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Jihad (struggle against the lower self) in the modern times - Hold to Esteem, Honor, Respect...

Get better. I Am. I know (so much so much). Have went through (so much so much).

------ Great practical knowledge/advice :

The Secret is to Train Your Body All Day Long Strength Side 257K views Are conventional workouts enough to make your body change? Use these methods to workout, train your body, become more flexible and feel better all day long, even while you're working. Whether...

Get moving, take walks, juggling, "as the body moves the brain grooves" - :

How to Take a Brain Break | Jim Kwik 291K views3 weeks ago


All the rest (most of it anyway) - Dec. 11 - Dec. 21 2022:

Some cursing! Interesting though. Real...death...I believe people REALLY are dying from the jab. I don't like all the negative self righteousness in the video though, is pretty serious and shocking - is no joke.

Good talk it's not all about what is in the title of the video, much of it is on other topics which I enjoyed a lot:

Beautiful Khutbah -

Didn't watch: This major offensive is obliterating Ukraine Douglas Macgregor • 128K views United States and worldwide Geopolitics analysis. Russia Ukraine conflict latest news update with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Interview with Andrew Napolitano. Recorded the day before.

Here's this one: The Nature of Respect Dry Creek Wrangler School • 83K views

There’s not enough respect in the world. People do not respect themselves. People do not respect each other, and people demand respect where respect is not due. Tonight we just have a simple...

Probably some cursing (from IEarlGrey - good guy though):

YT Shorts!: Lord of The Rings & The Unseen Battle in Islam The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities 5.2K views

Hour-long podcast - not religiously exclusive (Christian and Muslim discussion but open to all listeners, for sure):

Oh, here it is, this is quite disturbing (can bring up past sexual stuff one has seen or otherwise one might not want to think about - and Allah says guard yourself (your mind is the window to your heart - "purify yourself") - nasty stuff - they must be exposed and and dealt with justly:

There's this video (Don't try to be "strong" be "anti-fragile" - is correct): Nassim Taleb: Escape Your Fragility (Or Suffer) Finance Strong • 30K views Nassim's Books are AMAZING; Get here: and Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the best-selling author of Antifragile and Black Swan, discusses the properties...

Jeffrey Sachs: America's Sanctions Are Very Destructive !!! World's Economy Is In Total Panic FINANCE MAIL • 58K views

Good vid has some cursing: "China doubles down on supporting Russia." When ideology trumps objective empirical research. Emil Cosman • 17K views

YT Short: Faith Is Everything OSMANLI DERGAH • 1.9K views

-Faith and hope...(remembering the quote about hope from the Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power series)

Rewatched (great little known channel): Nafs in Islam: 7 Stages of Nafs (The Ego) I AM • 2.7K views "Quench your thirst with a sip of knowledge Sate your hunger with a flavor of wisdom." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Rewatched: Irish lawmakers call for actions against Israel Middle East Eye 361K views

"EU members have profited well from Israeli apartheid over the years. Since 2012, EU member states have sold arms to Israel to the tune of nearly €700 million per year." Irish lawmakers...

Watched this on Thursday Dec. 15th actually - is so good: Reserve currency, gold and inflation w/E.B. Tucker (Live) The Duran • 100K views

Reserve currency, gold and inflation w/E.B. Tucker (Live) Connect with E.B. Tucker: *DISCLAIMER: This...

48 minutes - very nice words, advice, wisdom: When Ball Becomes Ba'al: Distraction From Unlocking Secrets of The Universe | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 9.3K views

Q&A Talk Chapters : 00:00 In this month of Muharram, at this door of repentance how do we approach when we’ve identified really ugly traits like the capacity for treachery, disloyalty, and...

Chris Hedges on Activism, Obama, and Prison Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.4K views

Hard to keep up with it all, not a super important session: Russia Missile Attack, Ukraine General First Time Admits Possibility of Russia Victory, Kiev Defeat Alexander Mercouris • 148K views

Haven't watched - we'll see, Allah/God (S.W.T.) knows best (Inshallah - "if God wills") - we just keep going and trying to do good and improving ourselves etc.: Multipolar future for Africa & the Middle East w/Matthew Ehret (Live) The Duran • 96K views

It seems to go in cycles but the overall trend even for conservatives over time is more liberal (video title comment) - Good video - I think the current trend is the shift to a more nationalistic stance for the U.S. whether Dem. or Rep. because of the events in Ukraine and the world economic moment:

Didn't watch all - is good, inspiring: Indict Us Too: Daniel Ellsberg & Cryptome's John Young Demand US Drop Charges Against Julian Assange Democracy Now! 90K views

Can't remember this much at all - was busy: Losing the peace after the Cold War w/Jack Matlock, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen The Duran • 76K views

Man, I'm bad at talking, need to get better - good book -: The Introduction of "Post-Neoliberal Economics" by Authors Edward Fullbrook and Jamie Morgan Folk For America • 36 views

Didn't watch: Why is Africa turning away from the United States? | The Bottom Line Al Jazeera English 737K views Officials in the United States look upon Africans as people “in need of help” or people who “need to be told what to do”, and this is destroying relations between Africa and Washington,...

