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Intelligent Design

Updated: May 21, 2021

Pretty good vid and overall nice video sequence (imo):

Pretty sure the Early Muslims understood much and also the ~12-14th C. Muslims during the Islamic Scientific Revolution -> I believe, had much to do with starting the European Renaissance. I believe that is what he is missing a lot of within their "spiritual theology" in the above video.


I don't think religion is "why the word is going crazy" - more like greed, capitalism and us imperfect humans not using our brains enough or thinking negatively about things and ourselves is a better answer.


Looks good but haven't watched entirely -> :


The Hill news/videos:

Coincidence, I've been blogging and thinking the same kind of things as these videos...


Some cool math and science videos (importance of foundations):


Elon! (No these video series nor my blog and site are planned in sequence, can look at my Youtube history if you want)

Economics. War. Nations. ---------------->------------------>--------------------<----------------------< Politicians. Policy. Effects. Individuals. Self. Imperfect. Nature. The World.

The Universe? The natural world? Time?--------->------------->---------->-----------> (to infinity) Pi

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