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"No Doubts" Continued - Ego - Humans vs... - "Solarpunk"

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

- Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem -

Some videos I did - yes, my voice and speaking is not the best :

Is interesting to think about these things, some of the sayings and principles - expanded out(wardly)...(economically and with regards to law and property rights) the sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) and what I think would be the best system and actions going forward for all the world and within the United States in regards to property and the implementation of and move towards a circular economy ...- I believe definitely in a "debt jubilee" now (that would be best), the circular economy, nationalizing some industries especially those that economically, our within the state (the United States) - that don't have anything to do with our imports and exports - are just "services" like trash. And recycling. These are just things within the economy, within the country. There doesn't need to be a free market and competition for those things and privatization - paying CEO's and marketing and all that that is needed in a corporate structure.

RT (look how much Russian propaganda this is!): "‘There is no God here’: How conflict between the Orthodox Christian Church and the Soviet Union helped define modern Russia" sub-text: 105 years ago, the Bolsheviks were excommunicated


I think about this as well, would or will be, Jesus, peace be upon him, be a or more of a communist? (- Free people of the world and peace and harmony on earth - the Divine Law being the highest law - Free migration of people to live anywhere in the world of their choosing, true justice being implemented on/at a worldwide scale, etc...).

----------- Lots of thoughts - Not the most pleasing to read - Too much info at one time - "I know though" - its good for my notes - my brain - maybe could be good for others - just a warning though -- - Am not the best writer, speaker, author...thinker. I'm a pretty good systems thinker I think, decently anyway, understanding of things but unable to express it very well - am a visual person...(I think most people are as well...).

Then I think it is also interesting to think about merging - combining - weighing - : Circular economic principles with Keynesian economics (more at the world global trade level and for National Gov. Economics) with Marxist economics with practical ("industrial")economics with Islamic Economics or other moral ethical based economic ideas and ideals....

....and then interesting to think about our (American) constitution and constitutional rights (individual rights) along with property rights...and the taking of power via corporations and elites to manipulate and employ in the world biological modification and other technologies (whatever they want to do, without any public permission or anyone else's consent) and corporations buying up land while people you know...

Then and also our E.P.A's inscribed declared mission and inscribed duties for/to the American public that, yes as stated, was inscribed - vested to it by Congress and how our Supreme Court and later Congress' may be or have acted against these duties and rights (limiting the EPAs ability to carry out their duties) to the harm of the American people because of willful neglect and contempt to act upon climate change findings, especially knowing the corruption and so, manipulation of political processes carried out by big fossil fuel anyway....that gets complicated, yes, but it is questionable...

Is pretty easy to get "lost in the world"...



She's right, she makes great points - love her thinking - :

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Henrique J Sanchez • 765 views References: 00:00 Intro & Context 09:54 The Ape 29:42 The Market 39:09

They found that 34% of people on Earth “always” feel at peace, while 39% “often” do, 17% “rarely” do, and 5% “never” do. Nicaragua came in first place, with 73% of its population reporting it “always” feels at peace. Gallup noted that “Latin American countries dominate the

I saw watching one of the videos...Nicaragua also, even though it is less rich than a lot of countries, that yes they're more happy (slow down the economy (de-growth -> regrowth) - it wouldn't kill us) but its people also consume less - are more environmentally friendlier to the earth. Of course most of the poor countries are, and the countries in rainforests especially have an advantage with regards to energy use needs but still...

8 billion people on the planet now. I was unaware of that...also quite disturbing is that we have a little less than 25 years before there are no more fish left in the ocean at current consumption rates., Also we need 1.79+ Earths at our current global consumption/energy rates to sustain ourselves, these numbers are good to check on every now and then.

--From the end of the above video I found ---> "Solarpunk"

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Gives me hope. Pictures give vision. It really is pretty cool - I didn't know about those fuel-efficient air blimp things :) very cool -

---------------- We can change --- humans are adaptable - humans are amazing - -

"When one lives in a society where people can no longer rely..." - Right - that's historically accurate - we know of so much history sometimes, only through art and journals etc. when people are being oppressed - and one can have better understanding via pictures and art - "Imagine" - "A picture can paint a thousand words".

Links to solarpunk images I used:

This is good, yes, part of, within the framework of, the circular economy - the sharing of resources/tools - even vehicles.


