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New (Economic) Thinking

Updated: May 19, 2023

Things are always changing...time - is constant -


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem. - lots of videos.

Watched - the first 25 minutes:

Didn't watch: Bruce Lipton PhD. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness Dr. Thomas R. Verny • 580 views My guest today is Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles. He also wrote two more books, The Honeymoon...

Didn't watch:

Didn't watch:

Alexander Mercouris • 144K views

Muslim Reminds • 17K views

Don't Weaponize Your Love | Want More Love? Then Make Your Heart Ready! | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 4.3K views This way is not based on your actions, it's based on love. Build the foundation of your practices based on Divine love, and with that love we can accompany these holy souls being dressed and...

Watched the monoloque -too much stuff to watch - not enough time - FOG OF WAR - MOATS Episode 217 with George Galloway

George Galloway • 67K views GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother Of All Talk Shows with guests: @DouglasMacgregorStraightCalls and Ma'an Bashour 00:00 05:43 - 07:45 MOATS Introduction with George 08:10 - 24:37 George's...

Kim Iversen 32K views Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen meets Zelensky in Kyiv as she had just announced $10 BILLION MORE in financial assistance days before... Protests Erupt throughout Europe over the weekend...

Alexander Mercouris • 133K views

Deepin Moments • 14K views In summary:The US debt has always been a big seller around the world, and almost all countries hold US debt, but the US, as the creator of the US debt, has always thought that all countries...

----------Economics - -

Didn't watch these -

The End of Laissez-Faire? New Economic Thinking 7.5K views Jamee Moudud (@SarahLawrenceCollege & Journal of Law and Political Economy) discusses the circular relationship of law, politics, and the economy. Learn more about his work, and his upcoming...

In 2010, the 500 largest companies in the United States, otherwise known as The Fortune 500, generated $10.7 trillion in sales, reaped a whopping $702 billion in profits, and employed 24.9...

New Economic Thinking 17K views

Dani Rodrik says that when ideas become conventional wisdom, we become blind to their limitations. Harvard economist Dani Rodrik talks to INET President Rob Johnson about pluralism in economics...

-------This is highly important ------

New Economic Thinking • 17K views

Globalization’s elite winners get lower taxes while its losers pay more Economist Gabriel Zucman discusses how globalization shapes the way taxes, corporate profits, and income are shifted...

- - We need to implement this - to do away with tax havens and for nation-states to tax profits on multinational corporations of which profits they made within that country. Is only right - it's common sense.

Important, good one, as well: We Can—And Must—Reform Capitalism.

New Economic Thinking • 40K views Fred Block says capitalism is not an unchanging monolith—which means we can make it better One of the Right’s greatest successes has been claiming that their definition of capitalism...

Tried watching but is a foreign language - good headline and video title got me to click on it: Russia Vs -Ukraine War Update |worldwar3|warnews|#uvrakshan UV Rakshan • 91 views Russian President Vladimir Putin called the suspected attack in the Bryansk border region a "terrorist act" and blamed it on "neo-Nazis" "Today they committed another terrorist act, entered...

The Duran • 106K views

Democracy Now! 181K views

West not dropping neo- colonial habits : Sergei Lavrov | Latest English News | WION WION 108K views Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov described Russia's relationship with India as a privileged strategic partnership and lauded the latter’s responsible stand on key global agendas. Lavrov...

Nourish TV 936K views

Alexander Mercouris • 151K views

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.4K views

Emil Cosman • 50K views

New Economic Thinking • 27K views We are in the midst of another global transformation, but this time we might have the tools to get it right. Rob Johnson talks with Albert Wenger about his new book "The World After Capital,"...

My notes: So good! - We have to continuously wash our hearts - use all our five senses and intellect and heart - struggling hard - :

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 5.4K views Q&A Talk Chapters : 00:00 How can we remove the jealousy once it has entered and how to lift the veil and block all these bad characteristics from entering us? 10:34 Please elaborate on the...

How Non-State Actors Capture Power | Guest: Bennett's Phylactery | 3/2/23 Auron MacIntyre • 5.1K views Few states wield completely centralized power, and many allow non-state actors to play critical roles. Writer Bennett's Phylactery joins me to analyze how different non-state actors capture...

Don't Cut Your Only Rope To Heavens & Spiritual Success | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 6.3K views Learn the System, know what Satan is trying to do. Allah (AJ) loves His creation, and testings are coming to purify regardless. The hand of the Shaykh is the extension of mercy and healing...

