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La ilaha illa allahu. - (There is no God but God) (- ash hadu Allah illa allahu wa ash hadu anna Muhammad (SAW) abdoolu wa-rassoolu (I bear witness))

the question Caden asked is how did I

0:38 come to think that way and I'm going to

0:41 answer that but I want to start by

0:43 making sure

0:45 we are kind of all on the same page

0:47 about what this is

0:50 and and here's how it is explained at

0:53 least the best I can do on a basic level

0:58 one way to think about how and why

1:00 things happen in the world

1:03 is to use the notion of cause and effect

1:08 anything that happens why you chose a

1:11 red sweater to wear today or why

1:14 interest rates are going up or why there

1:16 was a Civil War in the United States

1:19 back in the 19th century whatever the

1:21 question the object of your question the

1:24 topic

1:25 you can ask and most people feel

1:28 comfortable what was the cause

1:31 of that event

1:33 and by that you both mostly mean what

1:37 were the main things that brought it

1:40 about what was happening in your head

1:43 that made you choose a red sweater you

1:46 know maybe you saw a film the other day

1:48 that really moved you and the characters

1:50 were wearing red and you were kind of

1:53 wanting to identify with them or with

1:56 the Civil War you might say the struggle

1:59 over slavery here in the United States

2:01 was the cause that then erupted in a war

2:06 in other words you look for one or two

2:10 or three major factors major causes in

2:15 philosophy we we say the determinants

2:19 what determined that you would wear a

2:22 red sweater what determined that a civil

2:25 war would happen

2:27 that way of reasoning is so common that

2:31 for an awful lot of people it seems

2:35 simply natural normal the way everybody

2:39 always thought the way you should think

2:43 but it isn't any of those things it's

2:46 not normal it's not natural and it

2:49 surely hasn't been the only way

2:52 for thousands of years people who are

2:55 interested in how things work in the

2:59 world

3:01 people who are sometimes called

3:04 ontologists how does the world work

3:08 how do we know how the world Works

3:10 people like that usually philosophers of

3:13 one kind or another

3:15 they have asked their questions and they

3:18 have figured out among many important

3:20 things

3:21 that there are other ways to look at the

3:25 world that cause an effect

3:27 and one of the most important in my mind

3:31 has been the one that got the name over

3:34 determination and the idea there was

3:37 that things that happen are never the

3:41 result of one or two or three causes

3:45 they're always the result

3:48 of all the other things going on in the

3:52 world

3:53 and that things to be explained if

3:57 you're really going to explain why

4:00 something happened whether it's your

4:02 choice of the red sweater

4:04 or of the Civil War you're going to have

4:08 to look at all of the causes and there

4:13 are get ready millions of them in fact

4:16 in philosophy we say the causes of

4:19 everything that happens are infinite in

4:22 number

This has been(?) always the Muslim understanding of things - at least from what I've learned and know...nothing happens per chance but Allah is in control


Russia Kherson Offensive; Putin Rejects Globalism, Fair World System, Warns of Great Dangers Ahead Alexander Mercouris 124K views 23 hours ago (10/28/22)

but anyway let's get on with Putin's speech and this is

14:37 delivered to the valdoi group this is a meeting that takes place every year

14:44 bringing together various um

14:49 intellectuals heavyweights foreign policy experts that sort of thing it's

14:55 it's a place where the Russian leadership meets and discusses the broad

15:00 range of foreign economic and such policies and some

15:07 people have compared it with Davos and the meeting of the wef at

15:14 Davos they say that it's a kind of Russian equivalent to Davos well perhaps

15:21 it is certainly the Russian greater the good do tend to meet at valdi but

15:26 regardless of that there is usually in fact There is almost always a big speech

15:32 from Putin at this conference and

15:37 we got such a speech this time and it should be understood in my opinion

15:46 as the last

15:52 in the sequence of speeches which Putin has been making which extend

15:59 all the way back to that speech he made in 2007 at the Munich security

16:05 conference in which he first criticized the unipolar system the

16:12 um Global dominance of the United States and said that this was something that

16:19 was dangerous and wrong and of course since making that speech in 2007 Putin's

16:26 language has steadily strengthened he's now become an outright critic of

16:32 globalization of the American hegemonic system as he describes it of the

16:40 collective West and all the rest and he sometimes used extremely harsh language

