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about it.

The earth, and therefore, humanity and everything upon the earth, is in trouble.

I don't know about the Earth's core and its rotation (time seems like it is going faster all the time, though, and I don't think it's just one's aging) changing and those dangers but...

-------------With Love and Good Intention------------------------------------Bismallah - Astaghfirullah----

" 339 views Jan 30, 2023

🤔 What do you feel when someone deceives you? If you've succeeded in deceiving a person, it doesn't mean he's a fool. It means you were trusted more than you deserve.

❓ What can lies and trust have in common?

❓ Who and how do we trust?

❓ What is captainism. How does this phenomenon lead to disasters?

❓ How to learn not to be wrong about people?

❓ Who is our enemy and where is he hiding?

❓ What is the global deception of humanity and why does it lead to the destruction of the planet?

❓ How to expose the main liar and manipulator and make the right choice?"

The Perfect Storm. Climate Crisis! Humanity Is in Danger! ALLATRA TV International • 339 views

It's certain. It is the truth; as I got hungry and went and opened up a little aluminum can thing of salted Spanish Peanuts.

This system that generates all this trash is unsustainable for the planet and we all know it. Debates about climate change and whether one believes in it or not or whatever one knows and believes and advocates for, it is all talk until we change and actually work to resolve these problems.

Do you want to be controlled like a little baby by the government, elites and corporations or should we, and people of the whole earth, come together and say enough is enough.

How did our planet turn into a garbage dump? ALLATRA TV International • 33K views

We live in a huge landfill. You probably don't see it from your window, but the air, the water, the land - everything is poisoned by rubbish. Garbage is everywhere, from the top of Mount Everest...

- We have brains. We can think for ourselves. Hearing and researching information and learning won't kill us. Being ignorant very well could though or being like the frog in a pan under heat example.

From "A Perfect Storm. Climate Crises! Humanity is in danger!"

we see lies could not exist without trust after all

2:04 a person is the easiest to deceive when he trusts the deceiver who do we trust the most first and foremost ourselves

2:12 and our close ones those who we share our secrets with and also those who

2:17 received responsibility to various authority figures who as we think know

2:23 more and better than we do in all these cases have exceptions after

2:29 all when people follow an authority figure they often find themselves in difficult situations and sometimes even

2:35 die fear of taking responsibility for our lives and laziness to figure out what is

2:42 happening make us delegate the right to control our own life to other people

2:49 what is it like it's childlike Behavior quite often

2:54 being grown-ups people continue being children after all a child always needs

2:59 an adult and protection someone to lean to a child is always

3:05 easier to fool but why what's the difference between a child and an adult it is knowledge and experience

3:13 if a child doesn't acquire them he will forever remain dependent and controlled

there is a widespread phenomenon in the world called captanism this is when team

3:41 members give in to the opinion of the leader who they consider to be entitled and supposedly more competent it also

3:48 shows that leaders often fail to notice the impact their status and experience

3:54 have on the people around them such behavior is extremely dangerous due to

3:59 the inaction of the crew members when the captain makes an obviously wrong decision experts studying accidents have

4:05 repeatedly listened to recordings of disasters indicating an obvious mistake of the captain which wasn't corrected by

4:13 another crew member let's take for example a well-known case of the crash of air Florida flight which

4:21 happened near Washington DC in 1982

4:27 on October 2 2022 Forbes Magazine published a conversation of the crew

4:33 recorded by flight recorders before the crash [Music]

the criminal habit of Shifting responsibility to the leader

5:50 devalues the lives of other people and often leads to their death

5:57 in this situation the co-pilot blindly trusted his Commander the effect of

6:03 captainism worked for him he thought the captain knew better and would make the right decision and believed these

6:10 thoughts even if something goes wrong the captain will be responsible for it think about it

6:17 it was only a suggestion in the mind of the co-pilot to shift responsibility to

6:22 the commander agreeing to this proposal caused the lives of everyone on board

6:29 a reasonable question may arise who gives suggestion who gives suggestions in our head and who decides whether to

6:37 agree with them or not

10:11 there is an ancient Italian proverb Lord protect me from my friends I can take

10:18 care of my enemies after all we are usually betrayed by the closest people those who we believe and trust most of

10:25 all and again we encounter trust why is it harder for strangers to deceive us than

10:31 for those close to us because we do not trust strangers although in difficult times we are helped and rescued by both

10:38 close people and complete strangers the meaning of the word trust given in

10:45 dictionaries does not correspond to the meaning in which we use this word

10:50 after considering many examples of the use of the word trust we can conclude

10:57 that trust means a permission to someone or something to gain power over something that belongs to the one who

11:04 permits it Trust means giving access to a person's possessions

11:10 not only material ones entrusting life to a doctor means a

11:17 permission to a doctor to have power over our life and do with it as he considers right

11:23 trusting a secret to a friend means giving a friend access to a secret if

11:29 there are many objects of trust then people usually do not list them but simply say I trust this person

11:37 but this phrase always implies specific things that are entrusted

11:44 personal information material property Health well-being of a child

11:50 Etc the phrase I trust this person does not indicate that completely everything is

11:56 entrusted to him the Notions of trust and confidence are often equated

12:02 but this is wrong trust is based on confidence but it is not it

12:09 first a person gains confidence that the one to whom he is going to entrust

12:14 something has all the necessary qualities to dispose of this thing correctly

12:21 and then there is Trust that is permission to gain power over

12:27 this thing so where is the truth in all this

12:33 after all trust is a very important feeling in relationships between people

12:38 it generates a sense of unity it generates a feeling of Love after all to

12:44 love means to be one foreign

12:50 how can we learn not to be mistaken about people maintaining a childlike

12:55 Purity and openness how can we get out of this vicious circle

13:02 and where does the most skillful liar live that gets us into trouble all the

13:08 time both with the people around us and with ourselves the answer is simple and complicated at

13:16 the same time the greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever

13:21 look

in any game there's always the one who leads the game and the one who gets

14:37 played and if you don't see who's being played then you're the one who's being played

14:43 what's the trick to take everything

14:48 to take everything you only get an offer remember

14:58 you accept it it's Allure what do you mean

15:05 okay recall the story with the Crypt the same suggestion to start a game you

15:11 agreed yeah that went well in the beginning that's Allure do you get it

15:18 I think I'm starting to get it but what's the connection the more you

15:24 believe that you yourself are running the game the less you control it it's just a

15:29 suggestion to believe the first rule of the trick is to suggest to your victim that he is the master of the situation

15:38 is there a second one and the second one and the most important rule is that the

15:43 victim should not guess that this is just a suggestion which he may not agree with stop

15:50 who do I hear [Music]

16:02 [Music]

16:10 yep have you already guessed where your

16:17 worst enemy hides that's right the deceiver hides inside of us it is our animal nature

16:24 Consciousness is the one who thinks inside us dogs

16:30 shows pictures and images inside us and with their help commands us but in

16:35 essence a humanist personality the one who observes all this and chooses which

16:41 of the proposed by Consciousness to give their attention to and what to start implementing what thoughts words and

16:48 deeds perhaps now when you know this you will want to get rid of Consciousness and

16:54 remove the evil deceiver we have to disappoint you it won't work fighting Consciousness

17:01 will only make it stronger everything you struggle with only gets stronger

17:07 Consciousness is what controls personality until personality understands all the

