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Man Up

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Mostly a bunch of vid's:...

Cognitive decline and dementia is no joke though, not really funny, but news worthy I guess:

Love this, especially the ending...:

Good one:

Lots of cursing but a lot of good points and good to know info:

This is great and interesting:

Really great one as well seems like anyway, just started listening to it...Islamic yes, but Islam is for all of mankind (men and women), it is a way of looking at and understanding the world, is "different" but nothing really contradictory about it and the challenges in today's world really...everyone has beliefs and views, but yeah, there's many many health videos today that say the same thing that have nothing to do with religion. Like uh, we're all individual people's still, regardless of religion, with free will - that's the truth.

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