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Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Life is full - "Life is grand"


5/7/2023: Web search - "ghana cbdc"


Wondering...trying to make sense of 'their' plans; message I sent to a friend:


what is going to be.... it's the IMF and those types of organizations that are above the small governments and small reserve banks issuing the CBDCs so the "Eagle Eye" is with the so-called "Illuminati" and ruling class. They would then have more finer control over people and planet ensuring their control (or 'rule'). Resources - "assets" = real money.




--------------- I remember...disgusting...😭😡😤

@chimzshiteu758 4 years ago Both my parents that were born in Iraq said that every morning or even at random times you would wake up to hear bomb warnings and sirens, we take it for granted that we are in safer countries and to all the people that flee from these countries end up in refugee camps like my parents. This world is not fair for all and that is why we shouldn't be ungrateful for any of the things we have even if they are minimal. God look after all of the people trapped in areas like this.

@angelocatalano702 3 years ago I remember watching this the night(s) it happened. I'm 26 and it's still lodged in my memory.

@gabrielpalmones3980 1 year ago It saddens me to hear that my neighbor was in Baghdad the night those bombs dropped. He was a well respected surgeon in Iraq. I saw a lot of his achievements in that one time he invited me into his home. Now he's living here in the US working as a construction contractor. @emannasser7429 3 weeks ago I was 6 years old at that time, I’m now 26 and i still remember the sounds of the sirens, explosions and the gunshots in my head, that day my dad (rest in peace) made us all pray together because we thought we were going to die at any minute, no one could go outside the house or else you’d get killed the minute u step outside, we stored a little food and my mom god bless her did everything she could to feed us, there were alot of ppl who died of hunger, parents that went out in the middle of war to get food to their families and never came back home … it’s was a living nightmare for all the Iraqi ppl.. Show less

@spacejockey4746 1 year ago (edited) Watching this footage, along with other scenes of one-sided battles, was like watching a perverse sporting event, with commentary and all. I remember watching coverage of a U.S. tank taking out a building in which Iraqi snipers were hiding out, and the “play-by-play” given by the reporter and his ‘color commentator’ (some retired General or Colonel) resembled that of football game. It was surreal, bizarre, and outrageous. @godfather5814 1 month ago I am from Iraq, I lost my uncle in this war, and I do not expect that there is an Iraqi family that did not lose anyone, but what makes me laugh more in this miserable life is that the person who kills a person is imprisoned for life or executed, while the person who kills a million Playing sports in the streets of New York


Iraq invasion: the defining images Channel 4 News Channel 4 is a British public broadcast service. Wikipedia 2.56M subscribers



@PatrickRouleauevoair 6 days ago (edited) I am proud to say that I am from a French lineage, with a distant link to Napoleon Bonaparte. While Bonaparte may be known for his military conquests, what is less well-known is his admiration for the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and his respect for the Muslim faith. As a Muslim myself, it gives me great pride to know that my ancestor saw the beauty and value of Islam.Today, I strive to live my life according to the principles of Islam, which emphasize compassion, justice, and the pursuit of knowledge. As a member of the Muslim community, I feel a deep connection to the legacy of the Prophet Mohammed and the contributions of Muslim scholars and thinkers throughout history. I am grateful for the opportunity to honor my heritage and live out my faith in a world that is ever-changing but always guided by the teachings of the Quran and the examples of the Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him. Show less @sajjadchowdhry1328 2 weeks ago Since I became aware of my heritage as a youth, I would always scratch my head when entering a book store and seeing books on Islam on shelves covering "Eastern Religions". The truth is that Islam is integral to "the West" and has always been. The Qur'an mentions Moses and the Children Of Israel more than others which precisely solidifies this common heritage. I look forward to reading your book, Professor Tolan and my heartfelt thanks to you and the Emir-Stein Center for this video. @dietaagus1886 12 days ago He is my HERO, he is my role model in life he is prophet Muhammad SAW --------

@fatimah9202 2 weeks ago

The moon faded

When the sun rose

The sun set

When the moon shone

But the name of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Illuminates the horizons

Throughout the nights

And the days

And the Sunnah of our beloved ﷺAdorns the believers

Though times continue to change


@fatimah9202 2 weeks ago

In the breaking of dawn

The passing of the night

The rising of the Sun

And the hymming of sparrows

I saw you Allah

In the drops of rain

The sprouting of seeds

The blooming of the rose

And the scents of Spring

I saw you Allah

In the union of marriage

The signs of conception

The endurance of a mother

And the birth of a child

I saw you Allah

In the play of the toddler

The passions of youth

The dedication of a father

And the shield of morality

I saw you Allah

In the trials of life

The soreness of the heart

The weakness of limbs

And the consolement from prayer

I saw you Allah

In the leaving of the day

The glory of the moon

In the final breath

And the tears of the family

I saw you Allah

In the crowing of the cockeral

The lamenting of the dogs

The harkening of the blackbird

The silence of the wind

And the call to salaah

I saw you Allah

As I overheard the compelling warning

"O mankind hasten towards good Lest death soon overtakes you"

-------------------------- Quran 3.99 - 100


Caught my attention:


,,,,,,,,I understand. I could write a bit and dissect what I don't like in my understanding but instead, I will just say: "And which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?" (Al hamdu lillah I'm a Muslim).

