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Bismallah Ar-Rahman, Ar Raheem

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...serious issue.

"nd so we talk about this issue because there are a number of positions that Muslims have taken and to

4:47 the point where in general not even just Muslims but people uh one of the general

4:53 um uh feelings about this community is how they seem to like hijack all types

5:00 of morality and be really aggressive and promoting uh you know their beliefs and

5:05 their lifestyle and making people feel like they're going to have to like be accepting and be accommodating of

5:12 behavior that is you know by all normal standards very reprehensible you know

5:18 it's something that is uh obnoxious you know and there's been an agenda you know

5:23 to promote this you know in schools and school curriculums uh definitely in TV

5:28 and radio uh you know if you if you engage in social media we get it engage in any kind of um television movies uh

5:37 TV shows uh you always find now that there's always someone who is part of

5:43 that community and it's a main um you know main theme in the show a

5:48 main theme in music and you know the stuff is kind of being like you know pushed on us as an agenda as we all know

5:55 and and now it's come to the point where they even trying they're even trying to

6:00 equate you know the struggle of lgbtq people with the Civil Rights Movement uh

6:05 or the struggle with black people in America and what we had to go through with respect to just being a certain

6:12 color you know that we did that we did not choose and not that we you know we would choose something different or that

6:19 we wanted to be something else that's how we were born you know and so these people uh you know they're not born like

6:26 this and so they've developed into a whole Community where now that it's also as you know in some places you can you

6:33 know you can be fine you can be put in jail you can be ostracized and your career can be in Jeopardy if you do not

6:39 you know you know conform to these principles or at least speak out and uh even now if you notice uh over the years

6:46 uh many people in the entertainment industry you know it's almost like they have to make a disclaimer all the time

6:53 you know they have to acknowledge okay I don't have any problems with that Community or you know I support that

6:59 Community or some of the things that they have to do and in the in the Muslim world you know this is kind of it's been

7:07 injected in in the Uma where people uh you know go from a range to really you

7:13 know just speaking out and being offensive about it and saying things you know and you heard some people just kind

7:18 of say uh you know basically we're not with it you know and then you also have

7:23 at the other end of the spectrum people who um you know who are apologetic and feel

7:30 like that Muslims uh have to be involved and even stand up for their rights and

7:35 then there are even some so-called Muslim leaders who have been promoting this thing that you know uh if we don't

7:41 stand up for their rights then when it comes for our turn then who's going to stand up for our rights and that whole

7:46 thing about you know all of those politics and so we just want to discuss tonight

7:52 the topic inshallah about us maintaining our honor in the midst of all of this

7:57 confusion and all of this gender roles and you know people choosing these uh

8:04 you know these reprehensible behaviors and attitudes and dress and all of this stuff that is alien into alien to Islam

8:11 and so and talking about this topic it made me think about uh the the statement

8:18 that's from um and he said that we were a disgrace with

8:23 people and the law honored us with Islam and then we seek honor from anything else besides what Allah honored us with

8:30 in Allah will disgrace us you know and that is something very important because Islam as a reveal religion you know what

8:37 Allah sent down to his Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam you know in

8:43 that Reverb religion that we follow and that we love and that we stand up for and that we believe in is that these

8:49 things that are associated with the lgbtq community not necessarily people

8:55 but the acts the acts that they do are reprehensible which is very clear in the

9:00 Quran and the prophetic narrations of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam so

9:05 in the Hadith you know we have Hadith that that Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam that you know the curse women

9:11 who imitated men and curse men who imitated women and things like that and

9:16 um so this is something uh that is not uh acceptable in our religion and at the

9:24 same time why is not acceptable and Islam is very clear about it you know there's no need for us to really have to

9:31 take a stand except for what Allah says in this Quran you know and um now you

9:36 think about the movement uh now how uh is really aggressive because

9:41 um I shared on my page today something I know some of you saw it and I don't know what city it was in uh but there was a

9:48 mayor of the town and he came in as a guest in the city council meeting and he

