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G7 2021 - Empty Words

One point five degree Celsius target's my ass. Take away coal fired power plants and temp's shoot up 1 degree Celsius as is. Anybody who knows much of anything about climate science knows that. Why keep lying. ? China? Cryptocurrency is already undermining the global currencies and this stupid economic nonsensical capitalistic paradigm. Every one knows it's unfair and every one knows it's all about profit and no one cares about people or the planet except most every one on the planet. Arrogance. Greed. Shameful.

Can see a lot of the scientific developments and news in my last post and throughout the blog and see that if we just take care of our own planet; everything could be great and fine for the future of humanity being able to live comfortably on a beautiful and green planet (even if it does come at the costs of much pain, suffering and extinctions). I'm not the smartest person on the planet by any means but what does that make these greedy people etc.? You don't need religion, or anything, to understand these things...just basic morals and some empathy for life and our fellow humans and future generations...


--------- Other news stories about the G7 Conference.

It's like just watching an ocean tide just keeping on growing and growing and we (humans) are either riding the wave and having a good time (for years and years) while the rest of the world on planet earth is watching in terror at the growing wave, 2050? Too late. Is all too late. I'm too late. Ineffective. Insignificant empty words just riding along saying hey! let me off, stop. I could get totally off and just be a fish left out in the sea I suppose, and would just be eaten up by the sharks. That sounds pointless...just have to try and overcome my own fears and take real action. Maybe, if I can overcome negative thinking about my own (in)significance, mistakes, fears, etc. want of money and a job to keep myself busy doing some decent work that I know will have some real actual decent outcomes from the actions...anyways, have a good one all.

Update June 15 2021 9:30 a.m.:

Was just thinking about how much money we send to Isreal and how much good that could do if we spent it at home. Not to mention all the middle east wars... trillions upon trillions. We could be basically almost emissions free if we would have spent it here on generating clean energy. We need a Green New Deal. We need carbon neutrality sure, but more than that we need to get to being emissions free. Which requires an abundance of energy. An overabundance of clean energy! , because we use so much in the American lifestyle. Carbon negative by 2050 is more of whats needed actually. Negative by a lot. It's easier burning it, just think of gas vehicles and all of that in the world being burned every day, then it is sucking or taking it out of the air, and actually putting it back in the ground, energetically effectively (EROI). Everything takes energy. Plus we and I like meat and that'll take a lot of change to switch that system to be sustainable, especially at scale.

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