--> this, is pretty good.

"O mankind hasten towards good Lest death soon overtakes you"



We have a choice. There is the important fact. Men are not powerless;

they have it in their hands to use the machine to augment the dignity of human existence.

True, they may have so long denied themselves the use of that power to decide, which is theirs, may so long have meekly accepted the dictation of bosses of one stripe or another or the ministrations of benevolent nursemaids, that the muscles of democratic choice have atrophied. But that strength is always latent; history has shown how quickly it revives. How we shall use physic betterment — that decision is ours to make.

We are not carried irresistibly by forces beyond our control, whether they are given some mystic term or described as the “laws of economics.” We are not inert objects on a wave of the future.



--------Didn't watch yet:

History of US empire: Latin America & JFK - CIA terror war on Cuba, coups in Brazil & Dominican Rep. Geopolitical Economy Report • 2.2K views Historian Aaron Good discusses US President John F. Kennedy's policies in Latin America, the CIA's terror war on Cuba, the coup against Brazil's left-wing President João Goulart, and the assassins


College used to be affordable. What happened? w/Ellen Schrecker | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network16K views The 1960s were a decade of intellectual and political ferment on college campuses. Anti-war, feminist, and racial justice movements all found a foothold in higher education, with student activists...


Iraq War Veterans, 20 Years Later: ‘I Don’t Know How to Explain the War to Myself’ | Op-Docs The New York Times 4.5M views Months after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, I began filming the U.S. Army’s 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment (known as the Gunners) in Baghdad. The unit was housed in...


@mustafamohammed8758 1 month ago "The wars will end and the leaders will shake hands, and that old woman will remain waiting for her martyred son, and that girl will wait for her beloved husband, and the children will wait for their heroic father, I do not know who sold the homeland but I know who paid the price"- Mahmoud Darwish @ahmedal-rabeeah7254 1 month ago I remember myself as a 8 years old Iraqi kid during the war and the horrible experiences and panic situation that we went through, one of them is 3 am house hit !. It just changes you in an unexplainable way and I always wonder why would the people do such a thing to each other. All the harm for what ? The thousand years of civilization and human history couldn't get us a peaceful getaway !! It was so hard to watch this video. @gabe_s_videos 3 days ago Credit to the people who made this film, it was very tasteful. No dramatic music, no sensationalist editing, just the stories of people, what they did, why they did it and what they think of it now. @joanofarcxxi 2 weeks ago “How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?” ― Howard ZinnI majored in social science. In one of my classes, I was required to join a group of young Iraq Veterans who got together and wrote poetry and discussed their experiences during their military service. That class made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. I cried, and I was angry. It was impossible not to feel their anguish, sadness, and regret. They were still young men, but yes, their were old. They were old, battered, tired, defeated men in young bodies. Iraq war was the dumbest, most shameful thing any decent nation could ever have done. I feel sorrow for the young soldiers, and all Iraqi people who lost their lives, their families, and their homes. Show less @CyborgZeta 2 weeks ago The guy who said he felt the need to sign up after 9/11 was spot on. That was precisely the mood a lot of people felt in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. And the Bush Administration took full advantage of it. @danigolightly799 2 weeks ago (edited) I remember talking to soldiers who were serving at the time and how down they were. They all said the same things, how they regretted signing up. How if they’d known what was really going on they’d want no prt of it and they just wanted to be home. It was always pretty heartbreaking. @demo8175 1 month ago We need more documentaries like this to show how much humanity is lost in war. @jonn5182 1 month ago (edited) I am around these soldiers' age and had just ETS'd around 9/11. The fact that the government's bait and switch lies messed up not just people overseas but our soldiers...for infuriating. Hearing these soldiers speak to this heart is with them."Once you join, you have no politics--you're property"And meanwhile, more veterans have died later, from suicide, than even died during deployments. @lifeizrealtv 3 weeks ago You know what I've gotten from that war since I've served? A sick mind and a broken body. I will never in my life be the same. You know what hit me the hardest? Watching someone die with their eyes open. It will FOREVER change you. To my brothers who were in that war and survived, I love you and it will get better. To the ones who passed, I pray your family understands your death in someway shape or form allowed others including myself to live. Peace love and happiness