9:54 told the city council members that you know he said it reached them that they were like pushing this agenda because

10:01 the lgbtq community extends to it now they're having like drag queens coming

10:06 to the schools and read books to children having these things where they're dressing up boys and and dresses

10:12 and stuff like that and they try to you know present it as easy and you know as Modern Times And we got to make

10:19 progression and all this stuff but it's an agenda to effeminate men you know what I'm saying to make men like women

10:25 you know and vice versa and even in all of these movies you see now if you

10:30 notice uh I was it was one movie that just came up but if you notice a theme in some of these movies where the women

10:36 are like really like masculine and superpower and then the men are like clueless you know the men you know

10:43 they're strong and their leaders but then it's like they dumb them down you know what I mean so there's even a

10:48 subtle agenda to make the men seem like it's they're weak and stuff like that and you can you can go to any

10:54 Blockbuster movie you want and you can see some of these subtleties in the movie but this mayor he um

11:01 he sat in front of the city council and he told him that it has reached them that they are you know

11:08 basically promoting uh pornography to children and if some of you might see if you do a

11:14 search at some of these books that they're writing that have you know shown

11:19 in the books and it's innocent this so-called innocent way that men are with men and women are with women and they're

11:25 raising the family and they're doing it in the storybook fashion to little children you know and making them think you know

11:33 um putting this confusion out early so children don't know how don't grow up I mean children grow up and not knowing

11:39 how to identify making them go against their natural inclination you know to at

11:45 least be attracted to the opposite sex you know that's your natural inclination you know all of us can remember we

11:51 should remember we were in grade school you know there was a time that you know as boys you know the the girl was cute

11:59 but we were scared the pursuer and the girls were already plotting on us before we even knew what was going on because

12:04 they are they're Vance over us you know I mean so uh but the mayor said um you

12:11 are you either have two choices either you take this stuff out of the school

12:16 or you resign he said you need to take the stuff out of the school or you resign and so that

12:24 was a very honorable thing for someone to stand up you know because there has to be uh a push back to this onslaught

12:31 of this this uh agenda that's being pushed on us and we're being bombarded and then people feel like that they have

12:38 to you know make this disclaimer where we really don't have to stand up and then there's more people uh who are just

12:45 in their natural mind that you know they know this stuff is not acceptable even though it happens in their societies and

12:51 even with our family members you know some of us we have family members we have neighbors we have people who are part of that community and you know

12:58 before this agenda started being pushed on us heavily like there was never there was never no issue you know that you

13:04 understood that that was part of their lifestyle that you didn't bother them and they didn't bother you you know they didn't try to influence your kids unless

13:11 there was some you know some like perversion there you know and uh but they didn't you know try to make their

13:18 lifestyle known they just you know they they went where they went and they did what they did and that was it and you

13:23 know and in Islam you know one of the principles is that as long as you don't catch them in the act you know then you

13:29 don't you don't you know you don't bother them you don't harass them you know you don't bash them or anything like that you know and uh so but now and

13:37 and with the onslaught that they're bullying people and you know as I looked at the story about the uh prophet [Lut - Alayhiwasalaam].



1:20:04 now go look at it look at the problems facing us on the

1:20:10 ground in our communities that we deal with regularly

1:20:17 in Islam and see where the people who put that cross

1:20:22 falling look at the struggles we talk about on the background imam's Roundtable on all of our platforms what

1:20:30 the African-American Summit was about you would notice that our issues were

1:20:35 never never never never never never never never addressed but when they have a concern

1:20:41 when they're trying to put it aside something when they're trying to move it is an immediate

1:20:49 thing why they never had a document going Against Racism against

1:20:55 black Muslims that they all signed that they wrote a big lecture about and

1:21:02 a big dialogue why that's never occurred explain all of these phds and Shakes and

1:21:08 doctors y'all didn't figure out that black Muslims are treated unfairly that the black community is being

1:21:15 oppressed that where is your engagement in that

1:21:22 tell me as if we don't exist

1:21:29 but we gonna sign up quickly for their agenda that's going to be used for

