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Watched this - was pretty good actually, especially in the latter half of the video - it seemed to me Jordan B. was hitting and going towards all kinds of socialist points or criticisms against the system and systems of government and what's wrong with. :

Wicked Globalists Are Causing Starvation and Poverty Under the Guise of Environmentalism Jordan B Peterson 744K views

Read the full article here - Dr. Jordan B. Peterson examines the current energy...

Briahna Joy Gray: The Democratic Party Is DEAD The Hill 161K views

Briahna Joy Gray makes the case that American society is past the point where the Democratic Party can have a successful future. #Dems #CorporateElites About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning...


My most censored video EVER. Jake Tran 177K views

Don't you love it? Must see:

How the 2008 Financial Crisis Still Affects You ColdFusion 851K views

--- About ColdFusion --- ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company independently run by Dagogo Altraide since 2009. Topics cover anything in science, technology, history and business...

Ethiopia is Officially Done with the Bullsh*t of Western Powers Causing Wars Death Poverty in Africa 2nacheki 102K views

Welcome to Candid Africa today we will Listen to UP Rep Ambassador Taye's passionate & heroic defense of the motherland in the face of adversities. Indeed, Ethiopia has brave children who won't...

Ethiopia Forces Start Liberating the People of Tigray from Western Backed Terrorist Group the TPLF

2nacheki 17K views

More like news, is understandable, they are free to do so (limiting migration and if having a problem with illegal aliens) but yeah, shows Africa is really hurting, I have some friends in Africa, its rough, I hope things turn around for Africa and it's people: UAE Issues Racist Visa Ban on All Citizens of Almost Half of the Countries in Africa

2nacheki 16K views

1st Preparation of Malhama: Withdraw Yourself from Cities - Sheikh Imran Hosein Dynamic Islam • 2.1K views

That's good:

Lula defeats Bolsonaro to again become Brazil's president

ABC7 325K views

He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind:

Putin's Sensational Speech Shocked the U.S. and Completely Destroyed the West's Remaining Hopes BORZZIKMAN • 25K views

Putin's Sensational Speech Shocked the U.S. and Completely Destroyed the West's Remaining Hopes ****************************************** In the West, one very important proverb should always...

The World Is On The BRINK! Why did the U.S. decide to send B61-12 Thermonuclear Bombs to Europe? BORZZIKMAN • 17K views The World Is On The BRINK! Why did the U.S. decide to send B61-12 Thermonuclear Bombs to Europe? ******************************************************* B61-12 thermonuclear bombs may appear...

Good vid:

PALKI SHARMA UPADHYAY ABOUT MEDIA AGENDA & DESTROYING THE NATION #palkisharma #wion #mediaagency Passionate Indian & Global Updates • 295K views

PALKI SHARMA UPADHYAY ABOUT MEDIA AGENDA & DESTROYING THE NATION #palkisharma #wion #mediaagency JOURNALIST PALKI SHARMA UPADHYAY | How is indian culture Significant to the world

Looks good didn't watch: Learn How To Improve Your Brain’s Memory & Recall | Sadhguru Exclusive Sadhguru 222K views

Haven't watched: Eminent American Economist Jeffrey Sachs Exposes The Truth About How The West Is Keeping Africa Poor Africa Web TV • 442K views

American economist Professor, Jeffrey Sachs exposes how America, its Western allies, the CIA and the defence industry have rigged the system to keep Africa from being prosperous. It is a stunning...

Haven't watched, looks interesting...: The Two Biggest Lies in HISTORY Chase Hughes • 329K views What if we were made to believe something so strange that it would change the fabric of society? 😱 These two lies are the two most powerful forces that marketing and medicine....and even...

Looks good as well, didn't watch: The Universe is Hostile to Computers Veritasium 16M views

Tiny particles from distant galaxies have caused plane accidents, election interference and game glitches. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 people to sign up via https://brillian...


Is kind of crazy, the times right now isn't it? Considering how much we know and where we as a species are at and what we could do and build and...what our our government's etc. doing???:

"Death-Drive" & Europe

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4K views

Reality of Seal of Solomon, Star of David, 6-Pointed Star in Islam | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 6.2K views Q&A Talk Chapters : 00:00 Is there is a connection between ma’rifah (Gnosticism), ‘arif (Gnostic) and ‘arifah? 04:30 What is the reality of the star of Solomon in Islam? Recorded...

Economic Update: Ana Kasparian on Today's US Crisis Democracy At Work • 24K views

***Help us reach 300,000 subscribers! We are very close to reaching this important milestone but need your assistance. Please like and subscribe and get your family and friends to do so as...


Update on my site (just writing - need to update and integrate - things from my blog):

Update 10/31/22

New Proposals and updates:

No tax havens - make tax havens and tax evasion illegal throughout the whole world for individuals and corporations. Tax profits of multinational corporations the same as national-only corporations.