17:14 intricacies of this cheating Consciousness is that adult who we as

17:20 immature personality child rely on trust and listen to its advice

17:27 Consciousness is the one who we trustfully consider to be the commander of the airliner and give ourselves the

17:35 place of the co-pilot that would be all right but Consciousness is not our friend it is our Real Enemy more

17:42 precisely it is a sneaky parasite that clearly deceives its host the essence of

17:47 any parasite is to take vital energy from its host Consciousness wants to get all of our

17:53 energy that's why it does everything to make personality completely dependent on

17:59 itself the only way Consciousness can dominate personality is through deception the

18:05 main deception of Consciousness is to speak on our behalf to pass off its thoughts as ours to pass off its

18:12 emotions as ours but in fact it is not personality that depends on

18:18 Consciousness but Consciousness is totally dependent on human personality it is personality that sustains the life

18:25 of Consciousness with its energy so what to do how to get rid of this dictator how to

18:32 put it in its place it was mentioned earlier that in order for child personality to grow up one

18:39 needs the knowledge about the Dual nature of a human about his energy structure about the soul about what

18:45 Consciousness is and how to control it this is necessary in order to first of

18:51 all get out of its slavery secondly to take it under control so that this tool serves personality

18:58 rather than personalities like a milk cow for consciousness there are many illustrative examples

19:05 from life almost everyone has encountered a

19:10 situation when drawing up important documents they have caught themselves thinking

19:16 that it is not necessary to check them after all they are drawn up by competent people

19:22 and how many disappointments and problems they get later when they find mistakes in the text at the most

19:29 inopportune moment for example an error in just one letter

19:35 in a document can lead to the fact that in the end it will be two different

19:40 people according to the papers or another example a person simply

19:46 forgot to pay his electricity bill listening to the thought in his head that I'll pay later

19:54 but it was only a suggestion from consciousness to bring you out emotionally in the end

20:00 as a result the power was cut off and a lot of nerves time and money were spent

20:05 on fines to bring it back that is the purpose of consciousness

20:11 the more we let emotions burn in US the more energy Consciousness gets

20:19 and we as personality irrevocably and pointlessly lose it

20:27 these are just little episodes of life but how many times does Consciousness

20:32 deceive us every day and how many problems and troubles are caused by that

Very long...(all day) video event:

Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12 2022 EDITED VERSION Creative Society 21,030 views Streamed live on Nov 20, 2022

Transcript ~3:00:00:

has the world scientific Community been doing all these years

2:52:28 it has been diverting people's attention from the real causes of climate change

2:52:34 by offering them false theories one group of scientists was on the side

2:52:41 of the theory of anthropogenic CO2 in contrast another group claimed that the

2:52:48 climate was not changing at all nevertheless today it is already evident

2:52:55 to everyone that the climate is changing more and more

2:53:00 therefore many people trying to cover Comfort themselves

2:53:06 are deluded by false theories but this year has shown itself in full

2:53:14 force and everyone is already worried what populist scientists have predicted

2:53:23 to happen 100 years from now is happening today

2:53:28 the world we are used to no longer exists and now we must make a mature decision

2:53:37 about how to protect ourselves from the climate Cerberus

2:53:43 let's walk through this in order we have only five to six relatively

2:53:50 stable years during this time we must find a way to counteract the radiation

2:53:57 that is now this stabilizing our planet's core and causing climate

2:54:03 disasters scientists do not know the nature of

2:54:08 this radiation which means we are still defenseless against this terrible threat

2:54:16 as Humanity we now have two essential tasks

2:54:22 first is to study the nature of cosmic radiation the second is to find an

2:54:30 energy source equivalent or superior to the radiation coming from space to

2:54:37 counteract it to solve these problems we need competent scientists who are kept in

2:54:45 closed Laboratories around the world these scientists study the energy we

2:54:52 need but they do it only to develop new kinds of weapons no government will give

2:54:59 them up because these scientists ensure the state's military powers

2:55:05 since the time to solve the problems we face is catastrophically short only five

2:55:12 to six years it is possible to cope with them only by combining the intellectual

2:55:20 potential of competent scientists of the whole world

2:55:26 the scientists we all often hear about in the media those for whom grants and

2:55:33 titles are important will not help us solve this problem even if countries agreed on any

2:55:41 scientific Corporation in this area today we would end up with Grant eaters

2:55:48 plagiarists and opportunists sitting at this table that is because no State and modern

2:55:56 society will give up its best scientists right now the power of a few over the

2:56:04 billions is in charge and they will fight for it to the end

2:56:10 it is impossible to bring together Specialists from competing closed

2:56:16 Laboratories such are the rules of our consumerist format

2:56:22 what is the solution we need to ensure that these scientists don't need to develop weapons and that

2:56:30 countries don't need to defend themselves that sounds impossible and our

2:56:35 consumerist format so the only way to free real scientists is to change the

2:56:42 format of society to one where Wars will be impossible and forever eliminated

2:56:48 in this way real scientists around the world will have the opportunity to

2:56:54 devote their full attention to solving the global climate threat

2:56:59 and this must be realized as soon as possible because time is running out

2:57:07 ten years ago when the situation with the climate in its progression became

2:57:13 apparent to us we realized that a new format of society was required

2:57:19 and because that would bring about a global change worldwide it is necessary

2:57:24 to consider all the factors that ensure the safety of society in an integrated

2:57:31 way we studied the world's historical experience to account for all of

2:57:37 Humanity's mistakes the main thing we understood is that the new model of

2:57:43 society must meet the needs of all people after all we as humankind have already

2:57:52 fought enough and gone through economic crisis famine and Wars

2:57:58 and all this has been repeated in a vicious circle for thousands of years

2:58:05 therefore if we change the format of society it must be a radical change and

2:58:12 one that will provide the best living conditions for all people

2:58:20 throughout the past 10 years we together with volunteers and experts from all

2:58:27 over the world have conducted extensive analytical work and numerous social

2:58:32 surveys worldwide we surveyed millions of people in over

2:58:38 180 countries conducted interviews and consultation and held International

2:58:43 around tables and conferences with experts in various fields by studying

2:58:50 and analyzing the needs of people around the world we have been able to create a

2:58:55 working model that transforms every aspect of society and most importantly it ensures that

2:59:03 scientists can come together to solve the climate problem as quickly as

2:59:08 possible based on a comprehensive analysis of the will of people the eight pillars that

2:59:16 make this model work were formed they embody what all people want we we

2:59:24 have called this model the creative Society further on we will be using this

2:59:30 term but it can be called differently it is not the name but the essence of this

2:59:36 model which will help us to cope with the global climate disasters

2:59:41 in today's Forum we will look more closely at what this model is

2:59:47 for now let's look at its fundamental differences from the current format of

2:59:52 society first in the creative Society the priority of everything is life (but) not

3:00:00 profit, as we have it right now second, power will belong to the people and will

3:00:07 not be concentrated in one hands of a single person or a particular group of

3:00:12 people it is as we see it today these fundamental principles forever

3:00:20 preclude the possibilities of war - indeed today we are talking about the

3:00:27 question of everyone's survival it is no longer a question of conflicts or wars

3:00:32 the threat is over everyone over everybody any worry can be stopped given

3:00:39 the will to do so but what is happening now with the climate we can only stop if

3:00:45 we build the creative Society whether we like it or not it is a forced

3:00:51 measure because it is the only mode model of society that forever eliminates

3:00:58 worse freeing scientists from close Laboratories and allowing them together

3:01:04 together at the same table as a result we will find a way out of the climate

