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Keep It Simple -Short Post

Yesterday (4-30-22) A few more videos...Tucker Carlson one is good. As is The Duran one.

Nice Petition here:

To US lawmakers:

As citizens from across the world, we support new legislation to stop the import, procurement and sale of products linked to unchecked deforestation, forest degradation, environmental crime, and human rights violations across the globe. Forests are a critical defence against global climate change and biodiversity loss, and are home to millions of plants and animals, as well as many proud Indigenous peoples. We urge you to pass crucial US legislation on deforestation this year.

Pondering over my website - especially economics (again), thinking I need to study and learn more (maybe so, yes, I do...get stronger, wiser)(think for oneself as well, can read both sides of an/the argument and/but, what you put into your brain matters (a lot) and time is important)...thinking, analyzing, contemplating...started reading some this morning.

Our Gov. (country) is in a lot of debt...


Love these...

Be strong, be free, keep it simple, do good...Words < Action. Don't be controlled by desires and concerned with what everyone else is doing and all these things.

I was thinking of a video similar to this, this'll do:

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