16:46 I mean he's referred to the United States and the Western powers on

16:52 occasions as the Empire of Lies for example and he's made some very very

16:59 strong comments of that nature well in this speech and in his subsequent q a

17:06 which by the way was interminably long as many Putin's q and A's are

17:13 Putin was much more measured in fact of this series of speeches going all the

17:19 way back to that speech Putin gave way back in 2007 in Munich this was for me

17:26 Far and Away the most philosophical and perhaps because of that it was also the

17:34 most temperate and Putin um actually quoted a string a Russian

17:41 intellectuals both people on the right like Alexander solgenitsin and people on

17:49 the well you could call them the left like the philosopher Alexander zenoviev

17:54 first time I think he's ever referenced zenoviev in a speech which is

18:00 interesting Zenovia um who passed away some years ago is

18:05 becoming an increasingly influential figure in Russian uh in Russian

18:10 commentary and thinking as I've noticed but anyways the first time to my

18:15 knowledge that he referenced zenoviev and of course he did reference Genovia

18:21 and interestingly enough Putin also acknowledged that these quotes from some of these

18:28 philosophers were not quotes that he himself knew or found that they were

18:34 actually found for him by his staffers this is the first time I've seen Putin

18:40 make that kind of admission in a speech and again it perhaps conveys the rather

18:48 relaxed tone of its contents very different by the

18:53 way as I'll discuss in a moment with the way in which this speech was has been

19:00 talked about in the west but anyway very philosophical speech very

19:08 moderately worded speech now its essence

19:14 comes back to something that Putin has been talking about for many many many

19:20 years now in the Q a Putin did discuss at some length the current

19:27 conflict in Ukraine itself but in the speech he said very little

19:34 about him most of the speech was devoted to

19:41 the global problems created by the

19:46 West's attempts and I I would stress Putin talks about the West he justifies

19:53 that he's used to that expression early on in the speech he accepts that the

19:59 West is not a monolithic block he says it's to a great extent an artificial

20:04 concept but he does say that there's some justification in using that expression and he does go on and use

20:12 that expression even though he makes it very clear as he progresses that of

20:17 course at the core of the West is the United States and the people who lead

20:22 the United States anyway what Putin says is that the United States the collective

20:30 West since the collapse of the Soviet Union has become as the Russians would

20:35 say dizzy with success it imagine that it would be in a position to direct and

20:42 shape the progress of human civilization it became convinced that it had all the

20:50 secrets about how human civilization ought to develop and

20:57 that it has been trying to impose the neoliberal model on the world the

21:04 neoliberal model of democracy all countries must share the same kind

21:10 of democratic structures or what Putin called quasi-democratic structures as those

21:17 which the West have there must be no deviations from this that they must accept a certain homogeneity in culture

21:26 and in cultural and lifestyle choices I have to choose again very careful words

21:33 here though I should say for once Putin did the same in the speech itself

21:40 and he also spoke about how at the same time as the West the collective West as

21:49 I said as he puts it has been trying to impose these structures on everyone else

21:55 in the world on every other culture and society and State

22:01 it has been acting to obstruct and prevent their independent development he

22:09 actually makes a really rather um powerful point which is that the West

22:15 not only tries to block other forms of

22:22 independent development by other countries by other nations out of

22:29 a belief in the in the superiority of its own model and out of pure commercial

22:36 reasons but because if a certain

22:42 brittleness a lack of confidence a fear that if other countries

22:49 are allowed to develop by themselves developing their own models by

22:56 themselves they might actually prove to be more successful than the West

23:03 thereby calling into question the West's belief that it represents the only

23:11 conceivable future I mean these were his words I take these

23:17 from this is the translation the official translation from the Kremlin website a direct threat to the political

23:24 economic and ideological Monopoly of the West lies in the fact that the world can

23:30 come up with alternative social models that are more fair effective

23:37 I want to emphasize this more effective today brighter more appealing than the

23:45 ones that currently exist these models will definitely come about this is

23:51 inevitable by the way U.S political scientists and analyte analysts also

23:58 write about this truthfully their government is not listening to what they

24:03 say although it cannot avoid seeing these Concepts in political science magazines and mentioned in discussions

24:13 so the West has an ideological need

24:19 to block the development the free development of other societies using

24:26 models different from those of the West itself because it cannot tolerate a

24:33 successful alternative to itself because such a successful alternative might

24:41 undermine the authority of the West's own neoliberal model now has been said