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Consciousness is a kind of Mirage or

3:24 dream

3:26 partially self-created through the ego's

3:29 projections

3:32 Karma

3:34 partially through the souls trajectory

3:37 and teleological destiny

3:43 but none of that is real

3:48 except as information

3:55 and at the level of the Supreme

3:58 Consciousness there is only

4:01 light that carries information

4:07 Divine Light

4:09 light that

4:12 emanates directly the energy of

4:16 infinite love

4:19 and Carries

4:21 that truth

4:24 that can be partially

4:27 translated into symbolic forms

4:30 but only partially

4:40 and so to a sage at that level

4:44 nothing is ever happening

4:48 because there is no world there are no

4:51 others there is no I even there is just

4:54 that there is just presence

4:57 presence that understands everything

5:00 presence that's infinitely intelligence

5:03 presence that is the source of the

5:06 information of the dream field

5:09 but that presence is presence to itself

5:15 not to any other

5:19 and so

5:21 the illusion of some events happening in

5:24 a world does not occur

5:28 in that consciousness

5:31 nothing changes

5:34 that level of consciousness

5:36 is eternal

5:39 and the Blissful Luminosity just never

5:43 dim

5:45 or alter

6:00 however

6:02 for those who are at lower levels of the

6:05 spectrum of Consciousness there is

6:07 indeed a world

6:11 and at the ego level that world is now

6:15 in a very perilous state

for one still identified with body and

14:37 with the ego

14:40 mental stream of consciousness

14:44 a great deal of effort

14:46 is required

14:50 to sustain the Attunement to

14:52 god-consciousness sufficiently

14:55 to eliminate the sanskaras

14:59 of the ego the traces of its uh

15:02 delusional projections

15:04 and it's uh

15:07 antagonisms and lack of love and uh

15:14 lack of Freedom lack of Free Will lack

15:19 of

15:20 capacity to stand alone

15:23 without desire for uh enjoyments in the

15:28 phenomenal plane and without attachments

15:32 and codependencies

15:35 that that level of Consciousness will

15:38 not prove to be sufficient to

15:44 psychologically survive through the next

15:47 phase

15:48 that the world will have to go through

15:50 as we are all tested

15:53 in the approach

15:56 to the Omega point

and so this work

24:43 should not be delayed

24:46 or diverted from for any other

24:51 intentions

24:54 even while the body mind functions doing

24:58 all of its service

25:00 supporting the community within the

25:02 dream field and acting

25:06 frictionlessly

25:07 with friendliness and cheerfulness but

25:12 without attachments without collusions

25:15 without codependencies without special

25:18 relationships without gossip without

25:22 Secrets without judgments and

25:25 projections

25:27 but with cleanliness

25:30 spiritual

25:33 spiritual hygiene of not contaminating

25:37 the morphogenic field of the community

25:39 with any negative thoughts or vibrations

25:45 this is our responsibility to each other

25:48 if we have any care for each other

25:54 and for the upliftment of the community

25:56 as a whole

25:59 so I hope we are

26:02 bound to that ethic

26:06 and uh

26:08 and that level of

26:10 consideration

26:15 uh to practice

26:18 such psychological hygiene

Only a Broken Heart Can Free the Soul - Shunyamurti Classic Teaching Sat Yoga Institute • 8.8K views ​Join Shunyamurti Live! Online Weekend Intensive ~ From Chaos to Coherence - February 10 - 12, 2023. Pay What You Can Scholarships Available: This Classic Teaching...

