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Heart - (Some Videos) -

.- Just just (more) videos today (Sunday 5-15-22) -

Quite a lot of cursing but its got heart and is good - funny - feel bad though, is tragic really and trying not to be too "negatively self-righteous" and projecting and being, oh, I'm right, your wrong - is just a very sad state of affairs :

Oh geez...hmm. Yeah, that's interesting...:

Be Dangerous But Disciplined - Jocko Willink & Jordan Peterson Jocko Podcast 3M views

Jocko Podcast 112 w/ Jordan Peterson - Life is Hard. 12 Rules for Life. Jocko Podcast 1.2M views

Everything doesn't have to be logical.

The nature of quantum mechanics.

Love. Feelings. Sunshine. Allah Akbar (Allah is the greatest). Do hard things...

Loved this - I'm just new and learning but what refreshing words:

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