24:49 as Putin has pointed out before but to my knowledge it's the first time

24:56 that a world leader has actually come out and spoken about it in quite such a

25:02 straightforward way and Putin

25:08 also talked about again culture

25:13 and life start your choices and he said that the important thing

25:20 is not to try to impose a culture or lifestyle choice

25:27 but to respect choices and very intriguingly he said that that

25:35 can include respecting the choices that the West

25:41 itself makes so he says this

25:48 Traditional Values are not a rigid set of postulates that everyone must adhere

25:53 to the difference of the so-called Leo liberal values is that they are unique in each particular instance because they

26:01 stem from the traditions of a particular society its culture and historical

26:07 background this is why Traditional Values cannot be imposed on anyone in

26:13 other words everyone has their own Traditional Values which can evolve and

26:20 change as the society that produces them changes but it's not for all Outsiders

26:26 to come on come in disrespect those Traditional Values that are there and

26:33 seek to impose idea its own ideas and then Putin goes on to say they must be

26:38 they must simply be respected and everything that every nation has been

26:43 choosing for itself over centuries must be handled with care

26:52 this is how we understand Traditional Values and the majority of humanity

26:58 share and accept our approach this is understandable because the traditional

27:03 societies of the East Latin America Africa and Eurasia form the basis of

27:10 World Civilization and then he goes on to say respect for

27:16 the ways and customs of peoples and civilizations is in everyone's interests

27:21 in fact this is also in the interest of the West which is quickly becoming a

27:27 minority in the international Arena as it loses its dominance of course the

27:35 Western minorities right to its own cultural identity must be insured and respected but

27:44 importantly on an equal footing with the rights of Every Other Nation

27:50 if Western Elites believe they can have their people and their societies Embrace

27:58 what I believe are strange and trendy ideas like dozens of genders or gay

28:04 pride parades so be it let them do as they please but they

28:11 certainly have no right to tell others to follow in their steps

28:17 and then Putin goes on to say that as far as Russia is concerned it

28:24 does not seek to impose its ideas its own social norms its own economic models

28:31 on other societies and other nations

28:37 um Russia does not interfere in such matters and has no intention of doing so

28:43 unlike the West we mind our own business we are hoping that pragmatism will

28:49 Triumph and Russia's dialogue with a genuine traditional West as well as with

28:55 other co-equal Development Centers will become a major contribution to the

29:01 construction of a multi-polar world order and then he goes on to say again

29:08 at a very considerable length in various places that in fact the Russians still

29:15 hope one day that when the West finally comes to its senses when it understands that the

29:23 forces of multi-polarity are irresistible that the unipolar moment

29:29 that it is clinging onto has indeed passed and cannot be revived that at

29:36 some point all the various elements that make up the global system or the various

29:42 cultures societies Nations Sovereign Nations he's very clear about the need

29:48 for Nations to remain sovereignty Sovereign that they will all finally be able to do that which they have been

29:55 unable to do up to now which is negotiate and come to sustainable

30:02 peaceful understandings with each other um through equal dialogue it might be at

30:11 the moment a rather naive you but it's what Putin is talking about at the

30:17 present time and then he goes on to say that Russia utterly Rejects

30:26 what attitudes which he says are very prevalent in the

30:32 west at the present time and which he doesn't hesitate at times to refer to as

30:37 neocolonial imperialist and even racist and he says that I will be direct about

30:47 certain things as an independent and distinctive civilization Russia has

30:54 never considered and does not consider itself an enemy of the West American

31:00 phobia anglophobia francophobia and germanophobia are the same forms of

31:07 racism as russophobia or anti-Semitism and incidentally xenophobia in all its

31:16 guises um and he then talks

31:22 a little bit in contradiction to some of the other things he says about the two acts 2s at least two and maybe more but

31:31 two at least the west of traditional primarily Christian values Freedom

31:36 patriotism great culture and now Islamic values as well a substantial part of the

31:43 population in many Western countries follows Islam and interesting

31:49 uh uh an interesting idea to reach out to the predominantly immigrant

31:57 populations Islamic immigrant populations that are now so now so prevalent in Western countries and to

32:04 conflate them with those of the traditional old west if you like I wonder I suspect

32:12 many people in the west might raise their eyebrows at that but anyway that's what Putin said and then he goes on to

32:19 say that this traditional West is close to us we share its common even ancient

