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Updated: May 21, 2021

Watch this (warning, cursing)...and explain or comment.

I dont think us humans will ever understand all things); Including scientific things and otherwise nor can we probaby ever predict the outcome of everything perfectly because...humans.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? My thinking is the egg comes first because without sexual reproduction and its means (very complex biology) there would be no chicken in the first place. So cell division or mitosis and cell death, apoptosis, all come first (duh, but maybe the chicken does comes first?, I'm wrong a lot).

This book on the origins of the eukaryotic cell is great, but then, how did cells come into being in the first place (simple evolutionary history lesson)? Did these (formerly called) prokaryotic organisms (archaea and protists) somehow join up or coalesce in ways that produced the eukaryotic cell after oxygen (a key element for eukaryotic life, which the book states makes possible complex life via access to higher energy or energies, therefore, making possible more complex life) was sufficiently high in the Earth environment?

What about man? Why do we have these intrinsic type of traits and things, seemingly inside of us? We know now that during human development at about the 18 month mark, is when speech development really starts taking off. I believe it all makes sense and to question known science on these things is actually an insult to God/Allah (swt) and the complexity of the universe and life, and more specifically, the earth's natural history and all evolution. That is just me though and it's okay to be wrong, on both sides (of the brain - Del the Funky Homosapien reference).


Listened to the rap album Deltron 3030 this morning.

I want to devise a virus

that infects the corporations and society with a mild touch

not to incite mass violence

I want to make a super virus

Cause they don't want to unify us

Who's that? The mastermind

Verse 2: Del the Funky Homosapien]

First we coerce your brain patterns

Collaborate with time-consumin' re-programmin'

I apply the flow cannon, the combo's so slamming

Atomically reconstruct the whole canvas

His logic impress a hypnotic effect

Yeah, a latent patent, you could call it a gift

Man, he all in the mix, nuclear physicist

Genetically tailored every bit of this stimulus

Need to watch this one as well:

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