No debt-based economics - No interest - No new money creation - reset all global debt. Set a global reserve currency at a level, say $10,000 for every individual on the planet at the time and leave the total amount of currency the same forever more. Interest causes unfair and unjust wealth inequality and creating money causes inflation. Need more input and discussion of the topic on how this could be worked out but it is definitely something I firmly believe in and know to be true - is just a matter of and the structure of the current economy and banking and the need for that system to function properly is credit. - ->

So say, even like how in this system, a bank can create money to give a loan to a person to buy a house. The house's price is already set but they need a loan agreement to buy the house with payments over time. So you need sufficient credit for this to happen...or a company wants to invest in another, like a startup, well you could just let them set up they're own agreement to payback that investment if they are successful...winning some money but not excessively so and not taking any ownership of the company or having any influence in that company is the right thing and if they aren't successful then, well, they would just lose that money - seems fair. "You win some you lose some". The current system doesn't work like that - obviously - they never want to lose. So for house loans how to go about that? - You wait until you can buy a house or get a loan from a super-rich person or richer person (a friend) - essentially a bank now - the super-rich person (can easily think and relate a bank with a super-rich person in this context), and they make guaranteed money off the interest and loan without doing anything - without building the house, without doing much of anything, (some paperwork, templates) without giving themselves any risk of losing money - that is not right...if you have real democracy and the vast majority of people running the government and directing (society) and working towards building towards a secure world, a peaceful world, a highly developed world, you don't have these problems and so, "I'm a socialist".

- Give the U.N. more "teeth" (actually they already have the power but hardly ever use it)- prosecute international criminals and criminal actors - The U.S., yes us, get away with far too much - on that note, make the U.N. truly democratic with two or even more representatives from every country and every voice and every vote being equal - or could have a more ranked choice vote based on population size (China and India would have the most influence) but I like the former better and in the form of real democracy, just like within a national government regarding the voice of corporations, the people who are in politics should give a little more ear so to speak to highly important matters and topics. Is not rocket science! People are smart. There is an international news media etc. and a highly connected globe already. - Prosecute people (I support the death penalty, kill people cheaply, humanely, with humility and be done with it) - not whole nation-states - sanctions should be illegal. How to have teeth and move the world towards a sustainable planet? That's another discussion that can be worked out. As is, we shouldn't have corporate neo-liberal eco-fascism (World Economic Forum) - we need to work towards a circular economy (it's been developed, people throughout the world have knowledge in this day and age of so much, so much - how is it being used and deployed?) - countries should be improving themselves, not hurting themselves - building - improving. People could and should work more in agriculture - community agriculture - for sustainable reasons (knowledge - fact - soil has the capacity to hold a whole lot of carbon if you do it right) - I think a lot of people are fine and want to live more like that anyway but they don't have the means (money, and community, community trust is lacking as well, - also the farmer in the capitalist society is oppressed basically by the capitalist corporations of the world locking them into a system of production where they struggle to even make ends meet- it (community trust lacking) is a product of individualist competitive capitalism (everything works for profit - even the prison system is a for profit system) while us workers all get poorer and the rich want full control (check out my blog if you don't believe me, seemingly, is also about U.S. imperial dominance and has been - is the nature of the capitalist world that we have to compete against one another (man vs man trying to get more than the next man, which is okay if it leads to good things and advancing society but why I'm not a total commie, at least yet anyway...I believe in trade, in creativity (learning) which spawns ideas and new products (consumer choices and all this extra stuff we have now which we don't truly need but are nice to have), in the rule of law (to protect individuals, freedoms, and democracy - organizations and structures/structuring of society).


The Prophetic Practice of Mindful Walking Zaytuna College • 43K views

The Mindful Messenger ﷺ series concludes with a special presentation by President Hamza Yusuf on the importance of walking as a devotional practice. Learn about the physical and spiritual...

- - - Was thinking the other night while listening to this beautiful talk by Sheikh Hamzu Yusuf about and if in a 100 years if there was a democratic world government system and about Aristotle and high debate and what a nice world we could have...and it would all seem so usual and natural for people. Like, how barbaric our times are and stupid in a lot of ways...(of course it could have it downfalls, especially religiously, but yeah...). ---

I mean, of course, can just blame it all on capitalism - what was before? but uh, the industrial revolution is more anthropologically more important than the development of capitalism I would argue:

How Capitalism Ruined Work

Second Thought 418K views

Russia begins dismantling Biden's neocon Ukraine project

The Duran • 190K views

FULL INTERVIEW: The new #Twitter boss? Same as the old boss says #ScottRitter

George Galloway • 121K views

Liberty And Freedom Are Left-Wing Ideals Second Thought 235K views

If you live in the US, you already know who likes to talk about freedom and liberty the most. In the national contest over who gets to represent what values, the Republican party, and conservatives...

