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"I Tried to Warn You"

Updated: Aug 13, 2021


The most powerful man in the world. Great!

Oh and some intelligence to calm the mind ( :) ), even if the subject matter is depressing. Truth prevails.

Hopefully not so true, she does appear to be a good person (have pics below).

But on my FB story AOC seems still like a really good person. I don't know for certain what she's thinking or what has all actually happened with "the Squad"/the Justice Democrats exactly. I think it is okay to be realistic and to work to get things passed and done but still try to work towards "progressive" ideas and to not be corrupt/corrupted. I hope these people aren't corrupted, obviously...

Started to watch: I definitely do not agree with a lot of what these guys say about religion -

Corporations around every corner. Lining all the shelves. Trying to sell us stuff and keep us hooked on stuff. How much little and big wastes are everywhere. All these magazines at the check out lane at the Walmart (how many are actually bought). All these little snacks of different things and this and that (all this crap) - always coming out with new stuff. Can hardly get a job that doesn't serve some entity you may not really care to support or buy things from companies you wouldn't really like to or eat, to not eat unhealthy things (costs a lot) and support this or that. Is all hard...wish we could live in a better world.


This is great! and a lot of what I believe as far as the big picture is concerned:

I thought of a business idea but the effects of it would suck (if it was even legally able to be successful). I wouldn't like it in my country or other first world countries. Maybe I and a few others could get rich off it but so? No, that's wrong. Just trying to profit off others for the benefit of self and a few at the detriment to the overall society and opportunity or potential money lost (because a percentage would be going to the bigger company from the work / opportunity that it would more easily create for individuals) - would result in a lot of businesses and small businesses going extinct potentially anyway...

Tradeoffs for everything.


Also: Geez the Western U.S. is on fire. Already worse than last year and hardly hearing about it that much on the news. At least here anyway. Not good, is very sad. There is much stressors in the world nature is causing on humans, more so than ever. Energy unbalance in the atmos. Will take a long time for things to level out at a new normal level...quite scary for future generations.

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