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Mobility Brings Mobility

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Your body works. Arnold Schwarzenegger book I read while in the Army about weight lifting said as much. Your body and especially muscles respond to how they are trained. Or not.

Love the motivational "no excuses" monologue. What is the definition of an excuse? As I said years ago in college when I chose to go to a concert over putting in more time to finishing up building up my works cited section on a midterm paper that was due. Over time though once I got out of the army I started to regress and do more of what I wanted and became addicted to things and giving in to my desires and pleasure. Self destruction brings about hardship and bad thinking and habits which only makes things harder (life).


There's a massive populist movement in both parties, that's why the elite focus so much on keeping us divided. They know that if we realized how much we actually agree on things, and if we learn to talk through our differences, there's no stopping us

------------------- Bunch of personal crap ------------

I was a delivery associate for a few months working directly for Amazon for the holidays. It was an alright job I thought but I messed up a few times and a third time I messed up more badly and this customer was angry with me for making rutts in his yard accidently. I didn't follow protocols and was fired for a safety violation. I didn't know it was common, but I peed in bottles all the time. Jogged probably over half of my deliveries. Wasn't even as good as other people though I guess, drove pretty slow because of the monitoring app and just sometimes on my own digression in crowded neighborhoods. All kinds of incorrect navigation seemed like on my routes and constantly reporting feedback and trying to make their navigation and systems better. What made my driver scored bad a lot of the time was accidently giving too much gas when putting your foot on the pedal initially because those Dodge vans have so little resistance in the pedals.

This FedEx contractor was even worse, getting paid by the day, working crazy long hours, and having to deliver all kinds of heavy stuff like dog food, treadmills, trampolines, auto parts, etc. Unloading 100+ things at a Walmart by yourself jumping between the back of the truck and the loading dock. Driving these nearly 30 year old trucks sometimes with no AC or the doors not working from the inside. Searching for the item for 10 or more minutes in 90+ degree heat. Dealing with that problem because the truck is loaded by others who work for FedEx in the warehouse, not doing their jobs worth a dang, getting paid more than the drivers when you count all the hours I/we work, and us drivers mostly had to wait an hour and half before being able to leave to start the day because they were always behind schedule. Being filthy dirty nearly every day from driving dirt roads and risking your life on dirt roads driving a big truck.

But hey, least you don't have a boss down your throat and could listen to music and keep busy. Navigation was better and more customizable than Amazon as well but anyway...


Got some bad back problems and muscle imbalance and super stiff hips. Want to buy these monkeyfeet things.


Anyways, can only try in life and just keep trying and going and learning and hopefully not repeating mistakes. Writing things down, blogging, whatever, does help. #superbrain stuff. Don't give up. There's a lot of people suffering in the world right now. Is disturbing and depressing. All the negative news one hears all the time. Geo-political crap, nations vs nations, corporations and organizations trying to push this or that and do this and that to such and such population and believe this, believe that, do this do that.

With my site - its like what would happen with this, what would happen with that, what about this what about that. Is a lot of national gov. this and that.

People need help the planet needs help. What's the hold up to action (to implement a peaceful earth that respects the earth and where people can live more in harmony with each other), evil? greed? capitalist restrictions? people as a commodity and labor/profit and as consumers. Lot of the problem lies there and with nation states competing against each other. I agree with giving the local community power. Racing to destruction and the extraction of everything people/humans value and can use for ourselves from the earth. What then? Go to mars and other planets eventually? Live there - go about doing the same things we do here, chilling, talking, eating, working, living...? Even if we could make it a 1/10 as good as we as Americans have it here, what then? so what?

Quite sad to hear about the trouble in Lebanon. I learned some about their country a while ago, sounds like an awesome country IMO and in the past. Humanly unconstitutional restrictions on Iran causing a bunch of regular people to suffer. The U.S. doing this and that, without a care in the world, while China grows in power and tech billionaires and whatnot don't give a care in the world for anyone else or the planet, just about $$$ seemingly and marketing and PR but anyways, not all is bad's just sad...


Take away all the bull, put people together in a real situation and watch what happens. We are all one, one humanity.

Capitalism isn't all bad, the U.S. people aren't all bad (of course), the West isn't all bad, the South isn't, the middle east isn't, the east isn't. Capitalism has a lot of good but also bad, duh, that's us as humans and in most of our human created systems. The U.S. has and does a lot of bull especially since the 1970's +. Bull crap economics and neoliberal slave labor pushing, war and terror producing, etc. Rise rebel, stop causing mischief in the world. It's all competition, which capitalism also creates especially when everything in the world is based off money as the end all be all. Authoritarianism isn't all good neither (communism). Real democracy and freedom and a peaceful world would be quite nice. Is seemingly getting better but also harder and more complex always. Connected but disconnected.

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