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Look! Look! Please - You Are Being Lied To -

Regardless of personal politics and religion...look...

A lot of my posts, especially the second-to-last one are quite long (excessive). Need to share select information coming out to people - but if you want it in context and a more complete timeline and maybe other certain select videos, etc., then can look at the last two blog posts; and obviously I know a lot of my posts are very political (leaning a certain way one could say) and religious. I will try to just make this more of an informative post.

Is the west first saying that Putin is planning on using a dirty bomb or biological weapon and they turn that around and say "It's Russia".

Obvious lies by the West. It's disgusting. It sickens me. These are horrible wretched human beings. Why would anyone do this? Why would Russia do this if you believe the lies? To what - give an excuse to use excessive force against Ukraine? (after having not after all this time while having air superiority and with Kiev still standing after all this time? - the Russian troops backing off of Kiev) - But oh, yes, that could be what is being set up by the West - to use a nuclear bomb or biological weapon (and yes, I am aware of the new revelations about Russian accusations that are being revealed here about the British Navy).

If our leaders were true leaders and had any guts at all they would talk with Putin about Ukraine and would be trying to initiate and bring peace to Ukraine. They have failed to do so this whole time. The whole of the West - the U.S. vassal states so to speak (Europe), just go along with everything they're supposed to go along with and if you don't then well...(India of course has been pressured this whole time to go along and join in with the West) - don't you see? there are trying to start war with any country or government that doesn't want to succumb to all of the West's "rules" (the U.S.'s) (rules for thee but not for me - the "rules based international order") and any threat to dominance and power and the capitalist ruling class - of all humanity - take over - "you shall comply".




Biden ‘outraged’ by Russia’s move

Moscow suspended Ukraine grain deal after attack on Black Sea fleet involved in securing the shipping route

US President Joe Biden has claimed there is absolutely “no merit” to Moscow’s decision to halt the deal which allowed the export of Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea. Russia previously warned that the shipping route could be abused by smugglers, and put the agreement on hold on Saturday following a “terrorist attack” on vessels involved in ensuring the security of the corridor.

“It’s purely outrageous… It’s going to increase starvation,” Biden told reporters in Delaware on Saturday. “There’s no merit to what they’re doing. The UN negotiated that deal and that should be the end of it.”

Russia announced on Saturday that it has halted its compliance with the deal, brokered by the UN and Türkiye earlier this year. The move came after Kiev launched a major drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet and civilian vessels involved in securing safe passage for agricultural cargo from Ukrainian ports, the Russian Defense Ministry explained.

READ MORE: Russian military reveals details of Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea

Ukrainian authorities neither confirmed nor denied carrying out the attack, but called Russia’s decision to suspend the grain deal “primitive blackmail.” President Voladimir Zelensky said dozens of ships are currently stranded, some for more than three weeks, and accused Russia of a “deliberate blockade” to cause a “large-scale famine to Africa and Asia.”

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry explained that Moscow’s experts involved in checking ships sailing under the agreement are being pressured by an “artificial” crowding of vessels in the port of Istanbul, apparently to push them into less rigorous checks of cargos.

Following the blast on the strategic Crimean Bridge earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that if it turns out that Ukraine used grain corridors to smuggle explosives, “it would put the very existence of these corridors in question.” Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) accused Ukrainian military intelligence of masterminding the bombing. The explosives, it claimed, originated in the port city of Odessa and traveled through Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia before reaching its target destination.

READ MORE: Russia ready to help poor nations battle hunger – Putin

The breakthrough deal between Moscow and Kiev was reached in Istanbul in July with mediation by the UN and Türkiye. It aimed to unlock agricultural exports via the Black Sea from Russia and Ukraine – two of the world’s leading grain exporters – which had ground to halt due to the conflict between the two nations. The deal was praised as critical to easing the global food crisis and helping the world’s poorest nations to avoid starvation.

The Russian leader, however, repeatedly accused Western nations of taking over grain exported from Ukraine, instead of allowing it to be delivered to developing countries. Late last month he said that of the 203 ships that left Ukrainian ports as of September 23, only four went to the poorest countries.

