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This is the part people aren't realizing fast enough. Quality public education is SO IMPORTANT. It's the only outlet most poor kids have towards social mobility. Rich kids can just buy a better education if the public system gets tanked.

What's happening in Florida, and in so many other places, is that they're trying to RE-segregate schools. Rich white kids go to private schools with strong programs. Poor white kids go to public schools with terrible education, propaganda, and lies to raise the new generation of Republican voters. All the minorities go to schools so bad the teacher don't even show up and they end up in a cycle of poverty so bad they'll never be able to get out of it.

They've already been doing this a long time, but now they need to double down on the propaganda on the not rich white kids because the new generation isn't nearly as scared of minorities and other "boogeymen", and Republicans have a one generation expiration date at the moment.


Just recently edited my site's page on education. I do believe in gender segregation, especially in large school districts (I'm from Kansas, obviously, most of the schools are quite small, too small of a population to segregate by any means) and I am for upping the education level and providing more and better options to people...

-- Also, doing my federal taxes. Says I will have to pay in $88. I made around $35,000 last year. Doing calculations, my effective tax rate is 7.0895 %. Our tax system is seriously this needy that we need to take over 7% from people making less than $40k/yr. on top of inflation?

- on top of interest-bearing debt loans with penalties, on top of economic boom and busts (cycles), on top of an economy that wants us to have to go to college and take on student debt, on top of an economy with a for-profit health system where an injury can bankrupt a person for the rest of their lives...(people under 40 have lived through all this crap and the stats on suicide, especially for men under 40 - so high...) I do not like paying into - with my taxes going to finance militarism and wars (and corporations and billionaires paying zero dollars in taxes - it's a joke); even if those wars are fought by someone other than Americans (and the associated veteran costs of war is a HUGE expense as well, which is a better use of tax dollars, I'm okay with, but we should be very war averse more than anything - if one calls themselves a "conservative" and an America first citizen - which is fine, but, do us good and do the world good - take care of our own selves and our own business and we will do well economically without having to mess with other people around the world. Is a cowardly thing to do anyway - to get other people to fight your fight - that is...beyond cowardice - it's just plain evil).

-- I'm not fond of it at all...people complain about taxes...geez, I don't even know...I've never made much money before...


Watched this for a little bit: Putin's Launches LARGEST AIRSTRIKE On Ukraine Yet

The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 73K views

- You're tax dollars going to using jets to shoot down air balloons and drones - and basically, them using our airwaves to propagate this nonsensical stupid stuff - AND being led to fear so you (the American public) will be scared into, being okay with, MASSIVE military spending and a probable upcoming (world war type of war) war with China (and Russia)...:

Deja Vu! They did the SAME thing to get us into WW2 and WW1 | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 252K views The Biden administration and congress are working in concert to push us into war with China and Russia at the same time. They're using the same play book they used to get us into WW2 and WW1....


-> : A Society Designed to Incentivize Criminal Behavior at the Highest Level New Economic Thinking • 24K views

Matt Stoller, Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project and author of Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy, talks about the many ways in which...

-----------Earlier ----- Selected Good videos :

This looks good: The Invention of Individual Responsibility Then & Now 546K views Humans love to fix things, to find the cause of a problem, to probe, tinker, and mend. We ask, in many different ways, Why does this happen? What’s the root cause? What’s the origin? What...

INTERVIEW: One US official said that that the United States owned one-third of Syria, and they do George Galloway • 7.4K views

"INTERVIEW: Even in the carnage of this earthquake the US and EU refuse to lift sanctions on Syria. These sanctions are evil, they kill people explains Richard Medhurst Follow MOATS on YouTube....


Roger Waters United Nations Speech 02/08/2023 *FULL* Concert Chronicles • 190K views Roger Waters Addresses United Nations February 8, 2023

US Merc: “Ukraine is committing atrocities" | Andrew Milburn of Mozart PMC numuves • 2.7K views

It is just AMAZING how we are getting revelations, whistle-blowing, investigative reports day after day and yet somehow most people still hang on to the Military Industrial Complex narrative....