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Pretty good - is very um, American and quite conservative: The Golden Age of Fraud in Finance

New Economic Thinking • 3.9K views

New Economic Thinking • 16K views Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf discusses his just-released book, The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism, which explores the reasons why Liberal democracy is threatened by authoritarianism...

Good - be solid -

Great - too much love, even for one's own children is unhealthy - our love above all things should be for Allah Azzawajazell:

Was okay: Economic Growth | How & How NOT to Do Economics with Robert Skidelsky New Economic Thinking • 20K views One of the central subjects of economics is wealth. But there is not just one narrative of economic growth, but a multitude. In this third lecture in the INET series “How and How Not to do...

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Amazing - may Allah guide us and forgive us all - all the good people on the earth in these times: Human Fitrah ( Disposition ) & Existence of God

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Didn't watch (- too much!): The Dark Origins of the Scientific Method Be Smart 223K views

How Can Sociology Help Economics? | How & How NOT to Do Economics with Robert Skidelsky New Economic Thinking • 21K views In economics the key behavioral idea is individual self-interest. In sociology it is the social “norm.” The first abstracts from society. The second presupposes it. In this seventh lecture...

Economics and Power | How & How NOT to Do Economics with Robert Skidelsky New Economic Thinking • 15K views Where—if anywhere—is power is located in economic life? How economists do deal with it? And to what extent is economics itself part of the power structure? In this eighth lecture in INET’s...

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 1.8K views Michael John Parenti is an American political scientist, academic historian and cultural critic who writes on scholarly and popular subjects. He has taught at universities as well as run for...

