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"New Socialism" - Human Rights - Peace Justice and Love

This is what I've always liked/wanted:

Learning (remembering, "get it down pat" - err, at least pretty well):


From Sheikh Imran Hosein:

Powerful...bold. Makes one question. Life is not a game and all fun and games and competition and boasting.

----------------- One Islam (!) -- Good information in here:

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Haven't watched all:

George Galloway • 32K views


Nice to hear this message and words again from Sadhguru: (He's so wise and a great human being, I like him a lot, may Allah bless)

Sadhguru: Europe was not going that way after World War II, but now once again they're going that way.

0:05 We are all enjoying it. When it really happens, we say, "Ah! We're shocked! We're shocked!"

0:11 Without war, a lot of people cannot survive.

0:14 If this one and this one [Gestures] does not solve their problems, the world problems are never gone.

1:03 Sadhguru: See, the thing is this:

1:07 when nations across the world, almost without exception,

1:12 – fortunately Europe was not going that way after World War II, but now once again they're going that way –

1:20 almost every nation has invested enormous amount of money

1:25 in building and stockpiling arms, armaments, bombs, missiles, smart bombs.

1:32 I don't know how a bomb can be smart, it's the dumbest thing to do. [Laughter]

1:38 It is the dumbest thing to do... [Laughter/Applause]

1:50 Sadhguru: Uh... see, at least if I pick a fight with you,

1:57 with a sword, or a stick, or something, there is some crude animalistic pleasure attached to it.

2:04 A thousand people are sitting here, you just drop a bomb, all of them died.

2:08 I don't know what is smart about that. I cannot understand this.

2:13 But they are talking about smart bombs, where they're saying from 2 miles in the sky,

2:19 they can drop the bomb into your house through the window!

2:23 They're very proud of this.

2:27 So, this is not one nation; across the world, all right?

2:31 So, all of us as people, were we all thinking,

2:35 all these bombs are being kept for entertainment, for display, or it's artwork – what did you think?

2:42 One day it will be used. Yes, or no?

2:46 It has to be used somewhere – the question is, on whom?

2:51 The question is not whether it'll be used or not; the question is just where and on whom, isn't it?

2:58 So, when it is piling up, we are all okay with it.

3:03 In every movie – there is no movie without a bomb, or at least a smashed face – we're all enjoying it.

3:11 When it really happens, we say, "Ah! We're shocked! We're shocked!"

3:16 It doesn't work like that, life. This is why I'm telling you about the soil.

3:20 Will you grieve after the disaster, or will you be that generation which will turn the disaster around?

3:27 This is all the choice we have, because this is our time on the planet.

3:31 How we do our life, is our life, isn't it? Karel Janeček: Yes.

If you can't transform the human being, at least you must defang him, isn't it? Hello?

6:14 Karel Janeček: Defang? Sadhguru: Yeah. [Applause]

6:15 Defang means, you take away his teeth, at least. [Applause]

6:21 If transformation is possible – fantastic!

6:24 If that is not possible, at least his empowerment you should bring it down, isn't it?

6:31 So, we have no intent of stopping the war, let's be clear about that.


When it happens to us, or when it happens close to us, we will cry.

6:42 When it's happening somewhere else, it's drama.


This inhuman attitude towards war, and to killing, and the suffering that other people go through,

6:52 must... we must come out of that.

6:56 Because most evil things have happened not necessarily because of evil intentions – simply apathy.

7:04 You sleep through life. Is sleeping a crime? Hello? Is sleep a crime?

7:09 Hello? No, sleep is a good thing. But if you sleep through your life, your life is a disaster.

7:16 That is what is happening to the world both in terms of soil, both in terms of war.

7:22 This is what is happening: we sleep through.

7:25 After World War II we formed League of Nations, we made United Nations.

7:30 The idea was, never again such wars will happen, right?

7:34 Not just for Europe, for the whole world, never again it'll happen.

7:38 But since then, how many wars?

