people um with skills with training in

25:16 necessary areas volunteering to go and work in crucial areas in the countryside all that sort of thing it's an

25:24 extraordinary process very targeted very focused owned by the people themselves

25:30 in the places rather than being told what they had to do um it is mind-boggling and people say no

25:37 surely that can't be possible uh you know we're always going to have the poor with us kind of thing surely there are

25:42 some poor people somewhere in China um I look

25:48 um you know if someone does sort of slip and they keep monitor these things very

25:54 closely if someone for some reason accident illness something else Misfortune in a family or Community does

26:01 slip back into poverty then measures are brought into play to overcome that

26:07 problem so yeah there's there are a number of aspects about all of that it is something that will take a while I

26:15 think to sink in and the implications I forget the exact figure for the total world population but it is something

26:22 like seven or eight out of ten uh people who have been lifted out of poverty in the last century are actually in China

26:30 yeah and something I found interesting in your discussion of the reform and opening up in your book

26:37 is the dialectical relationship between the collective and the individual and

26:43 you quote this term that's used in China eating from one big pot that's a term

26:49 the the metaphor that's used one big pot and that refers back to the collective

26:54 farm system so can you talk about the debate in China about this relationship

27:00 between the collective and the individual well the shorthand and the collective in

27:06 in the individual is that the individual flourishes only in and through the collective experience

27:12 um it's not that the collective is a a collection or an aggregate of

27:18 individuals who have to find some way to get on together um and you can only achieve your sort of

27:24 personal uh development through that particular collective experience it

27:29 doesn't mean that the individual is obliterated as it were

27:35 you know that that was one of the the issues with eating from one big pot

27:41 um was his idea that say we're on a collective Farm and everyone's supposed to do work but

27:47 some people do more and some people do less and so but everybody has you know

27:53 can eat the same as everyone else and the problem they started to find

27:58 with that was that those who were sort of doing more work than others so what's the point in doing more work if if some of them are some you know such and such

28:05 is not then I'm not going to bother either so then um there was a development of

28:11 the household responsibility system where people are encouraged to to find

28:17 means um to produce Beyond uh what they needed

28:22 to provide to the village and then also to um you know the state and so on and

28:28 that if they did so they were actually allowed to sell that and that was seen as an incentive for the individuals uh

28:34 to move forward uh in that process um that that notion however that I was

28:40 mentioning before that the individual finds fulfillment and flourishes uh

28:47 through and in the collective experience that I mean that's something of course that comes out of the the whole sort of

28:53 marxist or the Socialist background but it was also very deep within the Chinese Cultural tradition

29:01 um for example there's a common four character phrase that comes from Confucius analytics

29:08 um Harmony without the sun being the same it's translated in different ways so Harmony actually means that you have

29:15 a Harmony between different parts it's a musical metaphor obviously but not being

29:21 the same that doesn't mean that everything and everyone has to be exactly the same as everything else

29:28 so it is a way of being together in a harmonious way without being the same as everyone else so that goes way way back

29:35 in the Chinese Cultural tradition and it's one of the many reasons why Marxism actually did take root uh among the

29:43 common people in China uh back already 100 years ago

29:48 and another thing that you acknowledge in the chapter on reform and opening up

29:53 is the contradictions there there have been contradictions and problems so you talk

29:58 about the wild 90s for instance and as an example of some of the problems you talk about the bad working conditions

30:05 unbalanced income distribution environmental problems and Corruption and Xi Jinping since he came to power in

30:13 2013 president XI has emphasized combating a lot of these problems

30:18 emphasizing the importance of common prosperity and that it really is reducing inequality also improving

30:27 working conditions and combating corruption in fact she has been leading an anti-corruption campaign so I'm just

30:33 gonna quote a chapter a line from your book here you write well some foreigners

30:39 saw these problems as systemic and the sign of the capitalist Road the Chinese

30:45 answer Drew directly from Marxist dialectical analysis the problems were

30:51 incidental and could be overcome not by retreating from them them but by deepening reform in a socialist

30:58 Direction so maybe you can talk about the wild 90s and I believe I read that

31:04 you said you've been living on and off and visiting on and off China for about 15 years or maybe even longer so how

31:12 have you seen China change in in that time period 16 years now yeah well see when I was

31:17 first sort of here and this was a wild 90s but it also had a flow on into the first decade of 2000s

31:25 um it showed up at all sorts of levels at an economic level uh was very chaotic

31:30 there was a large gray gray area in the law and plenty of room to move in that area

31:37 for I can put it that way um there was a lot of discussion about things like the Left Behind children and

31:45 because you had people of working age going to the cities to work leaving behind their children with elderly

31:53 grandparents to take care of them sometimes couldn't take care of them properly but also the working conditions

31:58 for these these I mean they call literally they called migrant workers in English but that evokes people come from

32:05 outside the country what they refer to is Pharma workers so going to the city to work

32:12 um let's stick with that issue for a moment because when I was first here and talking with people that was a great

32:18 concern and there was a reflection of the significant differences between the city and Countryside

32:24 in terms of economic opportunities for people um there's been a massive focus on

32:31 providing for people who are doing that adequate and safe and properly paid for

32:39 uh work also ensuring that people can take people who are in that that particular group it is a recognized

32:45 category of of Labor of worker in China so that they can partake fully in

32:50 China's socialist democratic system but also that their their rights and their their job are fully realized but the

32:57 other big issue here of course was to make sure that the children were taken

33:03 care of properly either through enabling the children to move with the parents of the Cities while they were working there

33:08 but more importantly actually providing work opportunities for the parents of the children in their country areas

33:16 where they were and that's been part of the poverty alleviation program it's to get the working age adults to stay there

33:22 and develop Enterprises um in their own area in light of their own conditions so that there's not that

33:28 need to go and work in all sorts of jobs in this cities and so on and so forth so

33:34 that was something that I was a lot of discussion about that and great concern about those sorts of issues in the 90s

33:42 there's been a focus on redressing um long-standing issue that people that

33:48 lost their jobs at that time for example without compensation but I also you mentioned 2012 and Xi Jinping and the

33:56 Central Committee um it's now that period Now is really

34:01 called the new era and so the big Focus was on deepening reform as a way of

34:07 dealing with the problems the problems were felt not to be the outcome of the

34:14 process of Reform and opening up in the sense that this was a necessary end where they would go they were seen as

34:22 problems that had Arisen contradictions that had Arisen in the process of reform

34:29 which needed to be solved in some way and the need to move forward and so deepening

34:36 reform was sorting out some of the economic bottleneck supply side reform

34:42 you see this now if your example with electric car development and so on

34:47 the anti-corruption campaign that was all about uh trust party and people

34:53 there's a massive Gap developed between party and people over those sorts of issues and that's that's an ongoing

35:00 thing but now it it is pretty much under control uh in as I speak so there's not

35:07 really a problem but also as a result the level of of trust in governance

35:15 appreciation of what the Communist party has done and also the pride of party

35:20 members in the party has been restored and that's been a rather extraordinary achievement in not much over 10 years a

35:28 little tiny little bit over 10 years um so there's much more that could be said on that but I certainly have

35:34 noticed the changes maybe I can add one more thing when when I was talking with people in the first few years here at an

35:42 ideological level if we can use that term about where China was going there

35:48 seemed to be a lot of options on the table some were talking about a kind of neo-confucianism others were talking