Russia's Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev signaled on Saturday that Moscow is ready, with Türkiye’s help, to send the world’s poorest countries up to 500,000 tons of grain within the next four next months. He noted that considering this year's harvest, Russia “is fully ready to replace Ukrainian grain” and arrange deliveries to “all interested countries” at a reasonable price.


Russian military reveals details of Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea

British experts helped Kiev’s forces to prepare the “terrorist act,” the defense ministry says

FILE PHOTO: Russian warship arrives enters the Crimean port of Sevastopol. © Sputnik / Russia's Defence Ministry

The unsuccessful Ukrainian attack on the port city of Sevastopol in Crimea early on Saturday involved nine aerial and seven naval drones, Russia’s defense ministry has said. The “terrorist attack,” which targeted the vessels of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships docked in the city began around 4.20am local time, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

It added that the Russian Navy ships had been involved in providing security for the “grain corridor,” which was set up to allow exports of Ukrainian food products from the Black Sea ports in line with a deal reached between Moscow and Kiev with UN and Turkish mediation in the summer.

All of the incoming drones were shot down by Russian warships and naval aviation in the bay of Sevastopol, the ministry said.

According to the statement, the attack resulted in minor damage to the trawler vessel ‘Ivan Golubets’ and to the net boom barrier in the bay. Read more Major Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea repelled – governor

“The preparation of this terrorist act and training of the military personnel of the Ukrainian 73rd Special Center for Maritime Operations had been carried out under the supervision of the British experts, based in the city of Ochakov in Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region,” the ministry said.

Information obtained by the Russian military suggests that the same unit of the Royal Navy took part in planning, supplying and carrying out the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26, the statement read.

Earlier on Saturday, Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev said it was the largest Ukrainian drone attack on the city since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in late February.

Located in Crimea, which became part of Russia after a referendum in 2014, Sevastopol has been designated as a federal city by Moscow due to its strategic importance and status as the base of Russia’s Black Fleet. The key port has frequently been the target of drone attacks by Ukraine during the conflict.

READ MORE: British navy involved in Nord Stream 2 'terrorist attack' – Russia

In July, six people were injured after a UAV crashed into the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters in Sevastopol. The attack took place on Russia’s Navy Day and led to the cancellation of celebrations in the city. Another UAV hit the roof of the HQ in August, but failed to cause any significant damage.


"Biden outraged by Russia's move" - Makes me sick - if you are so outraged, then fucking work with Russia to ensure these ships get to where they need to fucking go man.

This is a bunch of BS.

We have a president with dementia or nearly, he's always been a conservative posing as a democrat and dressed up as whatever, this liberal politician with all these campaign promises to the American people. You got Afghanistan people starving and people in Yemen starving and hurting and people in Africa hurting and India is keeping their crops to themselves mostly, and we don't do anything about trying to bring prosperity and peace to the African countries - How long has it been since WWII? HOW freaking LONG MAN!? WHAT THE heck IS WRONG WITH THIS CLOWN SHOW OF GLOBAL GEOPOLITICAL bullcrap. YET, LETS crap ON MARX. PEOPLE KILLING THEMSELVES PEOPLE DEAD IN THE STREETS crapping IN THE STREETS OF LOS ANGELAS. CALLING YOURSELVES LEARNED RESPECTABLE MEN SERVING THE PUBLIC GOOD. THEY DONT care ABOUT ANYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES. KILLING AND DEATH. NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE STAYING HOOKED ON SAUDI OIL WHILE SAUDI EXPORTS ISLAMIC EXTREMISM AROUND THE WORLD. This is some of what they have done. - I was very mad - grain shipments being targeted by Ukraine...THe U.S. president and the U.S. lies and imperialist bullheadedness is total heedlessness. I had an outburst...anyway...things aren't that simple and all and I don't and nobody knows everything except Allah S.W.T. (God). but uh, things really are going in a very bad direction to say the least. We've had much time to change our ways.