1:21:35 something else with our signatures on it haven't we seen this didn't we do it

1:21:41 with as Imam Naim pointed out so clearly BLM black lives matter

1:21:48 isn't that what happened wasn't that the same move Imam name it is a good cause but who really

1:21:56 benefits we still getting killed in the streets while they're getting funding

1:22:03 we still getting slaughtered in the streets ain't nothing changed but they got their funding they got

1:22:09 their support they got their government access but we don't got nothing we're still being killed in the streets daily

1:22:16 we're still getting inferior education unemployment inferior housing redlining

1:22:23 everything is still happening us but we cheering on them and they get all their stuff we got to stop being so

1:22:30 irresponsible in our movements because we're afraid of our own shadow

1:22:36 it's got to be right look who signed it so what what they got to do with us

1:22:43 I know this thing ain't got no position to help us I ain't seen that petition yet

1:22:48 I ain't seen all those signatures signing on our condition whether we Muslim or black people period I've never

1:22:55 seen that in fact I've heard the opposite that's not our issue we Muslims when it comes to us that's

1:23:02 not our issue we Muslims but when it's something you want to do when it's affecting your children when it's

1:23:09 something you're trying to do in the workplace now it's an issue man miss me with that

1:23:17 and I may be why did he say that okay well show me where our issues are

1:23:23 dressed show us where our issues are funded let's look at our institutions

1:23:29 you look at all those people you see black institutions crumbling where's all

1:23:35 the support for that these are all phds and doctors and big masjids and chandeliers and all that

1:23:42 stuff two million dollars where's that coming back to the black community but you want us to sign your petition to

1:23:48 join your stuff I have a serious problem with that

1:23:53 I have a serious problem with that and listen I know some of our black imams

1:23:59 and leaders they don't think that kind of way they don't they don't realize sometimes because

1:24:07 they're trying to survive stealing somebody else's movie

1:24:13 they're still trying to find their place in someone else's movie instead of

1:24:18 making your own Spike Lee Joint that's us



my biggest concern is us and I'm not going to be used by someone

1:17:52 else to push their agenda and forget us I'm never doing that again

1:18:02 do y'all understand what I'm saying Imam nahim mentioned something

1:18:09 we're quick to sign on to someone else's agenda

1:18:14 we're quick to fight someone else's cause but they will neglect our causes

1:18:20 straight up and we would just do their work and they never do our work but we constantly wave

1:18:28 someone else's flag and they will put our flag down and we

1:18:34 won't even wave it anymore we can't keep going for the okie doke

1:18:42 we see a paper and no one asks put that out and what is their agenda

1:18:49 what are they trying to do and how does that benefit us

1:18:54 and is that our priority think about that


"have your pride day and you can have your fun but you know that's that's where you at with it we over here you

1:10:23 know so but you know we just got to really have more izza and taking the stand and not be scared of any kind of

1:10:29 ramifications and nor do we have to really be like you know that we have to feel like we got to be

1:10:36 like compromising it's just it's not part of our religion and there will never be no matter how much time the

1:10:42 times it changes you know Johnny will never be Jane and Jane will never be Johnny you know

1:10:48 and so let me Allah help us

1:10:55 I don't know I always struggle with these issues because

1:11:02 you know and Islam

1:11:09 Islam is the truth everything other than it is false

1:11:14 when we understand that concept

1:11:22 I think some of us don't believe that at the Heart level we may say it but at

1:11:29 the Heart level we think some stuff is better than Islam

1:11:34 at least that's how we function right

1:11:41 so I think when we talk about all these things we have to put stuff in context

1:11:50 we're living in a society in a world not just America and a world

1:11:57 that's dominated by kuffa and Kofa with all of its

1:12:05 right different forms is one way of life

1:12:19 disbelief covered is one religion one way of life with

1:12:27 many branches in many forms all of it is covered

1:12:32 so when we talk about these movements you're talking just another branch of