32:26 roots but there is also a different West aggressive Cosmopolitan and neocolonial

32:33 it is acting as a tool of neoliberal Elites naturally Russia will never

32:40 reconcile itself to the dictates of the West

32:45 and he then talks about how the Russians have at various times reached out to the

32:52 West how they did for example after the Jihadi wars in the Caucasus which were

32:59 taking place when he became president in which the West was covertly backing so

33:05 he says how despite all of that the Russians still wanted to develop good

33:11 friendly relations with the west and how in fact they found that every attempt

33:17 that they made to try to establish a modus vivendi with the West Was Then

33:23 thrown back into their faces and um he says that this is unacceptable and

33:30 that Russia is simply upholding its right to exist and to develop free freely we will not become a new Hagerman

33:38 ourselves Russia is not suggesting replacing a unipolar world with a

33:44 bipolar tripolar or other dominating order or replacing Western domination

33:50 with domination from the east north or south this would inevitably lead to

33:56 another impasse in other words what the Russians want is a stable International

34:02 system in which everybody's views are respected where nobody seeks to dominate

34:08 or dictate to anybody else certainly not on matters of culture or economics or

34:16 lifestyle issues or such things and such a world as he believes would be a great

34:23 deal more hormone harmonious and stable than the present one and he quotes a

34:32 Russian philosopher Nikolai danilevski who said and says that danilevski

34:38 believed that progress did not consist of everyone going in the same direction

34:44 this would only result in progress coming to a halt progress lies in

34:49 Walking the field that represents Humanity's historical activity walking

34:55 in all directions no civilization can take pride in being the height of human

35:03 development well that's the essence it seems to me of

35:10 what Putin said the philosophical core of it uh respect every country must

35:16 respect each other there must be no single Center he's scathing by the way

35:21 about the rules-based order he says what rules

35:27 nobody even knows what those rules are and they change from one day to the next and the West always reinterprets those

35:34 rules in order to um in order to in order to serve its own interests and

35:43 that is in the nature of rules that are imposed from one Center upon everybody

35:48 else and he talks about how that is not a mechanism for stability that it is a

35:56 mechanism for chaos he also then goes into a lot of other details he talks

36:02 about for example the dollar the excessive

36:08 use by the west of its control of the financial system the world financial

36:13 system he enlarged on this considerably by the way in his q a but the essence of

36:20 what he says said was this that the world needs to understand the West needs

36:26 to understand that there is a multiplicity of

36:32 different civilizational and cultural models all of which find themselves uh

36:39 structured around sovereign states that the only way to build a sustainable

36:46 balance is for each to respect the other not to seek to engage in Crusades or

36:55 moral Crusades or other Crusades trying to change society's direct or shape the

37:01 whole structure of the world impose one single economic social or legalistic or

37:09 quasi-legalistic model which is identical for everyone and Putin also

37:17 said and he's quite interestingly spoke about the need that for the need for democracy

37:23 to be strongest in the sphere of international relations

37:29 in other words each state each Nation should be treated equally and there

37:37 should be a genuine partnership and democracy in

37:43 international relations with the rights of countries even Gulf monarchies for

37:49 example being respected alongside those of the democracies or quasi

37:58 democracies or pretended democracies liberal democracies if you like of the West

38:05 itself quite an interesting speech as I said very

38:11 philosophically structured very temperate in town

38:18 once more offering once the um

38:24 present crisis passes away forward towards a

38:34 New Balance even a new dialogue between Russia and the West as I said the most

38:41 temperate of the speeches that he has written speaking for myself I found one

38:47 of the most interesting passages um was one in which he

38:54 implicitly criticized a book which I

38:59 personally detest and that is Carl poppers famous book The Open society and

39:08 its enemies now in doing so I think Putin well by the way he didn't actually

39:14 mention Papa and he didn't in fact mention the book so if you read his words it's quite clear that that is what

39:21 he's referencing and I think he went a bit too far in stating its importance he

39:28 said that this was this this was a turning point because it meant that

39:34 Classical liberalism the liberalism of well Voltaire and people like that the

39:40 liberalism that accepts and respects alternative points of view

39:46 is replaced by new model where there is something called the open society

39:53 which is threatened by all sorts of enemies who must be canceled

40:00 and again it's perhaps as I said taking that book

40:05 further than is Justified the influence of that book further than it's than it's