So many good quotes, watch/listen to it all.

so overall this is just this is like uh this is deep this is deep power this is

37:23 the ability of people in positions of power to be able to uh pretend to have

37:29 their Democratic cake and like eat the dictatorial cake too or however you want

37:34 to say it I mean this is like it's so absurd on its face and yet it's not like

37:39 there were calls for his resignation for saying like outrageous and ridiculous things this is just what they want to

37:45 say it's the rules-based liberal International order which really just means reality is what we say it is and

37:52 you have to do what we say yeah I know Sheamus that you wanted to jump in with a question but before you

37:59 do I just want to can you go back Aaron to that slide you had of the quote before pass and

38:07 from Leo Strauss here that this Leo Strauss quote I think

38:12 uh it really represents uh the

38:18 the criminalities at the heart of imperialism and this is confirming the

38:23 thesis of your book about American exceptionism and all of that and when I saw that quote it immediately made me

38:29 think of war is a racket by Smedley Butler who has a very similar quote of

38:35 course to someone who was one of the top U.S military officers

38:40 Major General of the Marine Corps he has his famous quote about wars of Racket

38:46 and of course he wrote that that extended essay War as a racket but I

38:51 mean this sounds so similar to the Strauss quote at the end he says

38:56 he said during those years when he's talking about you know U.S uh basically neocolonialism he said I held the banana

39:03 the banana Wars and other things in the early part of the 20th century absolutely yeah he talks about you know

39:10 uh helping to uh turn Mexico Haiti and Cuba basically into colonies of the U.S

39:16 uh Nicaragua China I mean his writings are so revealing he says he was a

39:23 gangster for capitalism and he said you know I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business

39:30 for Wall Street and for the bankers and then he says I feel I could have given Al Capone a few hints the best he could

39:37 do was operate his racket in three districts I operated on three continents

so I mean if you just compare that to this quote from Leo Strauss of course

39:48 they're coming from different angles smelly Butler became a socialist and Anti-Imperialist but they're basically

39:53 acknowledging the same thing of course Strauss is just defending it right in an oblique way without really

39:59 owning up to it he's just putting it out there he's basically saying you're gonna you need to be a gangster in foreign

40:05 policy it's similar to Tom sobs it's a dangerous it's a dangerous world out there and uh there's nobody to protect

40:11 you so you just have to become as powerful as possible you're you're compelled to do that and this is a way

40:17 to explain foreign policy in the in a under Imperial capitalism and under

40:22 human civilization in general it kind of deals with the it gets to the conundrum of human civilization

40:28 uh but there's you know it's it's socialism and the enlightenment that should lead people to think can we

40:34 transcend this right and then the anti-enlightenment thinkers like Leo Strauss

40:40 um would would say no and the people in power in the United States would say no but they would in the in the United

40:46 States they would talk out of both sides of their mouth they would want to pretend to uphold Enlightenment values in the rule of law even as they act like

40:55 gangsters uh and then lie about it Strauss is a good representation of the

41:00 sort of wisdom of the moment now but I mean even just going Beyond neocons uh

41:06 people like mirsheimer talk about this idea of like great power politics being

41:11 sort of the justification for for actions on the international stage nowadays he'd say explanation instead of

41:18 justification but yeah so the the explanation that they give then

41:23 um you know just that concept of great power politics is an invention of realist theorists that are specifically

41:31 justifying Empire

exception so I've got a few quotes here from Carl Smith who we've talked about before but he's you it's we're living in

1:01:29 the schmidian world more than we want to admit but he wasn't not the the frowny

1:01:34 smiley face well I don't just want to throw a swastika up there without putting some indication that I

1:01:40 disappointed this swastika so I even notice the smiley the frown face is even bigger just to show my frownie my frowny

1:01:48 uh position towards Nazism good call yes I'm I'm bravely taking that anti-nazi

1:01:54 stand so he wrote Sovereign among the U.S ruling class increasingly Brave an

1:02:00 increasingly Brave stance against Nazism yeah when you go back especially in Ukraine yeah