1:12:40 cover that's it so it reaches the level

1:12:45 where someone tries to legitimize cover

1:12:52 which is to say this is not sinful Islam accepts this and then the and you know

1:12:58 and now make it it's acceptable legitimizing right

1:13:06 that's the concept that we live in so it's not a battle against heterosexuals

1:13:12 and homosexuals and LGBT and this black white it's a battle against Iman and

1:13:20 Cooper it's reality and it's various manifestations various

1:13:27 manifestations of Iman and various manifestations of cover

1:13:32 I think we should never forget that

1:13:37 and when we look at things from that aspect

1:13:43 there's not so much negotiation in our convictions right

1:13:50 everything that the law conveyed I mean Allah revealed and the prophet

1:13:57 salallahu is Islam and it's true in whatever opposes that is false period stop end

1:14:04 the discussion right now the only thing we're here we're

1:14:09 doing is calling our little Iman calling the people of comfort to

1:14:16 Iman that's it calling within that scope

1:14:23 the people of sinfulness to obedience

1:14:29 Conformity to the sacred law but a lot of times

1:14:35 we don't even want to follow the sacred law we find Injustice

1:14:42 in the laws that Allah revealed in the prophet salallahu conveyed

1:14:48 and hence we'll start justifying branches of cover

1:14:59 and that's how we get duped that's how we fall into

1:15:05 uh contravening our religion

1:15:12 without even realizing i



we do have to uh have this is when we're taking the stand and be like no you know

1:07:06 I don't necessarily hate those people and I'm not you know what we know is hated in America you know people you

1:07:12 know they'll burn you and kill you and hang you you know with their hatred and that's not what we're gonna do but we're

1:07:19 just gonna let people know that's not part of our religion nor are we required to stand up for it nor do we condone it

1:07:26 and and it's really as simple as that you know



right I was saying to a group of Muslim

24:59 influencers and you know psychologists and

25:05 academics we were in a session and I said we need to put our money together

25:10 to go to our way to the Supreme Court to make sure that polygyny is accepted in

25:17 the United States and they opposed they was like oh that ain't our issue

25:24 that ain't our concern boom boom that isn't our religion it's in the Quran it's permissible the prophet saws did it

25:30 the sahaba did it it was part of our Deen but there was no interest interest in

25:36 pushing something in our Dean we found all the ways to oppose it but for them

25:43 in their Deen they had pride in it and they pushed it all the way to the Supreme Court

25:51 until their way of life noun is dominating the society over every other

25:59 way of life think about that they pushed because of their pride in

26:06 their Deen which is the dean of common loot

26:13 they pushed it so much all the way to the highest levels

26:18 of the court system to it now dominates every facet of life

26:27 Sports entertainment education workplace

26:32 business every field that way of life dominates

26:39 the energy in the room why is it for us

26:46 that our way of life doesn't dominate every aspect of life

26:53 Allah mentioned about the prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam

27:04 that Allah is the one who sent his messenger

27:09 with guidance and the religion of Truth and Islam that it should dominate it

27:15 should Prevail over every other way of life

27:20 so if anyone should have the right to dominate The Society it should be al-islam

27:29 right it should be Islam but because we don't have Israel like we

27:36 should we accept being the low class

27:43 and the people who should feel low by their unlawful Behavior

27:49 Heaven is that in that they have dignity and honor and pride and they dominate

27:54 The Society for us it should be a lesson

28:00 when we think of jahid to share it

28:05 that concept struggle and you witness look at them you cannot deny that they will fight

28:14 they will fight they will struggle and they're witnessing

28:20 their deemed dominating the world when Allah told us that's our Deen

28:27 that's supposed to dominate the world so I want you

28:32 when you think of that pride month I want you to have some dignity and pride in your Deen

28:41 right man I'm getting ready to go there again

28:48 I probably ain't gonna make it this whole show without going there because

28:56 uh there's a lot of parallels to this but I want you to look

29:03 at a couple verses in the Quran quickly and I'll stop I want you to look at Surah 35