3:01:10 collapse as in a short as possible time we now see that only the model of the

3:01:17 creative Society give us give the humanity a real chance to survive

people across the globe have already experienced the terror being left on

3:03:08 their own with the Raging natural disaster and millions have become climate refugees the progression is

3:03:16 gaining momentum while we continue to argue about the causes ignore the facts

3:03:22 or simply ignore everything that is happening friends this is suicide yes I

3:03:29 understand that the flow of information bombarding each one of us today it's

3:03:35 very difficult to discern the grain of truth but it is there today we have all

3:03:42 heard about the true causes of climate change we have all heard about how many

3:03:48 years we have left to unite all of our scientific potential

3:03:53 it is impossible to overstate how important this information is today

3:04:01 if you have any doubt take it and calculate it yourself compare all the

3:04:07 data and all the numbers that have been presented today this is actually already

3:04:13 happening see for yourself that this is fact we should have started to act long time ago


3:04:29 have had time to reconsider a lot of things and now it is important to take

3:04:35 action so that we have time to save all of us all of humanity

3:04:42 if if everyone else has any doubt check it for yourself I do

3:04:49 understand that it's scary but we at Rotary have face challenges more than

3:04:55 once and this experience will help us now as well right now we need unity and

3:05:04 courage of all rotarians more than ever and then we will succeed because our

3:05:11 strength and survival is only in Unity thank you

3:05:17 foreign

3:05:35 and we passed the floor to the next distinguished speaker Mr Marco Antonio

3:05:41 Hernandez president of the Rotary Club of Cordillera derpine yellowland from

3:05:47 Chile

3:05:54 thank you for this opportunity my name is Marco Antonio Atlantis Fuentes I have

3:06:00 the honor of being a president for the period from 2022 to 2023 of the Rotary

3:06:05 Club of Santiago de Chile s in

3:06:11 San Diego and today we're working hard focused on being successful in society

3:06:17 and being its participants I would love to complete and share the

3:06:24 information with our club and with all people about this wonderful privilege that we had the opportunity to learn

3:06:29 about today it is called the creative Society through which Unity gains power

3:06:35 and it is fundamental

3:06:41 thank you for this wonderful unique chance to share with you my Impressions after watching

3:06:47 listening and enjoying the previous Forum a message to humanity

3:06:54 [Music] I have the opportunity to express my feelings about this and share this

3:06:59 moment with you [Music]

3:07:10 in my life I always try to help participate and get involved in the life of society and I thought that it was

3:07:17 enough [Music] I always cared about helping those who

3:07:25 were in need but after I became familiar with this

3:07:31 forum and following all the conversations everything had changed

3:07:38 [Music] I felt needed [Music]

3:07:47 I felt like a person who had to do more

3:07:55 I had to step out of my comfort zone that I thought was a part of my life

3:08:01 I felt like I had to leave that comfort zone [Music]

3:08:08 and I really wanted to be able to share and express this new experience by learning and realizing that we don't

3:08:14 have much time left in this world if we don't act if we don't react s

3:08:20 so I decide to react I decided to express this feeling to my

3:08:27 closest friends and I share with them the information about what will affect the whole world

3:08:33 in the coming years

3:08:38 it was my first knockout so to speak foreign

3:08:45 doubts and individualism and very few people accepted what I

3:08:52 shared [Music] it made me think it made me reflect on the fact that maybe not everyone is

3:08:59 ready to carry the message to share something as you might think I believe something needs to be done first

3:09:05 [Music] the message is very clear and specific

3:09:10 but it takes preparation I feel that with this personal experience you need

3:09:16 to speak to people nothing impresses people better than

3:09:21 respect and trust and this is fundamental so that the idea of the creative Society could be accepted

3:09:27 without fear without doubt and could do its job this Society needs these kinds of values

3:09:33 it needs our trust it needs our respect and we're going to achieve that that's why the tagline of this forum is

3:09:41 global crisis our survival is in unity that's the connecting link to give trust

3:09:47 disobey fear and come out of the state of comfort that we're in I think these

3:09:52 three elements are fundamental I appeal to everyone who sees and listens to us

3:09:57 there is no Greater Joy than the one you can experience when someone you invite says yes I will come thank you for this

3:10:06 moment for the opportunity to contribute to this tremendous work experiment project and purpose that you are

3:10:13 pursuing for a better world for the opportunity to achieve it not only for us but for the next Generations the

3:10:20 Privileges that we have today and that we have to pass on to them I believe that we are on another Link in this

3:10:27 green chain and our only mission is to come together and work for the common good and I believe that we cannot oppose

3:10:34 such a monster as consumerism and yet we can overcome it by finding those who

3:10:39 have a need for debt always always thank you

3:10:47 thank you very much Marco Antonio for your words of support for to the creative society and for bringing people

3:10:54 together and for your profound understanding of the danger in which we as Humanity Now find ourselves

3:11:02 in fact in the near future we will all move out of our comfort zone the only

3:11:09 question is now will the climate destroy the comfort zone or we will step out of

3:11:15 it ourselves in order to act no one doubts anymore that we are not in

3:11:22 control of the climate the year 2022 has been a year of a tragedy for many people

3:11:29 but people are not seeing the holistic picture of what is happening

Comments: Эдгар Панфилов 3 weeks ago I believe that humanity, as well as each individual person has the willpower to make the right decision for themselves and for each of us! It's time to stop shifting responsibility to whomever... The government, the authorities, influential people, etc. We need to reach out to each other, putting aside all the nonsense that the media, slogans, etc., are forcing upon us. It's time to build a Creative Society! Together we can do anything! Olga Kovtun 2 months ago I am for Creative Society, I support Creative Society, I am Creative Society! Innana 4 weeks ago Incredible information! You have done a great research work in various social fields. Thank you for telling the truth about the climate and other social problems, as well as for voicing real ways to save the Earth and our lives. Aleksandr Chorney 3 weeks ago (edited) 07:21:56 It's the most rational solution there can be, laws for everyone, so everyone has to accept them because everyone is involved and responsible. Thank you for voicing the information and letting all people decide their destiny in the Creative Society Vladimir Ivanov 6 days ago I truly and sincerely support, after watching this Conference! That's our best chance to survive and develop as one big family! eleke kanu 4 weeks ago Creative Society is the true food security. Love and life will return to our homes. Olga Kotik 2 months ago I am shocked by so many facts which concern all of us but we have no idea about them.. Why the hell we don't see all these disasters on TV? I have friends around the world and they confirmed that all of this was happening - floods in Pakistan, tornados in the US, snowstorms and floods in Turkey, fires in Syberia and so many others... Don't we have a right to know what is happening in the world? The Earth is boiling under our feet and we continue watching stupid TV shows when we have to study climate and put all our efforts into uniting the world to survive. I hate this brainwashing machine that makes us dumb and indifferent to our own fate. People, if WE don't unite and don't build the Creative Society - noone will do. THEY won't save us. For me, it became obvious after this Forum. I want to live in the Creative Society! Thank you! Aleksandr Chorney 3 weeks ago 08:16:20 it's genius to provide everyone with free energy, and to take care of the people who are not only in this industry, but also every person, it's really an evolutionary solution and truly environmentally friendly, I have not seen any alternatives to the Creative Society Aleksandr Chorney 12 days ago 08:52:29From what I've learned on the forum, it seems that the replicator is a successful evolutionary technological solution. Thank you for bringing this up - I hadn't considered it in that light, or rather it took me a while to realize the enormity of this technology. The replicator can be made a reality within the Creative Society! Camille Walker 1 month ago (edited) I hope to live in the Creative Society, but if I’m unable to, I pray our 4 children and future grandchildren will ️ РАдость ЖИЗНИ 1 month ago In the Creation Society, we will decide for ourselves what our life will be like. Daniela Peric 2 months ago Can't wait to live in the Creative society and enjoy all the benefits without worrying about a new economic crisis some epidemic or climate catastrophes Kenneth Molvik 13 hours ago We all needs to be calm and suport everyone as one familie in this world bless your all whatever happen my love ones РАдость ЖИЗНИ 10 days ago Thanks to such farms mankind in any part of the world will forget about #hunger forever, but for this it is necessary to build a #CreativeSociety. РАдость ЖИЗНИ 1 month ago It will be the wonderful world we've all always dreamed of. Let's not miss the chance! РАдость ЖИЗНИ 2 months ago Yes, it is very important now to tell all people that we have a chance to save from cataclysms - this is the Creative Society Breath Of Life 1 month ago Im trying to inform everyone I know about the climate and creative society also by posting on my social media platforms. People think that Im crazy. I even got some replying to me that Im not understanding that creative society are the same elite globalists. Some believe that creative society sounds too good to be true or is far in the future from now. People also dont care enough, they just hope that everything will be alright and carry on with their lifes. That makes me feel worried about our future. I want to live and I want the best for my children and I care about all humans so I will keep informing people. At the moment it looks hopeless that we will be able to do it but I still have a hope. Aleksandr Chorney 12 days ago (edited) 08:38:50Vertical farms, it's grand, everything is close by, everything is fresh and healthy! And it's real in the Creative Society, today there are already many countries where these farms exist, but they need to be implemented all over the globe РАдость ЖИЗНИ 3 weeks ago In a #CreativeSociety, #people will have the kind of #technology that will make life completely easier. This is so coolWhat's stopping us? Let's build a #CreativeSociety.