1:02:06 talk about exceptions you got to make the exception for Ukrainian Nazis anyway if you look back more what the US was

1:02:12 doing post-world War II they know their love affair with Nazis are never really really ended they tried to save him as

1:02:17 best they could um but so Carl Smith the legal theorists behind the Nazi regime wrote Sovereign

1:02:23 is he who decides on the exception the exception to the rule of law the exception where it's all dangerous when

1:02:29 it's an emergency this is a case of extreme Peril a danger to the existence of the state the state of exception is

1:02:36 so perilous it cannot be circumscribed factually and made to conform to a

1:02:43 preformed law okay this is like this is very very very serious it's a danger the state is in

1:02:49 danger and this is so perilous for us that you can't even expect the the state to the the way that the state handles

1:02:57 this to conform to any laws basically all bets are off you got to allow the state to do whatever it seems necessary

1:03:02 because it's an emergency and of course he's talking about communism yes yes a socialist kind of Uprising or

1:03:10 revolution in Germany they were terrified of this and how could they forestall this which it's you know what

1:03:15 if socialists just took over the um organs of the state as they existed

1:03:20 but to him this it's that it's so clear that that is uh unacceptable that it's

1:03:26 not even it's not even discussed it's just a catastrophe waiting to happen it cannot be allowed to happen uh the

1:03:32 limits to democracy you can't have it and so you need the exception so he joins the Nazi party and you get the

1:03:39 fear of principle and the fear and all this so and and then they immediately

1:03:44 and in the 30s start throwing Communists into concentration camps who are the first people which is exactly this

1:03:51 premise like the Communist threat is going to destroy Germany therefore that the Nazis insisted that they needed to

1:03:57 imprison Communists and then it continues to expand and the threat becomes larger and the idea of the Peril

1:04:03 grows and other groups are included that's how it always works right and the Jews become I mean a a

1:04:10 scapegoat uh you've but the real the real resonantra of Nazism you see in the

1:04:18 early stages where they go and wipe out the left that's why the fact that they were willing to do that is why the

1:04:23 German establishment supported them it's why we can say fascism is capitalism and crisis uh because cap capitalism and

1:04:31 capital societies to have to date not allowed uh socialist uh political

1:04:37 formations to become sovereign in advance to democracies that's just uh the way of it and so you really can't

1:04:43 say whether Karl Marx's economic prescriptions had much value because they've never really been attempted

1:04:49 you've never had an advanced country really become completely socialist uh you know as a regime so Shin Schmidt was

1:04:58 not a person who wanted to let that happen the Nazis weren't going to let that happen so yeah and the reason I

1:05:03 just wanted to emphasize that so much is because you can see a direct parallel into that ideology that the Nazis and

1:05:11 Carl Schmidt used to justify their Crackdown of Communism and McCarthyism and cointelpro I mean it's essentially

1:05:18 the exact same ideology against the exact same Target the tactics are not exactly the same but it's very similar

1:05:24 well this is why the the axis packed the treaty you know the axis Nations this

1:05:30 was called the anti-common turn which is the German smooshing of the word anti-communist International that's what

1:05:36 it was and then after World War II the U.S recruits the The Butchers that survived the Italians and the Japanese

1:05:43 and uh German Elites and they save much of the actual economic establishment as

1:05:48 well in all these countries and they use them as a as an as their own U.S anti-communist International so there's

1:05:54 a U.S anti-common term well as well and you see why you know these ideas why Leo Strauss would become so popular among

1:06:01 you know American foreign policy uh Hawks imperialists and Leo Strauss was

1:06:07 uh you know kind of an acolyte of Carl Schmidt I mean he had he's had connections to caution Carl Smith helped

1:06:12 him at a certain point in his career so it's very compatible and they you know they just the Dulles brothers were very

1:06:19 close to the Nazis lots of Wall Street Nazi connections all along and and also

1:06:24 Wall Street Standard Oil they were fueling the Japanese war machine for all those decades they made tons and tons of

