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Hopeful - Never Lose Hope - Never Lose Faith

Updated: Apr 11

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem. All praises and thanks be to Allah S.W.T.

Pictures from including the last blog post ("Hopeful") are from that timeline, I have limited amount of space per post:

My Allah bless the doers of good and the truth tellers - he does - he will - May Allah Bless

---> Allah is the Greatest 😭


Stalin...It seems like a pile of rubbish was/is heaped on him by and large in/throughout western media but I don't really know that much about him and Russia's contemporary history truly...(do you?) but am learning, have learned a lot. Question everything, learn from everything - "Don't be arrogant":

The Death of Joseph Stalin: March 5, 1953 Lori Spencer • 189 views Soviet leader Joseph #Stalin died on March 5, 1953 -- 70 years ago this week. Stalin's body was put on display at the Hall of Columns in the House of the Unions, remaining there for three...

Love this:

No to NATO, No to War: Richard Medhurst [Full Speech]

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1:07 name is Richard Thomas

1:09 I'm an independent journalist as you can

1:12 tell by my very English name I'm British

1:14 the Louvre museum in Paris

1:18 one set of director named Andre parrow

1:21 he was a French archaeologist and he he

1:25 did a lot of work in in Syria and in

1:27 that region and he viewed it as so

1:28 important uh to our human Heritage as

1:31 the cradle of civilization that he said

1:33 every man has two countries his own and

1:36 Syria

1:37 and for me that's that's quite literally

1:39 the case uh my my from my mother's side

1:43 uh my family is a Syrian Christian so

1:47 I've been very blessed privileged in my

1:49 life to uh have Arabic as a second

1:53 native language

1:55 and to understand and to be immersed in

1:59 the Syrian Arab culture

2:02 at the same time I've had my eyes open

2:06 to what NATO exactly is because NATO

2:09 member states have been waging a proxy

2:10 war against Syria in the same way

2:13 they've been waging a proxy war against

2:14 Ukraine

2:16 and

2:18 since 2014 since the maidan coup

2:21 you've had people burnt alive in Odessa

2:24 you've had NATO training Ukrainian

2:27 troops for interoperability with other

2:29 Ukrainian troops

2:31 the Minsk agreements fell through

2:34 and unbeknownst to many because the

2:37 media don't do their jobs you've had

2:39 thousands of ethnic Russians and Russian

2:41 speakers killed in the Eastern parts of

2:43 Ukraine in the donbass region

2:46 now I know it's very easy in the west

2:48 it's very comfortable in the middle of

2:49 London to just get on the podium and

2:52 start criticizing Russia and pointing

2:53 fingers at other people because we're

2:55 not there it's very comfortable it's too

2:57 easy to do that it's too simple

3:00 and this event this is about opposition

3:02 to war and opposition to Nato so what is

3:05 NATO

3:06 well NATO was originally created

3:07 supposedly to protect us from the evil

3:10 Soviet Empire

very very simple basic uh rule of

4:21 geopolitics and international relations

4:22 when you have an adversarial military

4:24 Alliance on your doorstep you're going

4:26 to freak out if Ireland and and the

4:29 French jumped into a military alliance

4:31 with Russia we would freak out yes

4:34 if Canada and Mexico jumped into bed

4:37 with Russia in a military Alliance

4:40 the Americans would freak out and he has

4:42 no need to hypothesize you can go and

4:44 just look at the Cuban Missile Crisis

4:46 they drum that into your heads at school

4:47 right it's considered one of the most

4:50 important points in the entire Cold War

4:52 and a lot happened during the Cold War

4:55 that's how threatened the Americans felt

4:57 that we still talk about that to this

4:59 day because the Soviets put missiles in

5:00 Cuba so we're just supposed to assume