----- I was wrong. "Didn't think of that did you?" (Allah Akbar) - This is horrible. - - Must Watch these next two videos:

US plans plunder of Africa for "green" revolution

The Grayzone • 24K views Journalist Jeremy Loffredo joins The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal to discuss deals hashed out at the recent US-Africa Summit to open African nations up to heavy mining by US corporations seeking...

Mark Mills: The energy transition delusion: inescapable mineral realities

SKAGEN Fondene• 195K views Energy expert Mark Mills speaks at SKAGEN Funds New Years Conference 2023

Interesting, lots of good points made: Blackrock: 2023 Economic COLLAPSE Will Bring NEW WORLD ORDER Stoic Finance • 255K views

Bismillah: ANDREW TATE’S HEARTBROKEN MESSAGE Sense Islam 144K views

Calling Pakistan Once Again: - Calling Pakistanis in London! Sheikh Imran Hosein 29K views


'Diversity' Is a Ruling-Class Ideology with Christian Parenti Katie Halper • 20K views

This is good!...:

The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism New Economic Thinking • 6.1K views

Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf discusses his just-released book, The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism, which explores the reasons why Liberal democracy is threatened by authoritarianism...

Great speech...we are losing : Tulsi Gabbard Testifies on the Weaponization of Federal Government

Tulsi Gabbard 338K views Tulsi Gabbard testifies on the Weaponization of Federal Government during the House Subcommittee meeting.

Interesting, yeah - (haven't watched): Regime change in Russia to start? "US citizens should leave Russia immediately." US tell US citizens Emil Cosman • 30K views

--------------- Hmmm ---- Uyghurs --- China ---:

My Experience in a Chinese Government Concentration Camp | Uyghur Camp Survivor Mihrigul Tursun Muslim Community Center - MCC East Bay • 144K views

- Complete talk: - More recordings about Uyghur Muslims: - Support Uyghur Foundation (which hosted this talk):

...? :

Uyghur Teens FORCED to skateboard, get tattoos, drink alcohol! | I went to Xinjiang p5 numuves • 128K views The all-knowing Western media says that Xinjiang is a giant concentration camp and Uyghurs are being forced to modernize and join a 21st century economy. I discovered a sad Uyghur boy forced...

Looks fine to me:

I went to XINJIANG p4 | Train to Altay city, walk through Uyghur neighborhood

numuves • 132K views In part 4 of this series, come join me as I walk through a Uyghur neighborhood where there are basically only Uyghur people living their normal lives. I eat at a local restaurant and savor...

------------- ChatGPT - it's integrated in Bing search now (oh yay) - Amazing talk - :

Noam Chomsky on Artificial Intelligence, Language and Cognition Institute of Philosophy & Technology • 13K views IPT Talk Series 2022-23 17 January 2023, 20.00-21.00 (Greece time) (Online) Noam Chomsky Artificial Intelligence, Language and Cognition A philosophy discussion with IPT fellows, scholars and...

----> ChatGPT is Far More DANGEROUS Than You Think! | Joe Rogan & Lex Fridman

Joe Rogan Podcast • 987K views

Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman talks about the dangers with Chat GPT and AI! In this video, they explain how ChatGPT works, and how it will be a future danger to humanity! This is scary! #joerogan...


9 Principles of Strategy from the Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi The Warrior Philosopher • 14K views

This is an analysis of Musashi’s 9 Principles of Strategy outlined in the Ground Book (aka Book of Earth) in his greatest work “The Book of 5 Rings”. Since you guys seemed to enjoy the...

How We Can Make Solarpunk A Reality (ft. @OurChangingClimate) Andrewism 109K views Solarpunk is a vision of the future that we can implement today. Here are just a few ways to get started! Check out @OurChangingClimate's video for even more solarpunk solutions!

Europe is Caught Between U.S. & China - Economic Update with Richard Wolff Democracy At Work • 22K views Europe is in a difficult position, with economic ties to both China & the U.S. and a variety of political forces within their continent deciding what to do about it. "The conditions inside...