[LEAKED] Google’s new AI is absolutely TERRIFYING.

Jake Tran 135K views

📰 Compare news coverage. Spot media bias. Avoid algorithms. Be well informed. Download the free Ground News app at ➡ 📜 Thanks to Established Titles for...

World Scientists Warning of a Climate Emergency 2022

Paul Beckwith • 5.2K views

Great video (looks like a great channel):

Coding Land & Ideas | The Laws of Capitalism Episode 1 New Economic Thinking • 13K views

IP rights - Property rights - where to get started talking about these subjects (you just have to go and get started, but like most I lack quite a bit of education on these issues - I know a bit - I tried to get a patent, I've looked into trying to secure world wide free patent rights to an idea but even that takes money, which is kind of crazy, because if you share it on the web, someone could take it - steal it, then obviously it wouldn't be a free patent and you would have failed...I'm no expert though):

How to Unf★ck Intellectual Property New Economic Thinking • 10K views

Wow, one thing I wasn't sure about in this video was his Statement on Russia actions regarding the grain shipments but nonetheless, a great video - also! ! - if things do go bad, DO NOT defecate near fresh water sources and streams. I REPEAT...:


Members of the military are telling their family to get out of Europe right away. Things are escalating quickly between #breaking #ECONOMY #NEWS The news is here because of members like you!...


How to NOT Get Nervous When Speaking (Uncommon Advice for Speaking Up Without Freaking Out) Dr. Grace Lee 142K views

Has a lot of cursing in it but yeah, I learned a good deal...

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century Adam Something 8.5M views

The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone. This is a reupload due to a copyright claim against an old footage of Bucharest...

Great video (IMO) - property rights...:

After a decade of hype, Dallas-Houston bullet train developer faces a leadership exodus as land United Miracle • 271 views

After a decade of hype, Dallas-Houston bullet train developer faces a leadership exodus as land acquisition slows

Good video - I'm more for leaving Affirmative Action in place - I think it's probably good to have some effects that de-segregate schools - that's good, but yeah, I don't think it should be the deciding or most important factor in admissions - grades should be most important, but even those, with our public education system, I mean, it's not really a great measure - We need a better education system - :

Supreme Court Poised to Strike Down Affirmative Action in Cases Brought By Conservative Activist

Democracy Now! 41K views

Wow (must see):

How Elite Financial Networks Rule the World New Economic Thinking • 146K views

The identities of the world’s most powerful people, and the corporations and institutions they run, are well known. What’s poorly understood is a key driving force behind elites’ power:...

I need to watch this still (wasn't paying attention - cooking some food, doing some other stuff):

Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory New Economic Thinking • 126K views

In a challenge to conventional views on modern monetary and fiscal policy, Professor Bill Mitchell of Newcastle University in Australia has emerged as one of the foremost exponents of Modern...

UN votes 152 to 5 telling Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons

Multipolarista • 8.4K views

Haven't watched:

American Health Insurance is TERRIFYING! Chris Hedges Fan Club • 2.4K views

Thomas Carl Hartmann (born May 7, 1951) is an American radio personality, author, former psychotherapist, businessman, and progressive political commentator. Hartmann has been hosting a nationall...

Need to watch: The Sunnah of Power & Its Causes Shiekh Omar Baloch • 2.4K views


The only people it seems to me who aren't afraid to say anything or insinuate that it was a gay thing going on are people who like align themselves with the Democratic Party (it seems), like it happened to you or you have any involvement in the matter and have like something to lose if you speak out against somebody's husband doing some stuff and it going bad...(like uh, that is embarrassing, yes, to our country as well yes, vote her out...). I'd definitely vote against all the upper echelon members of Congress - it is shameful and sad to me that the most corrupt people in Congress are at the top - I mean it's so corrupt and everybody knows it and seemingly is alright with it...doesn't seem right...but it's all legalized corruption:

Pelosi Attacker’s Home Had Gay Pride & BLM Flags The Jimmy Dore Show 135K views

There remains much speculation about the motivation behind David DePape’s assault on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, with many on the left eager to paint the hammer-wielding...

Blame it on Jimmy! - Yeah - Oh jeez...(pretty funny):

Jimmy Dore BLAMED For Paul Pelosi’s Attack! The Jimmy Dore Show 190K views

In the wake of the attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, media figures and social media posters raced to assign blame, with one reporter – Laura Rozen – concluding...

