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Updated: Oct 9, 2021




This Simple Chart Reveals the Distribution Of Global Wealth - Why I believe tackling climate change is most important for the U.S. and the world (economically as we have a fossil fuel dependant economy/economics) - before we do other things - and in doing so, would also bring health and happiness (goodness) to people through healthy food and lifestyles. -> Having the best systems, best science, (best education as well) = permaculture practices and a circular economy IMO.

Adapt the best but with that IMO Government then needn't be super divisive and changing all the time and would stand on firm principles in the first place (such as a balanced budget or firm spending plans (loan periods (growth periods), deficit periods (paying off debts); at least within the current economic system). Political science should be the actual science of implementing the best social practices and developing thinking for the best form of government (not just left vs right fun rhetoric debate classes and development of persuasive speaking skills etc. but actual science and listening to academics and/or having academics serve in Gov. because they are the smartest and most qualified, but what do we have? Play and sport, and subversion of truth, war, geopolitical economic war games and neoliberalist agendas vs. other ideologies etc. etc.). For example, studying of implementation of health care policies by the Fed. Government and what is best economically for the country and its people and also or against the continued upkeep of that or implementation of said system and advancement of medicine for society. If we implemented, developed and used the best it wouldn't be such as it is now, it would only advance forward and build upon and make better from what went before (it).

I can def. be wrong about stuff...I'm just a lone human...


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