so tonight we will continue our ongoing

0:45 discussion

0:46 of the paradoxes of Seva

0:51 this morning we talked about the

0:52 paradoxes of Wu way

0:55 the catch-22

0:57 that makes it impossible

1:00 to achieve Wu way because you can't

1:02 really make effort to be effortless

1:05 so the whole thing is hopeless

1:09 now the Christian monks had an even

1:11 worse problem

1:13 because they were trying to teach

1:15 humility as the key to service

1:19 but they didn't have anyone who could

1:20 teach it

1:24 because anyone who claimed they were

1:25 humble enough to teach it was guilty of

1:28 being somebody who is not humble by

1:32 definition

1:40 so I dare not talk about this without

1:41 sitting on the floor

1:45 foreign

1:48 so it's an impossible situation if you

1:50 claim to be humble then of course it's

1:52 true you're not you have to be humble

1:54 indirectly

1:57 but all of these paradoxes were not a

2:02 problem for advaita

2:05 Ramana cut through them very easily

2:09 he used to say to people who asked these

2:11 kinds of questions

2:12 look if you've got a chicken

2:17 you can't use half of it for laying eggs

2:20 in the other half for frying

2:28 hardly anybody know what he meant by

2:30 that

2:32 but it's pretty obvious

2:34 that if you're going to go on about

2:36 having a humble ego then you're not

2:38 going to get beyond the ego

but because the Christian monk does not

3:56 have the concept of the Atman

4:01 his only recourse when he falls into sin

4:05 and cannot escape from it and realizes

4:08 the hopelessness of his situation

4:10 that he cannot even attain real humility

4:14 because the ego will always make it into

4:16 a facade the ego the sensor will use it

4:19 for its agenda

4:21 then the only hope he has is to finally

4:24 come to terms with the impossibility

4:27 and Achieve what they called a broken

4:29 heart

4:34 and by this it's really it meant a

4:37 broken ego

4:38 a recognition that the ego is hopeless

4:42 it can't be tamed and it is sinful in

4:47 its very nature

4:49 and that broken-heartedness that

4:52 recognizes that the ego's intentions

4:54 lead to Perdition

4:57 to hell

4:58 suffering

5:01 and that there is no way

5:05 to tame the ego to transform it into

5:09 sinlessness

5:11 that broken heart

5:13 of realizing one's condition

5:16 paradoxically

5:18 liberates one from

5:23 the full acceptance

5:25 of the total catastrophe of egoicoi

5:30 with no hope

5:33 okay this is why Dante had on the the

5:36 sign above the door to Hell abandon all

5:39 hope he who enter here

5:42 it's very important that we have the

5:44 same kind of sign up here

5:47 even though this is hopefully not a hell

5:50 Realm but the hope of the ego must be

5:54 let go of

5:56 this cannot be done as an egoic project

6:03 it can only be done through

6:07 the equivalent of the broken heart that

6:09 the monks were talking about

6:11 the recognition that the ego is not

6:17 serviceable

6:20 to attain

6:21 the kingdom of heaven

6:24 and it must be junked

6:27 it must be surrendered and thrown into

6:31 the fire

6:32 it is not a vehicle of liberation it is

6:36 the vehicle of imprisonment

6:45 and so once you recognize that this

6:47 chicken that Rahman is talking about

6:49 this ego chicken

6:53 is not really good

6:55 for anything except cooking on the

6:58 sacred fire

7:02 then you get on with that process...

