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MAG(a) Make America Great (again)

Just thinking about how America became great and what makes America still pretty great...:)

This is what's up, this is what I believe in (along with other things):

Thinking also recently about morals and corporations...(I believe I talked about this last blog post).

Disappointed in this a bit by Democracy Now, but hey, I still like em. It's okay.


Corporate media falling, makes me happy. Why? because it's not good news or info or programing. I do look at CNN sometimes online and listen to NPR some days and like it but uh, yeah...I don't like being told what to believe. Who does. People are tired of it. Got enough to deal with and trying to live and learn. Ain't nobody got time for dat...

Great INFO:

Breaking points on fire recently :)

Non-news, really scary video:

Free Speech! Up not down, nor left and right. Hard work and sacrifice. Truth. Doing good. Etc. This is what I think about when thinking about how America became great. Good policies, great men, great minds, scientific and technological progress, not regressive values. Decency, respect...etc.

Nationalism is dangerous but do we have some serious real issues? Economically speaking, yes, domestically as well, that aren't specifically talking about economic issues, yes as well...

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