How To Keep Your Heart Open In Hell - Ram Dass After Skool 869K views Ram Dass first went to India in 1967. He was still Dr. Richard Alpert, a prominent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. He continued his psychedelic research...

Imam Tom discusses The Impossible State by Prof Wael Hallaq (part 3) Blogging Theology 14K views Part 2: Visit Utica Masjid: Support Blogging Theology on Patreon:


Man...all of these videos are really good - This one has a lot of some nastiness in it:

Sam Smith Reveals The Death Of Transgression | 2/7/23 Auron MacIntyre • 6.3K views I discuss how singer Sam Smith's lazy attempt at a controversial performance during the Grammy Awards reveals how empty the Left's attempts at transgression have become. Apple: https://podcasts.ap...

---------Bismillah - Allah is the greatest - : THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EXPLANATION OF SURAH IKHLAS One Islam Productions 19K views

John Mearsheimer | RACING toward NUCLEAR DEMISE

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 33K views John Joseph Mearsheimer is an American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service...

Creative Society or the Cerberus

LLATRA TV International • 573 views What is the best way to inform people about the Creative Society? Is it possible to build the Creative Society in a separate country or a group of countries? Will there be private property...


Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines The Duran • 87K views Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines The Duran: Episode 1505

Bakhmut About to Fall, Russia Says Ukraine Leaving Kupiansk; Report Implicates Biden in Nord Stream Alexander Mercouris • 192K views

Bakhmut About to Fall, Russia Says Ukraine Leaving Kupiansk; Report Implicates Biden in Nord Stream Topic 754

Great Video - (Barak-Allah): Unintended Consequences

New Economic Thinking • 13K views The market can't save us.​Gary Mongiovi (@StJohnsUniversity1870) scrutinizes the conflicting messages of our foundational economic/political thinkers, suggesting a little honest perspective...

Nice: An excerpt (2/3) from Plutocrats by Chrystia Freeland Inquiry From An Anti-Library • 412 views


Mexico's Southern Border Fascism: Filtering Immigrants for the US? - Cities After...

Democracy At Work • 2K views

Miguel speaks about Mexico's growing role as a filter of South American immigration for the United States, and how unfair it is for Mexico's limited resources to be pressured into that role,...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- :( :( :( -------------------------------

This war is not popular among the US public Jeffrey Sachs • 83K views Subscribe and keep in touch with Jeffrey Sachs. #jeffreysachs #ukrainewar #russiaukrainewar

Why Greenspan Knew, But Didn’t Act New Economic Thinking • 17K views In conversation with Institute President Rob Johnson, Sebastian Mallaby — Paul Volcker Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of a new book on Alan Greenspan’s tenure...

Short! - Islamic - : Ice Cube speaks about his journey to Islam #icecube Islamispeace • 626K views


US blew up Nord Stream pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, journalist Seymour Hersh reports

Geopolitical Economy Report • 28K views

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reported the US government destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines that delivered Russian gas to Germany. The Biden administration approved the CIA...


Didn't watch it all: Greece now has the highest energy costs in the EU. These workers are fighting back. The Real News Network 27K views Read the transcript of this video: Thousands of Greek workers have mobilized...

It's real (life after death experiences confirm IT) : Lucidity before death: Extraordinary challenges to materialism Blogging Theology 31K views Encountering Mystery: Religious Experience in a Secular Age by Dale C Allison

~6.5 minute video: The entire West FAILED to defeat Russia | Prof. Rich Wolff

numuves • 209K views In this video, Yale Professor and Marxist, Richard Wolff describes the decline of the US empire and the evidence that points to that decline.

Propaganda in the Ukrainian Proxy-War, w/ Noam Chomsky, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen The Duran • 135K views Propaganda in the Ukrainian Proxy-War, w/ Noam Chomsky, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff Empire Files • 1.9M views Get EXCLUSIVE Empire Files content, and keep us independent and ad-free, at Despite a concerted effort by the U.S. Empire to snuff out the ideology,


The Secret of the Fearlessness of True Yogis - Shunyamurti Teaching Sat Yoga Institute • 13K views ☝️This is a follow-up to last week's teaching, The Official Warning of Armageddon Has Been Announced: To cope with the cataclysmic events that are about to...

