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Lonely Feeling...Us vs. Them Us vs. Them...

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Some great vids today.

Be great.

People are amazing.

Life is amazing.

It's a process. Love :)

Don't let social media and all these things control you, be free.

Guard your heart.


I mostly just really like the last minute of this one:

Love it:

Empire Files Vids - won't post...quite shocking - "CIA Backed and Trained Death Squads In Afghanistan"

...I'll post this one though.

Adults Only:

Seems good, will watch:

Done very well.

Is um, can be hard times a bit and feel lonely here and like you don't fit in but it's all in the mind. What you consume, what you believe, etc., etc. Is not all in vain. Tread lightly...but yeah, can be against violence and whatnot but make sure your totally sure about the situation and the people your condemning. Is not not good...(a lot of things going on in our media etc.). We consume a lot...

Can make mistakes easily...People are good inherently. I like my country and a lot of people, but man, we are brought up in such a way as a me me me mentality and "us vs. them" mindset and "American Exceptionalism", etc. Taught to be shameless or that feeling sad or shameful that there's something wrong with you and all this when as kids we learn very quickly its perfectly normal and if we talk things out with each other, things can be resolved most of the time you know, etc. To seek help and to help others etc. Is good (is great).

Imagine a better world in terms of society and action - is this the best we can do and be? I don't think so...



Feel lonely etc. as well? Good thread:

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