he would bring out a little map of the

10:26 the world and he'd say point out where

10:29 you are you know you could barely find

10:31 it you know Elliot or somewhere in North

10:33 America at the time

10:35 and then there would be a picture okay

10:38 of the solar system I'll point out where

10:40 you are and you try to follow there's

10:41 the Earth Here I Am how important is

10:43 your problem think of yourself in the

10:45 context

10:47 of the universe

10:48 and then of the vastness of multiple

10:51 universes

10:52 and of dimensions of angelic

10:56 Consciousness and god-consciousness a

10:59 transcend all universes how important is

11:02 your problem

11:06 and once you recognize that it

11:09 it's easy to let go of it all

11:17 I had another teacher who would ask

11:21 somebody who had a problem well

11:23 10 years from now how important will

11:26 this have been to you

11:29 and then if they say oh well still

11:31 important they said okay 25 years right

11:34 now

11:37 and if it's still important then how

11:38 about 25 lifetimes from now how

11:41 important will this be to you

11:44 eventually one would realize no this

11:47 whole thing is insignificant because the

11:49 ego is insignificant

11:53 and once one no longer tries to be

11:55 significant that is liberation

12:02 and that's humility

12:06 and that's being natural and effortless

12:10 so East and West are united in this

12:13 realization

12:16 whether in space or in time

12:19 if we take the full coordinates of the

12:22 real

12:23 whatever we're concerned with is

12:25 absolutely irrelevant

12:28 to the true nature of what is going on

12:33 and the only importance is the surrender

12:37 of all of the ego's concerns

12:44 and the only thing to be concerned with

12:46 is how well the ego is being cooked

12:49 and whether she was enjoying the meal

12:53 there's nothing else

13:00 so if you can hold on to that

13:02 perspective

Pictures leading with monkey not see, monkey not hear monkey not speak monkey not even think evil (badly towards others, etc. - "All will be returned to Allah, lest Allah forgives us - "be clean" - this is spiritual and the GREATER Jihad - and the way to NOT speak evil or throw a xbox remote through our T.V. screen (just an example - literal though). But uh, yes, the battle with the ego some ways pointless cause then the focus is on ego and you get stuck in your head too much other than just being...When I'm moving and smiling, that's when ego escapes me even if it is still there with some judgements about self in the consciousness and brain somewhere my thinking brain knows in reality, am doing no wrong, this is good" there are right thoughts" "it's okay, am just being negative" "move on" - "I can't", let go" - "how" - "Stop thinking" - "stop thinking". The mind is the, "smile, it's sunnah".

Great videos. Thank you.

As I am watching the above video - Yes, I was wanting to share these, it helps anyway while watching this kind of video:

One of my favorites:

[30] minutes - I'm not this pessimistic but I put my hope in Allah Subhannah Wallah Tallaha. Things will definitely be hard though, no denying that. No need to worry or get depressed or upset about it. The good thing about the prison of the mind and the self is that YOU are you. One can stay in there bed and do whatever one does, it's okay. Is like the people leaving Ukraine when the invasion first started. Everyone else is crying for them when they themselves are the ones going through it, and they're just living and taking action, doing this, doing that, getting out of the country. It's okay to cry. It's okay to feel sorrow. Empathy. It's what makes us human. It's good...humility is the real state of the human. Not ego not this not that. I'm not my mind. I'm not my body. I'm not my emotions. I am human though. I'm adaptable. It'll be okay. Change is constant.

Let's change our society. Let us change the world. I don't like this path. I'm not okay with it. I'm not okay with A.I. as something, as an intelligence. I'm not okay with my government and their actions and path and "visionless vision". This is a path of technopunk - of mad max climate catastrophe - of neo-feudalism - of increasing multipolarity but in a bad way - of economic and militaristic blocks. Of increasing militarism. Of increasing greenhouse gas emissions - we're escalating military arms/weapons and potential armageddon scale war (devastating just looking at it with regards to CO2) and shipping more LNG across the world instead of using pipelines - making supply chains MORE complex and longer... (carrying on) - Of increasing racial tensions which leads to more real violence on the streets, in our neighborhoods. Just more and more tensions and more Humans versus other Humans. (- how smart and sane is that? - Sometimes the right thing, doesn't even have to make logical sense in the moment - to our rational thinking brains influenced by our emotions and biases and thinking about ourselves and our egos - or not being aware of our personal biases and weaknesses that is...wrong thinking, - we can make mistakes - often -none are perfect except God - "I am" I)

I suggest that

40:13 we would do well to untrivialize or realize moral language and yes I'm talking about Good and Evil good and

40:19 evil are not merely relative they're not merely context dependent in all healthy cultures in all

40:25 traditional societies good and evil have always applied to ecological Integrity social coherence and personal wholeness

40:32 good is what encourages or supports or enriches ecological Integrity social

40:37 coherence of personal wholeness evil is what diminishes or destroys or degrades ecological Integrity social coherence of

40:44 personal wholeness

- Agreed

so it turns out that denial and hope

40:50 lead good people with the best of intentions to unwittingly ensure

40:55 geological scale evil

It's right but I also think that having hope is not bad. Letting go and doing good and we'll see what happens. So yes, it is right - "Let go". But it is also correct in thinking that yes, considering the reality (the ocean's health is very scary to me), it is quite a horrible situation we're in that uh, that SHOULD prompt us towards taking huge action and ASAP.

thank you there are 440 maybe more now nuclear

41:03 reactors worldwide requiring us to assume that industrial civilization has eternal life

41:10 yet we're already 25 to 30 years into abrupt runaway climate Mayhem

41:16 so here's the 64 million year question those of you that are old enough to remember the 64 million dollar question

41:22 right here's the 64 million year question as industrial civilization continues to

41:28 collapse faster and faster how many Chernobyl or Fukushima like or Worse meltdowns due to wildfires hurricanes

41:37 droughts tsunamis power grid failures political instability or terrorism do

41:42 you think are possible likely inevitable

- Yes, another reason we need a free world. To make changes and let go. Give quite a good argument and reasoning for trying to build "a creative society" or whatever society we would like. Free from all kinds of oppression/tyranny. Just rise up against militarism, etc. etc. - economic injustice economic slavery.

