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"Identity", "Politics".

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem - Al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen

--------------- "Pictures can speak a thousand words" - May be that all I need is all of these -


Just more video blogging...:

The Jimmy Dore Show

Yeah, I think it actually was a thing now...but that they want to cover it up. There is a lot of political repression in China. It is pretty dictatorial, the State...pretty controlling. Not saying that they don't do a lot of things right though neither especially in regards to the economy and economic growth and that there people have not done a lot of work which benefits us people here living in the United States and that they should be held down or should not have the ability to live good lives there in China or that the Government and their society and civilization need follow the United States' but...yeah I would not want to have to live under such non-freedoms to thought, to certain books, etc. To be told what to think, what I cannot think, to be manipulated like that. We are all manipulated" to some degree, growing up in a certain society at a certain time/point in history but yeah...That is if we (the United States of America) stick with principles within the U.S. Constitition of free speech and freedom of religion, I think ultimately, we should be greater than (end up at a better spot than, have better results than) others that do not, depending, especially if we let oursleves become uncorrupted and could get (obtain) an effective government that worked for the people here in and of the United States and (thus) tried to produce great (people) and good thinkers etc...(uncorrupt our systems - such as the education system (try to produce the best education system) - along with other systems - use science (take scientists advice, take great thinkers advice - not just take corporate money)).

- Not saying that China didn't have a real problem with Muslim extremists either...

-Ultimately, Allah knows best and is the best disposer of affairs

Pew Research Center › ... › Religion › Religions

Aug 30, 2023 — The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is officially atheist, and its members are not permitted to join any religion. The party's attitude aligns ...\

Read or skim through it a bit....and Allah knows best. I'm not sure totally sure about the source, but I thought (before in the past) they (Pew Research) are credible and trustworthy. It seems quite correct and accurate, and partisan to me, especially because, it is not anti-Muslim, or anti-Christian or anti-Buddhist or pro this or seems fair and honest. Disappointing (I would like to be a peacemaker, still would try) though the Truth always prevails and it's good to be upright and to stick to Truck and Justice and ideals such as those. Allah Akbar.


Watched some: Fact-Checking Robert Spencer Blogging Theology


Truth Defence

Geopolitical Economy Report

Watched Imam Amin's Powerful Speech at Al Maqasid Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc.

Watched Can identity politics be used for liberation? The Real News Network

MOATS monologue: WE'RE DOOMED! | MOATS with George Galloway Ep 278 George Galloway

Didn't watch:

Glenn Greenwald


Watched About Spiritual Grace ALLATRA TV International

The Austin School

Unsure if I watched, Allahu Akbar: NEW || The Aqidah Of Imam An-Nawawi & Ibn Hajar || Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan || #AMAU Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah

Really great: A Day In The Life of A Student Of Knowledge || Ibn Al Jawzi Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah


Watched (Un)Learn Economics New Economic Thinking

Watched The Economics of Childhood | Trailer New Economic Thinking

Watched Inequality 101 | Trailer New Economic Thinking

The Meaning Of Islam

Didn't watch I don't think: Interview with Professor Michael Hudson: China's economic recovery 国仁全球大学堂


Watched Prof. Richard Wolff: Migration in the Human Experience The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

Watched The Final Days Of The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) One Islam Productions

Watched - these are generally always nice videos, gaining humanity...: Along the Path of Eternity ALLATRA TV International


Watched Lord of Your Paradises: The Inner Battle The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities

Great short: THIS is real DECOLONIZATION Richard Medhurst

Watched ALIENS IN THE QURAN One Islam Productions

Watched Allah Speaks To You Islamic Guidance

Short: Pushups hurt wrists? Hybrid Calisthenics

Watched Holding Firm to Your Path (Tariqa) - Quran Surah 72 The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities

Watched Why I left Christianity Blogging Theology

Watched a video that has been removed


Really interesting, will make you think, I don't know though: Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc Amit Sengupta

Watched some, I don't need to watch this...: An Evening with Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Are on a Ship of Fools | REMASTERED Independent Institute

Searched for earth you need it more than it needs you - haha, I'm sure Tucker would agree :)

Watched a bit, Dr. Omar btw, is usually very nice, very very nice and calm, he doesn't get upset too often. I agree...: Dr. Omar Suleiman Response to Jordan Peterson "Go to hell" TheDeenShowTV

Guy is a political and social commentator (with millions of followers and probably millions of dollars, living/sitting pretty critiquing his and our government etc. etc. over things and modern society but he stands for, is okay with killing innocent children and people? And going into other people's places of worship and abusing the people etc.? What kind of man are you? What the hell (man)? Allah has turned him away from goodness (good and righteous conduct) and Allah knows best. He's lost a lot of followers sure but that is not the true loss, the true loss is with God in the hereafter.

