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Never Sell Out - Never Give Up (Hope)

Sharing Islam videos and knowledge...and one other and a Christian video in this awesome video sequence...


Some real news - from RT news; and MAN all the western news is very upsetting and pro-war supporting, is just constant and consistent, no dissent on either side, is like...anyway, I wrote some in my notebook about it:

Watching the U.S. Mainstream news is like I'm in the Twilight zone. - I can see that its all filter first through the Pentagon (it feels like anyway!). There is no to truth (well, one can get my point) nor direction towards peace - only hostility and distortion of reality that is okay before passing the the news networks whether is through more "woke" liberal, democratic views or oil and gas okayed right wing Fox. - Children and women in the Mariupol Azovstal steel works sheltering with soldiers?...-claims as news - Russia bombing it this morning (4/19) - "Russia learns from "failed" push on Kyiv" - lie.

Program talking to a Ukrainian military commander - "Do you have enough help to fight back?" - "We crucially need help now, otherwise this senseless killing of civilians and destruction of our infrastructure..." - "I don't think we need soliders,..." "If we don't close the sky, we will continue to get bombed, we need equipment to secure our sky". - "They didnt have sucess in surrounding Kyiv, they wanted to , ...Isolate Russia, evidence of war crimes!", "thank you, keep supporting us".

- I'm dumbfounded - This is...America "the Great" using Ukraine to hurt Russia a bit and seperate the world, while Ukraine will be destroyed and innovents will inevitebly die. We are petty disgusting. We have 50x? or however much more wealth and spend 800 billion on the military (approved, easily, even before Russia's invasion).

"Ukraine commander asks Pope to condemn Putin"...(story/news).

Next story: 300 people a day flee Mariupol through Russia and military checkpoints into Estonia. Also Russia detaining people into camps in Russia, for theiry safety, escape togo Estonia..."There ares still some good people no matter where you go" - well, yeah. -Then "Putin honors military unit who were in Bucha" (Of course, if it's against Putin, its good to go (media) and push that out into society.

- Thoughts...How do I judge? - I am harder on myself, judge myself and consistently incessant upon that for I can only control myself foremost and most importantly. - The U.S., my country, I will be critical of it at the foremost before judging any other country and their actions and their countries mens actions and sins.

- What is the U.S. obj?! - Is whatever benefits us.

-Doesn't matter about the effects it may have on civilians and how the Russian military operates - (inciting them to more resentment, anger and hostility can't be helpful to innocents (-or a lessened attitude of care). - It is not peace, that's for certain.

-How would some of these Ukranians be if the tables were reversed? Seems like they would have Ukraine (Russia then) totally destroyed. What were you doing when your own country was killing innocents in your own country for 8 years? - Even if they were Russian backed seperatists (as some believe and what a lot of the West would have us believe I guess) and Russia really is this mean bear not to be messed with - what do you think the outcome is and is going to be? - The destruction of your country for lack of respecting your neighbor? - "No we can't have peace, we want NATO, we do what we want?" - Does anybody living in a (civilized) society have total freedom???! Does God/Allah (SWT) say to bear arms against your neighbor? (are we okay with, if our neighbors were killing our neighbors and their children? Do we not have and follow many many laws of common sense and decency just living in our cities and towns? Of course we have laws and limits!)



On another topic...(is quite shocking, in my social media, dem feeds, the comments nowdays, I guess it's like the same on twitter...see the Tulsi Gabbard video (awesome speech!) and all my previous posts on where I stand on these issues...anyway, 1986 Brave New World type stuff, end of the world (end times) type of "new liberalism" type of stuff - authoritorinism, "woke" type left stuff, - next will be an attack on having religious beliefs or anything that goes against the mainstream...on that note, some previous Notes I have:

Spike Cohen's post and the Other 98%'s FB (Facebook Posts) (thoughts): U.S., Capitalism and leadership in the world - American exceptionalism (rise of nationalism - dangers of nationalism (thoughts)) - like our capitalism and culture are so great and morally high and righteous - this greedy, sell, whore yourself out, money, glam, gluttony, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll rap, BMW Mercedez, dirt road mudding, snipin, bombin, pimpin, raving, sittin watchin Youtube'n (guilty :) ), Bill Cosby, Martha Stewart, Rachell Maddow, (not really a laughing matter though).

Started watching Netflix Documentary on SpaceX - Is quite good, very interesting (take a break from Youtube as well, is nice every now and then, especially after a good long week of work).

Obviously things aren't all black and simple...times are hard, people have feelings, people are amazing. I'm glad I found Islam....anyway...I understand, I understand...yet, of course I don't know all etc. ...

NPR story - International Criminial Court -> Thoughts ->

And we ourselves aren't subject to the international criminal court? - Obama, Bush, the Clintons (etc.) - And we need new laws - Prosecute (if need be) people who abuse their power - hold to account - Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, The BBC, CNN, Fox News, anybody, everybody - "with great power comes great responsibility" - They know it and what they do full well and whose interests they have, truly. And of course, silence isn't a crime and working etc. Is not complicity. - How do we judge? - Is not all bad, of course....

Hitler, Germany - WW2 - The U.S. relations and position and treatment of Russia/The U.S.S.R. since WW2 (well, especially since the breakup of the USSR) - > What do you think?

I wish the world peace and for the U.S. to have good actions and peace with Russia and China...and for the Middle East and Africa...much peace, prosperity and abundance.

I'm not the greatest. I still have anger inside of me. I have pettiness, greed, apathy, fear, smallness (weird judgment coming) and weird self-judgment and worry then worry upon the worry etc., all the time. I don't have the best actions, I'm not the wisest, I'm not the most learned, I'm egotistical, I'm too hasty (lack patience), I'm not hasty enough (bad time management), I make mistakes (all the time), I'm negatively self-righteous still (not always just righteous), I'm animalistic (and have the potential for much bad and violence - anger and humor and much lax and forgiveful type attitude (pretty nice American guy I suppose, that's not all that bad of a thing)), I don't have the best words and speech, I don't have the most trust and sincere Adab and Ikhlaq ( and ) am not the strongest nor the bravest, not the most chill, not the most sensitive and kind-hearted, etc., etc., am blessed, am learning and know a lot, definitely not the most humble and forbearing and merciful (SAW).

This looks good, happy late Earth day 2022!:

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