29:11 verse number 10. that's the first

29:19 few words of that verse that's sorta Allah said and this is sort of fair to

29:25 you in the 10th verse

29:35 whoever whoever

29:43 seeks dignity honor

29:49 having some pride in yourself

30:00 so whoever wants is in this world in the Hereafter you want

30:07 some honor you want some dignity you want some pride

30:14 so all of it is from Allah it belongs to Allah

30:19 in other words when you surrender to Allah when you submit to Allah when you

30:25 follow the way of The Messengers Allah has guaranteed you

30:31 dignity and honor and elevation so really you will have that sense if

30:41 you surrender to the dictates of the Sharia but guess what

30:47 that part of it we don't do well we don't stick to the dictates of the

30:53 Sharia well

31:06 move to another verse that's one that's one

31:12 move to another verse which is Surah number 63 verse number

31:18 eight think about this a lot

31:24 right crystals two verses in those small lines you don't gotta think about the whole

31:30 verse just those few lines Allah says

31:35 at the end of that verse

31:47 Allah said

31:53 honor dignity belongs solely to Allah

31:59 his messenger and the Believers wow

32:12 but the hypocrites they don't know that

32:18 now when you say Hypocrites I want you to put this in context

32:23 so Allah says

32:32 hypocrites right everyone knows hypocrites

32:39 I want to ask you all a question where were the hypocrites

32:44 where were the hypocrites please answer that where were they

32:53 huh I know we got to take a minute to answer that but I want us to think about this where are the Hypocrites where were they

33:01 in Al Madina and who were they with who were they with what were they doing

33:08 they were with the Muslims right they're not talking about some

33:14 people who are not among the Muslims because hourly the Hypocrites look like

33:21 Muslims they prayed they went in the Masjid they

33:26 sometimes went in the battle they were all over the place they were in Al Madina and this verse was talking about

33:33 them in Al Madina who had the form of Muslim but the hearts of kufan

33:43 I remember one of our teachers said something that I would never ever forget

33:49 he said had we seen the sahaba radhi Allah

33:54 we would have thought they were crazy

33:59 and had they seen us us they would have thought we were hypocrites

34:07 I want you to think about that now

34:13 the companions they had that state

34:18 ment meaning

34:24 and that's all they were concerned about we Muslim and we live and push our Deen in every

34:33 aspect with our wealth with ourselves no doubt about it is

34:50 that the real Believers they're not Hypocrites the real Believers those who

34:56 believe in Allah and his messenger and thereafter no doubt they know that right

35:07 then they struggle with their wealth and themselves in the path of Allah

35:13 they are with the Believers they find that is these are the true sincere people now

35:20 measure us to that measure us to that

35:32 so a lot of times when we look at our Deen

35:38 it should be in a foreign

35:45 and then in terms of eligible consensus

35:51 for the meaning the Believers the great Scholars among them

35:56 in this case of this movement contradicts what Allah revealed what the

36:02 prophet salallahu conveyed and what the Muslims agreed upon so it's against the Quran when Allah

36:09 revealed it's against the Sunnah what the prophet salallahu conveyed and what the Muslims agreed on which is the

36:16 agreement of the Muslims among them which represents all of them

36:24 so for us we should think about that so those two verses

36:34 instead of having when we look at pride month and I'm it's a long opening I'm sorry when

36:41 we look at pride month

36:46 we should have a lifetime of pride and when we in Memphis

36:52 which is honor dignity pride in that sense of feeling a strong sense of

36:58 attachment to a belief a conviction and that's belief in Allah in his messenger

37:05 for me if we can just gather that

37:11 right in all of our life not just with the

37:16 things that are easy even those things that we find difficult right

37:22 I think we would be winners I'll come back and talk more about the pride itself but this is something that is

37:30 this is something that is necessarily known to be of the religion that this is Haram so I don't think we're none of us

37:36 I hope none of us there are some but that's another story we'll talk about but all of us know this is unlawful but