40:12 Justified but of course it's clearly a jab at those who cite that particular

40:18 book Popper's work um as a sort of text Bro cool

40:24 philosophical Bible or plan of action whatever you like to call it and also

40:30 it's another dig a really clever dig at the council culture which Putin says is

40:38 now so widely expressed in the west anyway now it's quite interesting now

40:46 at the end he did say that the situation is in fact

40:53 becoming quite dangerous at the same time and the speech ended with these

40:59 words the collapse of the Soviet Union upset the equilibrium of the geopolitical

41:06 forces the well West felt as a winner and declared a unipolar world

41:11 arrangement in which only his will culture and interests have the right to

41:16 exist now this historical period of boundless Western dominance in world

41:23 affairs is coming to an end the unipolar world is being relegated into the past

41:29 we are at a historical Crossroads we are

41:34 full we are in full probably the most dangerous

41:40 unpredictable and at the same time most important decade since the end of World

41:47 War II the West is unable to rule humanity single-handedly and the

41:53 majority of Nations no longer want to put up with this this is the main

41:59 contradiction to the of the new era to cite a classic

42:07 this is a revolutionary situation to some extent the Elites at cannot and

42:15 people do not want to live like that any longer

42:21 and the state this state of affairs is fraught with global conflicts or a whole

42:28 chain of conflicts which poses a threat to humanity including to the West itself

42:34 today's main historical task is to resolve this contradiction in a way that

42:41 is constructive and positive that's a very powerful

42:48 section with which basically he ends his speech and the classic that he's quoting

42:55 the references to a revolutionary situation I'm not going to be

43:01 I'm not absolutely categorical about this but I think that he's essentially

43:07 actually quietly referencing a work of Lenin's that this is a period of

43:15 enormous turbulence the new world is appearing the old globalist

43:24 neoliberal U.S dominated Western world is however unwilling to give up it's

43:33 hegemonic position and as a result there is

43:40 potential for things going wrong for a great deal of violence for

43:47 in effect revolutionary change I said that it was a quote from

43:54 I think he's referencing Lenin but of course another Marxist thinker Antonio

44:00 Graham she once said that the old is dying and the new cannot be born in this

44:06 ignorant interregnum there arises a great diversity of morbid symptoms

44:13 others by the way have quoted Graham's grams she is saying that in the period

44:18 between the new and the old there will be an age of monsters I'm not sure whether it's gramshi that

44:26 Putin has in mind I think is more likely Lenin actually the expression revolutionary situation to my mind

44:33 points to learning but anyway in a sense that's less important than the than the

44:40 underlying message that this is a period of tremendous and

44:46 dangerous change that given the determination of the western powers to

44:54 hold on to their Global Leadership there is a very real risk that they will do

45:01 something dangerous and irresponsible and Reckless and that

45:08 means that the next decade will be an extremely dangerous one

45:13 I don't think looking at the current International situation most people

45:20 would seriously dispute that whether the vision for the future

45:26 the Putin outlines have a great community of Nations each going its own

45:33 way domestically developing its economy and its culture

45:41 but acting in harmony with all other nations whether that is a practical one

45:48 whether that is a realistic vision of the future well that's another question

45:53 again and it's not one that I propose to explore in this program what I will say

45:59 again is that it's a vision

46:06 which many especially in the global South will be strongly attracted to and

46:13 in fact are strongly attracted to it is why

46:19 Putin and Russia are winning friends in places like India China Africa the

46:27 Middle East even amongst the gulf monarchies Latin America and such places

46:33 where American leaders and Western leaders preach where um

46:39 where people like Joseph Burrell contrast the beautiful garden that is

46:47 the European that is Europe either European Union with the terrifying jungle that is supposed to

46:54 exist um elsewhere in the world that is what Burrell said in a recent speech to

47:02 European diplomats to considerable outrage around the world where people

47:07 like Burrell talk like that where um American leaders always talk about

47:13 you know America's support for freedom and democracy about America's

47:19 determination to uphold its values which in effect means imposing its values on

47:28 others Putin says let everybody mind their own business

47:34 let everybody develop as they choose in the way they choose developing their own

47:41 societies their own cultures their own lifestyle choices as suits them but let

47:49 us all cooperate together peacefully for the good of the world and in order to

47:56 maintain peace and let's do so with respect with respect for each other

48:03 and in a truly equal Democratic way it's

48:08 not surprising that this is a vision as I said that is much more attractive to