the American public was not told that

0:05 every Soviet citizen has a right to free

0:07 education to the highest level of her or

0:10 his ability that they have free medical

0:12 care

0:13 which is something U.S citizens do not

0:16 have they're still about an estimated 40

0:19 million Americans who have no medical

0:21 coverage of any kind and millions of

0:23 others who think they have comprehensive

0:25 coverage who when hit with a serious

0:26 illness fine that they go bankrupt

0:28 anyway

0:30 these are tough things to to hear I mean

0:33 this is this flies right in the face of

0:34 everything that we have been taught

0:40 foreign

0:43 citizens have subsidized housing and

0:45 transportation

0:49 as hunger increased in the United States

0:51 stories began appearing which said that

0:54 the Soviets are unable to feed their

0:56 people I'm practically quoting Dan

0:58 rathers on there NBC CBS reported this

1:02 Flora Lewis in the New York Times said

1:04 their economy is falling apart and there

1:07 they are unable to feed their people

1:09 they need our grain

1:12 the sales of grains of the Soviet Union

1:14 are probably the best publicized best

1:17 propagandized uh grain deals in the

1:21 history of of Western trade of World

1:23 Trade

1:25 um the truth of the matter is that the

1:27 Soviets raised more than enough grain to

1:30 feed their people but what they have

1:31 been doing in the last 20 years is

1:34 converting

1:35 increasingly toward larger supplies of

1:38 milk of meat and Dairy

1:41 which in the Soviet Union and in the

1:44 west is mistakenly treated as an

1:46 improved diet

1:47 despite the scientific evidence which

1:49 shows that a higher meat diet is not

1:52 necessarily the best thing for you

1:54 nevertheless meat consumption in the

1:56 Soviet Union has gone up substantially

1:59 it takes 10 pounds of grain to produce

2:02 one pound of meat and that's why they

2:04 import grain they use it almost all for

2:07 fodder and and for uh

2:11 for the production meat and Dairy

2:14 the idea that Soviet that the Soviet

2:16 Union can transform its country from a

2:18 nation of half-starved peasants

2:20 illiterate workers and whatever else

2:22 into a nation of scientists engineers

2:25 technicians artists uh

2:28 and um intellectuals and whatever that

2:31 they could do that without an adequate

2:34 agricultural base is is really when you

2:37 think about it is really not logical

2:38 they have agricultural production

2:40 problems because only about eight

2:42 percent of their land is

2:45 um is is suitable for agricultural usage

2:50 most of it is either too arid or too

2:52 Arctic too cold and so they got

2:54 shortchanged while they're very richly

2:56 endowed on on other resources minerals

2:59 and oil and all that stuff and Timber

3:01 and probably more than any other country

3:04 in that sense they are poorly endowed in

3:07 agriculture the most richly endowed

3:09 country in the world in agriculture is

3:12 the United States there is no place on

3:14 the globe where you get this stretch of

3:16 temperate land going from Appalachia

3:19 clear across to the Rockies and then on

3:21 the other side of the Rockies all that

3:22 western coast a huge continent of

3:26 agricultural land to be able to produce

3:29 there's no place there's no place in

3:30 Brazil which is jungle there's no place

3:32 in Africa there's no place in Europe

3:33 that has that stretch of real estate

3:35 that can produce

3:37 crops with the richness and abundance

3:40 that our country does although that

3:42 richness and abundance is being depleted

3:44 by mass

3:46 agricultural methods which are uh

3:50 um destroying the soil and losing

3:52 topsoil and all that sort of thing that

3:53 abundance may be in for a crash

3:55 eventually but at this point I'm just

3:57 making comparisons there why we might

3:59 have a wheat Surplus and why they may

4:01 import wheat for for uh

4:04 for me

4:07 that that kind of story whatever else

4:10 you think about the Soviet Union society

4:12 you don't have to like them you don't

4:13 you don't have to say well I prefer

4:14 living here no one's asking you to move

4:16 there what we're asking you to do though

4:19 is to develop an image that's a little

4:21 better than the Reader's Digest image to

4:24 develop what what the psychologists call

4:26 differential object appraisal to not see

4:29 a simple stereotype and understand that

4:32 that is a very complex society which has

4:34 had a very harsh history it has not

4:37 maybe developed the institutions that

4:39 you might like that exist in Sweden uh

4:42 you know a nice little opposition

4:43 parties and all that sort of thing

4:45 um it has not had the luxury of Sweden's

4:48 history

4:50 um but it has a history of its own and

4:52 it has accomplishments of its own and it

4:55 has a Humanity of its own which should

4:56 be looked at and something better than

4:58 the evil empire cartoon image that we

5:01 have of the country and we should be

5:03 able not only to make critical remarks

5:05 about the Soviet Union but we should be

5:07 able to countenance positive statements

5:10 about it and that is what the U.S press

5:13 cannot do

5:15 you cannot find in the U.S media a

5:19 positive statement

5:20 about some Social Development or social

5:24 formation in any socialist or

5:26 revolutionary country that's simply not

5:29 what you can find I mean of any

5:31 significance I I mean I could take that

5:33 back and say I did read an article about

5:35 four years ago about the bus system in

5:37 Budapest where they said it was a very

5:39 good bus system

Watch the full address - later posted - Mr. Lavrov is a great diplomat Lavrov: Nord Stream Bombing HUMILIATED Germany

The Real News Network 19K views TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss his recent book on the lives of frontline workers in the COVID-19 pandemic, The Work of Living. Link to the...

working men and women kept the country from disintegrating during the pandemic they staffed the hospitals stocked the

0:41 shelves drove the buses manned the cash registers cooked and delivered the food

0:47 grew the produce drove the trucks and collected the garbage yet these vital Frontline workers were

0:54 also sacrificed in disproportionate numbers in a system of grotesque inequality

1:01 in late 2020 and early 21 at the height of the pandemic Maximilian Alvarez

1:06 conducted a series of interviews with workers battling to survive they did not have the luxury of working from home

1:13 ordering what they needed from Amazon and having it delivered their jobs

1:18 difficult before the pandemic now came with grave health risks and few benefits

1:23 or protection Alvarez as he does in his podcast working people set out to tell their

1:30 stories he raises up the voices and lives of those the commercial media have

1:35 largely rendered invisible laying bare the huge divide between the Haves and the have-nots

1:41 joining me to discuss his book the work of living and the untold stories of

1:46 working men and women is Maximilian Alvarez who is also the editor-in-chief

1:52 of the real news

Yes - hope: ‘Europe is Waking Up’: Protests in Europe Call For Peace in Ukraine BreakThrough News 143K views Last weekend, anti-war and progressive groups organized major mobilizations across Germany, Britain, Belgium and Italy to condemn NATO escalation and demand peace talks as the Ukraine war enters...