It makes me kind of sick and sickly though:

PROOF Antisemitism Accusations Against Corbyn Were Labour Party Lies The Jimmy Dore Show 71K views

- Let's make politics and the news and stuff so nasty and depressing and stuff, then, nobody will care or know about about politics and these important things and you know, then we can do whatever we want...-

Didn't watch, need to watch: What If We Just...Stopped Working? Second Thought 1.1M views

What If We Just...Stopped Working? – Second Thought SUBSCRIBE HERE: Ever think about how the average person is orders of magnitude more productive than workers of the...

Mass Casualties Necessary To Depose Putin Says U.K. Financier The Jimmy Dore Show 102K views

Is Obama Spreading Putin Talking Points? The Jimmy Dore Show 88K views Before the 30 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus revoked their letter calling on President Joe Biden to pursue diplomacy with Russia (admittedly, while continuing to ship weapons...


Sweet talk:


Trying to start the day well:

Amazing videos:


Produced By One Islam Productions By Mohamad Baajour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ONE ISLAM TV APP is now available on Apple devices,...

PROPHET ﷺ SAW THIS WHEN HE WENT TO JANNAH One Islam Productions 22K views

Produced By One Islam Productions By Yasir Qadhi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ONE ISLAM TV APP is now available on Apple devices,...

Sad: Ismail and Amira's Struggle to recover their Children Sheikh Imran Hosein 11K views


Need to get good on the history of and be able to talk about it. This video/talk is actually so informative about a number of things and so is his talk about liberalism...Learn "Realpolitik" on Youtube, modern history and how the world works a bit better as well as - Ukriaine/Russia War (2022) :

14:50 sun in January 2003 that one of Apex

14:56 successes over the past year was quote quietly lobbying Congress to approve the

15:04 use of force in Iraq the Neo conservatives of course were the

15:09 main driving force behind the war they initiated the idea of using Forest to

15:14 topple Saddam in two letters written to President Clinton in early 1998.

15:20 over the next five years and especially after 9 11 they pushed relentlessly for

15:27 a war against Iraq no other group or institution in the United States was

15:33 seriously committed to invading Iraq over that five-year period

15:39 indeed there was significant opposition to invading Iraq even after 9 11 within

15:47 the state department the intelligence community and the uniformed military

15:54 why is liberal hegemony doomed reason number one

16:01 social engineering in foreign countries is an extremely difficult Enterprise

16:07 under the best of circumstances indeed social engineering in one's own

16:12 country especially difficult but the idea that we can go into a foreign country we can go into a foreign

16:19 country where most of the people don't speak the language don't understand the culture

16:25 knock off the regime right and therefore create a lot of Chaos and then create

16:30 order out of that chaos and not just order out of that cast but create liberal democracy or even just democracy

16:36 this is a pipe dream and using U.S military for that I spent 10 years of my life in the U.S

16:43 military I went to West Point the U.S military the U.S army these ground forces that we have they're good at

16:49 breaking things they're good at killing people they're giant killing machines the idea that you could take the U.S

16:55 army and send it into Iraq and it is going to be able to do nation building or State Building in a sophisticated way

17:04 it's not going to happen I can guarantee you you want to send him up against saddam's Army in the middle of the

17:12 desert in 1991 right you want to do that that's Bambi versus Godzilla right

17:17 that's what the US Army or the U.S Marines are good at doing right but you

17:22 start talking about taking the American Military putting in a place like Vietnam putting in a place like Afghanistan and

17:29 letting it do social engineering not going to work right but I don't even care if you bring in experts it's not

17:35 going to work anyway and if it does work it's going to take you a heck of a long time but there are

17:40 three other reasons it's not going to work second is nationalism is a remarkably

17:46 powerful force you've heard me say that on more than one occasion between the last lecture

17:51 and this one and it causes the target state to resist foreign intervention

17:58 I won't go into a long song and dance about what nationalism is all about I'd love to do that but let me just say

18:06 self-determination and sovereignty are at the heart of nationalism right the people in the nation-state

18:13 the nation itself and the leaders who run a state they want to determine for

18:19 themselves what their domestic politics look like and they want to determine for

18:25 themselves what their foreign policy looks like this is what sovereignty is all about

18:31 and they don't want a foreign country whether it's the United States or the

18:37 Soviet Union going into Afghanistan or Britain going into Afghanistan or France

18:42 going into Vietnam these people don't want foreigners

18:48 running their politics they don't want foreigners occupying their country and who can blame them as I point out here

18:55 think about the U.S outrage over claims that the Russians interfered in the 2016

19:02 election apparently from reading the newspapers this drives Americans crazy

19:07 the idea that the Russians interfered in our elections well we interfere in

19:13 elections all over the planet we interfere in the politics of States all over the planet we think we have a

19:20 god-given right to go into any Country violent sovereignty if it's done for

19:26 just purposes which means promoting liberal democracy we have a rich history of it as you know

