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Ton of videos watched (learning learning)

Lots of Islamic videos and learning.

Nice video :

"O you who believe, Believe!"

END DAYS SURVIVAL: MIRACLES REQUIRE A HEART THAT BELIEVES | Sufi Meditation Center E238 The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 6.9K views

The Muhammadan Way is home to world-renowned Sufi Muslim teacher Shaykh Nurjan, exploring traditional Islamic realities and sciences of the soul.

- I don't really follow just one sheikh but anyway, is personal, is inner "sciences of the soul"

-> Surah 91 - "Ash-Shams"

-> -----

"SUBHANALLAH.......ALLAH is Al Jameel.......the most beautiful....the ultimate beauty which we cannot comprehend.......

"Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum, bi rahmatika astaghith, aslih li shani kullahu, wa la takilni ila nafsi tarfat ‘ayn (O Ever-Living, O Self-Sustaining and All-Sustaining, by Your mercy I seek help; rectify all my affairs and do not leave me in charge of my affairs even for the blink of an eye)."


? - -




Non Islam videos:

- I was thinking some things after watching the video about what is most fair and just on this matter - can see many different viewpoints. - Might be a good idea to forgive student loan debt (and repay $ back for borrowers who already paid) and to provide for students yet to go to college - say $25k?, $35k?, $40k? - whatever the amount - would take a lot of money though.

He makes great points about what is the reality of the situation in the United States (and also, yes, the system is bad...already know). - "What wealthy people are taking out student loans in the United States? Why would you take out a loan and have to pay back more, if you can just pay in the first place". The people, on the right in the U.S. making these statements are just...the situation is just _____. Seriously, you're going to argue against people that make less than $150k/yr.?

Quotes I like:

Joanna Hampton 5 days ago (edited) How exactly would an "illegal immigrant" secure a student loan? Rosetta Drone 5 days ago (edited) “Up to” 10,000 and means-tested to death even though rich people don’t have student debt. Great job, Joe. And still the right wing are frothing at any microscopic crumbs of help regular people get.And btw, I am so sick of democrats means-testing everything… why would you spend more money administering a program, getting the IRS involved, increasing the amount of paperwork needed, all for the goal of helping as few people as possible? Makes no kind of sense.

George 5 days ago Education should not be gated behind a pay wall. Knowledge should not be for the already rich and privileged. The common citizen should not be PUNISHED for striving to better themselves. The culture of employee investment needs to return. Business need to support under experienced workers because that's how to retain people. It builds loyalty when you treat someone like a human being and not a cog in the machine. Everyone has the right to higher learning and to explore their potential, and the rich should be fearful of that, because with knowledge comes independent thought and critical thinking, two things that stop the Rich from scapegoating and manipulating the ignorant.

wickedymike 4 days ago Nina makes a great point, I had no idea there was such a huge race-based disparity in student loan debt... It makes sense, I just never considered it.

John Quimby 5 days ago Last time I checked we're short of trained doctors and nurses. Making higher education affordable for those who can and will save lives is a life and death issue.

jonathan helton 5 days ago We give the rich, corporations and military blank checks all the time. When we help the middle class and poor, all of a sudden math comes in.

Kevin Miller 5 days ago Crazy how literal gambling on stocks and property ownership makes you more money than actually making the world function.

The AJ 4 days ago I'll chime in with how we do it in my country of Denmark:University is free. As a student you get 6000 krona (850 USD) a month, and that barely covers rent, utilities, transportation, as Denmark is more expensive than the US.Most students have a job and/or take a small student loan on the side.The loans are cheap and can manageably be paid off within 10-15 years without resorting to canned tuna & noodles.It works pretty well. Sure I pay more in taxes than you guys, but I don't have to worry about getting sick and having to sell my house.Huh. Seems like this well regulated socialism thing actually kinda works...

Will Gibbs 5 days ago They never want to help the average person but they have no problem taking our tax money!

- So tired of taxes - this is what I hear a lot from working class people, and I, though poor and without much to be taxed on, feel that as well. - Spent $5.50 on a burger, get charged nearly $0.50 in taxes...local taxes at least go locally and to the state but really...(where and what our all our tax dollars going towards - (yessir))

Rick 4 days ago (edited) An argument I saw against loan forgiveness or publicly funded post secondary school is the idea that it would be harder to get people to join the military by bribing them with a college degree. Just how evil is that?