1:06:29 money off of the Japanese Imperial project such that the Japanese kind of knew that they weren't really Sovereign

1:06:35 as long as this was the case and so that's part of why they want to expand into the Western colonies in in East

1:06:42 Asia right so this is Cap the the differences between the European and then American Neo colonialism and

1:06:49 neocolonialism and the fascist eras and the empires they were going to set up were not as big as we want to admit just

1:06:54 like the differences between liberals and like you know the hobbesian idea of sovereignty aren't as big as we as we

1:07:01 would would say uh or as we would want to believe so for for Schmidt

1:07:08 basically the coral the other part of it is that he is Sovereign who definitely

1:07:14 decides whether this normal situation actually exists that's a corollary to this you're Sovereign if you're the one

1:07:19 who says okay there's an emergency but a corollary to that is you also are sovereign when you're the person who

1:07:24 says it's not an emergency and with exceptionism what you have is basically the state saying it's never not an

1:07:31 emergency we always it's always an emergency and the proof of this is that when the cold war ends there are some

1:07:38 people even some relatively conservative people like Daniel Patrick Moynihan are saying we could get rid of the CIA now

1:07:43 this is kind of not really something that should be part of the American experiment in governance but they don't

1:07:49 policies don't really change because the emergency is so useful and necessary for running an Empire that you're never

1:07:55 gonna The Sovereign Authority in the United States is never going to say the emergency is over because if you do then

1:08:01 you have to start following the laws and that's the last thing the U.S wants to do so what I what I write to summarize

1:08:07 Schmidt here is a constitutionalist liberals can at most regulate the

1:08:13 exception as precisely as possible and Endeavor tantamount to legally defining the circumstances that entail the Law's

1:08:20 negation of itself and that would seem to be the schmidian uh you know logic and that's the logic

1:08:27 that plays out in the United States yeah Aaron what I love about this

1:08:34 explanation is historical theoretical philosophical explanation of this kind of authoritarianism that's at the heart

1:08:40 of liberalism is that if you look at U.S history you can see countless examples of this again

1:08:46 and again and we see the contradiction that emerges between the rule of law and security right and we can kind of put

1:08:53 security and scare quotes whatever so-called threats to security are deemed to be whether that was you know

1:08:58 indigenous peoples uh slaves rising up against slavery and rebelling Communists

1:09:04 uh whatever it is you know in the particular era so how do these liberal regimes you know

1:09:12 the U.S government these political scientists these philosophers how do they rationalize that conflict that

1:09:19 clear blatant conflict between their insistence that their liberal order is

1:09:24 based on the respect of the rule of law the international rules-based order with the understanding they always have to

1:09:30 make these exceptions on behalf of their so-called security how do they try to reconcile that clear contradiction well

1:09:37 rhetorically they avoid reconciling it by just not talking about it okay so there are many uh elements of statecraft

1:09:45 that are just ignored or not discussed and the these are related to things that

1:09:52 we've talked about parapolitics so how do we how do they resolve the conflict between the rule of law and the security

1:09:59 imperative uh through parapolitics I mean this is how do you get top down

1:10:04 rule when you're not allowed to because you live in a constitutional democracy you just do you you commit crimes with

1:10:12 cover stories and then you lie about them and you say it's National Security so they can't be investigated and the

1:10:19 Press is owned by the same people the same class of people that benefit from the states and you know the imperialism

1:10:25 and so it's like it doesn't happen it's one way it's resolved is through parapolitics covert operations top down

1:10:32 dark power being exercised in ways and then denied uh that it even happened and

1:10:38 cumulatively this gives us a counterfeit history in the United States so we don't really understand why the cold war

1:10:44 starts we don't understand what was really guiding McCarthyism you get cover stories for everything covers story for

1:10:50 the creation of the military industrial complex and the huge military you know the huge military buildup is that the

1:10:55 Soviets are aggressive and want to expand but they know this isn't true but this is you know an example of this deep

1:11:01 politics or parapolitics this whole political Realms that are not discussed because they're delegitimizing and you

