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Some goodness - need to check this out.



Amazing really great video IMO. Think and question things...:

This is what I've been getting into thinking some about and came to much the same conclusions about...It's amazing I found these videos and the timing....(watched on Sunday).


Tech video compilation:

We need climate action and to reduce our power consumption. It seems like it's only going to increase and increase....a huge change is needed and it'll either be forced on us and we'll live under a powerful techno company hegemony or we could try to come together and make rules upon ourselves and all mankind to try to change the way we live in the world and our relations with it and each other.

Technology can be used for good, but it also can get out of hand and do harm, I believe no doubt. And control us, and make us lazy. It's like people forgot basic physics and how much energy is inside a cookie. Seriously, we're going towards a world where crypto mining is going on 24/7 and we have robot window cleaners but we can't agree to save the planet when we know we're in for serious hurt. Knowing about PFAS now and seeing all this trash in the street in the waterways, but people are concerned about making tons of money.

Am not against progress but what is necessary? What is good and sensible given the reality of our uh, hold up, can't we try to create a decent livable future first before we go towards this "supposed Utopia of leisure and doing whatever we want and having wireless devices implanted in our skulls and living forever (ow, no thanks, my body hurts enough as it is). (Note the story of all these chimps dying or going crazy on that research study done with neuralink) I myself am wary of 5G and the need for it (why do we need gigabyte speeds for consumer devices? is it for improved government spying and surveillance or something?) and Tesla's Skylink and radiating the entire surface of the earth with radiation, albeit it is lower frequency rad. - but if there is a chance, and there are many studies and people that say they've been impacted by cell phone radiation or wireless 2.4 or 5 GHz radiation from routers for example then....yeah, no doubt your phone gets hot when it's using a lot of power, sending and receiving megabytes of information a second, would I really want that inside my skull next to my brain?


Allah akbar, may allah protect us from the fitrah of dajjal and dunya and trials and tribulations of life and death and the niggardliness of our own souls. May we praise and remember Allah SWT much and be thankful and do good and enjoin good on others and be strong (move with purpose) and nice (be humble, don't become disaullusioned with who and what we really are).


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