48:14 people in the global South than the Western one which many people in the

48:21 global South and not just the global South East Asia must find overbearing arrogant

48:29 and in some respects as Putin says neocolonial and oppressive so one can

48:37 see as I said the power of this message and I get to say something else I don't have any doubt myself that put it

48:45 believes it that he's sincere he's personally sincere in what he says I

48:52 don't think he always thought this way I think he has gradually found his way

48:58 there but that's the position he's taking now and notice that he says it's in the

49:05 interests of the West to actually accept this model they can't

49:11 hold on to their hegemony but if they drop these dangerous ideas

49:19 which carry with them these terrible risks of

49:25 a existential crisis existential for all of humanity

49:31 then they're entitled to their culture their lifestyle choices in the same way as

49:39 everyone else so he's actually also reaching out to people in the west he has a very

49:46 interesting passage by the way in which he resurrects the idea of the greater Eurasia uh plan he says you know

49:55 eurasia's coming together China Central Asia Russia Iran turkey soon

50:02 they're all big building up all of these um Integrated Systems

50:08 um Europe which is part of the Great Eurasian continent in which the majority

50:16 of humanity lives Europe could also fully participate and benefit from that

50:23 the only reason the Europeans are not doing that is because they have they

50:28 cling on to this misplaced belief in their own superiority which is leading

50:36 them down a dead end so quite a powerful quite an interesting quite a

50:42 philosophical speech profoundly different from the way it's been reported in the west I've seen

50:49 suggestions that it was some kind of a rant well as you can see it was nothing

50:54 like that and notice how the more benign comments that Putin makes the reaching

51:01 out to the West the exception of the acceptance of Western lifestyle choices

51:08 if that's what western people want none of that of course is discussed or talked

51:14 about a few other things that I did find very

51:19 interesting both mentioned by Putin in the speech itself and also mentioned in

51:24 the Q a this speech is the closest that Putin has come to an admission

51:30 that in fact uh he underestimated he personally

51:36 underestimated Russia's resilience in the economic War he says he said very interestingly that

51:44 the Russians had um trapped themselves into a position not

51:50 just of economic dependence on the west but of psychological dependence so that

51:56 they convince themselves that if the West pressed a button and did certain

52:01 things everything in Russia would fall apart and now that it hasn't fallen

52:07 apart this has been for Russia a liberating moment it means that they can now

52:14 with far greater confidence move forward build up their economy strengthen their

52:22 society in the way that suits them best the previous model

52:30 in which the Russians were always saying to themselves if we do this how will the

52:36 risk West respond if we cut interest rates will the wet will you know we have a massive Capital outflow to the West if

52:44 we raise interest rates will Western hot money pour in all that kind of thing now

52:51 that that's all gone now that the Russians don't need to worry about those things they can get about sorting out

52:58 their economy and their society better so that was the most interesting passage

53:05 or rather passages in both the speech and the Q a pushing himself in effect

53:12 admitting the extent to which Russians in the plural but implicitly

53:18 including himself underestimated Russia's ability to withstand the sanctions and the sense of

53:27 liberation that their success in withstanding the

53:32 sanctions has given them he also made it very clear that as far as he's

53:38 considered the Russians did not underestimate the difficulties that would be involved in a war in Ukraine he

53:46 he went into this considerable length he talked about how the West had been

53:52 steadily building up Ukraine's forces over the eight years since the signing of the Minsk agreement which he clearly

53:59 now believes was always intended as a trick and that Russia has gradually come

54:07 to accept that peaceful settlement is not going to happen anytime soon and that Russia needs to

54:14 agree to prepare for essentially a long wall that he seemed confident

54:21 about its eventual outcome and he also had much to say about other

54:30 things about China and its successes about XI Xin ping and his friend things

54:38 of that kind but overall as I said and very interesting very philosophical

54:46 speech from Putin I don't think any other leader in the world

54:53 at this time is capable of making a speech like this actually what people in

55:01 Russia make of these kind of speeches I simply don't know I suspected passes well over the heads of most people but

55:08 in terms of the audience it's very intellectual erudite multinational

55:14 audience that he's talking to invaldei well there of course is probably taken

55:20 very seriously indeed but anyway whatever a very interested very measured

55:26 speech very different as I said from the way in which it's been reported in the

55:32 west where it's passed off as some sort of hysterical anti-western rant one very last thing

