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*Insert Big or Cool Headline Here*: WW3?

Ton of Videos About the War:

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Russia used vacuum bomb during invasion, claims Ukraine | WION English News WION 1M views

Russia Punished & Media Shocked by Invasion in “Relatively Civilized” Ukraine | The Daily Show The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 3.3M views

We’re Not Allowed To Discuss This Russell Brand 1.6M views

Condoleezza Rice Admits She’s A War Criminal During Ukraine Interview The Jimmy Dore Show 119K views

Ukrainian Pacifist: Reckless Militarization Led to This War. All Sides Must Recommit to Peace

Democracy Now! 33K views

US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia The Jimmy Dore Show 104K views

Gen. Jack Keane reveals how the US can still help Ukraine Fox Business 357K views

This is why Russia has intervened in Ukraine Sheikh Imran Hosein 120K views

Gravitas Plus: Did NATO push Ukraine into war? WION 809K views


Russia's War in Ukraine Could Spark Nuclear Catastrophe; Calls for Global Disarmament Grow Democracy Now! 44K views


?? --->

Why isn’t NATO fighting Russia? Indian army generals respond Times of India 2.6M views

Kim Iversen: ”Ukraine Will Be Wrecked." OMINOUS Warnings Of NATO-Provoked War Given For DECADES The Hill 209K views


I've come to believe that Islam is a good answer to a lot of society's ills and transgressions.

Two two word sentences.

Remember Allah. Fear Allah.

Allah-u Akbar (God is the greatest).



This week: (Gallery):

Those Podcasts were super good...


The Holy Qu'ran Surah 3 Ayat 200:

Yaaa aiuyuhal lazeena aamanus biroo wa saabiroo wa raabitoo wattaqul laaha ta'allakum tuflihoon

"O ye who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; that ye may prosper." - Sahih International



There’s More To This Russell Brand 1M views

Ukraine War Driving Rampant Censorship At Home The Jimmy Dore Show 116K views


Learn about S.W.I.F.T. and more:

Russian Sanctions and Global Economic Risk ColdFusion 413K views


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