Actually if you look at it, there's not been a single day's break on this planet after World War II,

7:50 without at least a battle going on somewhere.

7:55 So, we have issues: we have economic issues, we have property issues, we have issues, all right?

8:03 This is the idea of setting up a United Nations, that we will fight with our words and solve our problems.

8:10 We're not in such a la-la land that we don't have any issues – we have issues!

8:15 We genuinely have issues, isn't it? That two sets of people believe this is it, that is it – there.

8:21 But this is the idea of setting up a platform which would solve problems.

8:26 What has happened? We've pushed it to the side, and doing what we want to with each other.

8:33 So, 20th century... 21st century when it began,

8:37 everybody said, "This is 21st century, this is the age of information, this is technology, this, that – no wars."

8:45 Tell me, how many wars in 21st century?

8:48 How many nations have been destroyed in 21st century?

8:53 Sadhguru: Too many! Too many for 22 years, isn't it?

9:01 Sadhguru: See, these are things that you can't turn around overnight, but...

9:09 first thing is, within your hearts, your anger and hatred must go. I must tell you this.


Kim Iversen 106K views

------- Imam Mahdi (RA)

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 7.1K views


These videos look good/decent but anyway...:

Redacted 95K views

Looking at the entire population – all ages, genders, health conditions, etc. – and there’s no question that the threat of myocarditis from COVID is greater than from being vaccinated....

Islamic videos:

Bilal Philips • 402 views

Good one, not very long: “Knowledge” & The End Times Shiekh Omar Baloch • 2.9K views


Is it really? I disagree for the most part, but they do make some points in the video and learned some things I was unaware of.

Jocko Podcast 80K views

This is basically the same sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW of how to walk and being aware of your surroundings (not about the dogs though, obviously!)

-- Is wrong -> :

Interesting - trust in Allah - :

assalamualaikum dear brothers and

0:01 sisters and welcome to quran in islam

0:04 i hope you're preparing well for your

0:07 brothers and sisters a video recently

0:09 went viral showing muslim children

0:11 houston singing a religious anthem

0:14 funded by iran this video shared by

0:17 iranian state media is of an event

0:20 organized by the islamic education

0:22 center of houston

0:23 let's discuss why this video is

0:25 generating such a buzz

0:27 this anthem is titled as salam farmande

0:31 which translates to hello commander

0:34 written upon the recommendation of

0:36 iran's supreme leader ayatollah sayed

0:38 ali al-khomaini

0:40 it is a declaration of children's

0:42 loyalty to imam mahdi

0:45 according to the creators this song is

0:47 released as a sign of the nation's

0:49 readiness to welcome the last imam of

0:52 shia muslims

0:55 we know that imam mahdi is last of the

0:57 prophet muhammad sallallahu ta'ala you

0:59 sallam pure descendants

1:01 he will arrive near the end of time

1:03 alongside jesus christ peace be upon him

1:05 and will flood the globe with justice

1:08 and love

1:13 [Music]

1:15 foreign

1:17 [Music]

1:22 [Music]