37:43 we could learn from something that is unlawful look at the energy the support

37:49 that's put in it and look at the result in the society why can't we do the same


tonight insha Allah we will try to

0:34 answer this question

0:36 can someone Enter Hell

0:40 after they have already entered Jannah

0:43 so let's discuss inshallah

look at this Hadith it's a very long

3:41 Hadith I'm going to take the part that

3:43 we need from it

3:45 so these people will go to Allah

3:49 and they would say

4:01 our brothers our sisters they used to

4:04 pray with us they used to fast with us

4:07 they used to do a lot of good deeds with

4:09 us

4:10 in other words they want to intercede

4:13 for them please Ya Allah where are they

4:15 because at that time if they are not

4:18 with you in Jannah there's only one

4:20 other option they are in the Hellfire

4:28 go to the Hellfire and take out

4:33 anyone that you know that has

4:36 a dinar of Iman one dinar

4:41 a little bit of Iman so they will go and

4:45 then

4:46 told us that Allah will say go back and

4:50 take out whomsoever have happy dinner

4:53 of Iman in their heart and then they

4:57 would be told go back and take

4:59 whomsoever have a mustard seed weight of

5:01 Iman

5:03 in his heart so they will enter the

5:06 Hellfire but not to be punished Allah

5:09 with his ability and with his power he

5:14 could make them go into the Hellfire

5:16 without being hurt from the fire and

5:19 save the people they want to save just

5:22 like he made the fire cool for Ibrahim

5:27 now imagine in Dunya

5:30 you will have

5:32 how would you feel if you were to

5:35 intercede for someone to be saved from

5:38 jail for 30 years sentence

5:43 or you interceded for somebody who has

5:45 been out of job for five ten years and

5:48 you got him a good job you'll feel so

5:50 good that you did something great you

5:52 saved somebody from poverty from jail

5:55 how about how do you feel if you were

5:58 given the permission to intercede for

6:01 someone in the Hellfire Allahu Akbar

6:06 so that's a great feeling my brothers

6:08 and sisters now

6:15 another

6:16 beautiful Point here is that subhanallah

6:19 this brother

6:21 before he entered Jannah he's still

6:23 worried about his brothers and sisters

6:26 even though he's about to enter

6:28 Everlasting Bliss and joy and happiness

6:31 but he still thought about his brother

6:34 and sisters so Believers out of two

6:37 kinds the kinds of it will enter the

6:39 Jannah without going to the Hellfire and

6:42 a group that will enter the Hellfire be

6:44 punished for their sins and then they

6:46 will go to Jannah

6:49 no this is the main question

6:53 do you have anybody in your life right

6:57 now

6:59 that will notice that you're not in

7:01 Jannah

7:03 are you surrounded by righteous people

7:07 that when there before they enter Jannah

7:09 they would notice that you're not there

7:10 and they will intercede for you or are

7:13 your friends and all the people you're

7:15 surrounded with are Dunya people that we

7:19 have no clue where are they

7:21 is there someone that will ask about you

7:25 are you surrounded by righteous people

7:31 this is extremely important my brothers

7:33 and sisters all

7:35 we can do to be saved on that day has to

7:38 be done now while we are above the

7:42 ground

7:43 so ask yourself that question and you

7:46 know

7:47 one of the toughest things in that

7:49 Hadith

7:50 that statement that says they used to

7:54 pray with us they used to fast with us

7:56 they used to do good deeds with us

7:59 what does that indicate that indicates

8:03 that

8:05 there will be in the Hellfire people who

8:08 prayed and fasted and did Good Deeds

8:13 why is that it could be for many reasons

8:17 but I will mention too number one is

8:20 because of their tongue

8:23 because of the tongue in the very long

8:25 Hadith rasulullah he told us

8:29 that many people will be thrown on their

8:32 faces in the Hellfire

8:34 because of the account of their tongues

8:37 because of the result of their tongues

8:39 the lying the backbiting they pray but

8:42 they backbite and they lie and they

8:44 spread rumors and they curse and they

8:46 use foul language

8:49 so we have to control our tongue beside

8:53 all the ibadat and the rituals that we

8:55 are doing second subhanallah

9:02 when he said that there will be people

9:04 who will come with mountains mountains

9:08 of hasanat but they will be turned into

9:12 scattered dust

9:19 they are your brothers from your race