Continuing on in the video... - I've got some hopium...ha, sure... but...I turn myself towards Allah Subhannah Walla Talla and the heavenly realities of judgment - ideally - not this lowly worldly life. I'm not the greatest though that's for sure...we need each other...that makes life much better, much richer.

We do need to think differently about our human civilization and get an economics that for the time being, for the rest of this century in my opinion or however much time we have left, it needs - Planet and People over money - over all things (in Islam, can think, "in this worldly life") including over ourselves and our lowly desires. That considers all of reality. That doesn't work against our planet and fellow living things on the planet but works more in alignment with it.

Teotwaki ... Calm - Acceptance - yeah..."The Almighty We" - yeah, your (he) is probably right...

Reverse psychology - yes, is good - this is good - do not maximize your misery...!.

La Illaha ill laAllah - "There is no God but God" - yes, this is the right relationship to God and our mother earth, my Islamic beliefs (pretty sure it's mainstream Islamic beliefs but yes, it is hard to live up to it and this is ONLY a part of the greater religious belief and understandings of course):

religious failure God blind biosphere death

59:27 what I'm meaning by the word god G Earth Emoji D is reality with a personality remember the quote from loyal Rue at the

59:34 beginning in terms of you know the most important Insight is to live in right relationship to reality well God G Earth

59:41 Emoji d That's What I meaning reality with a personality not a person outside reality

59:46 I'm a religious naturalist I'm a sacred realist we take nature to heart but we

59:52 don't call our biophysical Creator sustainer and end merely nature or at least I don't

59:59 so ecology is the heart of my theology I have an eco-theo worldview in fact I suggest that virtually all truly

1:00:06 sustainable cultures had an eco-theo worldview I go into that in great depth and sustainability 101.

1:00:13 Here's My Credo my eco Theo Credo again I'm a religious naturalist or a sacred realist this is my my religious

1:00:20 worldview in a nutshell reality is my God evidence is my scripture

1:00:27 the Epic of evolution is my creation story ecology is my theology

1:00:33 Integrity is my spiritual path and evangelizing right relationship to

1:00:38 reality is my mission and by evangelizing I simply mean sharing the

1:00:44 good news that it's great news to come into right relationship to reality and and where I ground this in is both

1:00:52 in terms of oil rule but also the four r's of right relationship to reality according to indigenous Elder plant

1:00:59 scientists and New York Times bestselling author Robin wall Kimmer she calls these the four r's of right

1:01:04 relationship to reality

respect responsibility reciprocity and reverence

---- The Great Homecoming --- ...> my next video (queued up - waiting for it) - the title - Give thanks - give thanks all the time, live in graciousness (gratitude) and humility. The coming times will be hard - we will be tested. Get ready....


from an eco-theo perspective it's not just the view from above and outside it all like the view that looks at a galaxy

1:07:01 from the outside I know that's a human set of understanding this is a God's eye view of the universe

1:07:07 the God's eye view of the world the view from within every set of eyes the subjective experience of every creature

1:07:12 is literally a God's eye view and I'm talking about God G Earth Emoji D not as any being to believed it it's it's it's

1:07:19 reality with a personality we haven't been living that way however

1:07:25 and this quote is potent Robert Louis Stevenson sooner or later we all sit

1:07:30 down to a banquet of consequences that's the great Reckoning and it's Unstoppable and

1:07:37 it's not because some supernatural being is pissed off at us it's because we've been living out of right relationship to

1:07:42 reality and we're now about to experience and are already experiencing the consequences

1:07:48 however I believe it can also be the great homecoming Humanity The Prodigal species after squandering our

1:07:55 inheritance coming awake in the predicament in the pig pen as it were and coming home to God to reality to

1:08:03 life and that's true even if we go extinct which is a very very real possibility

1:08:08 even in this process of global hospice because most of those creatures with the other eyes are going out and each of

1:08:14 those is a unique face of the Divine a unique face of God

1:08:19 G Earth Emoji d so finally getting to the point here

1:08:25 cultivating calm gratitude at the end of the world as we know it Tia tawaki

1:08:30 because we may not be at the end of the world full stop but we are absolutely at the end of the world as we know it

1:08:36 but first is is most important which is to accept the four things I'm talking about denial

1:08:41 is practically Universal that we're Unstoppable collapse that

1:08:47 civilizations always lead to ecoside and that we're in a time of global hospice first of all accepting those four things

