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Nice. Peace.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Great videos:

Twitter is quite a nasty place overall. It brings a lot of discontent within oneself and comparison and judging. Everything in this world is vanity. Twitter is of the world and technology dehumanizes us and our interactions with each other.

Makes me think some if I should just focus on other things then political stuff and all this and that and just do work to try to build a better life for myself and be happy and try to live righteously. But is that wrong if doing the other thing is harder for a person and is more sharing and giving to the world than the other? I'm confused and confuse myself seems like a lot, think a lot, mostly about self, can only think and live through the self though.

To be at peace is to live in the moment and not be mad, unaccepting, unforgiving, prideful...that's true.




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