19:33 but as my mother taught me when I was a little boy what's good for the goose is good for the gander

19:38 if we want if we're jealous Gods when it comes to our sovereignty don't you think that

19:44 people in other countries are going to feel the same way don't you think the Vietnamese after World War II are going

19:51 to want the French out and then when the Americans replace the French don't you think they're going to want us out

19:56 they do you think the afghanis are happy about us being there you think

20:02 that this is a long-term solution for you may believe we can do the necessary social engineering to fix the problem

20:08 getting back to my first point don't bet on it you understand that Afghanistan is

20:13 the longest war in American history and we have now spent quite a bit more money on fixing Afghanistan than we spent with

20:20 the Marshall Plan and look at the results not pretty

20:25 reason number three individual rights this whole concept of inalienable rights

20:30 is oversold if you uh

20:35 sort of look around the world at surveys and you look at a number of historical

20:41 cases what you see is that people generally think rights are important but

20:48 they don't privilege them to the extent that the theory says they should

20:54 and people will often sacrifice rights for stability there's a lot of survey

20:59 data that shows that this is true today in the Middle East hardly surprising if

21:05 you lived in one of those countries would you that the United States has helped wreck would you be interested

21:10 first and foremost in creating liberal democracy or would you be interested first and foremost and creating some

21:16 stability I think the answer is quite clear go to Russia Today right first time I ever went to Russia I

21:23 talked all sorts of people about this issue how do you think about liberal democracy liberal democracy means one

21:28 thing to them the 1990s tried that been there and it was a total disaster thank

21:33 God we have Putin if he's not a liberal Democrat and he is a semi-authoritarian

21:39 leader more power to him that's the answer you hear most of the time can you blame them

21:45 but what this means is liberal democracy is not always an easy sell it's not like you're going abroad and everybody's out

21:51 there just demanding liberal democracy oh my God this is the most important political system in the world and if we

21:58 can just get it we'll live happily ever after this is not to say that there aren't many places where they would

22:03 prefer liberal democracy over some semi-authoritarian system there are cases like that but the point is it's

22:11 not an easy sell and then finally some states actually

22:17 act to balance against the unipole they act according to realist logic

22:24 this certainly has been true with China and Russia and also with Iran and North

22:29 Korea I want to talk a little bit more about NATO expansion the second the Russians

22:37 view NATO expansion from a purely real politic point of view right this is

22:42 balanced parapolitics the idea that the United States can take a military Alliance that was a mortal enemy of the

22:47 Soviet Union and March it up to Russia's doorstep and make Ukraine and Georgia part of the West it's not going to

22:54 happen they'll tell you that it is not going to happen for Balance of power reasons and all you have to do is talk about the

23:00 Chinese about the presence of the American Military in East Asia it bothers them greatly they do not like

23:07 the idea of us being on their doorstep and they'll tell you behind closed doors they intend to push us eventually out

23:13 beyond the first island chain and then out beyond the second island chain and I don't blame them one bit but I'm just

23:19 telling you if you're interested in selling liberal hegemony to Major powers in the system like Russia and China you

23:27 ought to understand that there are real limits to what you can do and then of course you have minor powers like Iran and North Korea look at what North Korea

23:34 is doing today people say oh what North Korea is doing today is crazy they're irrational Kim Jong-un we've never seen

23:40 anybody this crazy the thought of him having nuclear weapons is horrified I'd make a case of what Kim Jong-un is doing

23:46 is very reasonable if I were Kim Jong-un I have nuclear weapons and I'd never ever get rid of

23:52 them never why because the United States is running around the world knocking off regimes

23:57 that's what liberal hegemony is all about that means if you're not a liberal hegemonic state

24:04 think about what Michael Doyle said you could be in the crosshairs and how

24:09 do you prevent regime change the best way to do it is have nuclear weapons we don't like that

24:15 for understandable reasons but from their point of view it makes eminently good sense Iran I've said in public on a

24:22 number of occasions if I was the Iranian National Security advisor they'd already have nuclear weapons and I can guarantee

24:28 you that if they had nuclear weapons The Americans and the Israelis would not be

24:33 threatening them very simple but the point that I'm trying to make to you here is that some states resist not

24:41 all of them but some some are foolish like Colonel Gaddafi we promised Colonel Gaddafi that he gave up his wmd programs

24:48 we'd leave them alone you know where he is now he's Six Feet Under right six feet under very foolish

24:55 bottom line here bottom line here is if you can balance balance and some figure

25:01 that out so anyway now my argument is that with the passage

25:07 of time Progressive liberalism has trumped modus for vendile liberalism or

25:14 Classical liberalism not at the rhetorical level but in practice

25:20 and let me just say a little bit about this uh we have in the United States a

25:29 remarkably powerful state that intervenes in almost all aspects of our

25:35 life it's involved in heavy duty social engineering and there's no way you can

25:41 get around that ...


