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Islam: NAF's are

This was a 2021 little post I had saved in my drafts for quite a long time, might as well post it.

After all this time I finally looked up NAF's in Islam. I feel this is a personal breakthrough for me and relieves me of so much confusion and uncertainty.

Always wondered about the ego/self before and knew that ego defends our selves, often making us act like just so self defensive and that it was good to have an open mind and "healthy" ego. What is a healthy ego though without any direction or concrete belief in what is good and bad? Or best? It's only up to us to define and make ourselves happy but with Islam there is actual real concrete morality and commands. Even though there are some objective issues and trying to understand most best and fully the meaning of the Quran itself and it's verses and message(s), there are answers. Is not just moral relativity.


More understanding of Israel Palestine conflict without so much religion or religious bias throughout history:

I like this video, it is an Islamic perspective (though):

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