What kind of man...what kind of people...

(Guard the tongue - guard the tongue - the best guard against the tongue is what? -> _> clean mind, clean heart. ("Don't assume", "Think good of people" - Shaitan only wants to lead us astray and cause us doubts and fears etc. etc.))

Watched U.S. Poised To Invade Haiti AGAIN!!! The Jimmy Dore Show

Great video, great explanation: Why The West Love Israel & Zionism - Animated Battle Ignorance

Watched a little bit, I'm sure it's good, I watched a lot of the third one which was really interesting: [Edited] SPECIAL EDITION: Real Talk on Palestine, Usuli Institute Conversation, 7 October 2023 The Usuli Institute

Maybe I should re-watch, I don't know, don't remember...: Grace Song on Surviving Conversion, Cultivating Divine Idealism and Hijab: Usuli Institute Intro The Usuli Institute

Woaaah....I like how on some topics how Jimmy Dore presents things you know, in a light way, comedy, though you know, I don't know, is pretty serious some of these things is like...Fear Allah... "Astaghfirullah" "Rabbighfirli" :Keep Using Ukrainians As Cannon Fodder! – Says Dutch Defense Minister The Jimmy Dore Show

Kim Iversen

Short: Modern West Will Be Destroyed Sheikh Imran Hosein

Short (these vids sometime have women wearing not much clothing so please guard your gaze men, you already know...(you only hurting yourself if you are not following and obeying) but may Allah forgive us if we're earnestly just trying to watch and gain beneficial information and how to do exercise(s) correctly...) This Exercise Is A Game Changer!🔥 Squat University

Middle East Eye

Short: Don't be THAT Soldier! The U.S. Army

Interesting, is good to be prepared...I take it more as warnings for some things to come down, so to be more prepared and that is (as well), don't be shocked, there's all kind of different warnings, economically or against our freedoms (tyranny) etc.: I Just Got an Email That Left me SPEECHLESS. WE'RE AT DEFCON 2 Canadian Prepper

I find these kind of things of a lot of value and interest to me...: What the Vietnam War was like w/Doug Rawlings | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network

Sad. Makes me mad. This man is a good man, he was trying to help his country...trying to do good. He still has the popular support of his people. It's really sad: Smoking gun: US-backed coup toppled Pakistan PM Imran Khan over Ukraine neutrality, non-alignment Geopolitical Economy Report

there are dozens of examples in recent Decades of the United States sponsoring


coups to overthrow foreign democratically elected leaders some of the most famous examples include


Iran's democratically elected prime minister Muhammad mosadek who was overthrown in a cia-backed coup in 1953


or another cia-backed coup that overthrew Guatemala's Democratic elected


president jacobo adamance in 1954 or yet another cia-backed coup that overthrew


Chiles democratically elected president Allende in 1973. there are many many


more examples these are just some of the most well-known cases but what ties together all of these leaders who have


been targeted for destabilization by the United States is that they have pursued policies that go against the interests


of U.S corporations of U.S financial interests of Washington's attempts to


control their natural resources most of these leaders were socialists or leftists or simply nationalists and


their biggest so-called crime was refusing to subordinate their country


and their national interests to the geopolitical and economic interests of


Washington and just in the past year we have yet another example of a


democratically elected leader who was overthrown in a U.S backed coup for opposing U.S foreign policy interests


today I'm going to be talking about Pakistan's democratically elected prime minister Imran Khan who was removed in a


political coup d'etat in April 2022 and we have Smoking Gun evidence showing


that the U.S government sponsored this political coup to remove Imran Khan

Just evil 😭😔💔


it's been 18 months we've been in this war in Ukraine every time we see the


landscape appears he's asking for more funds and weapons how these weapons and


funds have been benefiting and are going to benefit Ukraine and ukrainians in


your opinion it's not benefiting Ukraine that's not the object here


Ukraine is just upon the conflict is between what the U.S policy makers


consider necessary namely weakening Russia and uh and that's what the the whole


business is all about unfortunately the ukrainians are taking the brunt of this situation they're


they're being asked to to fight it on to the last Ukrainian and people in


Washington don't seem to care very much about this fact it is a fact and it's


coming to an end and people in Washington are still not ready to


recognize that the so-called the end is near and what are they going to do when


it becomes completely obvious that the Russians have won the war on


the ground the Russians of course having always considered this an existential threat to


Russia the movement of NATO right off towards Border in Ukraine and Russian


border the U.S well it's quite a stretch


to think that the U.S felt any existential threat from Ukraine


or even from Russia

Is just sad: 😭😔💔

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