55:40 about it Putin once again made clear that the Russians have no plan to use

55:48 nuclear weapons in Ukraine in fact he spoke about the Wayne which the Western

55:54 Powers appear to have nuclear weapons on their brain and said some very

56:00 uncomplementary things about the British prime minister who's just ceased to be

56:06 prime minister Liz truss who made certain very Reckless comments or these

56:11 Putin says they were very Reckless at a time when she was foreign secretary but

56:17 for me this has never been an issue I've never at any time felt that the Russians

56:24 had were suggesting or broaching the possibility that Russia might use

56:30 nuclear weapons in Ukraine in fact Putin pointedly reminded everybody

56:38 that the only country which has used nuclear weapons and done so moreover

56:44 against the power Japan that had no nuclear weapons and was all at that time

56:52 on the brink of military defeat was the United States and he said look at our

56:58 military Doctrine and you will understand that the kind of things people are talking about in terms of us

57:04 using nuclear weapons in Ukraine is impossible so an interesting speech all

57:11 together shows Putin that he's most reflective in Practical terms

57:18 it's a speech designed both

57:24 to justify Russia's conduct and Russia's actions to the Russian people

57:31 but also unquestionably to appeal to the global South

57:37 which it is now successfully doing well that's my discussion of Putin's

57:45 speech more from me soon and it only remains for me to wish you

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--------- Is a lot like what I came up with - Al Hamdu Lillah Rabbil Alameen - The World moving to a better state and a more sane world where we have fair democracy and equal representation (for all countries). - It's only right, it makes sense. I came up with a lot of this on my site shortly after becoming a Muslim and while learning Islam also have come to understand and know what is good and best (the rules to follow - Allah's rules) for the individual - society and the world - my belief anyway - I think its a pretty normal mainstream Islamic belief but maybe not.

Comments: Pinned by Alexander Mercouris Alexander Mercouris 1 day ago JOIN US ON Rokfin: SHARE. COMMENT. Please join us on LOCALS: D F 22 hours ago At some point, Europe will realize that Americans are not interested in their interests, but only their own. Kenneth Knoppik 20 hours ago Putin said it's not about imposing lifestyle choices but respecting choices. Damn right he nailed it nikos G 23 hours ago η Ρωσσια θα κερδισει τον πολεμο αυτο ειναι σιγουρο αλλα προσπαθουν να το κανουν με τον δικο τους τροπο ,χωρις μεγαλες απωλειες και μην ξεχναμε οτι οι εκτασεις ειναι τεραστιες ! Hannibal Luca 22 hours ago It's a refreshing change to have a leader who admits he didn't know the quotes and gave his staffers the credit in helping to prepare the speech. Compared to most authoritative figures whom just blag/BS aiming to present themselves intelligent. I think a lot of people don't notice or give enough credit when a person openly admits freely like President Putin has done. J Smith 20 hours ago I’m from America. I’m not used to seeing a leader say things that are logical and make sense. I’m impressed. zeky day 22 hours ago Good to see a world leader speaking of philosophy and multilateralism.Western leaders should do the same. Sora Han 22 hours ago my main takeaway from Putin's speech is that you can only deal with nations that have sovereignty and their national interests in mind. the sad truth is that the countries of the collective West do not have these. Williamjames Hoffer 19 hours ago Regarding the Montefiore tweet, one of my greatest disappointments as a professional historian is witnessing the unrestrained partisanship of my fellow historians. The Slavic Studies Association, a leading organization, has gone full Russo-phobe. It is a real tragedy that the best educated among us are falling prey to emotionalism. Kimberley 20 hours ago (edited) Thank u Duran .God bless .Also ,as the Indian analyst ,Amit Sengupta put it ...One man fighting for his country and people ...One man tried to talk peace..One man trying his best to be patient ..One man alone! ..Why did they not come to the table and talk peace ??..All the lives lost ...and still One man standing strong ... William Sledge 18 hours ago Thank you very much Alexander for 1) For completly listening the whole speech. 2) Unpaking it. 3) Presenting it to us. ingrid Still 20 hours ago The more I listen to Putin I’ve come to the conclusion he is the only sane person in this insane world Natalie Palusinski 19 hours ago Dear Alexander, I am a Russian lady, who lives in England for more than 20 years. It is very hard to find truthful information about the current world situation. You are a very brave and int