Eh (Merkel) : Angela Merkel's revelation about Minsk Agreements | Russia Ukraine war | Geopolitics Amit Sengupta 290K views Former German chancellor Angela Merkel spilled beans about the Minsk peace accord in an interview to a German national weekly newspaper on 7th December 2022. What did she mean, we will learn...

Great - much knowledge inside:

Longer stream - I was asleep while this was playing loudly - was a weird dream - dream-like state anyway: BREAKING: Putin's next move will be DEVASTATING, and NATO is out of options | Redacted News Redacted 416K views

Agree: Slash the Pentagon Budget in Half & Abolish ICBMs: Dan Ellsberg on How to Avoid Nuclear Armageddon Democracy Now! 30K views As tension rises between the United States and Russia over Ukraine, we speak with Daniel Ellsberg, the famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower, who worked for years during the Cold War on nuclear...

Russia Missile Attack, Ukraine General First Time Admits Possibility of Russia Victory, Kiev Defeat Alexander Mercouris • 148K views

"Scattered Thoughts" with Imam Amin Muhammad Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc. • 128 views Please support our year-end campaign!

Great - Nice: THE MOST POWERFUL DUA THAT EVERY MUSLIMS MUST KNOW One Islam Productions 11K views

Good one: What is Islamic psychology? With Dr Abdallah Rothman Blogging Theology 15K views Dr. Abdallah Rothman - Midnight Moments: Cambridge Muslim College You Can Support...

Didn't watch - is good - like (!) the YT comments giving her praise (as-salaam alaikum): "We will not be used as Guinea Pigs" Kenya told Bill Gates attempt to push GMO's. GoBlack2Africa • 344K views

YT Shorts: This guy, his first Short! I watched was funny - he seems cool - We are all on the same team really

We Are All On The Same Team 16K views This Guy Is Hilarious 😂 90K views

- Always thought Trevor seemed like a good guy - cool if he leaves - I'll know they probably force him to support the "libs"/Dems -

Trevor Noah Telling The Truth About Uncle Trump 1.5M views

Interesting - yes, it (socialism) is very complex -

- Reading on Scribd - Foundations of Islamic Economic Systems by

-and started "BullS**t Jobs" by David Graeber (audiobook) - Great book.

Funny Short(!): Elon's Alignment with Klaus Schwabb... Russell Brand 262K views Are they really so different? #elonmusk #elon #klausschwab #bigtech

May Allah bless and guide and forgive us: Ya Allah I Love You [Poem by the Olive Branch] Olive Branch • 534 views

Reconnect with God with this powerful and soothing poem from the Olive Branch. Find your missing link with God. Get close to God. Feel the beauty and love for God. This poem is heart-wrenching...

Whatever Fate Is Written For You - Proceed To Face It | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 6K views

Talk Chapters : 00:00 The structure of humility and good character attracts Divine blessings 01:11 Allah’s (AJ) mercy in the opening of the year allows us to enter to achieving His Grace...

Judge Not For You Will Be Judged Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 4K views

@00:15 What to do when you don't understand the guidance of the shaykh towards a decision you have to take? @14:08 When a person is given a punishment for a certain time or certain situation...


Seclusion (Khalwa) - The Shaykh and Guide The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 4.2K views

Mach 27 - able to fly 2/3's of the way around the world - launch from nearly any direction of attack/course and has anti-missile defense maneuverability - Mach 27... - Yes, I think the world needs to come to peace! (and do away with nukes, WMD's, etc. - the U.N. needs to step up and prosecute geopolitical terrorists and the like - people need to be held to account - they need to do their frickin job and stop being puppets of the U.S., the corporations, banks, whoever...:

US/NATO knocked out. Russia deploys "invincible" missile. Flies at speed of 32,000 Km/h, Mach 27. Emil Cosman 27K views

AGAINST THE US! BRICS calls on other countries to stop using the dollar! Deepin Moments • 9.9K views The BRICS countries currently include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which is also the basic structure of BRICS countries. With the globalization of the world economy, and the...


This is what's taking place - I couldn't (didn't really try) um, think of the right term to describe what is happening right now - I hope it doesn't turn into WWIII over this stuff (starting with the Ukraine war (if the U.S. just let it go, instead of trying to bury Russia, it may not have evolved into this - kind of funny how that works - thank goodness for Putin that he's a strong and experienced President and man, not a little man who would or could plunge the world into nuclear war against NATO and that somebody (some Country that is) is standing up against U.S. hegemonic neoliberal liberal globalization and economic encapturement or enslavement to the U.S. World Capitalist system of high finance, riba/usury (interest) money printing, corporate-backed world system that works for the 0.1 % against the interests of the 99.9%.