5:03 that they don't feel threatened when we

5:04 are at their doorstep what kind of

5:07 thinking is that

5:08 and then you have people say no but come

5:10 on

5:11 NATO is a defensive Alliance

5:15 it's a defensive Alliance so when NATO

5:18 bombed Serbia they bombed Yugoslavia

5:20 that was Defensive

5:21 yeah

5:22 when they bum the Chinese Embassy that

5:25 was Defensive when they bumped a TV

5:27 station that was Defensive when they

5:29 sent nato-backed Rebels to Lynch Qaddafi

5:32 on camera like some rabid animal that

5:35 was Defensive they bombed the largest

5:37 man the great man-made River the largest

5:40 irrigation project on this planet

5:42 that was Defensive

5:44 that's civilian infrastructure

5:47 they turned Libya into a failed State I

5:50 love how you just go and Destroy

5:51 countries and call them failed States

5:52 like we had absolutely nothing to do

5:54 with it it's a failed state they're just

5:55 stupid you know

5:57 that was Defensive apparently we turned

5:59 the most prosperous nation in Africa

6:01 into a failed State it's got slave

6:03 markets now it was all defensive

6:07 and then of course we have our special

6:09 forces the SAS running around with the

6:12 Australia and SES

6:13 executing young Afghan boys and men in

6:18 their sleep in their homes planting

6:20 weapons on them that's also defensive

6:23 apparently we we occupied Afghanistan

6:25 for 20 years that was Defensive

6:27 Obama was drone striking funerals drone

6:30 striking weddings in Yemen and Pakistan

6:33 also defensive

6:34 and then Trump

6:37 goes and Bong Syria over some fake

6:39 chemical attack that never happened

6:41 with other NATO member states with the

6:43 French with our place and that was also

6:45 defensive you know I'm calling up my

6:47 cousins one by one to see if they're

6:49 okay

6:50 and then

6:52 turkey another NATO member state is

6:54 letting Fighters come into Syria is

6:56 letting weapons come into Syria and and

6:58 buying oil off of Isis

7:01 and at the same time the Americans have

7:02 a rap line that's Operation Timber

7:05 Sycamore a billion dollars it's one of

7:07 the most most expensive operations just

7:09 running weapons from Libya into Syria

7:12 into the hands of jihadists

7:16 we killed a million people in Iraq

7:19 with the Americans a million people we

7:22 made Millions more refugees apparently

7:25 that was also self-defense we have an

7:27 entire Arab leadership executed on

7:30 camera Saddam Hussein Colonel Gaddafi

7:33 executed on camera

7:37 that was Defensive we have a pretty

7:39 funny definition of defensive at NATO

7:41 don't we

7:49 where was the outrage

7:51 every single day there's outrage this

7:54 empathy there's an outpouring of support

7:55 for Ukraine and surely there should be

7:58 but where was the outrage for all of

8:01 this all these massacres that NATO

8:03 perpetrated where was it there's nothing

8:09 you know outrage

8:13 the other day after the earthquake in

8:15 Syria

8:17 Israel while people are still under the

8:19 rubble Israel bombed Syria where was the

8:21 outrage

8:22 the Israelis raided the West Bank in

8:24 Nautilus they killed 11 Palestinians a

8:26 16 year old boy three elderly men above

8:29 the age of 60. that was that was also

8:32 something self-defense was it again no

8:34 outrage whatsoever

what have we achieved we have Germany

12:23 rearmed

12:25 we have Russia working out of start new

12:28 which was the only thing holding

12:29 together any sort of limits on nuclear

12:31 warheads

12:32 the Norwegians and the Americans thought

12:35 it was a good idea to blow up our only

12:36 cheap source of gas in Europe they

12:39 destroyed our our critical civilian

12:42 infrastructure they let out all this

12:43 methane into the sea

12:47 and they're supposedly allies wow

12:50 they blow up our pipelines and their

12:52 allies that's funny

12:53 who needs enemies for friends like that

13:01 [Applause]