1:11:08 have um the you know the coups in the 50s starting with Iran and Guatemala uh you

1:11:15 have the surveillance of of leftists in the 1960s anti-war people and so on uh

1:11:21 chaos cointel Pro uh you have uh under you have these this Watergate mystery

1:11:28 which is quite bizarre of the Kennedy assassinations you have all these things that are seen that are related to

1:11:33 parapolitics that you have this dark power exercised in a way that's deniable

1:11:38 and because of the state denies it and because the prestige media and academics deny it and public officials deny these

1:11:45 things so much then it becomes you know stigmatized as like conspiracy theory or

1:11:51 whatever even though we know that the CIA has a huge covert operations Budget on top of whatever extra dollars come in

1:11:57 from the drug trade Etc like we know that they have these that they do these

1:12:03 illegal they should have a lot of money to spend on doing illegal things secretly and then with cover stories

1:12:08 that they lie about right but if you say that hey I think that that the government was doing something secret

1:12:13 and illegal and that a cover story has been deployed to lie about what happened then you get called the conspiracy

1:12:19 theorists and it's oh that's not you must be wrong because that's a conspiracy theory even though by any

1:12:24 rational definition the government has a billion dollar budget for conspiratorial

1:12:30 chicanery okay so this is how liberalism manages to deal with these things the exception being able to do things that

1:12:37 are illegal and then deny it that's parapolitics and deep politics is just a a bigger you

1:12:43 could think of that as a bigger part of parapolitics or a bigger more expansive way to look at all these things that are

1:12:49 just not discussed uh and so we we can't deal with them now Ola tanander the academics at the

1:12:58 peace Research Institute in Oslo he talks about Schmidt and how liberal

1:13:04 political science can't deal with uh the exception and the dark power that is

1:13:10 represented in the Deep state so he kind of sums all of this up uh in the context of Carl Schmidt he says liberal myopia

1:13:17 has made political science into an ideology of the sovereign because

1:13:23 indisputable evidence for the existence of The Sovereign is brushed away as Pure Fantasy or conspiracy

1:13:30 so here we're talking when we say the Sovereign we're talking about this sort of deep State or the ability to decide

1:13:36 when the exception is and in the U.S Carl Schmidt said this is what the government needs to have and we

1:13:43 need like this leader so we get the fear that's what happens in Nazi Germany in the American version you still have

1:13:49 this Sovereign that can act in a top-down dictatorial fashion but it's because of the liberal mythology it has

1:13:57 to be denied and so it's brushed away as paranoia fantasy or conspiracy and then

1:14:02 to make it seem even crazier I would think that uh that they put out that you have these different commentators who

1:14:09 are there to like seem extra crazy like Alex Jones and stuff so that it's like oh yeah that's just the government oh

1:14:14 yeah the government's doing all this crazy stuff now that's crazy talk and this is a this is the way that they're able to do a parapolitics and uh client

1:14:22 the clandestine State and just whole Realms of policy that don't get talked about yeah and and we're talking about these

1:14:30 these people from the 40s 50s 60s you're sort of classical liberals that I think

1:14:35 the New Deal brings about uh uh some openness to to like Democratic rule over

1:14:42 property but you have brought up that idea earlier of life liberty and property from from Locke and over all of

1:14:50 that is property the third one is the most important there it will always be the priority and when we talk about this

1:14:57 quote unquote security of a state being threatened what you're really talking about is the regime of property enforced

1:15:02 for the elites and the protection of the property from the property list that is the function of the state in their eyes

1:15:09 and classical liberals might have drifted away from that in this era even though they have this sort of as you

1:15:15 call it like a kernel of absolutism at the heart of it but it's not just them because it it extends out today

1:15:21 obviously in forms like the Bush Administration and the Patriot Act is such a like perfect encapsulation

1:15:27 relation of that but even you're sort of avowed neoliberals that are renewing

1:15:32 their commitment specifically and very explicitly to property over all else are

1:15:37 very comfortable forsaking other so-called freedoms and and rights that they like to throw around when it is