1:30 according to the shia muslims

1:33 has already been born and he went into

1:36 occultation in 941

1:39 now

1:40 he will re-merge to establish justice

1:42 and peace on earth this is why the

1:45 lyrics of hello commander urge him to

1:48 reappear

1:49 this song actually tells imam mahdi that

1:52 muslims are in immediate need of him and

1:55 that he should show up

1:57 they assured him that they would stand

1:59 by him and fight bravely for the good

2:01 cause

2:02 all sikhs of muslim are waiting for his

2:04 arrival so that he takes the lead

2:07 eradicates injustice saves humanity once

2:10 again

2:11 now that the signs of the end of times

2:13 such as the drying of the euphrates

2:15 river are showing up muslims are even

2:18 more eager for his arrival

2:21 regarding this song however a variety of

2:23 viewpoints are emerging

2:25 since the song's lyrics center on the

2:27 shia believes that imam mahdi is already

2:30 in this world he is just concealed from

2:32 people's eyes

2:34 whereas sunnis believe that imam mahdi

2:36 has not yet been born

2:38 let's talk about the viewpoint of the

2:40 western media and rights activists now

2:43 as expected they have criticized the

2:45 anthem saying that it has some tinge of

2:48 dangerous child brainwashing

2:51 according to them the song seeks to

2:53 recruit child soldiers

2:55 well putting all the controversy aside

2:58 what do you think of this song share

3:00 your thoughts in the comment section

Turgut Khan 3 days ago One of the best acts of ibadah that Muslim performs and many overlook is Thinking positively of Allah is meant Allah will respond when offering supplication (du‘aa’); thinking positively that He will accept one’s repentance when repenting; thinking positively that He will forgive when seeking His forgiveness; thinking positively that He will accept good deeds when doing them according to the prescribed conditions, believing strongly that His promise is true and His grace is abundant.

"One day your actions will visit you, so don't be surprised when you see them.

"Your soul is a completed novel, yet you spend your time reading other people & wonder why you still haven’t found yourself. Happiness was asked: where do you live? It replied: in the hearts of those content with Allaah’s decree.

BR M 2 days ago Rasulullah (saw) did not teach Muslims to pray for the arrival of Mehdi. (If anyone thinks otherwise, where is the authentic teaching about it?) There are many of us who are guilty of not being the best Muslim that we can be so that we can have an impact on the Non-muslims so that they admire us (including our enemies among them). Rasulullah (saw) taught each one of us how to be as good as Himself (saw) but many of us don't even try! I feel we have been led astray by Shaitan by not allowing us to become impactful powerful Muslim nation but be mediocre and pray for the arrival of another pious, righteous Muslim. IslamPlusOne 3 days ago (edited) Mehdi could be Alive right now or hasn't born yet, he could be in his 20s or 30s or still a child. He will most likely be 40 years old when he becomes the Mehdi. Until then, he lives a human life like anyone of us and he himself doesn't know that he is the Mehdi until one day he becomes the Mehdi, and starts uniting the Muslim nation then people will recognize him. I'm talking out of my knowledge. And Allah knows best.


The below video has some not-so-good imagery (warning) but yeah, all these people coming to MBS begging for oil...and the actions he's done (not good, not good - obviously). I don't think the whole Saudi Royal family is all that righteous nor great and good, from what I know anyway. Concerning my thoughts regarding music and concerts in Mecca and Medina, is no, just no - don't be an oppressor, yes, but there are definite limits, these things should stay outside of the city limits even if the government has made them allowed at the state level (but even if the state allows something, it doesn't make it halal, it is mukrooh or mubah at best pretty much, I've learned and one can decide for themselves in the below video about music), that would definitely be my opinion on this issue; And, that Mecca and Medina should NOT be commercialized/"capitalized" very much - small businesses etc. are fine but really...allowing Pepsi Co. and McDonalds and all the rest in is a no. Easily. I don't believe that to be right nor good nor all these big hotel chains, nor this nor that...

Muhammad bin Salman, or MBS—the millennial crown prince of Saudi Arabia—appears increasingly invincible. With the war in Ukraine disrupting energy supplies, Western leaders are eager to...


Didn't watch these but I like (even just the titles of the videos and video thumbnail pictures):

Recorded: 20200407 Secret of Nisf Sha’ban and the Door of Hu هو Secrets of Guidance and Love لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله All Realities written upon the Soul....

-- Is not that true? How can I or one even begin to understand all that is in me (my heart, the mind)? Allah SWT knows best and is the only power and the only one who can forgive us and grant us peace.