Another great one -------- :

The Financial Coup d'état Explained | With former insider Catherine Austin Fitts

acTVism Munich 31K views In this video, we interview former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and publisher of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine discusses her experience working...

MEP Clare Daly- speech from 1 Feb 2023

VideoParliament Ireland • 3.8K views MEP Clare Daly- speech from 1 Feb 2023 Plenary Session from 1 Feb 2023 Are you interested in politics? Are you looking for a speech by your TD? Subscribe to our channel!

MEP Mick Wallace - speech from 1 Feb 2023 VideoParliament Ireland • 270 views MEP Mick Wallace - speech from 1 Feb 2023 Plenary Session 1 Feb 2023 Are you interested in politics? Are you looking for a speech by your TD? Subscribe to our channel!

What's behind the public anger in the UK? | Inside Story Al Jazeera English 18K views They were the biggest strikes in the United Kingdom in more than a decade, and unions warn more could follow. More than 500,000 workers, teachers, civil servants, bus and train drivers walked...

------------Some economics videos ---:

Professor Steve Keen explains why austerity economics is naive Every Investor • 64K views In an exclusive interview with Every Investor, Professor Steve Keen from Kingston University has warned that politicians who promote austerity economics are naïve.

Complicated: Just Banking Presentation Edinburgh 2012

ProfSteveKeen • 18K views There are two myths in banking: that bank debt can't be repaid, and that banks don't have any significant impact on macroeconomics. The former is held by many in the public, the latter is believed...

Good one, interesting: When I Tricked Landlords & Bankers Into Embracing Marx's Economics - Anti-Capitalist Chronicles Democracy At Work • 5K views David Harvey tells a story about using an idea from Capital to explain housing markets in Baltimore to landlords, the FHA and politicians without mentioning where it came from. To hear about...

Yanis Varoufakis exposes Europe's energy scam

DiEM25 72K views Power companies have hiked the price of electricity, making a tough winter even worse. And this time, it’s not just the poorest who are affected. The middle class is also feeling the squeeze....

I believe nationalizing the electric grid would be a good thing - a smart move - the above video led me to some interesting and productive thinking on that topic...

Long but seems pretty good - Understanding money and the dollar system's contradictions with Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson Geopolitical Economy Report • 11K views

Economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson explain the relations between money and debt, their role in imperialism, and the rise of the US dollar system. Check out other episodes of their...

----> Imagine: Creative Society or the Cerberus ALLATRA TV International • 573 views


Virtue According to Aristotle

Lotuseaters Dot Com • 3.5K views In this episode of the symposium, we focus on Aristotle’s theory of justice and the notion of desert. We begin by presenting some of the most fundamental aspects of his ethical approach and...

Didn't watch much (longer video): Dr Jay Bhattacharya: questioning lockdowns, the Twitter files and how censorship kills The Spectator 24K views Winston speaks with Stanford University professor, physician, epidemiologist, health economist and public health policy expert, Dr Jay Bhattacharya. They discuss the history of the Great Barrington...

--------------- Hundreds dead as powerful earthquake shakes Turkey, Syria Al Jazeera English 254K views A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has knocked down multiple buildings in southeast Turkey and northern Syria. At least 76 deaths were reported in Turkey, while at least 200 people died in Syria. The...


Shorts! : Did lightning ⚡ wait for the Azan call to Pause? ☪️ 😱 1M views on deschooling our minds 20K views They Will Seize Your Childrens 90K views Start loving yourself❤️ || #shorts 374 views

---------------Some good Islamic videos:

Really good one:

Sufism through the eyes of a woman. Interview with Islamia Latypova Diamond of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ • 21 views Islamia Latypova is a guest of the project. She is a member of the International Federation of Journalists. The following issues are covered in this episode: 00:00 Introduction. 00:28 Who...