9:23 worshiping at night they're praying just

9:27 like you but

9:30 they are

9:31 the kind of people when they are alone

9:36 they transgress

9:38 the sacred limits of Allah

9:41 pray not only they pray and fast but

9:44 they also pray to

9:46 extra optional about that

9:51 but there are men went

9:53 to scatter dust because

9:56 when they are alone they forgot that

9:59 Allah is watching when they are alone

10:01 they watch Haram

10:03 they cheat they lie

10:08 so that will lead

10:09 even though they pray and they fasten

10:11 they do other good deeds but that led

10:14 them

10:15 to

10:20 scattered dust so my brothers and

10:23 sisters yes someone who is decreed to be

10:27 from the people of Jannah will enter the

10:30 Hellfire but not to be punished but to

10:32 save his brothers and sisters from the

10:36 Hellfire may Allah make us with the

10:39 people who intercede for others may

10:40 Allah surround us and Surround our

10:43 children with righteous company that

10:46 will remember us on that day and will

10:48 ask for us so they can have they can

10:52 have us with them in in the highest

10:54 place


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- Socialism and price combat the price-fixing of corporations. Monopolies - is what we mostly have now - so if wages do go up, what/who is to stop corporations from also raising prices on cars, food, etc.? The Government is the only answer. This is a problem of socialism MAKING the government larger, more complex, heavy-handed - can easily lead to problems. - A problem of socialism/communism in a capitalist world - I would say...thinking...maybe Islamic economics really is the answer - not that socialism and communism (marxism) doesn't offer any good thinking and understanding of the modern nation state in the modern, industrialized see...

History of Federal Minimum Wage Rates Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938 - 2009 -

Since 1980...if making $5/hr in 1980 = $18.45 today (269.1% - $1 (1980) = $3.69 (2023)). $3.10 min. wage 1980 = $11.44 today. Seen on the news Fred Van Fleet, new contract 3 yrs./$130 million. (~$43.33 million/yr.) in would be about $12 million/yr. = $44,290,339.81. Is a lot, makes a large difference (another ALOT alot, so just imagine if yu lived in a country with super high inflation rates and did not have the luxury of living in the country with the worlds reserve currency status AND the world reserve currency nation oppresses and suppresses you via "Economic Hit Men" and steals your countries resources (oil etc. via privatization)....

Insane we allow this to happen (especially looking at inflation rates in 2020 and 2022 and considering the pandemic of course), especially when the working (and middle) class is cut (wages not keeping up with inflation) and taxed (and what do we get in return) (Hint: It's a two party system corporate system...yes, but it goes deeper than that /\):

- Instead of health care getting better and cheaper, if capitalism was true in its premises of things improving and getting better for everyone, it's only gotten worse, even in the country with the world reserve currency status (and resources etc. will only be getting more expensive as we deplete, use up and throw away in this capitalist system and resources such as water are privatized).

- Looking at you Republican politicians - "Insane we allow this to happen (especially looking at inflation rates in 2020 and 2022 (recent years) and considering the pandemic of course), especially when the working (and middle) class is cut (wages not keeping up with inflation) and taxed" - considering how they use the excuse of the aging population and the costs to provide health care for our aging population as such a huge problem and an excuse, yet, their neo-classical economics they subscribe to provides no solutions for addressing the rising costs of health care - they propose to just cut all social spending and support (regulations and laws) that cut into corporate profits and support you know, lowering (always) taxes on corporations. - "Laissez-faire" - no-holds-bar capitalism as some type of or a better solution - then on the ground, you have the elderly who have to go bankrupt (giving up all their wealth, not to their family though of course) before they qualify for government-assisted living care - and it is not as if the Democratic Party (now the party of the liberal ruling elite) was ever any different, it is just that they purported to be and ran on such issues (obtaining votes) while doing actually nothing know... (it's complicated).