Glad another person is speaking out:

US Col. Richard Black wants to prevent WW3 numuves • 66K views

All we hear is one stupid narrative on most mainstream media outlets. Col. Richard Black blasts through the BS with this speech.

Comments I like okay:

castanheira99 21 hours ago Col. Richard Black is a wise man Given Just 1 day ago The angel smiles each time you stand up for truth. You are the very sane & wise people who will make America Great Again. Hircine 1 day ago We're living in a very dangerous time in the whole of human history While dragging NATO along the ride, warmongers in the Democratic Party (and many in the Republican Party as well) are all in for war with Russia. But then there are decent, peace makers like Col. Black, who opposes U.S. involvement in this conflict. He has my sincerest respect. Ivan Pivovarov 23 hours ago It's about time to hold warmongers accountable for their actions; not by "expressing concerns" but in a court of law.


The Republican Party, while not as "woke" and as liberal as the West, I would argue (definitely), does not have your (the American person and average american values) interests at heart. Nationalism is dangerous. Culture wars, demeaning others, turning others against others without caring about the consequences. They've repeatedly shown they, recently historically are more the Party that supports Neocons and war(s), defense spending, insane budgets, pro corporate everything (money, power, rights). The say they are with independant Americans such as small businness owners etc. but theyre actions and policy are and do create the exact opposite - or maybe not the exact opposite but anyway, its nationalistic action that spurs American economy and cheap oil prices (along with geopolitical forces of course) but what actions and what effects do these have on others living around the planet. Is all a game and you're just a pawn (or less than that - to them).

Michael Folk 9:00 AM (9 hours ago) to me (email)

Or maybe they care about some people and their friends in high places, of course, but do they care about the starving African? No - doubtful. Anyway, of course...

---- Interesting: Examining social and economic implications of digital National ID

ISER Uganda • 81 views

Michael Folk <>9:08 AM (9 hours ago) to me Obvious, blanket statements herein, oversimplificiation. I'm not trying to demonize anyone particularly or anything but yeah, I do think we need to question things (the system) and wake up (and get and be real). I already know...anyway, peace and blessings and peace to the earth and may things move towards a more sane and better world Ameen. Stuff is nuts obviously. People have lost their minds. Anyway, ... ... [Message clipped] View entire message

Michael Folk <>10:22 AM (8 hours ago) to me Am not against the U.S. or the people of the United States - am against our state actions (especially abroad) that are (in action and effect and one can then make an assertation) that are hegemonic in nature, exploitative, destructive/non-peaceful, disrespectful, harmful, "not-upstanding", immoral, not with good intent (selfish - destructive), globalizing and projecting our culture and norms and trying to make money and exploit markets (neoliberal - McDonalds everywhere, Starbucks everywhere, like people in other countries can't make burgers or coffee themselves - no is corporatization, financialization, exploitative, commanding domineering in a way - that is neoliberalist economics - "shock doctrine(s)" - global liberal hegemony - SPORTS! Suburbs and suburban sprawl! Yay. Is like uh, no...its yucky, it reeks, it smells like antidepressants - codeine and the breakdown and attack on people and culture, tradition, family. Globalization but in a bad way - corporate capitalism reeks of ___ fresh paint off-gaseous odors - it may look nice or smell pretty but it can kill and have adverse health effects.

Michael Folk <>10:24 AM (8 hours ago) to me Correct sir (talking to self): Look at Monsanto/DuPont. Inclinations intuition - I don't know all, but I've learned and read some things. "I AM". Me that's all I can ever be. "Be humble do good". Assalaam alaikum.

Michael Folk <>10:37 AM (8 hours ago) to me Dunya 2022: "The Earth will bring forth all her riches and look so appealing to the masses and the people". Can you blame anyone for wanting to get away - live in the country, live in their mansions and mini-mansions and cabins by the lake etc., ? Like, really, that's us (people, atleast most people I know) and at the same time our gov. actions are to get involved in everyone's business and everywhere around the world and comply ("rules based international order" * robot voice * - "Human rights" "Indepdencce" "Democracy" "Freedom". How bout we shut up and go home and stay the heck out of it then eh? We don't have any moral standing or ground to stand on or speak a word about any other country when we kill relentlessly and recklessly throughout the world. It's total blasphemy. They just want to hold onto power and for U.S. crony capitalism and neoliberalist economics to win - it's about power and control, simple as that. People aren't dumb - we dont export democracy, it's never been about that, or right actions and peace. You have to be told consistently and constantly what to believe and these are good guys and these are bad guys.