РАдость ЖИЗНИ 1 month ago In a Creative Society, we will be able to govern and legislate by ourselves with modern means of communication. We do not need those in power to make life good for everyone. РАдость ЖИЗНИ 1 month ago

we can change our lives for the better.



++ - Renegotiate Arms Controls -


"The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty, formally the Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles; Russian: Договор о ликвидации ракет средней и меньшей дальности / ДРСМД, Dogovor o likvidatsiy raket sredney i menshey dalnosti / DRSMD) was an arms control treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union (and its successor state, the Russian Federation). US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev signed the treaty on 8 December 1987.[1][2] The US Senate approved the treaty on 27 May 1988, and Reagan and Gorbachev ratified it on 1 June 1988.[2][3]

The INF Treaty banned all of the two nations' land-based ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and missile launchers with ranges of 500–1,000 kilometers (310–620 mi) (short medium-range) and 1,000–5,500 km (620–3,420 mi) (intermediate-range). The treaty did not apply to air- or sea-launched missiles.[4][5] By May 1991, the nations had eliminated 2,692 missiles, followed by 10 years of on-site verification inspections.[6]

Amidst continuing growth of China's missile forces, US President Donald Trump announced on 20 October 2018 that he was withdrawing the US from the treaty due to Russian non-compliance.[7][8] The United States claimed another reason for the withdrawal was to counter a Chinese arms buildup in the Pacific, including within the South China Sea, as China was not a signatory to the treaty.[7][9][10] The US formally suspended the treaty on 1 February 2019,[11] and Russia did so on the following day in response.[12] The United States formally withdrew from the treaty on 2 August 2019.[13]



Preventing a long war w/Scott Ritter (Live) The Duran • 166K views Preventing a long war w/Scott Ritter (Live) #TheDuran #TheDuranLive Follow Scott Ritter: Substack: DISARMAMENT IN...

Transcript quotes (too many I like):

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jacksonlar 19 hours ago In a just world, Scott Ritter would receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Questioneverything 19 hours ago

'Hundreds of thousands more Ukrainians are going to die. That is tragic, Tens of thousands more Russians are going to die. That too is tragic.' Scott is a real military warrior AND a true warrior for peace! He brings reality to confront the PR/propaganda/Western media fantasies foisted upon their citizens. Respect.

-Astaghfirullah - What makes my life more valuable than others? What am I? I'm alright but what actions have I not taken that I could have been taking all this time? Laziness, fear excuses...etc. What makes my life more valuable than others?" - This world is a muck. Life is grand and beautiful but then it dies and is all blood guts and poop. Blood splatter on the concrete. That's true. The will to fight. The will to live. Consciousness. ...Life. Death. Judgement - right/wrong - good/bad -strong/weak - nice and good/mean and bad. -->

"Blood splatters on the concrete"- It's only washed away by water and the rain. Dead birds or any animal decomposes - makes anew - soil - for new life emerges. That's the design of God- Allah Azzawajazel. That's reality - the circle of life. - I believe in a circular economy. Not this junk economy ("J is for Junk Economics"); garbage.

Hud 47

Hud 84-94.

Hud 110-123.

Jonah 87-89


Jonah Section 6: "Mercy takes Precedence of Punishment" - Jonah 54-70.

Jordan Velasco 19 hours ago Hands down the best livestream you've had. Scott is an unsung American Hero Sandwich King 20 hours ago We need logical straightforward people like Scott Ritter to avoid insanity of military conflict based on egomaniac politics


The Call of Mahdi ALLATRA TV International • 47K views

The Call of Mahdi video with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov is truly an epochal video that reveals the essence of the spiritual path of a person through beauty and purity of the spiritual grains...

Good one: Amazing Similarities between Blockchain and Spiritual Realms - Quran | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 2.6K views Spiritual Realities of Portals, Manifestation, Encryption and Smart Contracts Talk Chapters : 00:00 Contemplate on the teachings and ask questions to go deeper 01:07 Wisdom behind the Ishraqiyoon...


Looks interesting, didn't watch: WARNING: The Whole System is Going to Implode. WW3 on 4 Fronts Canadian Prepper 144K views

Viewer discretion advised (may Allah Most High forgive me if it is bad and causes bad reactions and effects and also for my own weakness, ego, and inactions - I don't agree with everything said in the video, that's for sure, but it is definitely interesting and quite disturbing - I don't condone violence and destruction of property and bad behavior, destructive conduct towards others etc. - "Use your brain", "think for yourself", "be humble, do good"): Abby Martin & Immortal Technique: Civil War Empire Files • 28K views Legendary rapper Immortal Technique joins Abby to discuss the escalating tensions of the post-Trump era, the duopoly playing Americans, right-wing cooptation of conspiracy theory and deep-state...


Rumi's Sufi Poem on Welcoming Our Emotions | One minute wisdom 1.4K views

Anything is possible with love❤️ || #shorts 1.3K views

Didn't watch: Immortal Technique on Political Tribalism, Homelessness, MAGA & Feeding The Community Bootleg Kev 76K views

Vladimir Putin On Islam & Muslims In Russia (Rūm) Sheikh Imran Hosein 24K views

The Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) had the hardest tests. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of the Allah Most High be upon him forever) understood people; eternity, "prophetic optimism", steadfastness, forbearance, loving kindness, humility, pure-hearted diamond - no blemishes no uncleanness - "the walking talking (holy) Quran"....:


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You won't want to hear this. Lee Weiland - Pac. Rim Athletics • 35K views

The Myths of Venture Capital New Economic Thinking • 1.5K views Generosity or greed? The roots and fruits of venture capital might not be what you have been led to believe. Julia Ott (Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies @thenewschool) pulls...