1:08:54 repenting of human centers and coming home to God now this is obviously a religious thing to say what the hell am

1:08:59 I meaning by that well repent simply means to publicly admit to admit to yourself and to others I thought this

1:09:06 was the truth we thought this was the truth and now we see this was deluded and now I'm committed to this that's

1:09:12 simply what it means it means to reject human centeredness and come home to life Life as a greater thou not merely a

1:09:19 lesser it remember who and what you are you are

1:09:25 the universe becoming aware of itself that we're all that we grow out of and all other species do we grow out of the

1:09:30 planet in the same way that an apple grows out of an apple tree and what you are you're mortal you're

1:09:36 gonna die and we're gonna die all species go extinct and honor when and where you are you are

1:09:44 in a collapsing civilization you are in a collapsing uh time we're not in times

1:09:49 of expansion anymore and where you are your bio region fall in love with your

1:09:55 bio Regency this remembering who and what you are and remembering or honoring

1:10:00 when and where you are this is the whole epic of evolution this is the universe story this is the great story and I do

1:10:05 whole programs most of my life for the last 20 years has been about promoting that

1:10:11 embracing your own mortality embracing our mortality

1:10:16 that Connie and I have a programs many programs on death uh the sacred side of

1:10:21 death uh include in the um in the description box information on how to access that

1:10:27 but to simplify your life and commit to less l-e-s-s I got that from John

1:10:33 Michael Greer less energy less stuff less stimulation and I added less with a

1:10:39 lisp I added another s because we can all be committed to less Suffering lessening The Suffering of others so

1:10:46 simplify and commit to less energy less stuff less stimulation and less

1:10:51 suffering let go of judgmental blame self-righteousness and self-pity this is

1:10:59 vital for cultivating calm gratitude you can let go because most of us are so

1:11:04 judgmental you know if we choose not to fly we judge those who fly if we choose to not eat meat we judge those who have

1:11:10 meat if we choose to not have children we judge others to have children no let go of all that stuff it's too late for

1:11:17 that let go of the self-righteousness and the self-pity in the blame

1:11:23 getting complete with everyone all the important people in your life expressing

1:11:28 care gratitude and regrets those three things just I I actually created a list

1:11:34 of all the people that have meant something to me that have been meaningful in my life and I've just been

1:11:39 reaching out for expressing care expressing gratitude to those people have been a blessing to me and those

1:11:45 people the few people that I've betrayed or harmed or had had a negative impact on that I could remember right I've

1:11:51 communicated regret contribute to the well-being of others

1:11:58 human and more than human and then to nurture awe gratitude

1:12:04 courage compassion and generosity I think everybody is deserving of compassion and

1:12:11 generosity but here are some populations that I suggest are especially deserving of compassion and generosity

1:12:20 poor people communities and Nations who will suffer the most from climate and ecological breakdowns yet contributed

1:12:27 the least to its main causes those of us feeling the loneliness of

1:12:34 having to navigate our own downshifting expectations while it's family friends and maybe even spouses are in denial

1:12:42 activists who believe that climate change is our main problem and that it can be solved or fixed by doubling down

1:12:48 on the very drivers of collapse and ecocide and individuals couples children

1:12:55 families and communities of our fellow social and mammalian species who

1:13:00 generally feel and suffer just like we do a couple years ago I found this what is

1:13:06 globalization that's when a woman in New York a man in Hobart a child in Oslo a canary in my

1:13:14 lab an old lady in Peru a dolphin off the coast of Madagascar all share the

1:13:20 same anxiety and the same despair for the same reason at the same time

1:13:27 I also believe that especially deserving of compassion and generosity are

1:13:33 techno-optimists and free market fundamentalists who will remain in denial the longest and yet also be

1:13:39 hardest hit emotionally and financially when Reality Bites

1:13:45 religious political and social liberals and progressives whose religious faith and Perpetual progress is currently

1:13:52 being shaken shattered or abandoned I believe also deserving of compassion

1:13:57 and generosity are religious conservatives and fundamentalists whose faith in scripture has blinded them to

1:14:04 what reality God has revealed through evidence about our inner outer social

1:14:09 and Mortal nature and who thus struggle disproportionately with addiction teen

1:14:14 pregnancy domestic violence depression suicide and sin in general -

- You can change. It gets easier and better if you change, it just takes dedication and constancy. I see many people posting about their victories over alcohol or a drug or whatever it may be.