Good one (Ha! Right. Allah akbar. Need to memorize) - THE CAVE - AL-KAHF (QURAN PROTECTION AGAINST DAJJAL)

MercifulServant 2.4M views

This is a better video for learning/memorizing: 018 Surah Al Kahf by Mishary Al Afasy (iRecite) M Asif • 5.1M views


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh to all good people of the world in todays times -- (and Allah SWT is "Maliki Yawmiddin", since he knows all, who are we or anyone, to say who are the "good" people of the world? He knows what a person knows - what everyone knows. - Like I don't believe in fighting for or helping Ukraine against Russia, but that doesn't mean that all the soldiers in the Ukranian army are bad people, same with Russia, same with people in the United States or anywhere (and the people who are for helping or have helped the Ukraine people, obviously that's a good act, there's nothing wrong with that), but it's definitely good to fear Allah and gain knowledge so your self doesn't get put into a bad situation where your fighting on the wrong side, etc.)

What times we are living in, such oppression and heartless acts being committed around the world. Genocidal - oppressive - mean - human actions - humans against humans. Of course, it's written already and...(words don't do a lot of things justice and/or just, I'm not that great of a writer or poet to do or attempt it).

Deception. Upside down morality because of beliefs in ideologies which are shaped and forced on us (and forcing it upon the world) as kids (American exceptionalism, capitalism, freedom, democracy). Allah knows best. Fear Allah.

This is good (wishes of others to read and believe and understand, Allah SWT knows best): It's hard to express in words the understanding (the unconscious and filter of the self plus other things I'm probably not taking into account) of one's understanding.

This video will advance your understanding of why hadiths began to be forged and how #hadith scholars dealt with fabricated hadiths. Dr. Shabir Ally explains that hadiths were forged after...


This seems really legit - but also then I just started reading this book from the 9th C. and it talks about a scholar was a a musician, and miracously actually discovered the invention of dissolving sutures...(very cool), but anyway: does get into one's head. And, it's not really something that is natural, so I feel like, it does weaken a person mentally because in the real world, one doesn't have these things (I forgot the thoughts I was having on the matter a few days ago when I was thinking more deeply on the issue). Anyway, Rasullallah SWT said, what you give up in this world, Allah (SWT) will replace with something better in the next. This I believe.

I like Hamza Yusuf's advice on music, for reverts (or for Muslims who partake in it -- and maybe at weddings or things like that, I wouldn't say, Oh, you can't do this or this is wrong, is people's individual choices and judgment...umm...yeah, obviously some believe drums and singing are halal, obviously in society and Western society especially music is all around us and unavoidable), is just that it's not so good and one should slowly get off music...but you know, it's okay, it can definitely brighten one's energy and mood at times and be a relief, but you know, in our society and these times, really, we have it so good of course, we have different problems to deal with in society now, is more problems of loneliness, etc., and being use to all kinds of stimulation (dopamine) which I myself am guilty of, to get away from it, would require one to "go to the cave" so to speak - ) (Also I guess I'll add, actually playing music - learning to play, I've learned, can help one's brain (memory, etc.,) so, it could be a ruling more like sports - that it's good and okay to partake but not so good to sit around and watch (sports) - - I use to watch a lot of sports and listen to a lot of music, music especially growing, it does have effects on one's identity or can, I think, (I basically know), I'm not sure if it is imparts a false sense of identity - it definitely has effects though. One can start identifying or thinking of themselves as their likes and preferences (in the dunya). "I like this" therefore - "I'm cool", "I'm diverse", "I'm country", I'm a rebel", etc. but, it can like, lyrics and words, we obviously can learn things from them and learn about ourselves and the evolution of our selves as well...but yeah, obviously as Muslims we should value our time on earth and can do better things with our time...(learn knowledge, reflect, make dhikr and zikr, think about our affairs we need to take care of in our daily lives, there's a lot one can do nowdays (and learn about) because of technology obviously). Allah Akbar, Maliki Yawmiddin.

Notebook Notes:

"Take no other idols before Allah" -

- Music in Mecca, Medinah - anywhere in city limits or along the pilgrimage (Hajj) route should not be allowed (I think and believe) - along with other impure things and business(es) (McDonalds, etc., - Multinational corporations, businesses with ties to Isreal etc, where profits go to them or other countries - not good. It should be local businesses only that benefit the people of Mecca and Medina directly - (IMO) - it should not be overly commercialized and globalized in these ways - )

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