Oners82 12 hours ago It actually makes perfect sense to take out a student loan if you are wealthy, just so long as you invest the money you now not had to spend in something with a higher return rate than the loan costs. For example, if the loan interest is 4% but you invest the money you now haven't had to spend in a hedge fund that returns 10% then you are a net 6% up and you can just pay back the loan afterwards. It is standard practice in investment to take out loans if your investment returns are higher than the interest you pay back on the loan. Show less

Macky Mccallum 4 days ago Republican talking heads absolutely believe in the sentiment of "rules for thee, not for me."

/\ /\ -- Applicable to our (the U.S.'s) geopolitics and relationship to the rest of the world, including the U.N. - and the U.N. is guilty as well (I believe).

- I think a great reset of world debt - such as IMF and World Bank debts - would be awesome - and only just and right, and wouldn't even really start to repay "reparations" unto the countries that these global banks have done, - especially because of the history of colonialism and then neo-colonialism/"neoliberalism" (which is what I'm referring to)

Pretty good, I liked the energy and goodness (genuineness) in this video. Subscribed. - I agree with as well, for the most part, I think 2023 will be hard, not quite sure what the housing market will do but anyway...


Great :

Haven't watched (very long, nearly three hours, the above video by Sheikh Omar is decently long as well): Ep. 15: Islamic Revival in the 21st Century The Ummah Times: Decolonizing Minds • 1.2K views


Nice. Movement is life (even the galaxies are in motion, subhannah Allah Allah Akbar)

Self control! Woah, cool video:

Really enjoyed this:

Interesting (lots of hypotheses - hypotheticals)...learned a good deal still. Wouldn't say it's a must-watch, is not bad.

Haven't watched but look good:

FULL INTERVIEW: The bomb that killed #DaryaDugina was planted by #Ukraine or its proxies George Galloway 21K views

"FULL INTERVIEW: The assassinated #DaryaDugina was a personal friend of mine explains #DonaldCourter Watch the full @moatsTV show at | @GeorgeGalloway"

The 2023 Recession will be unlike anything we've ever seen before | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 166K views

Is the U.S. heading for a recession? Economists point to mass layoffs in the coming quarters and gas prices may still go up. But just get some solar panels and you'll be fine, right? Right?...


Islam - Madhabs - (learning learning)

Watch(ed) all these great videos about the four great Imams, scholars, founders of the four. May Allah SWT be pleased with them all and may Allah SWT guide us, forgive us and bless us (good to watch multiple times in my opinion and to follow the Prophet SAW, follow the Sahabah (is hard, is hard), follow the Imams, develop self, study/learn, do good, give, eat healthy, read Quran, read good books, develop self and skills (job-wise, personal, understanding the times/world in which we live (whatever that term is, the scholars understood...people and viewpoints))...


Salah - so important to work on improving and perfecting (I can do better, need to work on):

Good videos:

Ep. 14: Khilafah: History and Future (Segment 3 of P. 2) with Br. Mazin Abdul-Adhim & Sh.Omar Baloch

Madhabs (more):

What if I Was Born in The Hanafi Madhab Without Knowing What it Really is? | Ask Shaykh YQ #1 Yasir Qadhi 71K views

It is indeed possible for someone to be born in a certain Madhab without really knowing that Madhab particularly means. What should a person do if they find themselves in such a situation?...


A climate video : (I really like Guy McPherson, this video seems solid from the minute I watched)

Hopium Dealers Hall of Fame (with a Nod to Guy McPherson) thegreatstory • 3.4K views

This hour-long video represents the heart of Michael Dowd's message during the summer of 2022. In it, he confesses to being a repeat offender (i.e., a notorious hopium peddler) between 2000-2012...

Here's a video from Redacted, but I don't like Bjorn Lomberg's take...I mean sure, I agree with his views that pollution is a big problem know, if you know, science...and CO2 emissions, greening the planet, "is no worry" - NO. - And anyway, what is he getting all famous for? what are his solutions? just saying, "pollution is a problem, lets do better, let's clean up the environment" - alright, agree, so do ALL environmentalists. - No of course not, he's popular and famous because he's against climate change action that has an effect on the economy or govt. spending on climate change mitigation (while real climate change scientists are doing work and science and publishing actual peer-reviewed papers, teaching, etc., etc.)

I use to have such depression and anger etc. about climate change and the direction of the world/planet and humanity's actions (inaction and greed) as we live in these hamdu lillah for belief. I asked God (Allah, SWT) one night as I went camping one night alone, needing solace and to connect with the earth (peaceful) - why? what?

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