1:14:22 foreign acceptance as the key to sanity and post

1:14:28 Doom no Gloom peace of mind awareness of ongoing Unstoppable

1:14:34 collapses hell only acceptance transforms lives and by posting no Gloom

1:14:42 what I mean is that I on my posting website in two different places I have three definitions of Doom and three

1:14:49 definitions of posthume that I actually worked for about somewhere between 8 and 12 months in terms of collective

1:14:54 intelligence I was getting the feedback of some of my friends and and colleagues uh so but before we go there I encourage

1:15:02 you to stop pause breathe all right stretch if you need to

It's not too late...


-----May Allah S.W.T. give strong iman to women and all people of the world who are willing to see and willing to hear. -----

how does he make this woman believe in Allah does he just say you know keys I

5:10 am Suleiman I am the rasool of Allah and he is a book I've got from before and you better believe look how truthful

5:15 this is and is this the way to give Dara to this woman who's a queen in her own right is it the way to give her dawah

5:22 that he should bring her and try and try and sort of force us I mean you can't do that you can't force anyone right in

5:27 religion Allah said so how is he going to make this woman see the truth so what does he do he

5:34 builds a test for her he prepares this before buildings even arrives the buildings comes she sees her

5:42 throne you know he says do you recognize this

5:47 and she says she says as if it's the one I have all

5:55 right so already she sees that this man's got some serious power he sent someone over there to her kingdom

6:01 brought this whole you know whole massive throne and presented in front of

6:07 her he changed it a little so she said as if it's the one that I've got anyway he then takes it to a chamber this large

6:14 room okay this large room or hallway when they opened the door

6:19 they've got to go through this to another room when she opened the door she sees that there's water

6:28 in this room shallow water but there's water and she's going to go through this room

6:33 to the next part of going to take her so as she's going to

6:38 step inside she lifts her garment up slightly so that it doesn't get wet but

6:45 when she puts her foot on the ground it's glass

6:52 it was so clear that the glass was cleaned and Polished so well and it was

6:58 made so magnificently above this water that she didn't even see the glass

7:06 guys do you know what I'm talking about have you ever seen like you know you go to a building and there's some glass doors there and people don't realize the

7:12 glass door they walk boom you've never seen that you're laughing you've seen it

7:17 yeah you're not just seeing it you you use the one anyway what I'm trying to say is that

7:23 she did not realize it was so clean so she put her foot on the Suleiman Allah

7:30 that this is glass and there and then Bill peace this clever intelligent woman

7:39 realizes and she does Toba and she says yeah Allah what have I done

7:45 what about her Iman came straight and there and then did the whole test to make her a

7:52 believer how she looked at this magnificent work and

7:59 she said where have I been said my Lord I I have wronged myself why

8:06 because all my life I've been looking at a son that is visible to me and that

8:11 material world has taken my grasp and taken I hope my whole mind away that

8:18 this is the biggest planet I see every day the strongest the one that gives us

8:23 all energy so that is the one that I've been worshiping not realizing

8:29 that between the son and myself and between your creation and us and between

8:34 the heavens and the Earth and between anything between anything Allah says what?

8:44 he is with you wherever you are


8:51 is well watching whatever you are doing

now she didn't see the invisible God

8:58 she didn't see the invisible God but she saw the visible Sun so she started to

9:03 worship whatever was material in front of her eyes whatever was what she could actually see and visualize

9:09 so the same way she couldn't see the glass but she saw the water and she reacted to

9:16 the water the water was visible but the glass was invisible so she got the message

9:22 is trying to tell her and give a dawah that don't just go with what you can see

9:29 this is a big message for the Youth and for us who are growing up and especially in this part of the western world

9:35 because the whole Western philosophy is based upon what you can assess and what

9:40 you can do and in the science classes sometimes they laugh

9:47 you saying there's a God and sometimes you sit there you say you think what's he talking about I and you

9:54 know the monitor said that there is a lie you know the monitor said that but this guy I can't find an argument to

10:00 give to him to prove Allah my friend you try and use every visible thing that you

10:07 want to try and prove Allah there'll always be an argument against it

10:13 where there's heads there's tails okay Iman is something which goes beyond that

...Surah Yusuf. "They cut their wrists by how beautiful he was...and repented saying "we are sinners"". The start of "The Thunder"...

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