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(Just) Reporting...(mostly just Islam videos but some news)

Just some videos today (Sunday 03/6/22) I like and learning...



Really like this Sheikh so far, just found (him) today (30 mins):


Really great (1 hr long):


News Analysis and news vids: - America is losing it's power and prestige and respect around the world. You can't fake or hide things anymore and control the world. The truth prevails. It'll get out.



I'd say yes (8:43):

China says NO, we're not stupid and won't be pushed into your games - not surprising but I say, good for you China, I like your response (I think we should dissolve NATO etc. and get a real climate and peace deals going on and actually help each other and the world and act justly even with those we don't agree with on beliefs and how they run their countries and how their culture is etc.):


More Islam Vids:

Is it nearing the end times? (seems its getting closer):

Amazing! - Motivating - Learn Islam:

Love Sheikh Hamza's knowledge and teachings but especially when he applies the Quran and does those kinds of tafsirs.


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