1:15:45 useful for them and so you see support for dictatorships like the penis a dictatorship is of course the the

1:15:50 textbook example that all in all it will always come back to property first


the key

2:10 takeaway I got from this Congress is

2:14 that the leadership in China has now

2:17 fully Consolidated around SI shumping he

2:20 is clearly absolutely the dominant

2:23 figure in China today

2:25 and that one of the reasons for that

2:28 consolidation is that the Chinese

2:31 leadership is now convinced that there's

2:33 going to be a smash with the United

2:35 States if you

2:37 troll through the various this

2:40 interminable report it's difficult to

2:42 read it's full of you know ideological

2:45 language not always easy to understand I

2:49 find

2:50 um but you know if you trawl through it

2:52 it's clear at least to me that the

2:55 Chinese feel that they're under very

2:58 intense pressure from the neocons in

3:01 Washington who controlled the US

3:04 government that a clash is coming a big

3:07 Clash is coming

3:10 they're battening down the hatches

3:12 they've Consolidated around their leader

3:15 they're and they're going to reinforce

3:18 their military position and they're

3:21 preparing for a war over Taiwan now up

3:24 to now up to very recently the Chinese

3:26 were always saying you know we were

3:28 seeking peaceful reunification with

3:31 Taiwan now they're saying peaceful

3:33 reunification but we're prepared to go

3:36 to war and it's now an official position

3:39 it's entering their you know the

3:42 official documents of the Congress of

3:45 the of the party and it's also what's

3:48 ishin ping himself says so I I think

3:52 this is the real takeaway from this

3:54 Congress

3:55 I I've been reading about you know in

3:58 the financial times about how it was

4:00 statist and belligerent

4:04 I

4:05 I think that this is to misunderstand it

4:09 I thought personally that it was

4:11 Defensive in the sense that they are

4:14 thinking now that they're heading for a

4:17 smash with the United States

4:20 they're taking steps to tighten controls

4:24 in China because of that including

4:27 tightening economic controls that they

4:31 are understand that you know the

4:33 situation where they were able to trade

4:36 freely with every country that they

4:38 wanted including of course the US is

4:41 ending so that now in the business of

4:44 forging alliances they weren't doing

4:46 that before

4:48 and of course they're now

4:49 refocusing increasingly on building up

4:52 their military because they can see that

4:56 a conflict with the United States is

4:58 coming and that they're working working

5:01 towards that so that was my my major

5:03 takeaway of this uh over this and as I

5:06 said I think wasting time when an old

5:09 man is shuffled out of the hall when

5:12 these big events are taking place is to

5:15 some extent a misdirection

5:17 well that's what the collective West

5:20 Main Street Media is good at is

5:22 misdirection that's

5:25 that's what they're best at but um

they they

10:15 go far beyond what was Trump's original

10:18 plan

10:20 and then we get the Biden Administration

10:22 coming in the the administration of

10:25 neocons this is the this is the purest

10:29 neocon Administration we have had in the

10:33 United States up to this point

10:35 and they're obviously an openly now

10:38 seeking

10:40 a confrontation with China and they're

10:43 trying to pressure China economically

10:45 with all these sanctions they've put as

10:47 you said China on the sanctions

10:49 escalator they're trying to to stop

10:52 China's development of advanced

10:55 technology a hopeless idea by the way

10:57 but that's what they want to do and of

10:59 course

11:01 they are repeatedly and I'm going to use

11:05 the word lying to China over Taiwan

11:08 which is something which the Chinese are

11:10 getting very very angry about so on the

11:13 one hand you have Biden comes along

11:16 tells you ping we adhere to the one

11:19 China policy and at the same time they

11:23 are deliberately trying to go to China

11:27 by building up Taiwan sanding arms there

11:31 sending the Speaker of the House of

11:33 Representatives there doing everything

11:36 they can to inflame a situation which up

11:39 to very recently had been stable and as

11:42 you likely say the Chinese can see all

11:44 of this they can see that the European

11:46 Union much to their own incredulity by