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Great Video:

Disturbing news - So much of it!:

Really great short documentary/science video:

Can't believe the EU is considering classifying natural gas as "green". The science and even all kinds of mainstream news and information know that natural gas mining and fracking are a huge source of methane emissions...

Russell on point:

Isn't it crazy the world we live in where it's okay for kids to watch battle royale series (squid game, - the original movie I really like actually but it is gruesome) and porn is a few clicks away, and all this Instagram and TikTok "fame and fab" people and things but you can get banned and de-platformed and videos deleted (ghosted, not even a blank message saying "this video has been deleted..." message) for having a disconcerting opinion that may go against ...who's interest? Is it your's and mine? Why is that? Is there money to be gained or "masses to be controlled" in this age of information and knowledge?. - 1984 and Brave New World type of censorship and realities coming to bear upon the world...why? because of weak narcissistic attitudes and egos or what? (Am I a narcissist or being narcissistic? Is a good question to ask ourselves and why we believe what we believe and what we/you think the effects of a certain reality would have and how things could turn) Is a very slippery slope and dangerous.

I like the Rock, always have, he's just a guy though. Good lesson on "what are the intentions?" who am I trying to please? Values. Morals. Self. Words matter, - Most of the time, within face person to person reactions and dialogue, things are calmer and more civil and toned down...not so crazy. Some importance of having truly good friends and family...that no matters beliefs on a specific issue or issues, that really knowing someone and loving them, transcends all that. Forgiveness as well...forgiveness and gratitude can cure so much, it's hard to describe. Patience, forbearance, - good things can come out of hard work and struggles. Like Joe Rogan always has said, being able to joke around a bit with your friends, etc. and to have trust and good...

Need to watch:

Yeah...Don't even really need to watch (Haven't but yeah...)

Some cursing but good vids:

More Capitalism/Socialism thoughts on this issue:

Capitalism works well because it is natural or very close to being natural; so I would make the argument that there is no need to pursue or prop up (flaunt) what is already natural or close to it - If one believes humans are just mostly "greedy" or self-driven and work for their own self interest (that is the capitalists belief in that "tenet") so the best way forward and what was natural, was and is capitalism (that's history! - it already "is"). (So in my opinion, there is no need to flaunt it or it's virtues and laissez faire capitlism while in reality we have government that does play a socialist role in propping up and helping the elite or those with the most money to donate to influence government - that that idea is dangerous (and is proving itself to lead to a kind of hell where money is all that matters - that government is actually needed to enforce rules and deal justice and ensure more competition and healthy development)).

- Who is in charge and making the rules? Where does power accumulate and grow? - What rules are they making and do we agree (or are "okay" with them/and "it") or like them and things that are happening and being done? This way of thinking about the world that money is the end all be all of life and supersedes everything else(.) relating to our relationship to the earth, others, society, culture, history, language, etc., etc.. It's the most powerfully destructive thing in my opinion in the world and I've believed that since I was an adolescent. But there is more to life than this zero sum game in/of dunya (the world in a negative sense, not life).

If you only put materialism as the only reality - like nothing else matters - morals, feelings, character, nature, charity, common good - moral matters. What is right, what is wrong?


So sad...

Listening to more Rogan today, with Jordan B Peterson (finally finished it) - what a great episode that was. All this only makes me like Rogan more and appreciate and respect him more - and gives me more reason to dislike Spotify and I'd actually like it if they cut ties with him and went somewhere else. - But that's just personal favoritism.

To me, Spotify seems too big and powerful or ubiquitous/becoming ubiquitous already and I tend to like going against the grain and crowd on a lot or some things (or use to, but that's pretty normal for a teenager and young adults) - maybe it's a sociological pyschological "individualist" American grown kind of thing - which I think has positives and also has definite downfalls for peoples lives (personal experience with that) - (American) psychology - especially in this age of fictitious kind of advertising and disconnectedness from nature and reality and how things actually work - kind of. I think teenagers probably still are more grounded or at least some of them, but as adults, a lot of us, you know...get into our routines and get fed our news, and have work and this and that - so, it's all different and varies with an individuals maturity, mindset, beliefs, economic state, etc., etc.,).

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