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Notes 11/17/2022:

-Global Capitalism created this (reality). Now it's coming back at the U.S.

-What is "conservative" in postmodernity? - Economically? Economics is most important in shaping our world one could argue nowadays and that politics and economics are inseparable.


Good video even though its title looks a bit off-putting coming from Democracy Now (I mean, who should pay, that's a huge and serious topic of debate and yeah, some media/news segment wouldn't actually make that know..."I'll believe it when I see it"), it's actually more about the infiltration of big business into the U.N. International Climate Change Conferences:


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I was skeptical about the lessons that could be drawn from this topic but was pleasantly surprised - very good talk:




Great video:

Parental discretion (kind of satanic like imagery - just very bleak anyway): Loneliness, Emptiness, Anxiety in Modern Society Eternalised 83K views

Loneliness, emptiness, and anxiety – these are the main complaints American existential psychologist Rollo May encountered over and over from his patients. In 1953, May published Man’s...

Thank you for your knowledge Professor Wolff - it is pretty complex, still trying to wrap my head around things a bit...I do question if all of this to be true though. I mean, the Fed printing money I would say, is the cause of inflation, the system of printing money in the first place (is wrong). Am not so sure if it's the employers fault that prices rise, when the dollar gets weaker combined with global or even regional problems as well - but for certain it is in the interests of companies to try to earn a profit, yes, which is fair.

Really good video - don't be off-put by the title so-called leftists and liberals and Marxists: It is actually more about critiquing liberalism than a criticism of economic political leanings and about how such liberalism is kind of turning towards more authoritarian/fascist kind of thinking.

Replace the words "neo-Marxists" throughout the talk with "neo-liberals" or "post-neo-liberals" or maybe "post-modern liberals", I think that is a more accurate portrayal of the group they are discussing. I see similar corollaries in the attitudes and thinking of some well-off people towards others who come from a different and lower class background than their own (in some people). The attitude of thinking one is superior to others. Nearly the same kind of thing but the manifestation and manifestations are different. This liberalist mindset being concerned with the individual self. A lot of this kind of thing and thinking is very similar to Anton Lavey Satanism in which the chief concern is only with the self and using people etc. for one's own gain. Doesn't have anything to do with socialism and Marx...

Actually, truly, you don't really see many very far left or moderately left, actual socialists in our Congress or otherwise and if they are (actually quite far left), they certainly don't hold their ground nor fight for what they believe in. And I would definitely argue and say, even if there were, that by focusing on these postmodern liberal cultural politics, well, that would be doing nothing but a disservice to themselves by placing and focusing on those things in comparison to the reality of what is everything else and the importance of those matters. Especially given the times with climate change, and wars, and the historical moment...(that would be kind of insane and quite dumb, self-harming, - the opposite of what any sane politician would do...) and what could be real winning issues that working people would be you know, potentially VERY supportive of ...increasing democracy, spending wisely, improving our country...etc. (I mean the fact that we have these liberal politicians who put a focus on those types of issues to get votes etc. is a very sad indictment of our democracy I would argue!, of course, of course. - If we had a better democracy we could work better to resolve these kinds of issues potentially I would think anyway).

Like this podcast episode is about - these kinds of issues are a product of the liberal society we live in (is that people focus on themselves and are wrapped up in identity politics etc. - political correctness, secular humanist individuality human rights identity which ignores the rights and sanctity, the honor of others. For example, Alexander Dugin in his book, "The Fourth Political Theory" argues that the modernist mindset (and others) have elements of fascism/racism in them via being disrespectful of the past and traditional cultures and societies. This other book I started reading - "Collective Illusions" by Todd Rose actually goes into how, us humans, being the social creatures that we are, and wanting to be accepted by society, can get fooled into false kinds of thinking, even creating sometimes these false realities based on false assumptions.

Another book, "Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of It's Enemies" by Ian Buruma and Avaisha Margalit goes into the history Occidentalism (anti-liberalism, anti-modernity - people who were opposed to all the modern changes and modern liberalist thought overtaking traditional culture and society - or basically people who oppose "the West") starting with some of the elites in Japan in the quite a good and very interesting book. Can learn a lot of history they won't teach you about in school.


I Get confused a bit....(I know, it's alright, I'm not studied in economics, is a big subject).


Thank goodness for this; straight genius, straight-up answers, makes sense to me now given all that I know and could or can imagine the way things should be or might better be I guess you could say:

Why questions answered, definitively:


What a beast. Amazing.

You must watch the above video to understand things.


I found it very enlightening, in A. Dugin's "Fourth Political Theory", the (3) main ways U.S. empire chooses to go about...Can read it for yourself but I can, I suppose explain briefly. #1 is from the neo-cons, rule-by-force type of thinking and more nationalistic actions. #2 is more like that employed by Obama, more "soft-power" multilateralism, - try to bring countries under the wing and prevent States from true independence and sovereignty (punish rogue states like Iran and Cuba and obviously China and Russia at the moment). #3 is promoting accelerated globalization using financial means and power centers - like the WEF, possibly the use and creation of digital currencies, etc. The approach is to use any and all at the same time, the U.S. being of course, the most influential and powerful nation on the planet.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it...”

Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

/\ Quite worrying...chill out with some Muslim videos...don't despair of the Mercy of Allah S.W.T. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins.

Fear Allah, praise Allah.


Good video:

Interesting comments(!) (and another pic added on, looks interesting):

Really great talk, knowledge illuminates the darkness:


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