The Paradox of "Meaninglessness" & The Quran

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 1.1K views

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

0:21 alhamdulillah

0:27 foreign

0:37 speaking a very important topic

0:40 and that is the topic of meaninglessness

0:43 the Paradox of meaninglessness we live

0:46 in an age especially after World War One

0:48 in World War II where the human uh

0:52 thinkers you can say the uh the Agents

0:57 of the Devils you can say but anyway

1:00 philosophers of different sorts started

1:02 to talk about meaninglessness that life

1:06 has no meaning life has no purpose life

1:09 is pointless and so for this

1:13 uh I will refer to this verse of the

1:16 Quran but first let me go over some of

1:19 my notes that I wrote on the subject so

1:21 that uh I can express what I want to say

1:24 properly think of a music with no sound

1:27 or that has sound but it makes no sense

1:30 it's all just noise right there's no

1:33 Harmony in this so this is what life is

1:37 like to a lot of people in the modern

1:38 world it's like it's like a lot of noise

1:40 and it makes no sense there's no point

1:42 to it there's no there's no Harmony

1:44 there's no there's no purpose where is

1:48 this all going what is the purpose of

1:50 life

1:51 and so

1:52 many people feel that way and so I will

1:55 be sharing about that in fact let me uh

2:01 read to you

2:03 what one of the uh people wrote imagine

2:07 a happy group of work and morons a

2:10 imagining a happy group of morons who

2:12 are engaged in work

2:14 they're carrying bricks in an open field

2:16 and as soon as they have stacked all the

2:18 bricks at one end of the field they

2:20 proceed to transport them to the other

2:22 end this continues without stop every

2:25 day every year they're busy doing the

2:28 same thing one day one of the morons

2:30 whom now becomes an enlightened thinker

2:33 who becomes a armchair philosopher

2:38 one day he gets a suggestion from

2:41 shaytan you can say one day one of the

2:43 [ __ ] stops long enough to ask himself

2:45 what is he doing exactly he wonders what

2:48 purpose is there in carrying the bricks

2:50 and from that instance on he's not quite

2:54 as content with his occupation as he had

2:57 been before I am the [ __ ] who wonders

3:00 why he's carrying the bricks and this is

3:02 what life in the modern times has become

3:04 for a lot of people is that it's

3:06 meaningless right there's no there's no

3:09 purpose there's no there's no and and

3:11 what I'm going to explain here is about

3:13 the Paradox of it all and so I want to

3:16 read to you

3:18 another note I'm sorry Mom I've written

3:21 this note several times in my head over

3:23 the past 10 years

3:24 and this version finally feels right I

3:27 now believe that hope is nothing more

3:30 than delayed disappointment which is

3:32 wrong I'll talk about Hope in a little

3:33 bit I'm tired I realize that I don't

3:35 deserve to think this way because on

3:37 paper I have a great life I'm fortunate

3:39 I eat good food I travel I live in a

3:42 great City however all of this seems

3:44 trivial to me

3:46 there's no like it's all meaningless

3:48 we're all gonna die

3:51 at the first it's a first world problem

3:55 I know but I often feel alone when I'm

3:58 in a room full of my best friends I felt

4:01 absolutely nothing during I felt

4:04 absolutely nothing during what should

4:06 have been the happiest and darkest times

4:09 in my life no single conversation or

4:12 situation has led me to do this

4:15 okay and of course she's talking about

4:17 do this meaning write this note or

4:19 suicide

4:22 oh

4:24 this

4:26 this idea that life is meaningless

4:29 there's no emotions it's just chemicals

4:32 right there's no Beauty it's just it's

4:34 just what we make out of we give meaning

4:36 to things ourselves it doesn't

4:38 inherently exist there's no morals

4:40 there's no right there's no wrong

4:43 there's no point who cares right

4:47 meaninglessness our existence has no

4:49 order no purpose no gold no teleological

4:53 end meaning there's it's not going to

4:55 any real end other than what we make our

4:59 life to be whatever I'm a fireman

5:01 because I want to be a fireman but

5:02 there's no purpose beyond that like who

5:05 cares

5:06 and what's interesting you know when you

5:09 look at some of the uh so you have this

5:12 idea of alienation and nilism and

5:15 Atheism and and meaninglessness and I

5:19 take meaningless in this because

5:20 specifically has to do with the field of

5:22 psychology which I'm going to share with

5:24 you in a little bit but the all of these

5:27 on the one side but then look at how man

5:30 create this modern story like the story

5:33 of evolution right the story of

5:35 evolution is what that we were you know

5:37 uh we were insects and then we became

5:40 rats and then monkeys and human being

5:43 this is in this is embedded in human

5:46 beings to be teleological that

5:49 everything is going to one big climate

5:52 climactic point

5:54 okay you can it's it's literally

5:56 Evolution it's literally from one stage

5:58 to the next of triumphant Victory right

6:02 this is embedded in the human archetypes

6:04 in the human nature and so it can't be

6:06 escaped and so

6:09 let's go back quickly

6:11 to meaningless we make our own purpose

6:13 in life this is what Nietzsche said you

6:15 just said you you make your own purpose

6:16 in life you you get the to have the the

6:20 choice of making a choice about yourself

6:22 yet despite our ability to do so we talk

6:25 about a sense of meaninglessness

6:28 right that makes everything meaningless

6:32 you're like a dream from long time ago

6:34 that is forgotten today you had a dream

6:37 20 years ago who cares about that you're

6:40 like that person you're like that dream

6:42 it's meaningless no purpose