Michael Folk <>11:07 AM (7 hours ago) to me - > "You're mean" or "this is upsetting" - actually IT IS. Things (politics, the world politics and state of things) suck. Is going badly. Every body I know and I would think would agree - right? IT IS a sucky state of things. It's not good. It is upsetting. We SHOULDN'T be okay with it. Can just blame Russian and China, and everyone else etc. - that's some bullcrap, what the heck are we doing to make things better???? Hmm. Wonder why? Still think I'm wrong that's fine. Think Putin is lying after the speech he gave - alright. Cool (not, - I would disagree). That's fine, that's okay though, but what then are the solutions? Use nukes? GO to war helping Ukraine in a stand up fight (not crossing into Russia)? - alright, well, that's more upright then what's going on now. Don't think we're ready for that. Why? Maybe it's because we're overstretched militarily. Maintaining 800 or however many bases around the world for X amount of years takes a toll. We probably do, have air superiority and yes, I believe that's true, that's U.S. military strategy as well I believe, it seems to me anyway - like taken from Germany's playbook basically, set priority on winning the air, then we can win the war" - is not a bad one. We spend a lot. Spent a lot on the F-35. Yes, probably does give the U.S. an advantage - I mean, yeah, I think it would better, after having spent billions on the thing. Anyway...

Michael Folk <>1:43 PM (5 hours ago) to me

One thing at a time - your brain likes it. Focus. Not multi-tasking. But keep it clean - your brain likes it. Get it done so no worries about it later. "write it down" so to speak.

Michael Folk <>2:54 PM (4 hours ago) to me Great! : Capitalism! (Not so great - if the only purpose is to make money - if you are not doing some good work, building, providing a benefit to society in some way then it's just basically only for the self). Wichita-based Thrive company makes biggest acquisition yet with 69 new restaurants ( Or if it is to exert some type of soft power because you think you're so awesome (me, no not really, I'm learning, trying and wanting to do good, and I shall see what happens, - that's democracy, its good I believe) and trying to influence or change things (ideologically) (but there is education, there is a difference), but often times, these actors have selfish intent behind the pretty smile and helping hand. Capitalism - working to put you or some one else in a job and pay as little as possible to gain as much return on investment as possible. - Socialists and communists are evil though right? "Power is bad, we can't allow that" - No, the Gov. is the only thing protecting the order of society and protecting your "human rights". - Eee oversimplified. but isn't everything. ‘Final Destruction’: Russia Threatens Norway With Ugly Fall Out (

Michael Folk <>3:01 PM (3 hours ago) to me LOL : U.S. is not in recession, White House not preparing for one - officials ( - To deny it is one thing, to not prepare for it is recklessness. How dumb is our government and the crap our politicians say nowdays? Who still likes this and these systems and think we can't do better than this rubbish? It's funny ("comedy is tragedy").


Wall Street Probably HATES Michael Hudson... Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.5K views

Michael Hudson (born March 14, 1939) is an American economist, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri–Kansas City and a researcher at the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College,...

was what the judges at Nuremberg uh said but the United States now defends its

0:07 ability to do what the German generals were hung in Nuremberg uh for doing so

0:14 the result is a fight really between opposing political systems is not

0:19 jealousy uh within a common economic system of competition if not rivalry uh

0:26 when the United States tries to block China's Huawei or Tick Tock from North American and European markets it's not

0:33 rivalry at on uh it's a life or death attempt to prevent rivalry from other countries that uh uh see that might seek

0:42 financial and Military uh uh Independence uh and so the United States

0:49 leaves its allies with little Choice uh but to try to break away from the

0:55 exploitative nature uh what is Europe going to do America tells Europe don't use Huawei or a tick tock don't use

1:03 Chinese technology I use American Technology don't buy inexpensive Russian

1:09 uh gas natural gas you've got to stop the Nordstrom Pipeline and by expensive

1:16 liquefied natural gas from the Americans and you've had the you have to spend billions of dollars building ports that

1:23 are specially fitted for container ships taking American gas so you'll become dependent on American Gas not on uh

1:32 Russian gas and the problem America with Chinese technology American made very

1:38 clear China has not built American spy systems into it it's technology uh this

1:45 uh this October uh the Trump Administration said China does not uh

1:51 permit a back door so that the government can read what goes on in

1:56 Huawei and Tick Tock uh things if we can't read but uh users of these systems

2:03 say all over the world we feel insecure and uh we can't permit that you have uh

2:09 you Europeans and other countries have to buy uh Facebook and uh uh other uh uh

2:17 Google and other American systems or we have a black door and we can read everything that you say through the

2:23 National Security Council of computers because otherwise uh we feel insecure so

2:28 this is uh again it's a totalitarian uh uh attitude uh Russia's foreign minister

2:35 Sergey Ladro said on October 13th he said the most distinctive feature of our

2:42 time is this everyone understands that a redistribution of power is taking place

