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MEERS - Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing

Awesome, amazing...yeah, there are concerns about geo-engineering ethics but honestly; we're in the Anthropocene and the damage we're doing and have done is already so great and effectual that geo-engineering is effectively already happening and realized. The question really is how to go about climate geo-engineering in scientifically and environmentally sound ways. This seems like a very good and sustainable enough option to reduce the effects of climate change, taking carbon out of the atmosphere-ocean earth system spheres. Combining this kind of technology with economic and system wide change such as the circular economy could make for a better future for humanity going forward in my opinion.

To hold onto our humanity and freedom, as human beings and individuals of the earth and feeling connected and apart of the wider humanity and our history (where technology is only just a part of society, not something that takes over humanity and the earth).

Really liked these (2) videos as well:


Awesome videos. We are wrong about who we really are. I believe.

Universal truth > Moral relativism. Human nature (is good) overcomes, truth prevails. Is not just some "selfish gene" or natural selection and "survival of the fittest". Doing what is right and helping others, self-esteem, is more important to happiness than materialism ($ and anything like that, including prideful self or societal deception).


Lighter news stuff:

Haven't watched but looks good:

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