Other stuff:

Erdogan wants meeting with Assad. US forces in Syria isolated The Duran • 103K views Erdogan wants meeting with Assad. US forces in Syria isolated The Duran: Episode 1461 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

I don't know if I need this ( - "you are not an ego. You are not your brain" - Use your brain - I also have Islam (is a lot) and the understanding of the NAFs/Ego...have learned - "Don't think of yourself so much" - that's helping me I believe...maybe it will help you to along with the videos at the start, I do have inner critic and I think a lot - but self-reflection I think is good - healthy self-reflection anyway - Write things down - Put it in your phone - ) Shadowwork inner critic and my own experience Ware Kracht True Power • 453 views

Always interesting listening to David Harvey: Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Mainstreaming Marxism & Redefining Capitalism Democracy At Work • 3.9K views

Very interesting! - really good story and such (advice):

Imam Ibn Tayymiyah's Phenomenal Advice To Who Has Completely Lost Control Of Himself | Abu Bakr Zoud Abu Bakr Zoud • 23K views A man asked Ibn Tayymiyah, What is the cure for the one who has been controlled by desire? And what is the way out for the one who has been dominated by chaos and confusion? And what should...

"I Interpreted 1000s of Dreams" - We Asked To An Expert Dream Interpreter

Towards Eternity 74K views We all have dreams. If we knew that the dreams we saw had deep meanings, would our view of dreams change? We will look at how the dreams we see today can have deep meanings. You can help us...

THE 10 MAJOR SIGNS BEFORE JUDGEMENT DAY One Islam Productions 95K views


Biden Hosts Summit of 49 African Leaders to Counter China & Russia's Growing Power Across Continent Democracy Now! 901K views Leaders from 49 African nations are in Washington, D.C., this week for a three-day summit organized by the Biden administration. The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit comes as the United States is...

How the war machine took over the Democrats w/ Dennis Kucinich | The Chris Hedges Report

The Real News Network 95K views There was once a wing of the Democratic Party that stood up to the war industry. J. William Fulbright, George McGovern, Gene McCarthy, Mike Gravel, William Proxmire, and, of course, Dennis...


These videos: Why your body posture matters - Miyamoto Musashi Philosophy Boss • 152K views

Modern Science has confirmed that the body posture has an impact on a person's mood and emotions. Today we talk about the importance body posture in the light of the teachings of the legendary...

"Oh SH*T, Putin WARNS of direct clash with U.S., NATO readies forces | Redacted w Clayton Morris" Redacted 288K views

Moscow says US policies have the US and Russia on the brink of all out war. Zelensky and his regime are sitting down doing interviews in The Economist magazine and Russia is readying a massive...

I was thinking - Yeah, it does seem like the patriot missile defense system really isn't very good or very effective. Yes, the U.S. has some older and not that great of stuff and especially quantity of stuff on the ground but I think we focus on winning the air and then rely much on air support so how good really is the F-35? And also it is due to the military industrial complex - outsourcing and buying from corporations instead of making our own weapons, technology, etc. -costs a lot. Also and, the military in general costs a lot - due to the sheer scope and size of the U.S. military empire (80+ bases around the world, etc.,) and the costs (recurring war's), So, it's not that surprising to see that we're having trouble continuing our support of Ukraine, especially in a modern ground war against Russia - but I am surprised at how powerful Russia's forces are as well and the sheer volume of artillery for example which they can utilize. America has a neglect of it's Army etc. it gets taken for a ride by these defense contractors and the training etc. in the reserves, the time spent is not so great - a lot of doing nothing instead of actual training (doing inventory - month after month - was sad - I left).

May Allah Bless the good people in America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, all around the world and throughout time (he knows all - ):

How Good Is The F-35 Lightning? USMC F-35C Lightning II. Pilot interview-VMFA-314 Blacknights. #f35 Military Aviation TV • 5.2K views Check out our excellent merchandise store available here; U.S. Marine Corps Major Robert Ahern with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314, Marine...

Amazing Video of F-35 Shows Its Insane Maneuverability US Military Power 1M views

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Robert Guyette, a pilot with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 242, conducts an aerial demonstration of an F-35B Lighting II aircraft during the Singapore Airshow 2022...

The Footage of the 'F-35' Intercepted by Russian 'Su-27P' Fighters Wowed People in the Network

BORZZIKMAN • 28K views

The Footage of the 'F-35' Intercepted by Russian 'Su-27P' Fighters Wowed People in the Network **************************************** Today, footage of the interception of the 5th generation...

F 22 Raptor VS F 35 Lightning II - 5th Generation Fighter Jet Comparison Out Of Your Mind • 6.3K views F-22 and F-35 are the most ambitious fighter programs in the Western world to have produced aircraft ready for combat, although the F-35 is currently restricted to a limited initial operating...


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