Spread the salam: The true meaning of the words. Jamal Hazrat Garifullin Diamond of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Israel Blatantly Attacks Iran. Could Russia Be Baited Into Another Proxy War With US? Kim Iversen 43K views The recent attack on a munitions factory in Esfahan, Iran, by three miniature quads has created tensions between Israel and Iran. The air defense of Iran has intercepted the drones before much...

John Mearsheimer | CREATING PROXY WARS Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.6K views

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Clayton Morris: They're LYING about Syria and the media are covering it up Redacted 99K views

My notes:

[1:51} We're suppose to believe this man is a lunatic (syrian President, for how long? (Interview with 60 minutes), that he wants his country to be in chaos and destitution - right? To be all kinds of jacked up. All of a sudden, after years in power - he just "loses it". Right.

We're suppose to believe this man (Russian President Vladimir Putin) is crazy right? An egolomaniac. A Russian imperialist. [insert : Putin's speech about a multi-polar world] [insert: Putin apologizes for grain shipments being attacked] [Insert: Putin meets with deceased service members mothers in-person, listening to their grief and concerns].

They want us to believe this person is crazy and authoritarian and we should support human rights here [Iran] (not getting into the issues there but the CIA with targeted internet media provoking people to riot etc. - a psyop - is part of the problem of what is happening there, not that there aren't people who dislike the strict implementation of "shariah" law either...(I don't dont know all, I don't live there, - I don't think we should get involved in other peoples governments and telling them what to do)). but we are total allies with Saudi Arabia (total monarchist government), with Israel (illegal movement-enroachment of borders - killing of innocents - they openly claim basically "a jihad" (incorrect usage) against all "Arabs" - they're own neighbors (now those things we can call out, but when it comes to peoples society, culture, religion and government...we should be more careful about condemnation and have basic respect and understanding - a good understanding before speaking about it, in my opinion. No doubt every country has their own problems...we can voice our opinion and dislike about specific laws etc. of course as well (in my opinion) and talk about things to our friends and neighbors etc., sure, but to post things on the internet like, telling other people what they should believe and what they should do, no...)

- Like Satan, they want to control and divide us.

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Yanis Varoufakis on why the world needs a new Non-Aligned Movement DiEM25 19K views On Friday, January 27, 2023, DiEM25 co-founder and MERA25 leader Yanis Varoufakis gave a speech at the Havana Congress on the New International Economic Order, about the need for a new Non-Aligned...


the background of unprecedented warmongering it was also the first call

4:12 for a new non-aligned movement allow me to read some brief extracts

4:18 from that Athens declaration we start with every people suffering Invasion displacement and aggression

4:26 we demand an immediate ceasefire in every conflict the withdrawal of occupying forces and a comprehensive

4:33 peace under the auspices of the United Nations we oppose the division of the world in competing blocks that invest in

4:41 rampant militarism hyper modern weapons of mass destruction and a new Cold War

4:47 we believe that lasting peace can be achieved only by replacing all military

4:52 blocks with an inclusive International Security framework that de-escalates tensions expands freedoms fights poverty

5:01 limits exploitation pursues social and environmental justice and terminates the

5:08 domination of one country by another with these thoughts in mind we call upon

5:13 Democrats across the world to join forces in a New non-aligned Movement as a route to Lasting peace and globally

5:20 shared prosperity and there you have it 50 years after the original non-aligned

5:27 movement we're back at square one we're trying

5:33 to build it up again first in Athens today in Havana

5:39 thankfully we don't need to write new inspiring speeches we have them

if we do then let's not forget who are the one people one people who have probably most to

15:19 gain from the end of U.S dominance the American working class in the United

15:26 States who have been condemned for decades to immigration to Deaths of

15:32 despair to being called deployables yes let us never forget that

15:38 imperialism's victims have always resided both in the Metropolis and in

15:44 the periphery that the current International economic order which we more want to smash

15:52 inflicts different types of misery on workers everywhere

15:58 globalization forced American workers into an immigration brought on by under investment

16:06 and the industrialization it was as if part of the global South had moved into

16:12 the Midwest into the north of England into parts of Germany into parts of Greece Vitaly of Spain

16:19 at the same time the same globalization process forced Chinese workers in the

16:25 constant times of China to suffer the forensic exploitation

16:31 associated with over investment it was as if parts of the north of the global North had moved to these Chinese cities

16:39 but the people working there were working with wages and conditions

16:45 of the miserized global South different miseries same recycling

16:50 process same recycling mechanism that takes values extracted at the local level and

16:57 recycles them today this same globalization which

17:04 stunned American deficits feeding Chinese capital into American Reds

17:10 this globalization today is being replaced as we speak

17:16 by a new cold war between the United States and China one that poses an imminent threat upon

17:23 life on Earth what exactly is behind that new Cold War

17:29 China's Transit industrialization was not a problem for Washington as long as

17:35 a dark deal was Operation as long as Chinese capitalists needed a dollar

17:41 to turn the United States trade deficit into an instrument for extracting

17:46 Surplus value from Chinese workers and then deposit depositing it in the United

17:52 States as long as this was going on Washington did not have a problem with

17:57 the industrialization of China so what has changed two things

18:02 the first thing that has changed is the emergence of a youth type of capital

18:08 I call it Cloud capital now Capital has Karl Marx defined it so

18:13 beautifully it is a produced means of production like a steam engine

18:18 like attraction a 3D printer today or industrial robot it's been produced to produce other

18:24 things produced means of production what's Cloud Capital well it is internet based it lives in the

18:30 cloud and it is a produced means of behavior

18:36 modification behavior modification is something we always try to do

18:43 every priest orator politician author has tried to modify the behavior of

18:48 people advertisers that's what they do they try

18:54 to modify our Behavior but what has changed is that today machines using artificial

19:01 intelligence are modifying Behavior very Capital digs

19:06 who controls today Cloud Capital controls increasingly the world's Surplus value

19:16 now how does this connect at all to the new Cold War

19:21 well it is the reason Donald Trump started it remember when he banned Huawei from

19:28 using Android and then try to americanize tick tock

19:33 why did he do that America dominates the World by doing dominating Finance

19:40 through Wall Street and the dollar but it is also increasingly dominating the world

19:47 through Cloud Capital Silicon Valley China

19:52 is threatening has been threatening for a few years America's dominance in both Fields money and Cloud capital

20:02 friends today today as we speak there is an application

20:07 on Chinese phones actually not only Chinese phones you can download it's called WeChat it belongs

20:13 to 10 cent the Chinese only today 38 billion messages will be exchanged on

20:21 WeChat many of which include payments anyone who has that application

20:29 in stream music watch videos read the news and at the same time

20:36 without exiting the app make payments and that includes millions of

20:41 non-chinese who are connected to the belt and Road initiative who have connections with one based bank accounts

20:51 now consider the other development of great significance in October of 2020

20:58 The People's Bank of China initiated a remarkable experiment with a digital currency

21:04 if you put together WeChat or apps like WeChat from the Chinese private sectors with a Central

21:11 Bank of China's digital currency what you have is the only super highway of money and data

21:20 that can compete without a Wall Street the Federal Reserve Central Bank of the