-----------------------Of course, I know, or should already know (there is no such thing as the "free market" and other things) --

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Looking at, YT search...(didn't watch):

Iran: An exile’s struggle against the regime | DW Documentary DW Documentary 25K views Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad speaks for millions of Iranian women. From exile, she supports women rebelling on social media against the compulsory hijab. But her courage

is being...

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Breakthrough News is usually pretty good,maybe not 100% but more near than other sources, different subject matter...: Iran’s Anti-Imperialism: Where It Comes From, Why It’s Not Going Away, w/ Prof. Nina Farnia BreakThrough News 22K views Full episode on Patreon: Why is Iran under constant US attack? Is it really about women’s rights and democracy? Or is it because Iran,...

Now these are some really good videos (I am still learning):

Muslim Central 85K views Have you ever thought why Shariah Law chops the hands of starving people stealing food? Yes? Then realise that what you are thinking about is NOT Shariah Law. Majority of people, Muslims...

Yaqeen Institute 47K views Often, the only things the West associates with Islam are stoning and handchopping. This video illustrates how our society has profoundly misunderstood Islam and Shari'ah. For more on this...

He does a great job of destroying her (arguments, reasoning, understanding), thankfully, thankful. (And, no, I don't hate her or have a problem with her or anything, but obviously, some of the things she says are wrong and I have quite a problem with them/that. With the internet and video services such as Youtube, one can prepare and present a good rebuttal/argument such as this and people don't have the problems of dealing with our in-the-moment emotions and face-to-face confrontation):

Mohammed Hijab 263K views Here I react to a 'viral' Indian News video, on their pathetic attempt to malign the Shariah (Islamic Law). There are many blunders which are exposed. Watch and share, as topics discussed should...

Great...amazing, such a good scholar and does a great job of keeping it positive while presenting examples/arguments that make people think: SHARIAH - BARBARIC OR PERFECT? | LECTURE | DR ZAKIR NAIK

Dr Zakir Naik 110K views An exclusive talk by Dr Zakir Naik followed by Open Question and Answer Session on the topic Shariah Barbaric or Perfect?

---> Wael B. Hallaq (books) - Important to understand Islam, early Islam existed before the modern-nation state. He makes the case that given Shariah and the modern nation-state that modern Shariah is oppressive (far-right), (often-times) easily given to err on the side of oppression instead of the other way, because of the constructs of the modern state. - Important to understand who jurists were, and Mufti's as well. How that system worked. Jurists, we're community members as well as judges - they weren't isolated peoples from their local communities and people. They would often err on the side of mercy, for the sake of, and Fear of Allah S.W.T.. -> "The Impossible State" (not impossible but...). (The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity's Moral Predicament -Book by Wael Hallaq)

Give the power to the people (including judges) - Democracy. - People aren't stupid (nor evil). - People can hide behind "the law of the land" ( - "I am just doing my job") (corporations - legal/legalized crime...(money corrupts, money = power)) and yes, in our system, Judges have to, often just judge, pass judgments that is, based on the law of the land (it is complicated, I am no expert, I know they have power to an extent as well (depending), even if, they would want to be more lenient (Allah knows best - The Greatest and Most Just) (- -> minimum mandatory sentencing) given the people, the circumstances and events. We have morality (a sense of justice) built into us and everyone (every soul) is different and society/culture, parenting and especially, personal experiences play a part. People through their choices and actions can become more corrupted or evil (worse) but also better as well, - Allah commands: "Do not follow own's low desires". People can heal. People can change.

-- That (/\) wasn't too bad. It was alright. Works..."I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings (I am not my body). The experience of being a human, if one is a real human and is about the journey (or can insert, "the process") and also, the results (Islam - - things are meaningful, not meaningless).

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