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Move (ment for a People's Party) or Stagnate and Fadeaway

Must Read: Posted April 22 2021



Interesting the Tesla news. Be nice to have a good government we could trust with issues...such as A.I. and the upcoming "third or fourth industrial revolution".


Take control of the Federal Reserve, replace it with a better system not based on borrowing and take control of the stock market and speculation and stock buybacks. I'm not sure about a UBI at this point yet but think it might be needed in the future and is the would definitely solve a lot of problems IMO such as doing away with social security, ending government programs for affordable housing (there's all kinds of housing in the U.S. not being used or houses just decaying while all kinds of people are homeless)...common sense measures and governance and economics would go so far. Need to end this, even if it means the decline of the American economy, because, it's coming. So is continual threats to livelihood and the economy from climate change and who knows what other kinds of threats...especially if the world's nation states keep fighting because ideologies or whatever differ.

Need a revolution.

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