21:25 United States and Silicon Valley put together until recently that that was not a

21:32 problem for Washington because nobody really used that super highway it was like building a huge Road

21:37 and nobody's traveling on it until Putin invaded Ukraine

21:44 and in retaliation the United States confiscated 300 billion dollars of

21:50 Russia's centered back money suddenly known American money

21:56 panics not just Russian men and increasingly they have been using

22:03 this chinese-built Super Highway that is a warning for Washington

22:08 and it is the reason why Joe Biden last October launched total economic Warfare

22:14 against China by declaring a microchip ban nothing to do with the military

22:19 nothing to do with a worry that the Chinese military sector is going to improve

22:26 rapidly and overpower the Americans it's got to do with this super highway of money and data

22:34 fence performance we've never been closer to a nuclear Holocaust than today when I was writing

22:41 this speech I checked the Doomsday Clock remember the Doomsday Clock from the 1940s it showed 100 seconds before

22:47 midnight today I checked it again it's 90 seconds apparently because of some German tanks being sent to Ukraine

22:56 and that's without even looking at the other Doomsday Clock which is ticking viciously the one that is counting down

23:03 the moment when humanity is going to go past the point of no return from climate disaster

23:10 and what is the global ruling class doing to avert these catastrophes

23:15 nothing they are doing everything they can to push Humanity over both Cliffs at

23:21 once this is why we need a new non-aligned movement and a new international economic order

23:27 at this point I think it is important it helps to clarify what it means politically

23:34 ideologically and ethically to be non-aligned it does not mean to be

23:40 neutral as we stated in the Athens declaration we are steadfastly on the side of the

23:46 innovated the victims of aggression whether they are in Palestine in Yemen

23:51 in Cuba in Western Sahara or indeed in Ukraine but it's at the same time

23:58 we must be the first to criticize any abuse of Freedom a democratic right

24:04 wherever it happens our new non-aligned movement must reclaim freedom from the

24:11 Liberals that have usurped it

you may well ask and what about China how should the New non-aligned Movement

25:40 approach the China Quest in two ways I suggest

25:45 first respectfully in view of the Magnificent economic

25:51 Miracle performed by the people of China whose achievements we must defend against the encroachments of U.S

25:58 imperialism and the new Cold War and secondly critically

26:05 critically not only in relation to basic freedoms and human rights but also in

26:10 terms of good old-fashioned glass struggles

26:17 recently over the last year or so has made some interesting pronouncements interesting Promises of a

26:24 Clash with China's around tears we sign as a big deck Cloud Capital

26:31 owners Jack ma for instance and with traditional capitalists they

26:38 outlined the program for boosting workers incomes something that I briefly understands has

26:46 to take place against the model of mercantilism of facing

26:53 Chinese growth on net exports now this is a difficult task for the

26:58 Chinese government and it would be good to be achieved good for the Chinese people good for a new international

27:04 economic order as it would be good for China during this new exploding debt

27:10 crisis in the developing countries in the global South to give massive large

27:15 haircuts to the death of countries that cannot repay those would be good steps

27:21 in the direction of a new international economic order and our New Netherland movement should be pushing the Chinese

27:28 leadership in that direction critically and respectfully

27:35 now turning to this concept of a new international economic border how do we

27:40 envisage it any transition to a sustainable economic order will require

27:48 a large green investment fund of course foreign

27:56 and China meeting put the necessary figure to between 3.3

28:03 and 4.5 trillion dollars a year I say that nothing short of 10 trillion

28:09 dollars a year will do are these feasible numbers yes they are technically of course they

28:16 are imagine a repurposed World Bank backed by a digital world currency

28:23 units like the sdrs issued by a repurposed international

28:29 monetary fund where the deal is internationally that all capital trade flows are denominated

28:36 in this currency unit and 10 of those flows

28:41 are converted into grain Investments especially in the global South technically it is straightforward

28:49 however politically it's not green keynesianism will fail

28:56 for reasons that Mikhail kalesky for those of you who remember Mikhail kalesky from the 1930s and 40s police

29:03 Marxist economists explained so vividly when he was criticizing keynesianism what he said was this

29:09 even if the bourgeoisie panics and adopts cancer policies to save his own

29:15 skin the moment those policies begin to work the first of all about five minutes

29:21 he will ditch these policies and will go back to its own extractive exploitative policies because let's face

29:29 it it is in the capitalist classes nature to block the very road that leads

29:34 to its own salvation which means only one thing

29:40 that we implement the necessary green Keynesian policies we must do something

29:46 that Keynes would have hated dismantle the global Empire of capital

29:52 which prefers to see the end of the world then the implementation of the green Keynesian policies that would

29:58 prevent the end of the world now how do we do that

30:05 well nothing short of a revolution will do Commerce it's really very simple now that may sound like an impossible

30:12 thing well it is a prerequisite for saving Humanity

30:18 exactly the same way that we were talked by accident and by all those are leaders

30:24 of the progressive movements of the past how do we do it

30:29 our Revolution must use the technology of big Tech they are Cloud capital

30:35 in order to cooperate and in order to activate our campaigns across the board

30:42 internationally in a coordinated and effective fashion

30:48 the progressive International has shown the light to every year every December the

30:55 progressive International organizes a strike against Amazon and make Amazon pay

31:03 and how should that be well to reclaim its planted Commons

31:10 our land our oceans the air very soon outer space they are

31:16 privatizing it I don't know whether you know that they are doing it already there are two things we need to do

31:21 internationally we need to legislate so that corporations belong to those who

31:27 work in them on the basis of one person one share one vote and we need to deny Banks the Monopoly

31:34 on payments Banks and profit will then wither as our

31:39 economists win themselves off share markets and the financial sector

31:47 at the same time profit and wages are no longer meaningful

31:53 Concepts since everybody will be a shareholder in the company in which they work

31:59 this simultaneous death of the market process and of the labor market

32:04 along with the defanking of banks will automatically redistribute wealth make

32:10 it possible to offer a basic income to everyone and thus as a magnificent byproducts

32:16 remove the major incentives to what

32:22 the end of capital's power over Society will allow communities collectively to decide Health provision education and

32:29 investment investment in Saving the environment from our virus-like growth

32:35 genuine democracy would only then become possible to be practiced in the workers

32:41 assemblies and in the citizens assemblies not behind closed doors with where oligarchs meet

32:48 this twin democratization of money and capital sounds like an

32:54 Impossible Dream doesn't it but I submit to you

32:59 it's not more impossible or it doesn't sound more impossible that once the idea of one person one vote of the end of

33:06 slavery of the end of the divine right of kings sounds this twin democratization

33:13 is nothing short of a precondition for the survival of us as a species it is not simple

33:23 those are the tasks of the New non-aligned Movement we must now build its ultimate purpose

33:29 to end the legalized property robbery of people and planets which is fueling

33:36 climate catastrophe nothing less than the total vanquishing of capital's authority over human

33:43 societies can end depravity and save the planet Commerce friends this is not a drill

33:51 and it is not a pipe dream we can pull it off together thank you


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Making Alliances: Libertarians and Communists?! Lori Spencer • 229 views

It might sound strange at first, but #libertarians and #communists agree on more than you might think. I recently had a fascinating in-depth conversation with two communists: Tyler McConnell...

