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Oct. 9 2023 - Oct. 20 2023

I would recommend the videos I post the video thumbnail herein:

Yasir Qadhi

Didn't watch: LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively UChicago Social Sciences

Watched The Great Divide Middle Nation

I was actually pretty supportive at the time - I don't get why the hate towards Palestine, the blind adherence or support to Israel - I can't support that. No way. I don't know...why if Independent, do you need to do anything, except you know, what is right, what is good (what is the purpose of our freedom and of our democracy if not for...)? ( -and of course, people can be lying, of course) : I Declare My Independence Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Didn't watch, looks good, great professor, Shiekh...:Signs of the Last Day Series: Description of the Mahdi and Events Immediately Preceding Him ZamZamAcademy


Pictures...the first bunch are comments from myself over some of these days, still sequential in date but going faster, after that bunch the pictures are sequential in date more accurately. I was mostly commenting while mad, may Allah S.W.T. forgive me, I think I was making some valid points and I hope they have good effects and outcomes.

Geopolitical Economy Report