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"Just Working" post #2

Just blogging more, some good videos, the really good ones I would recommend watching other than religious videos will have the video highlighted in the blog - not just text links.


This is really good, might'be posted it already...Roy Casagranda on The Origins of the Syrian Crisis

Watched some or all? She makes some really good points: The New Canadian Uni-Party Has Been Revealed.

Watched a little bit walk 1 hour a day for 30 days

----- Very good videos this day... ---July 19 2023


Super scary and very this A.I.? almost seems, but no, no it's not...:

One of my co-workers at work and a guy I work with a lot sometimes is from Venezuela and he was telling me about how bad it is there now and how the Government like "bribes" the people into voting for them by giving them handouts and how life was much better there before the socialist/communist government. I just wonder about venezuela's economy being that way because of the sanctions the U.S.A. places on them and then the government having to step in, and providing meals to, is actually a good kind of thing and necessary given their situation. It is interesting in that given their location in the world, I would think that they would be food soverign and food rich even given their neighboring nations. It's um interesting for sure to study the failures of nation-states especially since and when, they change drastically politically yes. How much of the change is actually being brought about by the government of the country? How fast and how much do or did they even intervene in the economy within Venezuela that changed it so quickly? Why would a regime want to hurt their own country's economy in that case anyway? I don't think that is ever the intention of governments except for evil one's like Pinochet in Chile and other such example of evil and corruption who are working in concert with big businesses and oligarchs and such. Most countries of the world want to survive, want to move up in the world. It's a struggle for them and their people. They can't just print money like we can in the United States. They have to hold and trade in foreign reserves (i.e. - maintain an import/export surplus of balance or at least attempt to) and have debts to the I.M.F. and/or World Bank they have to pay on. You can't just um, expect to be able to buy grain without having something of value to trade it for. Anyway...

Searched for venezuela vs USA

Good video, seems accurate and well researched: How Venezuela was Destroyed

Watched some, it was alright...not what I'm wanting though...: 🇻🇪 How are US sanctions affecting life in Venezuela? | The Stream

Very similar to a previous (and super good) video I watched on neoliberalism, very good on its own right still: How neoliberalism devastated the economy, fueling financial instability and extreme inequality

Really good. May Allah bless. That woman has some real fire and spirit :) especially for an old woman. Very smart as well: Why Capitalism Needs Imperialism To Drain Wealth From the Global South, w/ Economist Utsa Patnaik

Didn't watch...why would they be lying? Hmmm...Bombshell! Last Week’s Record High Temperatures Were FAKED!

Prince Ea is really good...: If I was the DEVIL

This has some really important information in it that even the independent sources haven't quite highlighted that I seen yet though they get a few things wrong from what I know: William Arkin: CIA Is Playing "Outsize Role" in Ukraine Despite Biden Pledge Not to Send U.S. Forces

Didn't watch but I, I wouldn't watch...could be bad...: The SECRET Journey of BAAL | The ancient deity has returned

I didn't watch: Salafi vs sufi debate.

I think I've already shared but here goes again: Michael Hudson on Super Imperialism: How America Rules the World

Short. May Allah be very highly pleased with them: Miracle of Imam Ali (as) And Hazrat Fatima Zahra (as)

Some interesting comments:

@EduardoArtistaDelavega 1 month ago Message to Ukrainian troops: If your "allies" don't dare to fight, but they ask you to fight. Something is wrong. They are not your allies. You should not fight their proxy war.

@EduardoArtistaDelavega 1 month ago Germany: You can't win a war against Russia.Zelensky: Why? Germany: Because we already tried and it didn't end well for us.

@user-ox4ty5cl2q 1 month ago The world stand with Russia and Russian people. History will be told. The truth will prevail. The bad accompllices will fall.

@anthonyferguson9783 1 month ago "Many of you will die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make" It's an absolute disgrace how much indifference these people approach the lives of ukranian men with.

@EduardoArtistaDelavega 1 month ago The proxy war in Ukraine is the first time nato has tried to pick on someone their own size and nato is getting humiliated.

@z-RU_America 1 month ago All who is screeching "we don't afraid of Putin's nukes" are really calling for Putin's nukes in their homes.

@raymondcheung409 1 month ago The funny thing is letting the world you'll have a counter offensive was probably the dumbest thing

@craigzinkta3988 1 month ago I fully support the Russian position, but feel incredibly sorry for the Ukranian nation, as it has been betrayed by its own leadership.

@craigzinkta3988 1 month ago I fully support the Russian position, but feel incredibly sorry for the Ukranian nation, as it has been betrayed by its own leadership.


Its 9/21/23 - this is happening : @theimperialist2686 1 month ago

" Good news, bad for Zelensky though. Is he going to try another PR spin, or whine saying he should get more aid?


-Yes and they have the added narrative that our collective intelligence and military leadership is so incompetent that they didn't know or understand that sending weapon systems and aid piecemeal - "NATO wonder weapons" - can see episodes of the Duran and The New Atlas' Brian Beretic talk about this + other Youtube channels) was you know, ever a "bad" strategy - : here is the most recent propaganda:

60 Minutes Pushes 100% War Propaganda! The Jimmy Dore Show 74K views If he ever loses his job with 60 Minutes, reporter Scott Pelley can definitely get a job in the adult film industry as a fluffer — based solely on his recent performance blowing all kinds...

A great episode of The Duran on the topic of NATO wonder weapons - highly intelligent, highly informative: NATO wonder weapons w/Brian Berletic from The New Atlas (Live)

191K views Streamed 8 months ago The Duran

From a whole 8 months ago.


@hhvictor2462 1 month ago I noticed there are far fewer pro-ukie postings in the MSM comments section. Far fewer postings overall. It's as if the people in the collective west has grown tired of this nonsense already.


Didn't watch, this is really interesting...Vajra. The Unlimited Power


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