Haven't watched all yet: MSM Admits Bakhmut Encirclement Close; West Pulls Back on Jets; Lavrov Ridicules Blinken Offer Alexander Mercouris • 119K views West MSM Admits Bakhmut Encirclement Close; West Pulls Back on Fighter Jets, Missiles; Lavrov Ridicules Blinken Offer Topic 748 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY*****

Insane :

US military preparing for war on China - and soon Geopolitical Economy Report • 9.1K views Numerous mainstream media outlets have reported that the US military is preparing for war on China, as soon as 2025. Japan is re-militarizing and collaborating closely in these war plans. ...

Didn't watch much of: Rail Road Workers Call for Nationalization of all Rail Lines! | Thinking Out Loud Entitled Millennials • 331 views In this episode of his "Thinking Out Loud" series, Double D discusses the Rail Workers Union recent call for nationalization of all rail lines in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Jumping in to the...

Led me to

Sane: For workers, no magic at Disney’s Magic Kingdom these days BY MARK GRUENBERG

Monopolism: UFCW fights Kroger on two fronts: Wage theft, mega-merger BY MARK GRUENBERG

- The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said (paraphrasing): "Pay people a good/fair wage" and "don't withhold/delay" (along with other sayings about the value of doing work with one's own hands and (Holy) Quran verses relating to economics/political structuring (rules/laws) (- usury/riba, devouring of property, weighing with a just and good measurement. The role of the state - "Do not cause mischief and corruption in the land/on the earth").

Its been how long since the Cuba missile crises? Cuba needs to be controlled or sanctioned (because why? (human rights!)) - It's a fight against actual democracy - leftist/socialist governments from being successful - :

U.S. keeps Cuba on terrorist list while continuing its criminal blockade BY JACOB BUCKNER

->> 90 years after big business installed Hitler, U.S. capitalists are cutting similar deals BY PAUL SCHOLL

->> Peru coup government opens the door for entry of U.S. troops BY W. T. WHITNEY JR.

"U.S. preparing for war with China" -> Military agreement turns Australia into launchpad for future U.S. war against China BY BEVAN RAMSDEN

Didn't read, the headline makes sense: Missing story about power: Strong militaries equal weak societies BY RAMZY BAROUD


Have already watched - : Does God Exist? A Conversation with Tom Holland, Stephen Meyer, and Douglas Murray Hoover Institution 777K views Recorded on October 17, 2022, in Fiesole, Italy. Does God exist? Something—a being, a power—that’s supernatural? That is, an entity that we’re unable to perceive with our five senses...

There is a cognitive dissonance (due to the scale) even for those of us who know/believe and accept it:

Hopium Dealers Hall of Fame (with a Nod to Guy McPherson) thegreatstory • 10K views This hour-long video represents the heart of Michael Dowd's message during the summer of 2022. In it, he confesses to being a repeat offender (i.e., a notorious hopium peddler) between 2000-2012...

Watched some, is a lot of talk...rationalizing...looked, sounded interesting but no...the whole channel looks like a lot of talk to influence people's beliefs for/like political agendas/ideologies...that doesn't purport to do anything (go anywhere, but that's just my initial assessment and judgement), just carry on business as usual in a lot of ways:

Sensible Environmentalism (w/ Dr. Patrick Moore, environmentalist) Conversations That Matter • 30K views Dr. Patrick Moore who is one of the most controversial figures in the environmental movement. It’s a position he’s held for more than four decades – first, in defence of the environment...

"Its not about being right. Is about coming to a better understanding and getting closer to the truth (of the matter or matters)".

Problem(s) -> Understanding(s) (knowledge, data, (truth(!))...) -> Solution(s) -> Action(s)

- Am almost ready. Or ready enough. Definitely need to make some changes on my website.


What is sensible environmentalism today???

Fish PFAS, PFAS, coral bleaching, overfishing, ocean acidification, ocean warming, ocean overturning circulation slowing, California forest fires, brazil forest clearing, ocean dead zones, ocean plastic pollution (PFAS), microplastics, energy return on investment, finite supply of fossil fuels, aerosol masking, co2 sensitivity, paleoclimate _____ (data, ecology, human and mammalian evolution), the 6th mass extinction (insect population declines, wildlife population declines, amphib-reptile population declines (outbreaks of viruses and disease), documentary: "Seed: The Untold Story", Monsanto in India (Indian farmer suicides), indigenous people history including modern history (and slavery, and racism (and wealth inequality and climate projections that the poorest people on the planet will bear the hardest difficulties)), "the fall of men" (fertility decreasing and other health effects of synthetic chemical use in the environment, unhealthy food (GMOs - slaughterhouses, unhealthy environments, unhealthy inhumane practices, ))...

Marketing/advertising pollution...the printing of money and money as the means of progress and "money can buy happiness" - "money as the sole or main driver of human and human technological advancement - "we have to advance or else" and "all advancement and technology is good" because "the wisdom of the market and supply/demand" - (what's the wisdom of market supply/demand when the market doesn't even take into account human or environmental well being and reality??? - You're living in a utopia (no, you are!) - with blinders on thinking we can treat the earth and our atmosphere as a trash dump without repercussions while we wage economic war over computer chips...the coming 4th industrial revolution (quantum computing and A.I. technologies) while people are barely able to survive their current economic situation in many parts of the world while corporations and capitalist elites tell us that socialism and communists are the enemy while trying to usurp the environmental movement and use climate change as a means of taking even more power and control ("you will own nothing and be happy" -while Bill Gates buys up acres and acres of farmland in America and BlackRock buys up real-estate to turn into rental properties) while the Fed prints money and then goes to austerity measures ("to fight wage growth and to increase unemployment") and we prepare for war with China and Russia (and engage in a proxy war using Ukraine to fight Russia...) while in the richest country in the world we argue on Twitter about ____, while mass shootings, and homelessness and private debts and drug addictions and other mental problems and police killings and brutality and racial hate crimes and...

What would older environmentalists (such as John Muir, Rachel Carson, etc.) do today in these times (- Be great - do good work - ) ?

Watched some, is a great one and not so depressing:

Understanding the 21st Century Predicament Henrique J Sanchez • 760 views References: 00:00 Intro & Context 09:54 The Ape 29:42 The Market 39:09






Experiential Avoidance

Hyperbolic discounting



Normalcy Bias

Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Other resources not mentioned

Scientific Reticence






Market Fundamentalism & Neoliberalism



Types of Fossil Fuels & how they are formed



Limited Supply

Personal document on energy issues

Energy blindness & Energy Slaves


No Real Alternatives

Recommended Reading

Other resources not mentioned directly

Network/Social Media

Other Resources not mentioned

Anomaly/Climate Change


Locked-in Inaction

Faster Than Expected


Second-order Consequences

Psychological Impact

Hothouse Earth

Other Resources not mentioned directly


Vascular Disease

Neurological Disease

Auto-immune Disease

Respiratory Disease

Previous video



Damage Report

Other Resources not mentioned directly



Tunnel Vision

Limits to Growth

Expiry as Normal

Compounding Factors



Inspiring Narratives





Here's an article I saved from my college years:

Rapid Acidification of the Ocean during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Author(s): James C. Zachos, Ursula Röhl, Stephen A. Schellenberg, Appy Sluijs, David A. Hodell, Daniel C. Kelly, Ellen Thomas, Micah Nicolo, Isabella Raffi, Lucas J. Lourens, Heather McCarren and Dick Kroon

Source: Science, New Series, Vol. 308, No. 5728, Women's Health (Jun. 10, 2005), pp. 1611-1615

Published by: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Stable URL:

Accessed: 08-05-2015 15:34 UTC


Linked references are available on JSTOR for this article:

From a saved article of mine from years ago:

From Terra one of my Fav. movies -

Time is short. No more must be wasted. In forty years, half the animals have disappeared. They estimate that 60,000 plant species will vanish between now and 2050…

Since humans have existed, the story of life has been shaped by their awareness. Once more, considering the life around us, reviving attention and respect for other living beings, can yet make a huge difference.