Sense Islam 146K views

Beyond The Lote Tree • 7.3K views

oh mankind fear your lord the Quake of the hour is a thing

1:12 terrible on the day you witness it every nursing woman shall be distracted

1:20 from what she nurses every pregnant woman shall deliver what

1:25 she carries and you shall see mankind drunk

1:36 all praise is due to Allah Lord of all the worlds

1:41 welcome Cosmic explorers to part 4 season 2 of Allah and the cosmos where

1:50 we will uncover New Dimensions through space and time if you are new to the

1:57 channel we advise you to watch all of the episodes of Allah in the cosmos in order from Season One Part One Creation

2:04 in six days or some content may not make sense in this episode of Allah and the

2:10 cosmos we will dive deep into the chapter of the people of the cave and

2:16 why Allah linked this particular event to the the Jal who is also known as the

2:22 Antichrist the dejal is one of the 10 major signs of the hour the cave is a

2:29 miraculous story about a group of young believing men that has and will quench

2:34 our thirst for knowledge for Generations but it's more than just a story about a

2:41 special group of young man it's also a story about time

2:48 come with us Cosmic adventurers we have breadcrumbs to follow

2:55 the hour is very near seconds in Throne time

3:00 it's approaching Allah says he shall say how long did you remain on Earth in

3:07 number of years they will respond we remain for a day or

3:12 apart thereof ask those who count he will say you remained only a short

3:19 while if only you knew we are here at the end of the sixth day

3:26 right next to the hour which is the beginning of the seventh day we are only

3:32 here for a short while indeed now notice in the Quran Allah never says the last

3:38 hour Allah only says two words the hour there

3:43 is no mention of the word last in between these two words there's no such thing as the last owl will commence

3:50 why does Allah do that why not say the last hour and not just the hour what's

3:57 the difference well it's a miracle in itself because if Allah were to say the

4:02 last hour that would not make any sense because we are already within the last

4:08 hour we are here the last hour of the sixth day of creation and the hour that Allah

4:16 talks about will strike at the commencement of the seventh day Judgment Day look at Allah's signs about

4:23 their own time so simple yet the signs are incredible if you know where to look

4:30 so there's no such thing as a final hour or the last hour there is just this the

4:36 hour and it will not commence until all the ten major signs have come to pass

the biggest trial mankind will ever have to endure at the time of the jaw the trial will be

8:04 much like the trial of the people of the cave and even worse as it is said that the the Jal is the biggest trial on

8:12 Earth think of it like the final climb to reach the summit of Everest it's the

8:19 hardest part now this doesn't mean that the other test before this was easy in no way

8:24 there were paths along the mountain that were lower but yet treacherous for example at the time of pharaoh or the

8:31 people of the cave but the summit got lost part it will literally take

8:37 every ounce of energy left to reach the top and seen as all the 10 major signs are

8:44 connected like beads falling off a necklace when the Summit is reached the world will end

8:52 time is up the test is over

8:59 we are told that when the the Jal emerges we should go the other way literally run away because many people

9:05 won't be able to not fall for his trap and yes this includes Muslims

9:11 so the first lesson from the chapter of the cave is very simple go and hide

9:16 but the bigger lesson is never give up your faith is everything hold on tightly

9:23 to it don't give in have faith that Allah will protect you

9:28 and with Miracles if he wants to Allah starts the chapter off with how

9:34 amazing and unswerving the Quran is and that saying Allah has a son is blasphemy

9:40 so Allah talks about having faith in only him and hold on tight to the book that is free from Distortion and then

9:47 Allah speaks about the people of the cave which obviously has a direct correlation with faith in trying times

9:56 a direct command when the dijal appears go the other way don't even think about

10:04 going towards the dajjal hold on to your faith with a book that is completely

10:09 unchanged and free from Fault Allah will protect you even with things that you

10:16 don't understand Allah can do wonders like make you go to

10:21 sleep and wake you up 300 years later and you are still the same age as you

10:27 were when you went to sleep and still alive to continue a life without the

10:33 torment of a tyrant so the story continues on...

LoveAllah328 374K views

LoveAllah328 239K views

True inFo • 20K views Western democracy: Comply or be punished – Russian FM Lavrov Press conference in New Delhi - India


Toddlers hugging each other - heartwarming video :

-- Watch -----: Jain 108 Academy · Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field. Video Credit: W. Ran, S. Fredericks, & J.R. Saylor. Clemson Univierstiy. #Cymatics . Follow us on Instagram: @jain108academy Jain 108 YouTube:

Abu Bakr Zoud • 54K views Abu Musa reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, Allah looks down in middle night of Sha’ban and he forgives all of his creatures, except for an...

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