Good one: How to Escape the Oppression Matrix? Transform into a State of Mercifulness | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 5.5K views Shaykh Nurjan is delivering a speech about escaping the oppression matrix and transforming into a state of mercifulness. He begins with a prayer and mentions that they are in the holy month...

Allah Says Why Turkey Earthquake Happened (ALLAH'S RESPONSE) LoveAllah328 159K views ❱ Support Our Channel: ❱ Help Us (One-Time): Allah Says Why The Earthquake in Turkey Happened (ALLAH'S

----------------------- "Up up and away....." ------------ Looking at information trying to inform to debunk the "weather balloon as some sort of high-tech spying instrument conspiracy crap" (was getting on my nerves) : --

This was from a few days previous:

China's J 20 stealth fighter jets from the Eastern Command intercepted an F 35 MILITARY NEWS UPDATE • 6.5K views They recall that in the region of the South China Sea, there are only two fighters of the fifth generation aircraft class J-20 and F-35

- - - Islam - - - Interesting but pretty good talk - conspiratorial, yes, but quite good:

Wall of Zul Qar'naan & The End Times (Health, Sound, etc)

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 5.7K views

Back to it. - I already know but: What is bandwidth? | All you need to know Science everywhere! • 358K views Bandwidth ? What is it? Where is it used? Types of usage of bandwidth. This video summarizes all you need to know about bandwidth and its usage types like Baseband and Broadband. Comment...

What's this? Didn't watch - I'm sorry I do watch a lot of videos and take up a lot of electricity: The entire internet on a single chip! MASSIVE energy savings. Just Have a Think • 129K views Internet usage is projected to account for 20% for all global electricity consumption by 2025. So anything that can help to reduce that catastrophically large number must surely be good thing....

"Just have a think" : Bandwidth. Transmission speed. Data collection/instrumentation. Processing speed. Packet spying? (- the processing power needed to do that? and then putting the 1s and 0s (in the "packets" that are used for internet data because they need to have addresses assigned in order to route the traffic) back together in the native app or whatever it is the spying would actually pick up - which would be the things with the most internet traffic or "bandwidth-heavy" talk in the wireless ranges - so they would be spying on us, collecting information about - "this guy is watching this youtube video, this guy is watching Tiktok, this guy is scrolling through Facebook, this guy is looking at some news or internet site, this guy is on some banking app (not likely, would mostly be all kinds of audio/video content because that's what takes the most data! and it would be impossible to process or capture it all, much less record it all, much less actually send all of that data to a satellite or satellites (satellite internet - slow - or at least slower, lots of lag time even if it is fast, it will have more lag, like if playing an online game, it might be smooth with a good connection but you would still be playing at least like half a second disadvantage or so). ... but anyways, this is interesting and cool: Wireless power transmission through solar power satellites shakshavali vali • 1.6K views It contains all information regarding WPT

Then yes, you also have to have a power source for the processor in the satellite (limiting the processor) and that (power source) also has to power the transmitter and the receiver(s). So having good solar panels is a big deal.

Yeah right, how energy efficient is it to beam power from space all that distance (power loss!) other than just mounting a solar panel on your roof or whatever? but anyway, it is interesting and it would be a fun kind of experiment/project to be a a part of and try to do (it would also start maybe blocking out solar radiation from hitting our planet if we have too too much stuff in orbit obviously...though I know, it would take a ton of satellites for that to happen:

- Didn't watch (17 minute video): How space-based solar power can save the planet | FT Financial Times 52K views Space launch costs are dropping rapidly. Solar panels are cheaper than ever. Could space-based solar power soon be price-competitive with nuclear? Promoted as a zero-carbon solution, classified...

- Watched (4:40 long video): Space Based Solar Power SBSP | Basic Concept & Design | Microwave Power Transmission Power System Operation 499 views Space Based Solar Power SBSP- is the concept of collecting solar power in space (using an "SPS", that is, a "solar-power satellite" or a "satellite power system") for use on Earth. It has...

What? This is cool, learning, learning though the anti-China fear based China narrative is apparent on their channel, this video is still good - also, I didn't know, never heard about, China successfully launching a Mars rover of their own. - Electric Propulsion? - :