So now I remember: “wild” does not mean “barbarian”. Wild isn’t the opposite of civilized. Wild simply means, “they who live in the forest”. Defending wildness, defending forests, is like defending my history. My planet. My inner home.

The more I observe the wild world the more I understand. It is the marker that is not on my path. Alone, battling my civilization, I have managed to conquer hunger and protect my family. But the race is losing me now. So if I learn again to live in harmony now, with that wildlife, I will become human again. For myself, for my family, and I will protect my own species. The love of other living things is somewhere in me. That is what speaks to my childish soul. That is what squeezes my heart with the emptiness of death. So let me open my eyes upon the world and look at it with respect.”


"Your pride and money will not last long forever so think like that also people are like you. what the use of showing off?" - (2/2/2023) A Facebook friend (foreigner - non-native English speaker, a displaced Malaysian - young man)

May Allah bless the doers of good, verily, that is the Promise of Allah Subhannah Wallah Tallaha -

------ Peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him:


Prophet Muhammad – A Pioneer of the Environment

Franscesca De Chatel 06 November, 2022

Three Principles

Reflecting on Allah's Beauty in Nature - The Prophet Muhammad’s environmental philosophy is first of all holistic. It assumes a fundamental link and interdependency between all natural elements; and it bases its teachings on the premise that if man abuses or exhausts one element, the natural world as a whole will suffer the direct consequences.

This belief is nowhere formulated in one concise phrase; it is rather an underlying principle that forms the foundation of all the Prophet Muhammad’s actions and words, a life philosophy that defined him as a person.

The three most important principles of the Prophet’s philosophy of nature are based on the Quranic teachings and the concepts of unity, stewardship and trust.

Tawheed, the oneness of God, is a cornerstone of the Islamic faith. It recognizes the fact that there is one absolute Creator and that man is responsible to Him for all his actions. The Quran says what means:

To God belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth, for God encompasses everything. (4:126)

The Prophet Muhammad considered all of God’s creations to be equal before God; and he believed animals, but also land, forests and watercourses should have rights. Therefore abusing one of His creations, whether it is a living being or a natural resource, is a sin. The concepts of khalifa, stewardship, and amanah, trust, emerge from the principle of tawheed. The Quran explains that mankind holds a privileged position among God’s creations on earth; he is chosen as khalifa, “vicegerent” and carries the responsibility of caring for God’s earthly creations.

Each individual is given this task and privilege in the form of God’s trust. But the Quran repeatedly warns believers against arrogance: they are no better than other creatures:

Surely the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of man; but most people know not. (40:57)

The Prophet believed that the universe and the creations in it – animals, plants, water, and land – were not only for mankind. Man is allowed to use the resources but he can never own them. Thus while Islam allows land ownership, it has limitations: an owner can, for example, only own land if he uses it; once he ceases to use it, he has to part with his possession. The Prophet recognized man’s responsibility to God but always maintained humility. Thus he said:

When doomsday comes, if someone has a palm shoot in his hand, he should plant it.

The Prophet Muhammad is suggesting that even when all hope is lost for mankind, one should sustain growth of nature. He believed that nature remains a good in itself, even if man does not benefit from it.

Similarly, the Prophet incited believers to share the earth’s resources. He said:

Muslims share alike in three things – water, herbage and fire.

Gratitude – The Way to Happiness And he considered it a sin to withhold water from the thirsty.

The attitude of Prophet Muhammad towards the sustainable use of land, conservation of water and the treatment of animals is a further illustration of the humility of his environmental philosophy.

Sustainable Use of Land

The earth has been created for me as a mosque and as a means of purification. (Al-Bukhari)

With these words the Prophet emphasizes the sacred nature of earth or soil, not only as a pure entity but also as a purifying agent. This reverence towards soil is also demonstrated in the ritual of tayammum, or “dry wudu’” which permits the use of dust in the performance of ritual purification before prayer when water is not available.

The Prophet saw earth as subservient to man, but recognized that it should not be over-exploited or abused; and that it had rights, just as the trees and wildlife living on it. In order to protect land, forests and wildlife, the Prophet created inviolable zones known as hima and haram.

Both are still in use today: haram areas are often drawn up around wells and water sources to protect the groundwater table from over-pumping. Hima applies particularly to wildlife and forestry and usually designates an area of land for grazing and woodcutting, or for protecting certain animal species.

The Prophet Muhammad not only encouraged the sustainable use of fertile lands, he also told his followers of the benefits of making land productive: planting a tree, sowing a seed and irrigating dry land were all charitable deeds. Thus any person who irrigates a plot of “dead”, or desert land becomes its rightful owner.

Conservation of Water

In the harsh desert environment where the Prophet lived, water was synonymous to life. Water was a gift from God, the source of all life on earth: We made from water every living thing. (21:30)

The Quran constantly reminds believers that they are but the guardians of creation on earth: Consider the water which you drink. Was it you that brought it down from the rain cloud or We? If We had pleased, We could make it bitter. (56:68-70)

Saving water and safeguarding its purity were two important issues for the Prophet: we have seen that his concern about the sustainable use of water led to the creation of haram zones in the vicinity of water sources.

Learning Prophet Muhammad's Kindness and CompassionBut even when water was abundant, he advocated thriftiness: thus he recommended that believers perform wudu’ no more than three times, even if they were near to a flowing spring or river. The Prophet also warned against water pollution by forbidding urination in stagnant water.

The Treatment of Animals

The Prophet Muhammad once said:

If anyone wrongfully kills even a sparrow, let alone anything greater, he will face God’s interrogation. (Mishkat al-Masabih)

These words reflect the great reverence, respect and love that the Prophet Muhammad always showed towards animals. He believed that as part of creation, animals should be treated with dignity and the Hadith contains a large collection of traditions, admonitions and stories about his relationship to animals.

It shows that he had particular consideration for horses and camels; to him they were valiant companions during journey and battle; and he found great solace and wisdom in their presence.

Even in the slaughter of animals, the Prophet showed great gentleness and sensitivity. While he did not practice vegetarianism, the Hadiths clearly show that he was extremely sensitive to the suffering of animals.

Thus he recommends using sharp knives and a good method. He also warned against slaughtering an animal in the presence of other animals, or letting the animal witness the sharpening of blades. To him that was equal to “slaughtering the animal twice” and he emphatically condemned such practices as “abominable”.


The Laws of True Happiness

It is impossible to do justice to the full scope and significance of Prophet Muhammad’s environmental philosophy in this short article. His holistic view of nature and his understanding of man’s place within the natural world pioneered environmental awareness within the Muslim community.

Sadly, the harmony that Prophet Muhammad advocated between man and his environment has today all too often been lost.

As we face the effects of pollution and over-exploitation, desertification and water scarcity in some parts of the world; and floods and violent storms elsewhere, it is perhaps time for the world community as a whole, Muslims, Christians and Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, atheists and agnostics, to take a leaf out of the Prophet’s book and address the current environmental crisis seriously and wisely.

Source: Islamic Society of Tulsa


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