2:47 and this is exactly what our Western colleagues are fighting so adamantly clinging to their uh centuries of

2:54 dominance uh to prevent and he went on to say a number of things that are worth

2:59 uh repeating because they show at least uh how explicit Russia is in realizing

3:08 the gauntlet that is being thrown down by the Americans he said the substance

3:14 of the modern Epoch is an objective process of formation of a more democratic

3:20 multi-polar International order it is a difficult and long process it will

3:25 probably take an entire Epoch and he added uh the uh the European Union has

3:33 just uh tried to add more sanctions against Russia claiming that uh navaldi when he got sick it was all uh Russia's

3:41 fault because that uh somehow America Europe should break relations with Russia so lavrov said if the EU is

3:48 arrogant enough to declare with this uh sense of unconditional superiority that

3:54 Russia must understand there will be no business as usual well Russia wants to understand whether there could be any

4:01 business at all with the European Union under these conditions those people who

4:07 are responsible for foreign policy in the west do not understand the need for mutually respectful communication so we

4:15 should probably stop communicating with them for a while well that is the only

4:20 way to have an alternative to the American Cold War Empire it is necessary

4:28 to withdraw uh from it there's no way that you can out compete with the

4:34 Americans because they won't permit competition they insist if you do have a

4:39 competitive sector whether it's uh producing a raw material or whether it's a technology sector uh the Americans

4:47 insist in owning it and remitting the profits to their own economy so

4:54 uh the idea is whether you're going to have a world where the U.S siphons off

5:01 the wealth financially uh not by military occupation but financially or

5:06 you get financial uh Independence uh to prevent this uh and the American

5:12 philosophy is privatization of natural resources and monopolies uh to use

5:18 privatization as a siphon to extract the income of Labor and Industry in your

5:25 countries well the reason that uh the United States in the 19th century uh

5:30 Soviet Russia uh China have public utilities and public investment is you

5:37 want to keep the cost of living low you want to provide Essentials that uh various subsidized costs or freely you

5:44 don't want your cost of living to go way up by turning uh your health system your

5:51 schooling system uh your roads all over to private monopolies to turn into toll

5:56 roads fifty thousand dollar a year uh education uh and others uh the whole

6:03 idea of a successful industrial economy is you need public uh ownership and

6:10 public investment in uh basic infrastructure and uh the United States wants to privatize all of this so

6:17 ultimately uh uh the attempt to financialize and privatize your

6:24 infrastructure will leave you end up looking like England looked after Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair uh it's

6:30 uh the road to an economic Dark Age and depopulation you look like Greece or you

6:36 look like Argentina uh now under the American uh sponsored Dollar Diplomacy

6:43 uh you have the disparities and wealth are going to widen not only among

6:48 nations so that the wealthy Nations uh get much richer than uh the third world

6:53 right now uh third world exporting raw materials exporters are broke because of

6:59 the coronavirus uh Interruption of activity so uh they're in uh unable to

7:05 pay the foreign debts and the United States uh and European foreign investors are saying this is great the viruses are

7:12 now enabling us to uh uh come in to bankrupt Latin America Africa and the

7:18 near East and now we can grab all of their we can tell their governments well we'll give you money to survive in

7:23 medicine but you have to sell off your public utilities and land and anything that you still have in the public domain

7:29 you have to sell off to us so the United States is now trying to trade uh Latin

7:35 America Africa and the new race like it treated Russia after 19 1891 that's the

7:40 ideal that's a successful story and it's a kind of financialized uh Dollar

7:45 Diplomacy and it's applied at home as well as uh internationally the domestic

7:52 American population is a economy is polarizing the population is falling

7:58 deeper and deeper in depth uh homelessness is rising uh unemployment is rising uh and uh the cost of living

8:06 is rising so much through a privatized Health Care system and a pension fund

8:12 system uh and privatized utilities that American labor cannot uh compete with

8:19 other countries there's no jealousy of competition there's no competition at all given the American High Cost of

8:26 financialized rent-seeking cost of living well the problem is that uh with having

8:34 a wealthy nation is that wealth is addictive and it produces greed and

8:39 greed is uh rapacious it it wants uh to have uh all of uh the money in the world

8:46 for itself uh Henry Kissinger said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac but uh

8:52 if power is achieved through money then the aphrodisiac payoff is impoverishing

8:57 the rest of the World by siphoning off all the money in the economy up to the upper one percent and that's exactly

9:04 what's happened in the United States since uh uh the Obama depressions and of

9:09 2009 uh that uh were still in uh how do

9:14 you break how do you avoid this to achieve a political and economic independence uh and you decouple from

9:22 Dollar Diplomacy that requires a critical mass with enough countries in it so that they can together be

9:29 self-sufficient in their own

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