13:04 over a hundred thousand ukrainians have

13:06 been killed Millions have been made

13:08 refugees

13:10 Germany's realm we've got the Americans

13:12 our friends blowing up our pipelines

13:14 with Norway is this sex does this spell

13:16 out success to you is that your version

13:18 of success

13:19 what kind of strategy is this

13:21 now Russia certainly certainly shares a

13:24 part of the blame but who egged on the

13:27 Russians who kept provoking the Russians

13:29 who kept poking the bear you can't just

13:32 take geopolitics and international

13:34 relations out of the equation and act

13:36 like

13:37 encircling Russia just doesn't matter it

13:39 does bloody matter that's the whole

13:41 problem it doesn't mean that the

13:43 ukrainians deserve everything that's

13:45 happening because they wanted to be in

13:46 the EU and they wanted to be in nature

13:47 it's not about that it's about the

13:49 Americans using Ukraine against the

13:52 Russians that's the problem

13:59 and then they put sanctions on top of

14:01 and these sanctions are apparently so

14:02 good that oil and gas prices are up food

14:05 prices are up rent and mortgages are all

14:07 up

14:09 Christ are you sanction your Russians

14:10 are us

14:11 the Russian Ruble was the best

14:13 performing currency last year yeah

14:15 french glass Industries on the verge of

14:17 collapse German steel Industries on the

14:19 verge of collapse and at this rate I

14:21 guess the Americans haven't seen this is

14:22 a good thing because if Europe is

14:24 de-industrialized where do you think

14:25 these companies are going to go they're

14:26 going to the United States

14:28 okay then they put the G7 price gap on

14:31 them as well

14:32 and this is also so brilliant they're

14:34 not a single barrel of oil has actually

14:36 been hit by this cap

14:37 we think we're so smart that if we stop

14:39 buying Russian oil they won't have any

14:41 Revenue well guess what it turns out

14:44 China and India exist and they're buying

14:45 Russian oil like there's no tomorrow so

14:47 well done about that

14:49 ridiculous

14:51 the truth is that sanctions don't work

14:53 they tell you they target leaders they

14:55 don't Target leaders that's a lie

14:57 that is a goddamn lie go ask the people

14:59 in Venezuela if they feel that their

15:01 government is targeted or they feel

15:02 targeted go ask people in Iran go ask

15:05 people in Syria I can tell you my family

15:07 certainly feel targeted by those

15:08 sanctions they have nothing to do with

15:10 Assad

15:11 there's no fuel there's no food how's

15:13 that happen

15:14 we're supposed to believe this is about

15:16 targeting the leadership that's the line

15:18 they know it but in our arrogance we

15:20 become so accustomed to just squashing

15:21 other countries we thought that

15:23 sanctioning the Russians would be a walk

15:24 in the park it's going to be just like

15:26 those other countries

15:28 no it's not we're getting a taste of our

15:30 own medicine now and it doesn't taste

15:31 very good does it

15:34 the thing is that the West is in Decline

15:37 and the East is on the rise the Russians

15:39 have options the Russians have other

15:40 customers for their cheap gas and their

15:42 oil the Russians are building a

15:44 multi-polar world with the with the

15:46 Indians with the Chinese and everybody

15:48 else basically the entire Global South

15:51 which is which is uh I know we like to

15:54 be in the west as the rest of the world

15:55 it's not

15:56 it's far bigger than that and you have

15:58 people meanwhile in in the west homeless

16:01 cities in America tent cities people

16:04 sleeping on the streets people sleeping

16:05 rough here people are becoming poor they

16:08 can't pay their bills

16:10 and they talk about about the

16:12 environment and and they hold all these

16:14 big conferences and talk about climate

16:16 change

16:17 is is Waging War good for the climate

16:22 how is the Pentagon being the world's

16:24 largest pollution good for the climate

16:26 how is using depleted uranium shells

16:28 good for the climate why don't you go

16:30 look at what's that done to children in

16:31 East in in Fallujah who to this day the

16:34 babies have birth birth defects are so

16:37 horrendous because of what the Americans

16:38 did there was depleted uranium

16:40 two weeks ago there was a train

16:41 development in Ohio and East Palestine

16:45 the toxic chemicals are spilling into

16:47 the soil into the river

16:49 and people are absolutely certainly

16:51 going to get hurt from this

16:52 unfortunately but Biden care so much

16:55 about them and about the environment he

16:56 decided to go to Ukraine

17:00 you know there won't be a climate if

17:02 there's nuclear war I don't know if this

17:03 this is a simple air after grasp but if

17:05 we blow each other to bits there will

17:06 not be a climate or an environment to

17:08 care about

17:09 and I wonder why we spent all this money

17:11 on Ukraine and we don't care about our

17:13 own we don't care about our own

17:14 countries we don't fix our own countries

17:15 every time Junior doctors and doctors

17:18 and nurses ask for raises we tell them

17:21 no but when it comes to war we say yes

17:22 and when it comes to the rail workers

17:24 and the transportation workers we tell

17:26 them no but when it comes to war we say

17:28 yes

17:29 when it comes to the teachers we say no

17:30 when it comes to war we say yes the

17:32 money is there they just don't want to

17:33 use it it's just not suitable for them

17:35 it's just not convenient not good enough

17:39 ridiculous because

17:46 now we're Banning books also and we're

17:48 Banning television channels that we

17:50 don't like is that freedom of speech is

17:52 that democracy are these the European

17:54 values the Western values we keep

17:55 hearing about

17:57 let's plan the BBC then let's ban the

17:59 guardian what do you say yeah

18:05 I recall many many outlets and none of

18:08 them none of them independent most of

18:10 the mainstream who are cheering on the

18:12 war in Syria the war in Libya who

18:14 cheered on all these NATO Wars they have

18:16 far far more blood on their hands than

18:18 any or any of these Outlets that they've

18:20 banned if it's really about that

18:23 we're Banning Russian athletes as well

18:25 right we played uh cat and mouse with

18:27 them oh you have to criticize Putin

18:29 publicly and then when some of them did

18:30 it we still ban them anyway just because

18:31 they have the wrong citizenship

18:33 I you know I wonder how Elin makes it

18:35 into the World Cup well I wonder that

18:37 every four years but you know the thing

18:38 is no I love our Three Lions but at that

18:42 rate we you know how is David Beckham

18:44 allowed to Captain the England team

18:45 after what we did in Iraq you know how

18:47 is Lewis Hamilton allowed to drive an F1

18:49 Formula car after what we did in Iraq

18:51 it's ridiculous

18:53 and you know any form of critical

18:55 thinking is banned now there's no

18:57 dissent allowed

these suits driving around in their

23:31 Bentleys they don't represent us they

23:34 don't represent you they don't represent

23:35 me they don't represent Russians or

23:36 ukrainians they have nuclear bunkers we

23:39 don't do you understand

23:41 it's up to us now to declare war on the

23:44 War Machine

23:52 this is our declaration of war no to war

23:56 and no to Nato my name is Richard

23:58 Meadows thank you very much

24:07 magnificent magnificent

Notes: Yes, you can call me a dreamer - Yes you can call me whatever, yes you can call me an "eco-socialist', that is socialism you could define as being like in the vein of a "social scientist or "scientism" - What is scientism? Meaning I am not just a materialist, "Economics for people" - the political-economy' - you can't separate economics from the political nor the political from the economical.